Enemy Mine

Enemy Mine

Aline Hunter / Mar 29, 2020

Enemy Mine Book two in the Alpha and Omega series Divided by blood Destined by fate Emory is a shifter living on the edge For years he s struggled with his Alpha nature Then he meets the one woman capable of soo

  • Title: Enemy Mine
  • Author: Aline Hunter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book two in the Alpha and Omega series.Divided by blood Destined by fate.Emory is a shifter living on the edge For years he s struggled with his Alpha nature Then he meets the one woman capable of soothing the savage beast Mary incites a carnal hunger that leaves him eager and burning Sweet, kind and impossibly beautiful, Mary is everything he and his wolven half haveBook two in the Alpha and Omega series.Divided by blood Destined by fate.Emory is a shifter living on the edge For years he s struggled with his Alpha nature Then he meets the one woman capable of soothing the savage beast Mary incites a carnal hunger that leaves him eager and burning Sweet, kind and impossibly beautiful, Mary is everything he and his wolven half have been craving Unfortunately, she s also something else, something dangerous a Shepherd, bred of the line of hunters determined to destroy his kind.Soon Emory discovers earning Mary s trust is the least of his concerns Her relatives want Mary back If Emory won t hand her over, they ll do everything in their power to take her from the pack As danger closes in, the passionate connection between them flares into a lascivious bond that refuses to be broken If Emory wants to keep his mate, he ll have to protect her at any cost.

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    1. Damn you Book!!!!You have made me dying to read FOUR other books, that aren't even published yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!You're lucky you were uber-interesting and I loved reading you :PPPPEmory and Mary were a lovely couple and I loved reading about them finally bonding <3But Book?!?!Do you have to have the screaming painful after-sex scenes????Please, tone it down for the next one, I'm freaking begging you!!!! It's kind of a mood killer after some uber-hot sex scenes, you know *sniffs*I have to a [...]

    2. WHO WRITES GREAT PNR ROMANCE? ALINE HUNTER DOES! YAH SHE DOES!Enemy Mine is the second book in Aline Hunter’s Alpha and Omega series. I loved the first book (Omega Mine); however, I ended up loving this book even more. After getting a glimpse at Emory and Mary in book 1, I knew that their story was going to pack a punch. Aline Hunter did not disappoint.We learn about who Mary is in Omega Mine. She is part of a family lineage called Shepards, a religious faction whose only intent is ridding the [...]

    3. September 2013 Setting myself up to read Vampire Mine I wanted to read this again and refresh events especially what had previously happened between Trey and Sadie. I enjoyed this just as much as I did the first time round and absolutely love this series! May 2012I had been eagerly awaiting this and wasn't disappointed when I read it. I really enjoyed the first in the series Omega Mine but enjoyed this more.As well as action, sex/steam we also got romance. It tells of us the times when Emory fis [...]

    4. Once again, Aline Hunter delivers. There's something about this author that just pushes all of my 'like' buttons. If you haven't read the first book in this series, this book contains minor spoilers in regards to Emory and Mary's roles and where they were at the book's ending.We met Emory in Omega Mine, along with his then future mate Mary. Mary's family is a group of religious fanatics who think that shifters are 'from the debil' and therefore should be tortured and slowly killed other words, h [...]

    5. I. LOVED. LOVED. LOVED this book.I loved how Enemy Mine was not solely focused on the main characters. Emory and Mary. But incorporates the secondary characters to be developed for their own books at a later date. So you feel like you have already methad the introductionsid 'hello'd had a bit of conversation, just to whet our appetites. Suddenly feeling very hungry!!!There is still plenty of action and lovinOh Aline you cetainly know how to portray those hotter than hot Alpha males.From the last [...]

    6. In memory of Oscare sweet, the loyal but never the ugly.This is Emory and Mary's story and we had quite an interesting preview of them in the first book. Emory had left New York after a power struggle with Trey, the pack's Alpha and his brother. He moved to Colorado where he met his mate, Mary. The only problem is her last name is Shepherd, as in, part of the family Shepherd, the ones that hunt and kill shifters. I was really looking forward to Emory and Mary's book but sadly, Enemy Mine was no [...]

