A Hole in God's Pocket

A Hole in God's Pocket

K.Z. Snow / Feb 27, 2020

A Hole in God s Pocket When Greg Aubuchon brings home an inebriated man one night he s merely playing Good Samaritan What s the point of a twenty five year old gay virgin having designs on a twenty two year old straight pl

  • Title: A Hole in God's Pocket
  • Author: K.Z. Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Greg Aubuchon brings home an inebriated man one night, he s merely playing Good Samaritan What s the point of a twenty five year old gay virgin having designs on a twenty two year old straight player who just broke up with his girlfriend But assumptions often prove erroneous Faron Weaver s girlfriend was actually a boyfriend, and he s every bit as screwed up aboWhen Greg Aubuchon brings home an inebriated man one night, he s merely playing Good Samaritan What s the point of a twenty five year old gay virgin having designs on a twenty two year old straight player who just broke up with his girlfriend But assumptions often prove erroneous Faron Weaver s girlfriend was actually a boyfriend, and he s every bit as screwed up about being a promiscuous gay Amish man as Greg is about being a celibate gay ex monk A bond forms between them, as bizarre as it is fitting, when Greg s current housemate moves out and Faron moves in Although mutual attraction charges the air, their friendship remains chaste Other men disappoint and even hurt them, making real love seem like an impossible dream Estrangement from faith and family fills them with guilt They confide and commiserate and consider solutions, but nothing seems to be enough Greg and Faron have a longing to belong that could send them back to the places they came from unless they accept the blessing that s right under their noses.

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    1. I love the title, which fits this book so perfectly. Both these men, Greg and Faron, hoped for a life within a religious community. And both of them had to leave that place, despite the way it sustained and nurtured most of their souls, because it felt hollow at the center. Because they were gay, and religious communities are not yet willing to accept that. Because they felt as if, despite everything else, they had slipped from grace through a hole in God's pocket, and landed in turmoil. In this [...]

    2. Any M/M story that has a drop of religious issue in it always makes me slightly uncomfortable. Not that because we cannot question our religious teach. It's because I think we should respect each other's faith and beliefs. Both sides can be too preachy in defending their stance, and I don't want to read a love story that comes into preachy territory. So, the words "Amish" and "ex-monk" sort of making me approach this story with caution. Then again, it's from K.Z. Snow, one of my favorite authors [...]

    3. Well what can you say about a book with a fallen Amish Boy and Ex-Catholic Monk?It was beautifully written, it was softly paced, it was smart and it pretty much summed up to a T a lot of the things that those of us who read gay romance thing about Christianity's views on homosexuality.On a night having a drink at his local bar Greg Aubuchon catches a glimpse of gorgeous guy who has had a bit too much to drink and looks like he can use a place to stay for the night. As soon as he chats him up he [...]

    4. This was a very quiet story. Outwardly, nothing much happens here. When we first meet them, Faron and Greg are just two ordinary men with mundane jobs and normal everyday worries who meet, get to know each other, and gradually move from friendship to more. But that’s merely on the surface.At first glimpse, a Catholic monk and an Amish man may seem a very unlikely pairing. Then again, given that they’re both gay and brought in conflict with their upbringing, their faith, their very life plans [...]

    5. I find K.Z. Snow's writing quite frustrating. She's obviously one heck of an excellent writer; her sentences are often beautifully crafted. I admire that! And I admire the subject matter of this novella that concerns an ex-monk and an Amish young man who has left his community. When I saw the blurb for this book, I got really excited and bought it immediately, as an examination of religion within the gay romance genre is something I'm quite interested in. But ultimately I was disappointed by thi [...]

    6. K.Z. Snow’s A Hole in God’s Pocket is a lush, lyrical tale of a twenty-five year-old former monk, Greg Aubuchon, who meets a former Amish man, Faron Weaver and find out they have a lot more in common besides religion. As these two men forge a friendship, they also discover a deep and abiding love for each other that threatens everything they’ve ever believed.What I love most about this book was the tone and structure of the words. They were utterly beautiful and fit in perfectly with the s [...]

