Carnal Compromise

Carnal Compromise

Robin L. Rotham / Oct 22, 2019

Carnal Compromise When you re down on the farm things are bound to get dirty Joe Remke has just one qualification for his lovers he wants them gone before sunrise which makes his new bunkmate AJ about as safe as a wo

  • Title: Carnal Compromise
  • Author: Robin L. Rotham
  • ISBN: 9781609286187
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • When you re down on the farm, things are bound to get dirty Joe Remke has just one qualification for his lovers he wants them gone before sunrise, which makes his new bunkmate AJ about as safe as a woman can be around him It also makes his determination to sleep with his boss downright stupid, because if Brent ever gives in, he ll be looking for a new job.Ladies man BrenWhen you re down on the farm, things are bound to get dirty Joe Remke has just one qualification for his lovers he wants them gone before sunrise, which makes his new bunkmate AJ about as safe as a woman can be around him It also makes his determination to sleep with his boss downright stupid, because if Brent ever gives in, he ll be looking for a new job.Ladies man Brent Andersen knows sex with his right hand man Joe is inevitable, but he s not going down without a fight Putting the new female hired hand in their cramped RV was a stroke of genius, taking the heat off him while protecting her from the horny guys on his custom farming crew.AJ Pender s hard bodied roomies may hide their feelings for each other from the rest of the crew, but they aren t fooling her Brent and Joe are hot for each other, and it s all she can do not to cry at the thought If they ever found out she fantasizes about being the meat in their farmer sandwich, they d probably die laughing.Fortunately for Brent and Joe, fantasies have a way of revealing themselves and AJ s are right up their alley But even threesomes have their risks, and AJ can serve as a buffer for only so long before the tension between them explodes.Warning Flying BOBs ahead and that s just the warm up Strap yourself in for a wild ride complete with m nage, m m, and a voyeuristic f f scene hot enough to make three grown men beg for mercy.

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        When I complained of being bored the summer before 7th grade, my mother who worked at a boookstore at the time handed me a stripped copy of Victoria Holt s The Shivering Sands and I was hooked I became a voracious reader, bringing home stacks of romantic novels from the library every few days.At 14, I tried to write my first two romances The first was about a federal agent masquerading as a bank robber, and a smart mouthed customer who drove a custom baby blue Trans Am named Shark He stole Shark as his getaway vehicle and she dove in beside him That was as far as I got I could never see beyond their flying down the highway bickering as they were chased by bad guys.The second was a hot mess of a Gothic paranormal erotic involving an 18yo governess and the 16yo eldest son of the house, who made quite innappropriate advances toward her via astral projection while she slept I wrote 100 pages front and back IN PENCIL before I hit the I HATE point and shoved it under my bed When I retrieved it 2 years later, the lead was so smeared I couldn t read it The End.It took finding my own hero to reignite my passion for romance writing More than 25 years later, I bought a used laptop on eBay and wrote my first erotic romance I m just about to release my tenth at Samhain Publishing.Mr Robin and I have been married for 18 years we live on a farm and have three wonderful kids I love to hear from readers, so don t be timid about saying hi


    1. Joe and Brent are attracted to AJ, their female hired hand. She's attracted to them also but they all have secrets that keep them from fully developing a strong relationship. I liked these characters. Each has strengths and weaknesses but they complement each other. Once they are able to get past their secrets and pasts, they become the unit they should be. I liked how they figure out that they need to be honest and open. When they are, the story is even sexier than before. Good, hot sex that fi [...]

    2. this was ok but actually I hoped for more. it was a bit rushed at the solution of all the problems and how they talked to each other. I did not like some of the action but ok . this had potential for more but was nevertheless ok

    3. An Awesome Read!I loved reading Carnal Compromise, all about AJ Pender a 34 year old farm hand that travels around the country in search of farm work. Brent Anderson is 42 years old and is a farmer and he has a company that hires farm hands and they travel all over the United States doing farming work for farmers. Joe Remik is 47 and a farmer and he works for Brent and is on his personal team along with AJ. They travel around the United States and live in a camper that houses the three of them a [...]

    4. I got the book as it was available through Kindle unlimited and came up as an amazon's ( or goodread can't recall now) suggestion. I almost let it go at the beginning, I thought this was going to be one of these books with only sex scenes after sex scenes with hardly any story line but the story line did emerge, and it was very good. I was going to go for more book by Robin, unfortunately no other are available via kindle unlimited so I will wait until this changes. ( hopefully soon!)

