Steinar Bragi / Jan 27, 2020

H lendi Tv p r r Reykjav k fara h lendisfer a hausti s ndunum nor an vi Vatnaj kul gerir svarta oku og fyrir slysni keyra au h s au ninni Jeppinn eirra er n tur og r tt fyrir dr mar m tt kur b anna f au a gis

  • Title: Hálendið
  • Author: Steinar Bragi
  • ISBN: 9789979332312
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tv p r r Reykjav k fara h lendisfer a hausti s ndunum nor an vi Vatnaj kul gerir svarta oku og fyrir slysni keyra au h s au ninni Jeppinn eirra er n tur og r tt fyrir dr mar m tt kur b anna f au a gista Ekkert samband er vi bygg b l, h si er vari eins og virki og kv ldin l sa b arnir tryggilega a s r ti heyrast dularfull hlj og eldar kviTv p r r Reykjav k fara h lendisfer a hausti s ndunum nor an vi Vatnaj kul gerir svarta oku og fyrir slysni keyra au h s au ninni Jeppinn eirra er n tur og r tt fyrir dr mar m tt kur b anna f au a gista Ekkert samband er vi bygg b l, h si er vari eins og virki og kv ldin l sa b arnir tryggilega a s r ti heyrast dularfull hlj og eldar kvikna, atbur ir r fort inni leita gestina og sm m saman ver ur erfi ara a tta sig v hvar vinurinn leynist.

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      284 Steinar Bragi
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        Steinar Bragi Gu mundsson who publishes under his first two names only has a BA in Literary Studies and Philosophy from the University of Iceland His first published work was a volume of poetry, Svarthol Black Hole , which came out in 1998 Since then he has written several books, both poetry and novels.


    1. Always in the hunt for anything that belongs to the Nordic Fiction genre, I was led to The Ice Lands, a thriller set in Iceland. I hadn't read the reviews and I was immediately sold when I read the blurb.Plus,the Icelandic setting is more than enough to attract my attention.Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to make me like this book.The story isn't something we've never seen before.Two young couples start a road trip to observe the glaciers and the Icelandic nature in general.They lose their way a [...]

    2. This Icelandic horror story is set against the stark, evocative backdrop of the volcanic desert. In the first couple of chapters, a group of four friends on a road trip crash their car in the middle of nowhere. So begins a tale of terror in one of the remotest, most forbidding landscapes imaginable, told alongside a journey through the histories of these four characters.We start with Hrafn, the driver, a rich kid who's lived a wild and glamorous life but, underneath it all, is profoundly trouble [...]

    3. Sadly have had to give up on this one. No rating as I didn't finish it. Its not that its badly written or anything like that but it just wasnt grabbing me at all. A little too much nothing. Although setting was a plus and well described the rest was just too, I don't like to say dull but yes. Dull.One of those "its not you its me " moments.

    4. Έτσι ξαφνικά, πριν από δυο-τρεις μέρες, κυκλοφόρησε στα ελληνικά ένα βιβλίο τρόμου γραμμένο από Ισλανδό συγγραφέα. Το εξώφυλλο μου κίνησε την προσοχή από την πρώτη στιγμή που το είδα, διάβασα και την περίληψη και είπα να το αγοράσω, παρά την ιδιαίτερα μέτρια βαθμολογία του σ [...]

    5. Μόλις έκλεισα το βιβλίο και μου έχει γεννηθεί η εξής απορία: Ήξερε, τελικά, ακόμα και ο ίδιος ο συγγραφέας τι έγινε στο τέλος; Οι χαρακτήρες δεν θα μπορούσαν να είναι πιο αντιπαθητικοί, σε κάθε προσπάθεια να δικαιολογήσεις την συμπεριφορά τους, σε απωθούσαν ακόμα περισσότερ [...]

    6. Una historia angustiosa que hace una crítica a la vida acomodada y falta de responsabilidadentremontonesdelibros

    7. The Ice Lands is the second novel by Icelandic author Steinar Bragi, a critically acclaimed poet and author in his native land. Translated by Lorenza Garcia, the novel takes as its focus two couples, all in their thirties, who have been affected by Iceland’s financial crisis. We meet reckless Egill, recovering alcoholic Hrafn, and their partners, Anna and Vigdis. The quartet decide to embark upon a camping trip; the weather and the poor visibility which it brings mean that the Jeep in which th [...]

    8. Iba a darle dos estrellas hasta el final, donde me di cuenta de la tremenda pérdida de tiempo que es leer este libro que, literalmente, no trata de nada, pero de nada nada. Desolación como la de las tierras altas de Islandia, personajes aburridos sin interés, y casi indistinguibles unos de otros, un misterio estúpido y un final surrealista que no significa nada. TOMADURA DE PELO.

    9. The story is about four friends and a dog who are on a camping trip in the volcanic wilds of Iceland. There are tensions between the four and they see the trip as away of mending their relationships but things have already become fraught early on in the journey when they crash in the middle of nowhere. They take refuge in an isolated farmhouse occupied by a mysterious elderly couple.The efforts to resume their journey are thwarted - they fail to leave in their jeep, or in the car they borrow fro [...]

    10. With a nod to Halloween, felt it right to include The Ice Lands in this wee round-up. I would probably describe this as an existential version of The Blair Witch Project, mixed up with Lost with shades of On The Road. I must confess, that for large portions of the book, including the not the most easily comprehensible ending, I was rather confused at quite what the jiggins was going on. Suffused with the dark, bleak and completely terrifying landscape of rural Iceland, and the creepy inhabitant [...]

    11. It starts out well enough with a mysterious drive through the mists, and then the car hits a housebut I just can't care about the characters at all, so the plot disappears into the blah-blah-blah of their interactions.