    7. Somewhere above 3 and below 4. Kaje and Ami wrote great reviews, check them out.This was respectful of religion and the guys are so caught up with their upbringing I was beginning to fear they wouldn't connect. Very nice story, some real believable situations, and some quite mind blowing statements about god and sex. It is fiction so I probably shouldn't complain that it all kind of happened quickly, but it did.The HFN (what I would call it) ending to me is too tentative. Coming from a religious [...]

    8. What a great read this was! I was a bit hesitant at first, because I was worried that this could be angsty, preachy or maudlin. But at the end of the day it wasn't any of those things. What it was, was a deep, beautifully written, story about two men who are struggling with the contradictions between their faith and their feelings. And this was all done in an extremely thoughtful and sincere way.Faron, an Amish man has struggled with being gay since he had "urges". He cannot come out, because th [...]

    9. Wow. What a surprise. I read this on a recommendation from a friend and I have to say that when I read the blurb, I thought, "WHAT!?". There's NO way I'm going to like this. I live in PA so I have a special distaste for the Amish. How can a book about a monk and an amish guy be any kind of good? I'm happy to say I was wrong. This book was VERY interesting and well done. The characters were endearing and likeable and their relationship was complex. I would not have read this without my friend's r [...]

    10. A beautiful love story. Just as she did in Precious_boy, KZ writes a powerful ending that tugged at my heartstrings.

    11. After a drunk Faron practically falls all over him, Greg pulls a good Samaritan and offers him a couch to sleep on for the night. He was just doing a good deed. It certainly had nothing to do with how far he wants to fall into those blue eyes and firm arms. After all, Faron is straight. And Greg's a virgin who hasn't even got a clue how to go about seducing the beautiful Amish man passed out on his couch. But not everything is as it seems, and when Faron confesses that his last relationship--bet [...]

    12. As Greg Aubuchon, in 'A Hole in Gods Pocket' by K.Z. Snow is told by Dom Frederick: “Don’t come if you’re desperately running away from something. Only come if you’re deliberately moving toward something.” It's probably one of the best pieces of advice ever given not just for Greg, but for any of us. In order to change anything, we need to be running toward, not away from something. It's much easier to stay in our familiar shell, but if we want something bad enough, we will find the co [...]

    13. This is a very, very good book. I can't imagine why it doesn't have at LEAST a 4 star average rating.The setup is a little ridiculous. An Amish ex-rentboy and a Catholic ex-monk meeting in a bar? Really? Ridiculous, but for sure not something you'll read every day. And KZ carefully weaves this ridiculous beginning into a gentle, thoughtful book. There are no Evil Homophobic Villains here. Yes, there's a homophobe, but he's more ignorant than evil; yes, the Amish shun known homosexuals, but they [...]

    14. This was one really considerate and loving story. The author treated (to me at least) each of their traditions and relationships with God very respectfully. I just wish the story had been longer! But the fact they were able to fill that void within themselves and come to terms with the fact that they were both okay, and that the God they knew did not make mistakes, that helped me come to terms with the ending of the story.Also, I enjoyed the 'glimpses' of the outdoors, and the peace they each re [...]

    15. Another great read from KZ Snow and what a wonderful, evocative title! Snow weaves the story of two men, Faron and Greg, so different in their backgrounds and upbringing and yet so fundamentally alike in their spirituality. A tricky undertaking bringing an Amish player/sexual wild boy together with a Catholic, virginal ex-monk-in-training. And yet Snow makes it work in this gently unfolding tale of self-discovery. Many of my favorite M/M books seem to be based on this theme and here the writing [...]

