Bay's End

Bay's End

Edward Lorn / Dec 15, 2019

Bay s End Red Adept Select Monsters are real Ghosts are real too They live inside us and sometimes they win Stephen KingOfficer Mack Larson is not everything he appearsWhen twelve year old Trey and his best

  • Title: Bay's End
  • Author: Edward Lorn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Red Adept Select Monsters are real Ghosts are real, too They live inside us, and sometimes, they win Stephen KingOfficer Mack Larson is not everything he appearsWhen twelve year old Trey and his best friend Eddy play a prank on Officer Mack, the resulting chain of events rocks the small town of Bay s End.Today, Trey Franklin is a man haunted by his past Tormented bRed Adept Select Monsters are real Ghosts are real, too They live inside us, and sometimes, they win Stephen KingOfficer Mack Larson is not everything he appearsWhen twelve year old Trey and his best friend Eddy play a prank on Officer Mack, the resulting chain of events rocks the small town of Bay s End.Today, Trey Franklin is a man haunted by his past Tormented by that one tragic, fateful summer, Trey searches for catharsis the only way he knows how by writing.A tale of love and loss, bittersweet memories, and the depths of human evil.Welcome to Bay s End Warning Contains graphic language and adult situations.

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    1. When Trey and Eddie put cherry bombs in the back of the sheriff's car, they blast away the outer layer of the sleepy town of Bay's End and get a look at the sickening underbelly that lies beneathI've made no secret that I think Edward Lorn is the best example of self-publishing done right. Not only has he never stalked me to my house and hit me with a brick, he's also given me my money's worth on every occasion. When Bay's End became free on the kindle, it seemed like a slam dunk. It was.Bay's E [...]

    2. BAY'S END is just a small peaceful town.until we encounter evil.An adult Trey Franklin shares memories of his life as a young teen and summer of horror, but struggles to narrate the story, and you will see why.It all begins with the arrival of his new best buddy Eddy Treemont who just moved in across the streetd boy is Eddy full of the devil! It's on their first nightly adventure to the creepy abandoned building that Trey and Eddy find themselves in deep sh*t with "Officer Maniac Mack" and his p [...]

    3. “Bay’s End” is Volume One in the “All Things Lead to the End” series which is projected to become a five book series. Surprisingly enough Volume Two was published a month earlier, that book is titled “The Sound of Broken Ribs” (the regular edition of 55 copies) also from Thunderstorm Books.There is to be a Deluxe version of “The Sound of Broken Ribs” to appear soon also from Thunderstorm.“Bay’s End” appeared originally back in 2012 and has now received a deluxe treatment [...]

    4. I am speechless. Lorn took my heart from content, to horrified, to unbearably sad, then terrified so much I forget to breath, and finally, as I shut the book, to tears and mourning. To contemplation. Wow, I don't think that I have ever, I mean EVER been dragged through so many powerful emotions in such a short time. other writer has ever held my heart, my breath, and my emotions in such a powerful grip as this one. 5* Alright. I need a moment to think and mourn. I will be back with my thoughts v [...]

    5. 4.5 stars"I'm living with ghosts. My memories have grown legs and now run up and down these halls. The apparitions are only loops, broken records as it were, but they're aggravated and bored, two attributes you never want in a ghost."It feels kind of weird to call a dark, gritty and depressing book beautiful, but here we are. Despite the sick individuals and horrible circumstances that tainted these teenagers lives, there was beauty developing from the first chapter - that fragile but unique tim [...]

    6. I read this book with my horror group over at . I've owned the book for quite a while and was excited to finally read it. Luckily my excitement was not unfounded!Bay's End is a small town. Horror fans everywhere know of towns just like this. But in this case, the evil lies entirely within the town's inhabitants and not the town itself. There are monsters here, for sure, but they are ALL human, with the exception of Romo- a particularly nasty dog. In the end, this is a coming of age tale with hor [...]

    7. Holy crap, this was GREAT! 5++++++ stars! This was easily the best book I've read this year! The summer that Trey was twelve-years old, he meets new neighbor Eddy. Eddy, full of life, introduces Trey to many new experiences that are right on the edge of trouble, but without quite crossing the line. During an adventure exploring the Westerns, they are harassed by Police Officer Mack Larson (who reminded me a lot of Deputy Collie Entragian from Stephen King’s Desperation), a very well-respected [...]

