Shadow on the Mountain

Shadow on the Mountain

Margi Preus / Jun 20, 2019

Shadow on the Mountain Shadow on the Mountain recounts the adventures of a year old Norwegian boy named Espen during World War II After Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway Espen and his friends are swept up in the

  • Title: Shadow on the Mountain
  • Author: Margi Preus
  • ISBN: 9781419704246
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shadow on the Mountain recounts the adventures of a 14 year old Norwegian boy named Espen during World War II After Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway, Espen and his friends are swept up in the Norwegian resistance movement Espen gets his start by delivering illegal newspapers, then graduates to the role of courier and finally becomes a spy, dodging the Gestapo aloShadow on the Mountain recounts the adventures of a 14 year old Norwegian boy named Espen during World War II After Nazi Germany invades and occupies Norway, Espen and his friends are swept up in the Norwegian resistance movement Espen gets his start by delivering illegal newspapers, then graduates to the role of courier and finally becomes a spy, dodging the Gestapo along the way During five years under the Nazi regime, he gains and loses friends, falls in love, and makes one small mistake that threatens to catch up with him as he sets out to escape on skis over the mountains to Sweden.Preus incorporates archival photographs, maps, and other images to tell this story based on the real life adventures of Norwegian Erling Storrusten, whom Preus interviewed in Norway.

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    1. In “Shadow on the Mountain”, a Norwegian boy named Espen wants to help drive away the Nazis from Norway. The book begins with Espen, a fourteen-year-old boy, riding his bicycle to deliver some illegal newspapers. He delivers the newspapers to an old woman who is called “Tante Marie”. The woman finds out that this is Espen’s first mission for the Norwegian resistance, and tells him to make a code name. When Espen decides his code name, the woman tells Espen of the atrocities happening [...]

    2. Margi Preus is a beautiful writer and this is a beautiful book. It was very interesting to read about the Nazi occupation of Norway, which I had not done since "Snow Treasure" one of my favorite books as a child. Espen, the main character is an unlikely hero who risks his life for what he believes is right. The story is quiet compared to many books out there today and I'm happy to see the range of choices for kids expand to include a book like this. It has depth and will be treasured by serious [...]

    3. Civil disobedience is a conscious effort to disobey laws that one disagrees with in society. The protagonist, Espen, lives in Norway when the Germans occupy his country and force the Norwegian King and government officials to flee. The Norwegians formed a Resistance group meant to undermine and protest the Nazi's, while other Norwegians decided to join the German Reich. Espen, along with many others in his town of Lilleby, choose civil disobedience in the form of nonviolent actions such as feedi [...]

    4. I did enjoy reading this book. Some parts were very intense, which set the tone for the whole book. You were constantly worried about Espen, and what was going to happen next. Espen was a WW2 spy, and delivered messages, ad illegal newspapers. Just about anything could get you arrested at this time in history, and if Espen gets caught, he could ruin his family's life. In fact, everyone in his family is doing something to help the Norwegian resistance movement, no matter how small. I really enjoy [...]

    5. A real page-turner, this historical fiction tween novel is based on the true story of teen resistance fighters in Norway in World War II. Espen and his sister Ingrid do small things to combat the Nazi invasion of Norway, from giving potatoes to political prisoners, to delivering secret papers. Most people (adults and children) don't know about Norway's role in the war - their country was quickly overrun by Nazis yet many Norwegians joined the underground, blew up facilities related to bomb produ [...]

    6. I thought the basic premise of this--Norwegian spies and resistance workers during the Nazi regime--was really interesting. It also did a good job of looking at why some people worked with the Nazis instead of fighting them. But overall, I found a lot of the dialogue quite stilted and the characterizations to be a bit shallow. Despite such a fascinating topic (based on an actual spy), I was never sucked into the story the way I wanted to be. It's not a bad book by any means, it just wasn't a boo [...]

    7. Spectacular Young adult read inspired by the true adventures of a Wartime spy who just happens to be a teenager in Norway.I tore through this book and have read it about 3 times total and it will not be the last.

    8. Very educational, I never knew about the Norwegian Resistance. A very brave group of people who stood against the odds, utilizing their unique skills, and did not anticipate the allies to free them.

    9. Quite an interesting read at first (despite some crude and rude things) but lacked punch by the end. SO much that a few months later I barely remembered the book!

    10. Very good! Read in in actually a little mote than two days but read most in one day! Kept me reading.

    11. On April 9th, 1940, Nazi Germany invaded Norway, a peace loving and neutral country of about only 3 million inhabitants. From there on out, Norwegians found that their lives had crucially changed, for the worse. One of these Norwegians was named Espen. Espen is fourteen years old, and, shortly after the occupation, initiated his spy career which only started with delivering newspapers. Espen isn’t the only one caught up in Norwegian resistance movements. In fact, his very own sister helps out [...]

