Kissing Jamie Baker

Kissing Jamie Baker

Kelly Oram / Aug 20, 2019

Kissing Jamie Baker A short story that retells Jamie and Ryan s first kiss from Ryan s point of view

  • Title: Kissing Jamie Baker
  • Author: Kelly Oram
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: ebook
  • A short story that retells Jamie and Ryan s first kiss from Ryan s point of view.

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    1. An awesome short little bit from Ryan's point of view of the first chapter of Being Jamie Baker. :D I loved getting to see such a personal side of RyanI can't get enough of that boy, and I must admit after reading this little bit, I totally reread BJBI just had to get more!!! haha :D Also, if you haven't read Being Jamie Baker, go ahead and read this bit first. It won't spoil you, but it will get you in the mindset for the first chapter, and it might give you an idea about Ryan's motivations thr [...]

    2. And this one is Ryan's.Before Jamie became Ryan's girlfriend, she was the school's resident "Ice Queen".Before Ryan experienced that electrifying kiss, there was the bet for Homecoming.Relive the moments.Experience the thrill.This is Jamie Baker 1.5.I don't usually go for "retelling-from-the-other-person's-POV" books but it's Ryan Miller we are talking here. I just can't seriously stop myself.But before this one, you gotta read Being Jamie Baker first. You need to read it like, right now so you [...]

    3. Fun, fast, short story from Ryan POV.I loved this guy before, but after I read it I loved him more, if that was possible Do guys like this even exist? If yes, sorry guys, but we have to hide you somewhere and make your clones. FOR REAL!!!So apparently, we find out here, that he was interested in Jamie before, like REALLY interested, and he did not kiss her in order to take Becky to the dance, but have an encounter with Jamie!!How sweet, romantic and cute is that!!!Ryan Miller marry me???

    4. HAHA! Thanks to one of the reviewers I realized that I totally pulled a Kelly and got the character's names mixed up. Just FYI if you've already read this and were confused, "Jess" was actually "Paige". For the longest time that was her name and then it was changed at the last minute before the book was published. SO when I wrote this story I reverted back to the old name and never even noticed I'd done it. Sorry for any confusion! And thanks Katy for catching that for me! (It's been changed now [...]

    5. Ah that was painfully short.Ryan's POV got me laughing, smiling and grinning like an idiot. He's just SO perfect. Ugh. Where can I get a Ryan fucking MillerEASE!I really hoped it was longer. I keep scrolling but that's it. Oh my God! I can't get enough of Ryan Miller. Forgive me. but I really think I'm obssesed.

    6. 09.01.12 - Okay, I've just been told by the author that Jess is actually Paige in this book (see below). Makes a lot more sense now since they were so similar. So I'm going to bump this up to 3 stars.06.24.12 - Hmmm I must be the only one who didn't like this insight in Ryan's point of view because it actually made me think LESS of him."WHY," do you ask? DO NOT READ MY REVIEW UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY READ BEING JAMIE BAKER. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING. You know who you are!!! >:((view spoiler)[I [...]

    7. Oh myRyan Miller is so full of himself yet I still love him. And it's so good knowing that I enjoyed his POV as much as Jamie's. I think Kelly Oram won't have problem writing from whoever POV. I can feel the different and at the same time both of them are enjoyable to read.But who's Jess, anyway? “Good call.” I shuddered. He was right. That sounded like a nightmare, and not just because Jess was on the homecoming committee. Mike and I quickly ducked into the admin building. We could cut thro [...]

    8. It has been almost 2 years since I've read this book, and since then, I've been trying to find something similar; it was that good. Generally I don't read short stories written from the guy's POV (which are getting very popular now in YA books), but I could not resist to read this one.Short, very short, and free at the author's website. Ryan Miller is one of the most charming boys in a YA fantasy, being all cocky and confident, and at the same time, cute. And a lucky guy, having Jamie as his gir [...]

    9. I am currently reading Being Jamie Baker. While I was looking at the other books by Kelly Oram, I found this little short story listed. I started to look around for it and couldn't find it at any of the on-line bookstores. I finally googled it and found a link on Kelly Oram's blog.I had already read this part in the story and I wanted to find out Ryan's point of view. Get a look in his head about the incident, because it was humorous reading it the first time.I wasn't disappointed. This is a cut [...]

    10. Ok…this was a good read since it will feed you how Ryan Miller really thinkseven just for 1 chapter. for me, after i read a book , i’ve always wanted to read the other’s character’s view And I’m really fascinated how he thinks…I even laughed on how indifferent he was to enumerate thingsyou’ll love it ,you’ll know him better. it will give you idea how it really started, I mean how Ryan found interest in Jamie. didn’t started with the kiss, it’s been the cue thoughhe has a crus [...]

    11. Lovably short story from Ryan's point of view about his very first kiss with Jamie BakerI had a feeling this wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew deep down in my gut it would be worth it. “Game on, Ice Queen,” I muttered as I stumbled back over to Mike to rub my victory in his face. “You’re already mine. You just don’t know it yet.”Haha so, so, so Ryan MillerI love that guye

    12. Short, but it was actually pretty sweet It just confirms that Ryan really was (and still is) "head over heels" in love with Jamie even way before what happened. It was a cute read, takes about 5mins of your time but leaves you smiling for a whole lot longer, especially if you've just read Being Jamie Baker :)

    13. I am not sure this could really even be considered a book or novella. It is really just a couple of chapters told from the lead male characters point of view. I would have liked there to be a little extra information given but it still was nice to hear his side of a couple of events that happened in Being Jamie Baker.

    14. OH MI DIOS! Ryan es tan ajsgdkjhdkaLO AMO!DIABLOS EL CHICO ES TAN ADORABLE!―Juega a la Reina de Hielo ―murmuré mientras me tropezaba de regreso hacia Mikepara frotar mi victoria en su rostro―. Ya eres mía. Simplemente no lo sabes todavía.No creí que fuera posible amarlo mas, y justo ahora no puedo esperar para el segundo libro, necesito mas de Ryan en mi vida!

    15. Thank you to Kelly Oram for this little post Being Jamie Baker, pre More Than Jamie Baker treat. It was great to read Jamie and Ryan's beginning from Ryan's perspective. And it was especially nice that she had it available on her website for all to read for free. You rock Kelly Oram!

    16. Hahahaha! That's my response. Ryan is so ridiculously arrogant. I didn't remember from the first book that Jamie attacked him with tongue on that first kiss. It's great seeing Jamie through Ryan's eyes. He finds her unbearably hot. =D

    17. CUTEST. STORY. EVER. Done, that is all I have to say because this story was just too cute and adorable. It was a very fast read, so refreshing and cute. I needed this story after having to read The Grapes of Wrath for my AP class. ARRAAAGGGHHH! SOOO CUTE. I LOVE IT!

    18. For readers of the Jamie Baker, this is the story of Jamie and Ryan's first kiss, but from Ryan's perspective. There's a bit of Ryan's backstory here and an interesting perspective. Definitely worth the ten minutes or so to read it.

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