    8. This book could be shelved under horror or thriller/suspense. I'd lean more toward the thriller side of things, if it were my job to categorize it. However, if I were the librarian recommending this thing, I'd make sure people knew that this is at its core a coming of age story. I'd also let folks know that the first half is told at a pretty leisurely pace, which perfectly matches the mood of two young boys getting to know each other in an endless summer of nothing to do. It's not until around t [...]

    9. Damn, and here I thought the sleepy little town of Derry had issues. There are some books that you read with a sense of dread. From the moment you crack open the very first page you just know some super bad fucked up shit is gonna go down. Very few authors are able to pull that off. Especially with me as their reader because not much makes me squirm. Bay's End will make anyone squirm. This story is dark, disturbing, shocking, and all too human. When the fear in a book is a monster or something s [...]

    10. 3.5 stars.This is another book that never got reviewed due to a serious lack of time. And this is a book that really deserves a proper review because I want to encourage more friends of mine to read it, and other selections from this author. And yes, Edward Lorn is a friend of mine on here. And no, my being friends with the author will have absolutely no impact on this review, nor does it influence me telling everyone to read his books. His talent alone makes him worthy of my accolades. When you [...]

    11. First off the narration by Kerry Woodrow, pretty good although at times he went really slowly which I felt didn’t add anything to the drama playing out but it was something I could easily forgive as soon as I heard the voice of Eddy.The story is told through the eyes of Trey but it was Eddy that captivated me in a way I’ll not forget, with a brash ‘say what you think’ attitude, an attitude that most people wish they could carry off but are usually restrained by circumstance.I’ve read s [...]

    12. Small town Bay's End is homey and pleasant at first glance, but it has its share of broken people, too. Some are hidden, some overt, they are broken in an evil sort of way, unfixable. It can come in all shapes and sizes - a trusted neighbor, a policeman, a dog on the other side of the fence. Eddy has just moved into the house across the street from Trey. The two of them rapidly become best buds, and the anticipation of summer stretches out before them. Little do they know this particular summer [...]

    13. I'm going to have to wash my brain out after reading Bay's End and Jack & Jill in the same week. This book takes you through all the emotions, and instead of boring you in the middle like a lot of books, it punches you in the face with some incredibly dark content. There was a second in there where I was so horrified that I had to set the book down, and think about whether or not I wanted to finish the bookI picked it back up, and I'm glad that I did. Everything balances out, and this book h [...]

    14. The first Edward Lorn book that I read, Cruelty, blew my mind. Bay's End stomped on my head. A coming of age story, where the real monsters are human. A group of kids exact revenge on an unpleasant cop. Little do they know how it will start a horrific, domino like effect. Utterly changing all those involved. The story is written by Trey, one of the kids whose life so drastically changed that fateful summer. As an adult, struggling to let go of his past, Trey starts writing the story of that summ [...]

    15. 4.5 stars, rounded up.An emotionally brutal, coming-of-age story reminiscent of James Newman's excellent MIDNIGHT RAIN. This story had me captivated throughout the entire reading--the last 95% in one, couldn't-put-down sitting! Edward Lorn's characters are so alive, and the small town with all of its happenings (behind closed doors), couldn't have been presented any more realistically. The atmosphere was superb, and the writing style gave you just enough at a time to keep you turning page after [...]

    16. I won this book in audio format over on BookLikes back on 12.1.2013.I'm usually not really a fan of audiobooks unless the author is the one reading it (they just seem to get it better than the person reading who has no emotional connection to the book), but I have to say that this guy did a really good job. At first, you think his voice is just too soothing, but he really gets into the story and says the emotional interludes with real conviction.I really liked the characters, their interactions [...]

    17. Read this in a group read for my wonderful horror group at GoodReads and I would probably never have found or gotten around to it (or the author) had it not been for this. To my absolute delight I found Lorn's narrative and storytelling abilities amazingly good and utterly absorbing! Read the book in three sittings and had I not been rudely interrupted ("this is your bus stop", "you have to go to work now", "you haven't got anything else by Edward Lorn and you reached the end") it would have bee [...]

    18. Continuing reading Edward Lorn, continuing being impressed. With coming of age stories there are certain qualities that are given and quite possibly prestablished by the King himself (this book actually opens with an epigraph of his) such as nostalgia, small town setting, terrible secrets and some very terrible adults, murder mystery. etc. There is nothing supernatural in this story and the evil is of pure human variety and all the scarier for that. Seriously, this book had some of the most grap [...]