    5. As a relative newcomer to erotic romance, I hadn't heard of Robin L. Rotham. When this book caught my attention for being free on , I placed it high on my to-read list based primarily on the cover, not the delicious-looking man-candy sandwich so much as the unusual image beneath: a combine in a wheat field. That combine represents the essence of my childhood, a milieu I've not encountered in fiction since Jane Smiley's A Thousand Acres and before that, Willa Cather's My Antonia. I wasn't expecti [...]

    6. 4.5 starsThis is the story of Joe, Brent and AJ. Joe and Brent own a roaming ranch hand company and have just hired on AJ. All three are sharing an RV as they move from one job site to the other and trying to deny the passion between them. After being caught pleasuring herself by the men, there is no more denial and things get heated.But nothing is easy with these three and their relationship is quickly complicated by denied feelings and emotions. When everything is finally laid out, can they ma [...]

    7. This book is probably at my top for the steamiest books I have ever read and I have read some pretty sexy books. All that aside this book wasn't just about sex, (well majority of it was), I definitely fell in love with the three main characters: Brent, Joe, and AJ. I love reading about strong women who become liberated and masters of themselves while finding true love. To be honest I think a guilty dream of mine is to have a relationship like the one the three main characters have.Sexual tension [...]

    8. I don't think i have ever read a erotica where the characters were farmers. Brent Anderson is the owner of a company that does custom harvesting for farmers. His right hand man and best friend is Joe Remke has been with him a long time. Joe has had some dark times in his past. A lot of stuff even Brent doesn't know about. Brent takes on a new hand AJ Pender who he doesn't realize is a woman til she shows up for work. For that reason he has her bunk with Joe and him to protect her. AJ has had a r [...]

    9. *blushing**sing along to the tune of Katy Perry's 'I Kissed a Girl'*~~I read this book, and I liked it!~~Erotic romance. *snicker* Other than George Bataille's Story of the Eye (which SOOOOO does not belong in this review), I haven't read anything this diiiiirty since Anne Rice's A.N. Roquelaure's Beauty trilogy. But, this was just FUN.Robin, you are devious, by the way. All those shameless plugs for Carnal Deliverance in the book - a book which, I might add, DOESN'T EVEN EXIST! So, you know wha [...]

    10. Before I read this book, I was told it was smoking hot, and I was in the mood for some smut. I will admit that there is lots of sex. Lots. Of. Sex. But for me, I just didn't get a good feel for any of the characters. Well, maybe Brent a little bit, but AJ to me seemed so weak and meek and Joe was just a jerk. And when they went to Mandy and Hake's for a visit, it was quite uncomfortable to me that Mandy propositioned AJ so quickly! I suppose maybe AJ left it open because of who she was with, but [...]

    11. This is my first book by Robin, and she definitely has a new fan! I have grown to really enjoy Ménage books, and this one had my attention the whole way. I think I read it in like 5 or 6 hours.I didn't want to put it down. After all those years, finally Brent and Joe share their true feelings. Two men with such strong personalities, trying to deny their love for each other. I love how AJ not only becomes a part of their lives, she was the reason Joe & Brent are finally happy. The book is se [...]

    12. I never thought I'd read farm related erotica. I've now read two!This one there was a lot more emotional stuff in this one than the first. Which isn't a bad thing. This book was much longer than the first one.I think I'm a little too young to enjoy the age group of the main characters. AJ was 34, which though is only 4 years older than me, it just seemed ehhh.Yeah not much to say. All in all, it wasn't bad. I'll read the next if there is one.

    13. Steam, passion, heat, love and even humor-- What else can you ask for? Robin delivers it all with the amazing story of Brent, Joe and A.J. What woman wouldn't want to be between such sexy farmers as Brent and Joe? Not only is this a great erotic read that will have you squirming as you read, but there's heart and a real story that only attaches you even more.

    14. I thought this to be a very interesting E-read. I've never read an erotica book before so reading a three some story was different. But I really did enjoy reading this book because all three characters show different emotions and truly love one anotherter fighting their way kicking and screaming.

    15. I really can't fault the writing of this book. The only reason it got 3 stars for me is because I just didn't connect with the characters. I think another read will, and they were well developed, they just weren't for me.

    16. Three flawed characters trying to find their way. At times, I laughed (and out loud too!), I wanted to cry and in the end I wanted to root for them to have their little piece of that happiness pie.

    17. I wasn't expecting much and that's pretty much what I got. I did however like the chemistry between Brent and Joe, it actually did feel like it was much more than sex.

    18. I liked this a lot and despite Joe's massive flaws, I love that guy. Seeing the threesome's relationship evolve was sweet and way hot. Gotta love those Joe/Brent scenes.

    19. Meh. Lots of smut, but not necessarily doing it for me. For some reason, it just wasn't all that hot.

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