His Heart's Obsession

His Heart's Obsession

Alex Beecroft / Jul 23, 2019

His Heart s Obsession Kingston Jamaica Robert Hughes a lieutenant and rogue in the British Royal Navy is in love with his gorgeous fellow officer Hal Morgan Hal only has eyes for their captain a man who ll never s

  • Title: His Heart's Obsession
  • Author: Alex Beecroft
  • ISBN: 9781426893964
  • Page: 233
  • Format: ebook
  • Kingston, Jamaica, 1752Robert Hughes, a lieutenant and rogue in the British Royal Navy, is in love with his gorgeous fellow officer, Hal Morgan Hal only has eyes for their captain a man who ll never share their inclinations Night after night aboard the Swiftsure, it kills Robert to listen to Hal s erotic dreams of a man he can t possibly have Determined to protect hiKingston, Jamaica, 1752Robert Hughes, a lieutenant and rogue in the British Royal Navy, is in love with his gorgeous fellow officer, Hal Morgan Hal only has eyes for their captain a man who ll never share their inclinations Night after night aboard the Swiftsure, it kills Robert to listen to Hal s erotic dreams of a man he can t possibly have Determined to protect his friend, Robert stages a seduction.But Hal demands proof of love before he will submit to the rakish Robert.Mission accepted After all, how hard could it be to show what s inside his heart Yet Robert s move to claim Hal s love leads to the threat of exposure, and mortal danger from the French Will a heart obsessed ever accept defeat 21,000 words

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        Spaceships and galaxy spanning empires, conversations with angels, viking villages, haunted mansions and forbidden love in the Age of Sail I love a good strong plot in an exotic setting, with characters you can admire, and a happy ending If you make a venn diagram of genres, including historical, fantasy, gay romance and mystery, I occupy the space in the middle where they overlap BTW, if you re thinking my reviews on here are a bit mean, most of the books I really enjoy will get a 4 star I am saving 5 stars for books I find genuinely life changing 4 is still this was really really good, you should read it 5 is OMG, my mind is blown and my life will never be the same again.


    1. Quick review:Cover: Me Likes! Rating:NC-17 Steaminess:Sizzling Thumbs Up:4Overall: A solid read.Characters: InterestingPlot: You’ve got to love men on a boat even if there are no pirates, lol.Page Turner: Yes. Series Cont.? N/A? Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: RobertSUMMARY (50 words or less)I thought I would try another historical fiction romance novel and I wasn’t disappointed. The plot was well developed and there were a lot of lessons to learn. The plight of my hero was slow and steady but [...]

    2. A few pages into His Heart’s Obsession, I had steeled myself for an erotic story filled with mutual lust and not much else. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that Beecroft’s novella actually was not the mindless erotica that I had anticipated, but rather a heartwarming love story that packed a surprising punch for its mere eighty pages.One thing that impressed me right off the bat was Beecroft’s abililty to provide enough atmosphere to enhance her worldbuilding while not detracting fro [...]

    3. Advance Copy from NetGalleyI feel like too often I give five stars because I enjoyed a book, and the one comes along that blows the others out of the water and I feel like going back and changing all of my reviews. This is one such book. His Heart's Obsession takes place around Kingston, Jamaica with members of the Royal Navy in the 1700s. It is unlike other m/m romances I have read in that the two main characters are not madly in love with each other from the starts. True, Robert loves Hal. But [...]

    4. ARC received from Carina Press on NetGalley2.5 stars This was good and everything played out well, I just didn't feel as emotionally invested as I wanted to. At first I felt bad for Hal because of his painful unrequited love, but then it became clear that part of his love for Hamilton was that Hamilton was 'perfect' and therefor could never be like him (aka: gay). So it was almost a self-hatred sort of thing. Which I get, it just gets old. We learned little bits and piece about both men, but the [...]

    5. Historical M/M romance is a tricky subject to write about. For start, there was the law that made buggery a hanging offence for three hundred years or so, and after that there was a hundred years of life imprisonment and torture for those who were caught or confessed to the act. That alone removes all the grand public gestures that seem to thrive in the hetero romances. So, how do you tell a love story of two men serving in the Royal Navy in 18th century Jamaica?First you need a plan A and then [...]

    6. A double unrequited love storyRobert Hughes was Oxford-educated son of a nobleman whose father arranged to get him a lieutenant position in the Royal Navy. Hal Morgan was a career navy who never went to university but was very capable that he reached the Navy lieutenant at relatively young age. Hughes loved Hall, but Hall loved their captain, William Hamilton.Robert tried to show Hal that his love was real and that William was a straight man that would never returned his love. Yet, Hal was convi [...]