    12. There has been such a plethora of outstanding YA histoical fiction the last few years, including Margi Preus' Heart of a Samurai, that I had high hopes for Shadow on the Mountain. It did not live up to my expectations. It was okay, but not particularly memorable. There were some great elements such as the conversations between Espen and one of his best friends who is working with the Nazis. Both boys feel strongly that they are doing what is best for Norway. Their conversations provide some pers [...]

    13. I should add the CD version for this, because I did listen to the audiobook. Very intriguing book that makes you think, "Why didn't I know about this before?" This would make an interesting companion book for Steve Sheinkin's nonfiction book Bomb. Before these two books, I'm embarrassed to admit that I did not know much about Norway's occupation and the resistance movement. There are many brave characters in the book, and I really appreciated the research Preus did, and the extensive notes with [...]

    14. Fourteen-year-old Epsen wants to help rid his country, Norway, of the Nazi occupiers during WWII and gets his chance to help the resistance fighters by carrying messages on skis, bicycle, foot, and train. This story was based on the life of a teenage, Norwegian spy named Erling Storrusten.When I was a child I learned how the Norwegians banded together to fight the Nazis in the book, Snow Treasure, and now I have more reasons to respect the Norwegian people's resolve because of Shadow on the Moun [...]

    15. Shadow on the Mountain takes place during WWII in Norway. The Nazis have occupied the country, and everyone's life has changed. Espen is 14-years-old when the Nazis first arrive. He plays soccer with his schoolmates and he's in the Boy Scouts. Soon, his scout uniform is confiscated by the Gestapo and soccer games are a thing of the past. Now, he uses his skills to carry secret papers and messages, on skis, bicycle, on foot, or by train. He risks much to fight for justice. Margi Preus based this [...]

    16. A young-adult novel from a Duluth author about a young Nazi-resistance fighter in Norway. This is based on a true story and the action really keeps the story moving. It has nice, short chapters and at least I didn't know about this Norwegian history and expect that the story will be fresh for young people, too. Now just to get my son to read it!

    17. Very interesting young adult novel based on real events of German-occupied Norway during World War II. Exciting older YA read with fast-paced action and lots of hair-raising narrow escapes. Does not shirk from showing wartime deeds, but they are written so as to be accessible to the intended audience. Recommend for readers interested in historical fiction.

    18. This book was SOOOOOOOOO good. I couldn't put it down at all. I especially liked how there was a lot of action and suspense. It was nerve-racking at some parts, however, when the Gestapo were too close to the truth. I especially liked Espen when he found ways to outwit the Nazi soldiers. In general, it was a great book that everyone must read.

    19. Won the Judy Lopez 2013 Honor Book Award this June and is a fascinating look at the 5 years of Norway's resistance movement, having been invaded by Nazi Germany. Based on the real-life adventures of a Norwegian spy during World War II. The author's talk and slide show at the awards dinner was riveting as is the book!

    20. In 1940 after the Nazi's captured Norway, 14 year old Espen and some of his friends are scooped up into the Norwegian resistance. He struggles to keep his friends and keep his family safe. As he falls in love, it makes his longing to stay more fierce. He is sent on dangerous missions and makes one mistake that could catch up with him as he sets out on skis to Sweden.

    21. A teenage boy Espen, and his family are struggling to survive the notorious Nazis. Honestly I felt this book was a waste of my summer it was slow and didn't really appeal to me. I wouldn't really recommend this book to anybody.

    22. A wonderful story about a young boy growing up in Nazi-occupied Norway. Margi Preus makes history come alive as we see Espen grow from a boy delivering illegal newspapers into a skilled spy. Engaging and educational.

    23. I really enjoyed this book because it was adventurous and it showed what it was like when Nazi Germany ruled. It is about a young adult who`s life has changed drastically. It says how he tries to fight back against the Nazis.

    24. So much promise. Such a great true-life story. So little execution. I have never been more bored by a book about the Norwegian resistance in my life. Have mercy.

    25. Interesting time and place: Nazi-occupied Norway. Based, in part on true stories, but I never got caught up in the plot nor the characters.

    26. One Sentence Review: Expertly done (which you would just naturally assume from the Newbery Honor winning author) though it lacks that extra little oomph it needs to stay memorable over time.

    27. Margi Preus has a certain style about her historical fiction, and it works quite well. Shadow on the Mountain is more than just historical fiction, though; it is a true story, somewhat fictionalized to allow the real-life elements to fit into the structure of a well-written narrative. But the essence of the story—the life of a patriotic Norwegian teen determined to usurp the Nazi menace that has crept over his homeland in the early 1940s like a blinding, deadly storm cloud—is completely inta [...]

    28. Still as good as I remember <3 Last time I read the book on my phone, but this time I read the actual hardcover book. The story ended on page 270, and after that was fascinating information on the man that the story is based on, and some code thing.1940-1941S.15: Lurte på hvorfor bilen ikke kjørte forbi. Svettet på ryggen når han så at bilen var full av tyske soldater.S.16: Så at Kjell satt i bilen.S.17: Spurte Kjell om han ikke var redd (når de tyske soldatene kom til dalen)S.19: Likt [...]

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