The Astaires: Fred & Adele

The Astaires: Fred & Adele

Kathleen Riley / Aug 21, 2019

The Astaires Fred Adele Before Fred and Ginger there was Fred and Adele a show business partnership and cultural sensation like no other In our celebrity saturated era it s hard to comprehend what a genuine phenomenon the

  • Title: The Astaires: Fred & Adele
  • Author: Kathleen Riley
  • ISBN: 9780199738410
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Before Fred and Ginger, there was Fred and Adele, a show business partnership and cultural sensation like no other In our celebrity saturated era, it s hard to comprehend what a genuine phenomenon these two siblings from Omaha were At the height of their success in the mid 1920s, the Astaires seemed to define the Jazz Age They were Gershwin s music in motion, a fascBefore Fred and Ginger, there was Fred and Adele, a show business partnership and cultural sensation like no other In our celebrity saturated era, it s hard to comprehend what a genuine phenomenon these two siblings from Omaha were At the height of their success in the mid 1920s, the Astaires seemed to define the Jazz Age They were Gershwin s music in motion, a fascinating pair who wove spellbinding rhythms in song and dance.In this book, the first comprehensive study of their theatrical career together, Kathleen Riley traces the Astaires rise to fame from humble midwestern origins and early days as child performers on small time vaudeville stages where Fred, fatefully, first donned top hat and tails to their 1917 debut on Broadway to star billings on both sides of the Atlantic They became ambassadors of an art form they helped to revolutionize, adored by audiences, feted by royalty, and courted socially by elites everywhere they went.From the start, Adele was the natural performer, spontaneous, funny, and self possessed, while Fred had to hone his trademark timing and elegance through endless hours of rehearsal, a disciplined regimen that Adele loathed Ultimately, Fred s dancing expertise surpassed his sister s, and their paths diverged Adele married into British aristocracy, and Fred headed for Hollywood.The Astaires examines in depth the extraordinary story of this great brother sister team, with full attention to its historical and theatrical context It is not merely an account of the first part of Fred s long and illustrious career but one with its own significance Born at the close of the 1800s, Fred and Adele grew up together with the new century, and when they reached superstardom during the interwar years, they shone as an affirmation of life and hope amid a prevailing crisis of faith and identity.

    Fred Astaire , den frie encyklopdi Fred Astaire fdt Frederick Austerlitz maj i Omaha, Nebraska, dd juni var en amerikansk danser, sanger og skuespiller.Hans karriere spandt over r, hvor han blandt andet nede at indspille filmmusicals.Han er i srdeleshed kendt for sit makkerskab med Ginger Rogers, som han indspillede film sammen med P American Film Institute s liste fra over de Fred Astaire Bereits als Kind begann Astaire zu tanzen Er besuchte zwei Tanzschulen und trat mit Schwester Adele auf Kabarett , Vaudeville und Konzerthausbhnen auf Den Broadway eroberten sie mit dem Stck Over the Top.Als Adele Lord Charles Cavendish heiratete, beendete sie die knstlerische Karriere Fred war gezwungen, alleine aufzutreten. Home Fred Astaire South Africa About Us The History of Fred Astaire Dance Studios When people think of a dancing legend, Fred Astaire is the first to come to mind Just the mention of Fred Astaire conjures up images of dance and grace He left a lasting impact on the world and we are proud of our great dance heritage Fred Astaire s sister Crossword Clue Answer Crossword Find answers for the crossword clue Fred Astaire s sister We have answer for this clue. Fred Astaire The Astaires followed up with several shows, and of their work in The Passing Show of , Heywood Broun wrote In an evening in which there was an abundance of good dancing, Fred Astaire stood out He and his partner, Adele Astaire, made the show pause early in the evening with a beautiful loose limbed dance. Fred Astaire Voice Actors from the world Wikia FANDOM Fred Astaire born Frederick Austerlitz May , , Omaha, Nebraska, USA June , , Los Angeles, California, USA was an American dancer, singer, actor Adele Astaire Adele Astaire, Lady Charles Cavendish born Adele Marie Austerlitz September , January , , was an American dancer, stage actress and singer.After beginning work as a dancer and vaudeville performer at the age of nine, Astaire built a successful performance career with her younger brother, Fred The religion of Fred Astaire, actor and dancer Adherents Fred Astaire s father was Catholic his mother was Lutheran Fred Astaire was, from a young age, an Episcopalian From Bob Thomas, Astaire The Man, The Dancer, St Martin s Press New York City , page During his youth in New York, Fred had become acquainted with Rev Randolph Ray, who introduced him to the Episcopal faith. VORNAME ASTAIRES Alle Lsungen mit Buchstaben Lsungen fr Vorname Astaires Kreuzwortrtsel Lsungen im berblick Anzahl der Buchstaben Sortierung nach Lnge Jetzt Kreuzwortrtsel lsen Toe Tapping Facts About Fred Astaire Mental Floss Born on May , , Fred Astaire was an actor, dancer, vaudevillian, and movie star whose career spanned nearly eight decades Here are toe tapping facts you might not know about the

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    1. Most of us probably think Fred Astaire simply came into the world dancing. That innate sense of elegance and rhythm which set him apart from the rest was earned the hard way, as a small child who accompanied his older sister, Adele, in vaudeville routines. It was Adele Astaire who was the star of the family and if it hadn't been for her retirement in order to marry English aristocracy, Fred Astaire may have never been a screen legend.The Astaires revolutionized musical theatre. The vaudeville sk [...]