    16. Short and very sweet romance between an Amish man on his way out of the faith and a former monk. There's some really lovely prose in this novel, the most memorable being the descriptions of the places where Faron grew up. I also liked how the book handled religion—both characters have to reconcile their faith and what they know to be true about themselves, but religion and the religious are never painted as the villains, more an internal plot conflict, and I thought the way the author handled [...]

    17. I loved this so much. It has lovely writing, characters that grab your heart, and a setting and plot that seem almost cinematic (in that quietly-riveting-indie-drama sort of way). I'm always appreciative of stories that thoughtfully deal with faith and religion (which is funny, because I'm an atheist); there's nothing about this book that screams "Christian romance." It is, at its core, a story of two lost, broken souls finding each other, and it is so very beautiful.

    18. An oft recommended book to me (I like the religious theme) here I just didn't feel the characters connection at all. As individuals I felt for them - but together there was no spark to me. Greg was so blah. At least Faron had more of a personality - though his seemed completely at odds with his background. The prose is lyrical and beautiful and it was very well written but I wasn't feeling the boys.

    19. Very interesting dilemma - how can you be true to one part of yourself without threatening another?While I don't know that the dilemma was resolved in a way that had each protagonist satisfying both opposing aspects of themselves, it was clear that the struggle did really change their outlook on life. Then again, religious conflict has a tendency to do that.

    20. This is beautiful. The ideas evoked are amazing and well-thought out.And the symbolism of the title is just amazing.It was so adorableBaby hedgehogs are adorable.

    21. Great Book! Not very many writers could have made this work, but Ms. Snow hit it out of the park. This will be a re-read for me. And she avoided the soap box!!! (This is a tosser for me. No soap box in my Fiction!) I highly recommend this book.

    22. Wow. Being raised in a Christian atmosphere I can understand where they are coming from in this book. You are raised to think a certain way but you feel differently. Its a hard road to journey. This was a good book and I'm glad that it brought these subjects up. Being gay is hard in the society we live in as it is, but being raised in holy beliefs is even harder. Way to address that. :)

    23. When I came across A Hole in God's Pocket, the title struck me immediately. I knew I wanted to read this. And, I was not disappointed. The first few sentences had me head over heels already. It was fucking very well-written (I'm sorry for the curse word, but it was that good).A Hole in God's Pocket is about Greg Aubuchon, an ex-Catholic monk, and Faron Weaver, an Amish man, who both struggle between religion and their sexuality. Estrangement from faith and family fills them with guilt. They conf [...]

    24. My heart wept while I read this book. I recalled my own best friend and his being kicked out of our church when he declared he was gay. I watched these two men, hide their burgeoning love for each other—both feeling less than adequate to ask the other for that love, and I simply shook with anger at a church, a religion that would make men feel this way—think this way.There was lengthy passages where the author remarked upon how religion uses the bible to justify it’s own narrow views—pic [...]

    25. There's just something special re: every book written by author K.Z. Snow. I have no idea how I stumbled upon her work however each book is precious and wonderful.This book - which has the best title ever - is about two guys - Faron (who was raised Amish) and Greg (who recently left his calling - catholic monk). What I loved about this book:* Loved both characters for completely different reasons. They were well-written and unique without standing out like a freak of nature/sore thumb.* Bith cha [...]

    26. I liked this both more and less than I thought I would--which is a new and unusual feeling for me.What I liked more than I'd expected to: not once did the story ever come across and preachy or strident or soap-box-y. Another reviewer described it as being "a quiet story" and that's a beautifully apt description. Both Faron and Greg have to come to terms with their relationship with God and with religion, but it's handled in the most gentle and introspective way. Neither ever becomes angry or bit [...]

    27. A very sweet story about two really nice guys who find understanding and love. Although Greg is a former Catholic Monk and Faron was raised Amish, they find they have a great deal in common when it comes to reconciling their faith in god with the lack of acceptance for their gayness within their church's doctrines. The story emphasis their shared connection through many conversations with the physically aspect of their love left for later.The writing is often original and evocative. Snow made ef [...]

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