The Male Bridesmaid

The Male Bridesmaid

Sabrina Jen Mountford / Oct 22, 2019

The Male Bridesmaid Gary is addicted to erotic stories he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up and to keep him locked up and in strict denial When she catches him out he thinks they re going to break up However Al

  • Title: The Male Bridesmaid
  • Author: Sabrina Jen Mountford
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gary is addicted to erotic stories, he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up, and to keep him locked up and in strict denial When she catches him out, he thinks they re going to break up.However Alison is open minded, and so is her sister Gradually, Alison starts to assert her aversion therapy onto Gary, keeping him locked up snugly in a chastity device, denying himGary is addicted to erotic stories, he secretly wants his fiance to lock him up, and to keep him locked up and in strict denial When she catches him out, he thinks they re going to break up.However Alison is open minded, and so is her sister Gradually, Alison starts to assert her aversion therapy onto Gary, keeping him locked up snugly in a chastity device, denying him any release and forcing him to wear womens lingerie.The trouble is, Alison begins to enjoy dominating Gary, and when her sister Sarah gets involved things take another turn for the worse and Gary ends up being bullied into being fully feminized to be a bridesmaid at Sarah s wedding.Throughout the story, Gary is humiliated, embarrassed, and dominated When he is offered a final choice, go back to their vanilla life, or submit to being dominated, feminized and kept in a state of permanent denial indefinately what will he choose Warning, this 24,000 word short story contains adult material which sensitive readers may find offensive It includes themes of Male ChastityForced FeminizationFemale DominationForce Feeding

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        I enjoy writing about extreme, unrealistic scenarios I like to write about female domination, male chastity, BDSM and forced feminization I m not a professional dominatrix or anything like thatI have experimented with this sort of thing in the bedroom, don t get me wrong, I find nothing amusing and satisfying than having my boyfriend wearing knickers, a bra and a suspender belt, his face plastered in make up, his hands hand cuffed behind his back, over my knee recieving a good spanking But I like to explore the unrealistic end of the scale in my writing.Please don t read my stories expecting realistic scenario s, they are pure fantasy products of my over active imagination I don t propose to be the greatest writer ever to grace paper, I do try my best though Sometimes I accept it s perhaps not pulitzer prize material However, I do have a vivid and twisted imagination And I think I understand the submissive male mind My boyfriend is about as submissive as they come If you have enjoyed my stories, please, please write me a review I know somebody out there likes them because they are selling briskly and people who buy one tend to buy at least two or three If you do write me a good, constructive review, include your email address, and I ll perhaps email you a free review copy of one of my new titles Lastly, thanks to everyone who s bought my work, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it I apologise for any typing errors or similar, every so often I read and re check my titles before republishing them, but it s difficult I do my best but I don t have a copy editor so my best is my best I m afraid If you spot a mistake, please email me at sjmthor yahoo and I will correct it in the next re publish.If you have any comments, you can contact me at sjmthor yahoo SabrinaPS I ve had lots of email requests for paper editions of my stories for non Kindle owners For the benefit of those people I ve used createspace to make some paper editions.There are now several paperback editions of my work available, please search paperbacks and the createspace store for Sabrina Jen Mountford if you re interested.After a heavy re working, I ve managed to get The Clinical Trial approved Please find it on the Kindle Store.On a final note, anyone who has read all of my current catalogue and wants of the same, I strongly suggest reading Sarah Jameson s fiction, Tatania, Monaco and Stacy s game.If you still want I suggest taking a look at Anne Michelle, Sara Desmarais, Sandy Thomas and Selene St Claire My full catalogue have you read them all The Clinical Trial With The Receptionist The Tormentress and the BossSlavery Part 1 Captured Slavery Part 2 Operated on Forced Transsexual The Male BridesmaidThe HypnotistA Sissy Story WPC Domination A Sissy Story Feminized For Her How he became a lesbian Cross Dressing Schoolgirl DominationSamantha s Tale The Deal Prequel to The Tormentress The Boss Anita s Tale The Sperm DonorThe Harem SlaveFemdom The DressmakerFemdom The Ex s RevengeFemdom The Beautician TrapTickle Torture Tickled into SubmissionTickle Torture Tickled until she wets herselfThe Male Bridesmaid 2 The Reluctant CuckoldressCorporal Punishment A Study in Caning The BDSM Studies Orgasm Denial A Study in Chastity The BDSM Studies Femdom The GameFemdom The Game 2 High StakesGender Swap Anita s Transgender Pill A Gender Bender Story Slavery 1 2 are available together and separatelyComing soon Femdom The Game 3 The Ultimate ForfeitPlanned Titles A Study in Feminization BDSM Studies The Clinical Trial Phase 2Forced Fem His first Girls Day Out Based on Fact Femdom Utopia The Female Dominated SocietyCompilations by the same author Feminization Stories First Collect