    2. Fred Astaire is permanently recorded in our collective consciousness only because his electrifying dance routines were cinematically preserved. Delving just a little below that celluloid image immediately reveals a biographical surprise: before Astaire and Rogers there was Astaire and Astaire – Fred and his sister Adele -- a pair who rose together through the ranks of American vaudeville to become mega-stars on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The study of Fred and [...]

    3. (Actually 3 1/2 stars)I've wanted to read a biography of Adele Astaire ever since I read Debo Mitford's memoir in which she describes how her in-laws(the Duke & Duchess of Devonshire) first met Adele. Adele was engaged to Debo's uncle by marriage - Lord Charles - but had not met any of his family since the dating/engagement took place in NYC where Charles was an investment banker & Adele a Broadway star. Once engaged, Charles sailed back first to England, to prepare for the wedding. Adel [...]

    4. Australian Kathleen Riley offers a marvelous look into the early years of Fred and his older sister Adele Astaire. Ms. Riley writes with such affection for Adele Astaire that it is hard not to have similar feelings. She is flighty, flirty and a woman ahead of her time. As Fred huffs and puffs through temper tantrums, loses himself in worry and woe, Adele breezes through show business until it no longer satisfies her. She leaves her brother and heads to England to marry a man who would eventually [...]

    5. If you thought Fred Astaire's ultimate dance partner was Ginger Rogers, Kathleen Riley's book "The Astaires Fred and Adele" will open your eyes in a profound way. Not only was Adele his partner, on stage, she was also his sister, friend and confidante. Tracing their professional lives from their childhood performances at Ned Wayburn's dance school to Vaudeville, Broadway and across the pond in England, Riley tells their story in nine illuminating and lengthy chapters chock full of interesting fa [...]

    6. If you put together the parts of this book that are actually about Fred and Adele then it would only be about 30% of the length it is now. Most of this book was filler. Lots of random information about the people around them, with scattered bits of information about the pair. I really enjoyed the pictures and letters, but was overall very disappointed in the book. I am a very big fan of the Astaires and was hoping for fresh insights. None were found here. The book was also not well written, it r [...]

    7. I was disappointed in this book. It seems to be one-sided in that it offers an in-depth description of Adele and Fred's partnership on stage, but virtually nothing about any other part of their lives. They come across as flat, one-sided characters. In spite of the book's lack of appeal for me, there is a wealth of information about their stage lives in the book, and the book is certainly heavily researched and well written. Just not what I was expecting.

    8. I enjoy books about musical theatre and I love Fred Astaire. This book had much interesting history in it about a period of time that must have been scintillating. I wish I could time-travel back then, but since I can't, books like this one and films will have to do.

    9. Interesting story but unfortunatly reads like one of my college theatrical text books. It felt as if the author needed to use every big, flowery word she had ever encountered.

    10. In The Astaires: Fred & Adele, Kathleen Riley has collected an astonishing amount of detail and data about this famous duo and about their professional and personal milieux, namely early 20th-century musical theater and the British aristocracy. The prevalence of this latter social arena in the lives of the Astaire siblings at first surprised me. Before reading this book, I knew Fred had danced with his sister named Adele, but I knew nothing else about her. I did not, for instance, know that [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this from a historical perspective. The book offers an interesting glimpse into the lives and careers of an iconic dancing partnership, only half of which was lucky enough to be memorialized on celluloid. But it was also fun to read for the glimpses it provides into a time before recorded content changed the way we interact with art and entertainment forever as the book provides peeks into the worlds of vaudeville, jazz and the New York and London theater scenes at various momen [...]

    12. I've been making my way through Fred Astaire's filmography for years now, savouring it all: the great, the good, and the less good.But until now I haven't actually read a biography about him. The catalyst for choosing this particular book for my first Astaire reading was finding, by complete chance, a few tidbits here and there online that indicated how huge Fred's joint career with his sister actually was. Try looking up Adele's name on Tumblrnsidering she never made a film & therefore shou [...]

    13. A delightful read if you're interested in Vaudeville and the early days of Broadway musicals. Fred and Adele were one of the many successful child acts, unusual in that they were also successful adult performers. There's lots of interesting trivia about their collaborators — George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, many others. A good companion to Arlene Croce's "The Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers Book."