    19. For Trey, that summer of 1992 in Bay's End was made of memories that will last his lifetime, but not everyone survived that year. The day was hot and dry when he first heard the sound of that rusted out rattle trap Ford turning onto his street. That was the first time he got a look at Eddy, the new kid moving in across the street. The two quickly become the best of buddies, in that way that only kids can. But it's not all baseball games and good times in Bay's End. Summers don't last forever in [...]

    20. A sturdy first novel (unless I am mistaken) from a writer who isn't afraid to make a reader flinch, Bay's End is a bildungsroman set during a sleepy Summer in 1992, when four fatefully placed cherry bombs set off a season of violence that reveals the dark underbelly of the titular town. For the first half of the novel our protagonist, a capable tween named Trey, rushes through his memories of a sudden friendship with a foul-mouthed new kid in town, of his first heartbreak over a childhood pal wh [...]

    21. Let it be known that, in giving this book three stars, I am strictly going by GR's ranking definition — "I liked it." And I did like it. I enjoyed reading BAY'S END; I blew through it in a day, and it provided me with a few good laughs and a couple of chills. As well, I think E. Lorn is a cool cat and I can't wait to dig into his later works (I'm looking at you, WORD). What I liked: I really dug Trey and Eddie, and the chemistry between them. It was real, fun . . . It was real fun. Their dialo [...]

    22. Damn!!!Just damn!!!!!!!!!!DAMN!!!Edward (Eddy) Lorn's recalling of his trauma inducing childhood experiences with malevolence are shattering! I sincerely hope Eddy, the young protagonist in this story, only shares his name with the author. It is a tale of remembrance of very bad things past told as an exorcism of the survivor's soul.In a way, I'm glad my imagination is not so good. Such horrifying events as pictured in this novel would haunt me to distraction if my mind created them. Perhaps wri [...]

    23. I'll say this up front: The author gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. I loved this little story. I loved it so much that I was annoyed that there wasn't enough of it. Clearly Lorn is a gifted writer and he could have teased this story out over at least another 100-200 pages so I feel like a whole star represents what *could* have been and what *should* have been. Other than that, I have zero complaints.The characters in the book are young, school age--12-13 years old and I've re [...]

    24. I had heard good things about this writer and this book from my horror friends, and decided to read this one when I was looking for something not too lengthy while I was between books. I ended up really enjoying the story and the style of Bay's End. What I enjoyed most about this tale is the excellent characterization, especially of Eddy and Trey. But even the minor characters were written in a believable way, and I really liked Eddy's father, a loving but very human dad who makes mistakes and f [...]

    25. A small town, coming of age tale, with big adult problems. A series of incidents, and one mistimed prank lead a group of teens to a horrific end that, I'm sure, the readers won't even see coming.Edward Lorn has, from jump street, been an author I know I can get a good story out of no matter the subject. Indeed, a worthy read.

    26. Up front confession: the author offered up a gift copy of the Audible audiobook version of some of his novels and I snapped this one up. I'm very glad I did.The first thing I'm going to say about this book is something I rarely say about novels: this should have been longer. I have a few reasons for saying that.The first is, while I'm a sucker for a coming-of-age/remembering-a-key-period-from-my-youth story, there are very few that I truly enjoy. The gold standard is Robert McCammon's Boy's Life [...]

    27. A well-written coming-of-age story. Also, emotionally eviscerating. After reading BAY’S END, I believe Edward Lorn’s strength lies in his storytelling abilities. His prose is honest and direct. His characters are realistically drawn and empathetic. A good read.

    28. Trey Franklin lived in the sleepy town of Bay's End. Trey was your average teenager until Eddy moved in across the street. Trey and Eddy became best of friends and hung out together. Trey and Eddy were being hassled by this crooked cop name Mack. Trey and Eddy decided that they would put 4 cherry bombs in Mack's squad car. Trey Eddy and Candy listen to the four cherry bombs explode. Mack was going to get even with the kids no matter what it took. Trey is reflecting on the summer that he spent wi [...]

    29. I loved this, but I recognize it's not without its faults. Hell, the author himself gives it two stars and thinks nobody should ever read the thing. I think he's being a little hard on himself, but I understand his reasons. This was his first novel, but jeezum crow, what a stellar first effort. The bones of this thing are great; it's just in want of a little buffing. I'm really giving it 3.5 stars. I know I normally round up unless it's a 4.5, but I'm going to aspire to Edward's conviction that [...]

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