    7. I really like Alex Beecroft's Age of Sail stories. This one has an interesting love triangle and could easily have been longer. I would've liked to know a bit more about what Robert saw in Hal. But I enjoyed how he had to win Hal away from his interest in another man.

    8. I knew I should have gone with Plan A from the start. Plan B gave us some amazing storytelling and character development, so no complaints here!

    9. It was ok - a very short book and I finished it in a few sittings. The characters and the story aren't particularly memorable but it had some good moments, and there wasn't anything awful about it?

    10. Before we commence with the review, let's look at that cover for a moment, shall we? Is it just me, or does the dude on the left look like Ryan Seacrest? It's probably just me. I swear, though, it looks just like him. Hmmmm .Okay, so. The path to true love never runs smoothly. We know that, right? Well, imagine, if you will, what the path to true gay love, circa 1752, and on a ship. For Robert Hughes, the challenge is even more fraught with tension and frustration because Hal Morgan, the man he [...]

    11. Hal Morgan has loved his Captain, William Hamilton, from afar for almost as many years as he's known him. But this is the 1700's where it wasn't just frowned upon to desire your own sex - it could lead to being hanged for it.Robert Hughes is a rakish practical joker, who seems not to have a sensitive bone in his body, but he too is hiding a deeper hurt. He's in love with Hal, who only has eyes for their captain and this unrequited love triangle starts up the premise for the book.With the small c [...]

    12. Contains some spoilerish things Beware!!I enjoyed this one a lot, even though if I analyse it critically, it's far from perfect, and a lot of information was skimmed, or left unexplored. However I still found it charming, and I really wish this had been expanded into a full length novel.I found the setting in Jamaica / on the ship was an interesting one, although I think it would've been great to see more details about life in the navy in the 1700s. Also, I am not knowledgeable about European hi [...]

    13. Being in love with another man is no small thing for an officer in the British Royal Navy, especially if the year is 1752. It's even worse if the object of your affections is head-over-heels in love with someone else entirely. But despite the odds against him, Robert is not ready to give up on his feelings for Hal.Hal may be crazy about the ship's captain, William, but William has no idea and favors women, anyway. So Robert makes his move. Hal is shocked by his interest and even questions his si [...]

    14. [Received copy from NetGalley]I don’t normally read a lot of his M/M Romances. Yet I saw this reviewed at The Book Vixen (thebookvixen/2012/06/b) and just had to read it. The first thing that caught my attention was the cover. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but it really swayed me and the blurb sounded intriguing. I was hesitant because one of the things that bother me the most is the lack of romance; with the few that I have read they are both in bed within the first 10 pages. [...]

    15. Although set in an action-packed period -- the British Royal Navy during the 18th century -- this m/m novella is primarily character driven. Hal is a young, idealistic romantic, clinging to an utterly hopeless infatuation with his Captain; his shipmate Robert, ten years older, hides his own love for Hal behind pranks and mockery. When Robert finally decides to make a move, it backfires badly, and he is forced to reevaluate how he appears to Hal and come up with a different way to woo him. (Never [...]

    16. An enjoyable and romantic male/male novella with two very well-written characters and a unique setting. Both Robert and Hal were sympathetic and frustrating, in the best sense. Their devotion to their beloveds is admirable even if Hal is mooning over someone who can never return his affections. I loved seeing Robert prove to Hal how much he does care about him especially after Hal's heart was broken so many times. As with many historical m/m stories, there is a sense of danger throughout this st [...]

    17. A gay romance of long before the time when the term "gay" was not even known as it is in today's vernacular. It is touching, and very tastefully written. It is a harlequin type of romance with a gay twist and a setting of the Royal Navy in the late 1700's in the steamy Caribbean ship from port to port. I enjoyed it and would read more by this author. It will not change your life, but will keep you entertained,as a good summer read on the beach!

    18. Strange, odd but sweet. Almost Shakesperean in style. Three officers on a ship based in the Caribbean. Hal is desperately in love with the very straight captain, William. Robert is desperately in love with Hal and tries all manner of foolishness to get Hal to see the light. Very little heat. The setting is fascinating with fights at sea and Englishmen dealing with liVing in the Caribbean.

    19. This was my first book by this author and I'm happy to say that I'll definitely check out some of her other works. This was a sweet short read.

    20. A short novella of roughly 21K words, but wonderful! Emotional, good character development (despite the short length).

    21. Not a much of a fan of this one as of False Colours, which has to be said is my all time fav in this genre, but still has some nice moments.

    22. This was so good! Just the right length for me too.Robert and Hal were both such sympathetic characters and I quickly cared about them. Nice happy ending too.

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