    7. 4 Hot Stars - a lot of steam, fun and sweet love - I love this shifter packI don't know if I was on a little bad mood when I read the first part Omega Mine, it only got 3.5 stars, rounded down to 3. Why I ask myself? This time, when I read part two, it felt as a very good series. Really enjoyed this story and I was happy and satisfied all the way. This is a another hot mate-story; this time about Emory Veznor, a wolf shifter, and Mary Shepherd, a young human woman who grew up in a Colorado farm [...]

    8. Emory He's a wolf shifter so of course there's only one option for him[image error]I'm really enjoying this series! Can't wait for book 3 to come out --there were several possible couple development's hinted at in book 1 and book 2 so this series could go on for a while. I hope it does. I'm really enjoying the shifter world!

    9. Nothing is going to stop Emory Veznor from getting to his mate Mary Shepard. Not even the fact that she is related to individuals that happen to be the enemies of his clan mates. At the end of book 1 in the series Omega Mine, Emory had discovered where Mary was being held and with some of his fellow shifters they head out to find her. For most of the book, Emory and Mary learn more about one another while dealing with the attraction that grows between the two of them. Because Mary is his mate, E [...]

    10. Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 4.5 StarsRomance Rating 3.5 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsOverall Rating 4 StarsThe story was a bit better in this book than the first one I thought, and I liked the H/h more in this book too. Seemed to have a bit more depth than Diskant and Ava did in the first book. Excited about the next book!Here is my casting for Emory.

    11. **4 1/2 stars**Great second book in the Alpha and Omega series. I enjoyed this a little bit more than the first bookally liked the storyline and the set-up for future characters. Can't wait for the 3rd book!! :)

    12. 3.75 starsAline Hunter Has filled my weekend with happiness. I have read both of this series over this weekend, and now I am so distraught. Why? Because I don't have any more books from this wonderful world to read.I had to give this one a slightly lower rating than Omega Mine as it wasn't quiet as good. I liked Ava more then Mary, and I couldn't choose between these hot shifters.The background, continuing story has me engrossed, and I need more now. There is so many shifters just waiting to hav [...]

    13. Here's what happened with this book. It started out fine and then reminded me of another Werewolf/shifter romance that I had read a while back. Now I'd really really enjoyed the other one - so I stopped reading 'Enemy Mine' and re-read that instead. Afterwards, when I did come back to this one, I had a hard time engaging with the characters and wasn't really very impressed by the romance. There were too many romance stories in this one book. Though the story revolves around Emory the H and Mary [...]

    14. It is difficult to write a series in a paranormal world already chockful with shifters- Enemy Mine is a definite standout and shows great promise for the series in the future. "None of us will ever hurt you—especially me. You’re as essential to me as the air I breathe. Without you, I’m nothing.”Emory & Mary's almost Capulet-Montague storyline was something that stood out even in the 1st book- goes without saying, I felt more invested in the book than its predecessor. “Please.” Sh [...]

    15. Last time we saw Mary, she was scared of what she learned of Emory in book 1. Now she's on the run from her crazy family. The pack needs to track her down and hope she willing goes with them back to NY for Emory's peace of mind and her own safety.Emory is reinstating himself back in to his old pack which Diskant is the current Alpha of. He's staying with D and his mate Ava. The problem of the Shepherds are even more on the rise as Emory's mate is a relative to the main leader of this cultish gro [...]

    16. I've just devoured this series the last two days and I loved it. I liked Mary a lot. She's a survivor but she's sweet and it was great to see the confidence that grew within her and within her relationship with Emory. Emory was an alpha, not doubt about that. But he wasn't overly controlling and he always put her feelings and opinions first before he made decisions instead of just making decisions about their future by himself. It was heartwarming.I love the involvement of the secondary characte [...]

    17. 3.5 starsWhile I can't say I loved this one as much as it's predecessor 'Omega Mine', it was still pretty good. Hunter has definitely created an intriguing and complex paranormal world with strong characters and really excels at getting you emotionally invested in not just the main characters, but also those around them.Emory, an alpha wolf-shifter with a deliciously angsty side, was a great hero and the care and concern he exhibited towards Mary was awesome. But I just couldn't connect with Mar [...]

