The Cozakis Bride

The Cozakis Bride

Lynne Graham / Jul 22, 2019

The Cozakis Bride Olympia s mother needs expensive medical treatment now What can she do Olympia has no choice Approach Nik Cozakis and ask him to reconsider the marriage they abandoned ten years ago in return for fin

  • Title: The Cozakis Bride
  • Author: Lynne Graham
  • ISBN: 9780373121038
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Olympia s mother needs expensive medical treatment now What can she do Olympia has no choice Approach Nik Cozakis and ask him to reconsider the marriage they abandoned ten years ago, in return for financial help Nik agrees, but on his terms he wants a son Yes, Nik has seized his chance for vengeance

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Lynne Graham was born on July 30, 1956 of Irish Scottish parentage She has livedin Northern Ireland all her life She grew up in a seaside village with herbrother She learnt to read at the age of 3, and haven t stopped since then.Lynne first met her husband when she was 14 At 15, she wrote her firstbook, but it was rejected everywhere Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University She started writing again when she was athome with her first child It took several attempts before she sold herfirst book in 1987 and the delight of seeing that first book for sale in thelocal newsagents has never been forgotten Now, there are over 10 million ofher books in print worldwide.Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children Her eldest and heronly natural child is 19 and currently at university Her other fourchildren, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted She has two9 year olds adopted from Sri Lanka and a 5 and a 3 year old adopted fromGuatemala In Lynne s home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden, which iswonderfully private The family has two pets Thomas, a very large andaffectionate black cat, bosses the dog and hunts rabbits The dog is Daisy,an adorable but not very bright white West Highland terrier, who loves beingchased by the cat At night, dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.


    1. I found another book from my favorite Mills & Boon author, Lynne Graham that I had not read. I was like, so…….By chapter 2, I was like……………Give it up, continue, give it up…evere or not……!!!!! But this is a LG story…I should not even question myself about not “dnf” one of her books!!! Yes, I continued with the most “boring and annoying characters and a plot that had so many things happening that had me trying to keep up with who was who and what was what!!!!!A rich [...]

    2. A second chance story with a vengeful hero, an OW cousin who is still around to cause mischief and desperate heroine who isn't afraid to dare the hero into listening to her (are you a man or a mouse?) so she can get medical treatment for her mother. (view spoiler)[The H/h were engaged as teenagers. Because of the hero's cousin (the wanna be OW) the heroine thought it was an arranged marriage and that the H wasn't that into her because she was overweight and unattractive and the only thing keepin [...]

    3. Without a doubt one of the best marriage of convenience stories!! It was so good,I couldn't put it down! The characters are easy to relate with and to fall in love with them. These two were made for each other and their chemistry was hot! Very emotional read!

    4. Okay I generally like LG. This one was a bit odd. How to explain? There were some situations which happened and people reacted to them as if they had been much worse. I guess the whole book was full of over reactions. For example the OW. Sure she did a bad thing and she spoke nastily to the heroine but I guess she wasn't written bad enough for me to believe the reaction she got. Also a big deal was made out of how poorly the hero's parents treated the heroine but there was no actual scene of the [...]

    5. 3.5 stars Talk about drama! On the one hand, there are the deep emotions: love, passion, bitterness, angst and betrayal. And on the other, there are the tropes: a reunion, misunderstandings, a marriage of convenience, the other woman, revenge and unrequited love. Wowzers. Sounds like a stellar read, right? Yes, and no.While I liked this, the bitterness between Nik and Olympia drained some of the romance. Nik's behavior, too, frustrated me a little. After receiving evidence that Olympia probably [...]

    6. The fact that I squeaked out a second star for this horror fest is a bloody miracle. I hated the heroine. I hated the hero. I hated the heroine. I hated the grandfather. I hated the hero. I hated the in-laws. I hated the heroine. I hated the evil manipulative witch. I hated the hero…You get the drift.The H doesn’t miss a move on humiliating, shaming, or blaming the spineless, hormonal virginal heroine for something she didn't do, SHOCK, and doesn’t care who else does either. Even after hav [...]

    7. I was actually thinking about a 1/4 of the way through this book, that it would end up a wall banger. I hated the animosity between the heroine and the Hero. I also did not like the way her grandfather was so hard and punishing. but somewhere at the half way point, I fell in love with all the characters (except the evil cousin) and couldn't put the book down. This is a passionate story about revenge and the ability to forgive. I'm not a big LG fan, but this book won me over.

    8. ***FOUR STARS***Classic HP story. Someone tells a nasty lie about the Heroine to our Hero. Hero believes lies, dumps and devastates Heroine. Then he makes her life hell in the future, making her pay for the sins he believes true of her. I loved this story. Loved the Vindication and Grovel (view spoiler)[(and the evil cousin getting what she deserved too!) (hide spoiler)] towards the ending. Everything tied up nicely in this one as well. Perfect way to spend my evening.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]& [...]

    9. This is one of my favorites HP mainly because even though Nik and Olympia were hot-tempered, stubborn and harshly blunt, and despite all the heartache and pain between them, amazingly their love and passion for one another kept sizzling right throughout the book. I loved them both despite their flaws. Pride and hurt made them lash out at each other.The first time when he wanted her to speak the truth -- he and her grandfather were waiting for her when she returned home after spending the whole n [...]