    1. ★★★☆☆ - 2.5 rounded up because the author's deprecating humor at the beginning - "It wasn't a great piece of literary work, the author sometimes made basic grammar errors and and didn't exercise the most complex character development techniques available. was trashy, fairly poorly written"Anyhow, the premise of this sissy tale is when our hero, Gary, is caught masturbating wearing his fiancee's, Allison's dirty lingerie. Allison decides that for his punishment, which he has to consent [...]

    2. This tale by Ms. Mountford is one of her tamer stories. There's no dubious consent, or abduction, or threats of surgery. It's just a story about a man who likes to wear his fiancee's lingerie, and fantasizes about her locking him into a chastity device and controlling his orgasms. It's actually kind of sweet and romantic.Gary's fiancee Alison doesn't know what to think when she finds his erotic reading material on his Kindle. She's pretty straight-laced, and she considers Gary's fantasies to be [...]

    3. While mere chastity and humiliation really isn't my thing, and I was hoping Sabrina Jen Mountford might push things a little bit further, there's no doubt that The Male Bridesmaid was really quite a clever read.Gary and his wife are stalled in a loving, but nearly sexless marriage, and his addiction to Kindle erotica isn't really helping things. When she discovers his secret fetishes, it forces a conversation that's as intellectually fascinating as it is emotionally embarrassing. Mountford does [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book way more than I thought I would. It isn't a nice femdom book. This is a dirty depraved fantasy book. Yes, some of these things done to Gary are possible, but not all. Gary reads too many fantasies on his Kindle no less about sissification and femdom. He's finally caught by his fiancee Alison. Alison is pissed off and totally disgusted. This is where the story lost me and I had to completely suspend belief. If a woman finds it so disgusting, why the hell would she dive into it [...]

    5. Although I'm new to this, I found the story fascinating!It's given me some insight into the world of "Femdom" and I hope I can use some of the techniques to spice up things with my boyfriend who is very submissive.I actually borrowed this book from him. He has quite a collection and I hope to read and review some more in my spare time!Great way to break the winter boredom.

    6. I thought this book was very enlightening as I am new to this type of thing and trying to learn more. I don't know why I like this type of kink but I know a lot of other people are into it too.

    7. Ms. Mountford carefully crafts a thriller here with very specific attention to the amount of reluctance Gary has towards actually enacting the fantasies he has developed and read about on his Kindle. His girlfriend, Alison, after discovering his fantasies, decides that, in order to deal with the fantasies she finds distasteful, she must enact them to make him dislike them. She fails, but succeeds beyond her wildest imaginings by learning to enjoy her gradual petticoat punishment of Gary and the [...]

    8. Great story, very kinky. She's not in competition for a Pulitzer prize, but I love SJM's rather depraved imagination. In many ways it's totally unbelievable this story, in the cold light of day, you feel it could never happen. Sitting down to read it though, you kind of get drawn in and lose yourself in the story. She really should get someone to proof read though, it's a great story, but there were a few little errors.

    9. Just could not like this book but mostly because it is just not my thing. I prefer Alpha male characters to this.

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