    18. I was disappointed with this sequel, I found several parts boring, including some about the main love story, but I’m still looking forward to read Trey a Sadie’s storyENES/CONTENT: several/steamyGENRE/TONE: paranormal/actionLENGTH: 205 pages

    19. Oh yeah, you've gotta love hot and steamy shifter stories!!! We got a glimpse of Emory and Mary in the first book of this series – Omega Mine – and I loved the set up to their story. Emory is a wolf shifter, and on his introduction in the last book, he is a complete mess and absolutely lost. He had met Mary, the woman that would be his mate, but lost her when they were confronted by her family and she fled from him after learning that he was a shifter. He returned to his brother and his wolf [...]

    20. Enemy Mine picks up right after the events of Omega Mine.Emory is looking for Mary, while Trey is bent on the revenge against the savage attack by the Shepherds.And Mary did escaped her family and she is now on the run, having no clue that Emory is looking for her. You ran. That's what you did. Like a coward. And look what it got you. A drab life in a no name town doing something you hate. If he's not dead, he'll detest you. He told you he had secrets,things he wasn't ready to share. You were th [...]

    21. YES!Just as good as the first one!Loved how the characters and story flowed.The author did a great job of continuing the story from where the first book left off, and yet was able to develop the characters for the 'new' leads smoothly, without weakening the story.I cannot wait to read Trey & Sadie's story!

    22. This was another great book in what is already a great shapeshifter series.The romance and steamy moments were ever present, just like in Omega Mine, but this book had a softer feel to it. Several new characters were introduced in this book, and I can't wait for the next story in the series to find out if it'll be about them!

    23. 4 starsThis was a very good story. I liked both Mary and Emory and I thought this was a very good addition to the series. We get to see more of Ava and Diskant and see how things are progressing for them, which I was very happy with.Mary Shepherd was raised by loving parents. She was happy growing up but did notice that her family moved a lot. When she was still a minor, Mary's parents were killed in a suspicious fire and she's sent to stay with her Uncle and other members of her family. The fam [...]

    24. 4.5I don't know who this guy is, butHE'S MY EMORY!!!I rarely post pictures of people in my reviews. These books from Ms. Hunter just totally make me go crazy that I just had to find a face for all that craziness.There are shifter books, then there are HOT SHIFTER BOOKS .This is one of them. Not only is the story such a kickass (which I believe, can stand alone even without the hot scenes), the characters are also damn good. I love how each of the characters in this book has a role to play themse [...]

    25. WowI didn't think that this series could get any betterI was wrong. Enemy Mine was such a great story and continued on from the ending of Omega Mine with Mary on the run from the Shepards and Emory desperately trying to find her. I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about Emory in Omega Mine but I quickly grew to love him in this book. He was definitely swoon~worthy!! He was so sweet, caring, loving, protective, patient, understanding, and vulnerable when it came to Mary. He was also a bit of a dirt [...]

    26. Loved the book but would have sold a kid or two for more pages. Five or six or even seven hundred more pages would have been better. Crossing my fingers we don't have to wait a whole year for the next addition.

    27. Enemy Mine is a fast-paced paranormal-action-adventure tale with the sizzling (explicit) romance you can expect in an Ellora's Cave publication. In Book 2 of the Alpha and Omega series the human clan, the Shepherds, seeks to exterminate all shifters. Mary Shepherd rejects the sick hatred of her clan toward shifters--a very dangerous thing to do. When wolf-shifter Emory Veznor meets Mary, their sudden attraction sparks off a chain of events that threatens Emory's pack, other shifters, and the ent [...]

    28. 4.25starsThe beginning of Mary Shepherd and Emory Veznor's romance was discussed in Omega Mine and in that installment Emory and Mary had been separated and Mary was running from her relatives. In this sophomore effort, theoretically focused on the mating dance for Mary and Emory whose mating dance is once again smooth. However, the Shepherds are once again making trouble in the big apple and prove more than a nuisance for Emory and the fellas. In flexing his alpha muscles, Emory fulfills the pr [...]

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