    10. Wooh . Okay . Let me breathe . So much of greek feelings .Finished reading this late in the night and I realised I really really liked the aftermath effects it had on me . LOL . Both the characters were pretty strong and flawed . Thats what makes them real , their flaws make them real not their perfection . So Yeah I appreciate the fact that they they both are flawed and they knew it .A handsome , Rich , Ruthless H who just grabs the chance for vengeance , well but the thing is he is he has a so [...]

    11. this was quite an intense read ! the betrayal which happened 10 years ago was heartrending ! they were both set up and thought bad of the other. olympia was deeply insecure and i think this is what spoiled the relationship beyond repair for me. she shud have told the truth and ask nic for an explanation instead of jumping to conclusions ! the cousin was a real bitch and i'm sad to say dat people like dat exist, even in real life.

    12. Sometimes, you just need to read a cheesy, dripping with angst Harlequin. The H was absolutely horrible to the h for nearly 90% of the book. He believed lies he was told and never gave her a chance to defend herself. Ten years go by, he thinks he's been betrayed and is with other women. . e of course is a virgin.

    13. Honestly, when will the torture of enduring heroes who don't believe the heroines for whatever wrong they're supposed to have done end? For this story, the hero makes some concessions for the heroine but it'd have been cute in 1980s ( for that time period, this book would have stood out) - for the 21st century - I can't believe Harlequin is still spewing this crap all over the place. UGH.

    14. This was a very good book. Please read more than a chapter or two before judging this book. Olympia’s pain, and strength drew me right into this story. I loved the way Olympia was not afraid to stand up to nick. The first few chapters I really didn’t like Nick at all, but he won me over. The book explained later on why he acted, and felt the way he did. This was one of those rare books where we got to see the hero’s (Nick) insecurity’s. Don’t get me wrong, Nick is Greek, and powerful, [...]

    15. I loved this book so much, it's one of my most favourite ones! I loved the strength of the characters and their compassion and love. I loved the story-line and plot and everything about it. I hope the next Graham novel I'm reading will be just as good.

    16. Decided to readjust my rating system for category romances.This one was pretty darn good, one of Lynne Graham's best. I have read a lot of her books, simply because she's very prolific, but not all of them are winners. Why did this one work for me? Here are some of the reasons:(1) The H was written to be ACTUALLY ruthless. There are a lot of "ruthless" Hs floating around in HPland, but that is just hearsay. This one was actually pretty darn tootin' hardcore ruthless out to hurt the girl. I felt [...]

    17. The best part about this book is the heroine. Olympia does not think much of herself but she's sweet, loyal and damn stubborn. When she's fighting for anyone other than herself, namely her mother, she will do anything - even go back to the man who rejected her so many years ago. My favorite scene of the book is when Olympia goes to Nik's office and tries to talk to him. Nik does everything he can to avoid talking to her, even taking a back way out of the building so he doesn't have to walk past [...]

    18. HP at its finest. Angsty drama, with a very high level of misunderstandings, revenge, blackmail and enough sexist double standards that made my inner feminist burned her bra. Oh, don't forget evil scheming other woman and unforgiving family member.Olympia was a strong heroine with a temper. She put her pride aside for her mother and asked Nik to marry her so her mother could have a better life. I like, even though like typical HP heroines her panties dropped when Nik batted his lush eyelashes, s [...]

    19. Very intense. Both Nik and Olympia were much too young to get married in their teens and it showed in how childish both of them were when it came to trusting each other- and to lack of communication with each other back then.The conflict because of the "set up" was intense, even in modern times, but I still think she should have tried to explain and he should have listened but then I guess it wouldn't be a HQP without conflict.

    20. The hero was a real jerk for most part of the book but a more than simply endearing ending made the book a worthwhile read for me.

    21. I'm going 4 star with this, but that may be because I have read some real dud's leading up to it. SO maybe it's really only a 3.5 but definitely a 4 works for me today. SoReasonably well written. Good angst - great angst the first 50% but still good last 50% just not Great. If anyone ever reads my reviews you know I LOVE my angst. That's what I want in a book. Mostly believable plot. Good characters and reasonable depth. Showdown was reasonable. OW drama very good - (could have been exceptional [...]

    22. The Cozakis BrideWhen she was just seventeen Olympia meet and gotten engaged to Nik. Only to be torn so by lies being told. Now ten years later they meet again and things are so different. Those lies can't be untold since the one person who could clear it up has died. But the marriage is on. But will the truth ever see the light? I have read this book several times and still feel the hurt she felt.

    23. I did wish we could have switched perspectives the heroine was out of the loop for most of the story. I'm glad the villain got called out, rarely happens in these short books. But the couple didn't mesh as well as I hoped. So much from the past and too much double standards from the hero, as if they were always on different pages. Not too great. But nothing terrible either.

    24. I like older Romance novels, because they are technology free, and not socially correct at all. The hero can act like a blowhard, it's ok, it was ok back then when the book was written. The best way to enjoy old Harlequin Presents novels is to block out all feelings of "oh that would never happen!" and just accept it at face value. They are great fun then.

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