    12. Well, this is most definitely a first for me, time for some psychological Icelandic horror. The Ice Lands follows four friends travelling across the country. They are trying to escape the daily grind of the rat race and reconnect with one another. At one point they take a wrong turn and before they know it they are hopelessly lost. From that moment on things go from bad to worse.As the narrative unfolds, there is a slow growing sense of unease that starts to develop. There is something out there [...]

    13. Ehrlich gesagt hab ich die letzten 40 Seiten überhaupt nicht verstanden - alles wurde verwirrend und ich frage mich, wo genau ich jetzt was verpasst habe um das Ende zu verstehen. Dabei fand ich den Anfang und die Mitte ziemlich gut - der Autor schreibt flüssig, die Rückblenden waren interessant, der Spannungsaufbau gelungen.Die Charaktere waren zwar alle gestört und nicht sonderlich sympathisch, aber ich fand sie authentisch. Fazit: schade, das Ende hat vieles zerstört.

    14. Brrr. Ez egy elég jó horror, pszhichothriller volt, nagyon jól eltalált hangulattal, a természet és az emberi lélek vagy tudatalatti legsivárabb tájain. A vége felé borzongtam rendesen.Nem mondom, hogy mindent tökéletesen értettem, de egy ilyen látomásos, lázálomszerű történetnél szerintem nem is kell és lehet, hogy nem is lehet :)Igazából 4 és fél csillag.

    15. Zwei junge Paare aus Reykjavík machen mit ihrem Jeep einen Ausflug in die raue, menschenfeindliche Bergwelt des isländischen Hochlands. Dichter Nebel zieht auf, sie kommen vom Weg ab und rammen ein Haus, das in der Einöde plötzlich wie aus dem Nichts vor ihnen aufragt. Notgedrungen müssen sie die Nacht dort verbringen. Ihr Amüsement über das ungeplante Abenteuer verwandelt sich schon bald in Unbehagen, denn ihre Gastgeber, ein verschrobenes altes Paar, benehmen sich sehr merkwürdig: Waru [...]

    16. Hovno navoněný Chanelem.Představte si čtyři postavy, les a hororový scény, který jste už někde viděli, halabala vrstvený za sebe. A teď si představte spisovatele, co za každý situace píše hóch a v jednom kuse chytračí.Budiž Planina. Nejotravnější knížka za poslední roky.

    17. Tekotaiteellista juonetonta haahuilua (jota oli n. 90% kirjasta), naurettavan paperinmakuista dialogia ja kliseisiä muka-syvällisiä päähenkilöitä lukuunottamatta ihan kelpo teos.

    18. Any attempt to categorise The Ice Lands is pretty much doomed. It’s a skilfully written exercise in edgy ambiguity, tantalisingly open to interpretation. It’s not ‘horror’ of the stereotypical rip / rend / spatter style, yet there’s plenty of blood spilled using most unpleasant methods. It draws on the melancholic mystery and the stark hostility of landscape which underpins the very best Nordic noir, but this is no Scandi crime police procedural. It shreds the superficial social niceti [...]

    19. The ice lands by steinar bragi is a horror read. Set against Iceland's volcanic hinterlands, four thirty-somethings from Reykjavik - the reckless hedonist Egill; the recovering alcoholic Hrafin; and their partners Anna and Vigdis - embark on an ambitious camping trip, their jeep packed with supplies. Victims of the financial crisis, the purpose of the trip is to heal both professional and personal wounds, but the desolate landscape forces the group to reflect on the shattered lives they've left [...]

    20. Four friends, a desolate Icelandic landscape, a deserted farmhouse peopled only by an eerie couple and with the weather preventing escape, no phones and scary things happening, will any of the four find their way back to 'normality'?Part supernatural horror (think early Stephen King), part pseudo-philosophical dreamscape, this is entertainingly weird as it re-visits the staples of many a B-movie.The translation is a bit flat making this feel longer than the story needs it to be but it remains a [...]

    21. This lost me. An Icelandic horror storyIt starts off OK, with 4 friends(?) driving through the desolate desert of Iceland's highlands. The description of the terrain is the highlight of the book. The flashbacks of the four were boring, how these people saw themselves as friends was never clear, three of them were narcissists driven by ego, sex, drugs and alcohol. Only Vigdis had some dignity and compassion.But where was the horror? Who/What dunnit? Who cares?

    22. Hvað í fjáranum gerðist eiginlega í þessari bók? Reyndi Egill að drepa Önnu? Sturlaðist Hrafn gjörsamlega þarna í lokin? Var Vigdís eina sem lifði af? Endaði Vigdís á geðsjúkrahúsi? Var þetta kannski allt draumur hjá Vigdísi eða Hrafni?Mögnuð lesning og nokkuð djúp saga. Hún skilur bara eftir svo margar spurningar að maður veit ekki alveg hvar maður á að byrja eða enda.

    23. Though this book began intriguingly and there were sections that made it hard not to read on in order to know what was happening, there was no clarity at the end and a real confusion that produced an undeniable anticlimax for me. I do not know what to make of this narrative and wonder what has been lost in the translation if anything.Not for me- perhaps others will fare better.

    24. Me considero una persona inteligente, o por lo menos diría que espabilada. Suelo comprender las cosas a la primera y he leído tantos libros que en algunos incluso adivino lo que va a pasar antes de llegar al final. Este libro no lo he entendido. Mi reseña completa podéis leerla aquí:labibliotecadejanetrumans

    25. Friend had reccomended it to me. Found it didnt really interest me. Pushed my way through for an unsatisfying ending. The bleakness of the setting was great but the plot was non existent. Definitely something that just didnt read well with me.

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