    14. It is good to have a portrait of Adele Astaire, the first and perhaps most influential, partner to her brother Fred. Reading words about performances just doesn't bring them back. We can watch Fred Astaire any time we want (and millions do) since his art was captured on film. But Adele only appeared on the stage before the era when every movement was captured in moving pictures. We do have her voice in recordings of the Gershwin songs that were written for her and Fred. The book gives a chronolo [...]

    15. It is possible to know your subject, love your subject and still write a dry, crappy book. It's a phenomenon familiar to anyone who reads adult non-fiction, and this is a fine example of that sad situation.Riley is a theater person and wants to show off her wide range of knowledge about her subject. The result is endless meanderings into related topics, long quotes from only vaguely relevant works, and a life of Fred and Adele Astaire that reduces them to characters that go through their lives a [...]

    16. Over the years I've read many books about Broadway, musical theatre, dancing, actors and actresses. Some of them were good; quite a few of them were disappointing. I often wondered why it seemed to be so hard for writers to capture the excitement and emotion of a show, or the elements that made a performer great, in the pages of a book.This book, however, was just about everything I'd hoped it would be. Although Riley does occasionally veer into some "academic-speak" I could have done without, a [...]

    17. I desperately WANTED to like this book because the subject matter is so interesting, but unfortunately this was a tough read. It's overwritten -- there was some truly outrageous vocabulary and on every other page there was a phrase or two that left me scratching my head.Also, there were far too many biographical details about a ton of extraneous people who were minor players in the Astaires' lives. Every co-star, director, producer, script doctor, etc. was mentioned along with a synopsis of thei [...]

    18. Frankly, I don't think I've met a book about Fred Astaire that I didn't like. But I especially liked this one because of its focus on a different part of Fred's life, a part that many other biographies just skim over. I have always been fascinated by Fred and Adele's relationship and partnership, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to delve into that more. The author's inclusion of excerpts from letters and other primary sources was quite enjoyable, too. I will never get to see Fred and Adele perfo [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book, which chronicles the early careers of Fred Astaire and his sister Adele. It's informative and contains some interesting details, unfortunately, it reads more like a book about Fred with Adele playing a more supporting role.Almost everyone knows Fred Astaire from his movie roles, and I am the first to admit that I am a huge fan of his, but while I knew he started his career with his sister as children, I didn't really know much about those days. They danced together much long [...]

    20. Richly detailed information on the Austerlitz, later Astaire, family. Much was seen and so much was expected of Fred and Adele, as they became stars of stage both here in the USA and over in the UK, after starting out in vaudeville as children. A tireless work ethic rests behind Fred's performances looking so effortless, both with Adele and later without her in his films -- when Adele retired upon marriage into European royalty. The book also clears up lazy misperceptions that the pair played aw [...]

    21. This was a tough read. Lots and lots of technical details and an assumption that everyone knows the 1920's theatre and vaudeville as well as the author.Although the book is title The Astaires: Fred & Adele, it is Adele who is the star of this work. You can't write about Adele without Fred since they appeared together for every show that Adele did, but often Fred was in the background while Adele glittered and captured the audiences. She was more pushy and more ungoverned than Fred and thus e [...]

    22. What amazes me about Fred Astaire's life is how much dancing and entertaining he did before he ever made his first movie. He and his sister were child stars on the vaudeville circuit and then as young adults became sensations on the stages of New York and London. This book is very detailed and scholarly and informative. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's very different from Fred's own autobiography, Steps In Time, which is more freewheeling and, in my opinion, a bit more entertaining. [...]

    23. This was a fascinatingly indepth biography about the creation of two cultural icons. While everyone knows the name of Fred Astaire, mostly from his screen pairings with the indomitable Ginger Rogers, fewer people realize that he made his theatrical debut as part of a team which included his older sister Adele. At the time of their greatest success Adele was actually considered the more talented of the two- a great comedic talent with a charismatic presence, her early retirement from the theatre [...]

    24. It was a bit of a chore to get through this book as it was so heavily focused on technical details and a detailed account of everyone involved from the stage managers to choreographers, etc, etc. I thought it was an interesting and well researched book but Adele and Fred did come out of it somewhat flat with no focus on anything other than their professional career. Also, I felt that it began with the prologue in the middle of the story and then went to the beginning for the first chapter. That [...]

    25. This is a very readable biography of sister and brother Adele and Fred Astaire. I hadn't realized how important Adele was at the start of their careers (I'm not sure I even knew Fred had an older sister). The book begins with their early life in Omaha, Nebraska of humble origins. They began taking dancing lessons at an early age. The Omaha dance instructor suggested they should go to NY to study for a professional career. Their mother went with them to NY when Adele was Adele was 8 and Fred 5 (i [...]

    26. I really liked the parts about the Astaires' families, childhoods, relationships, and working life, but I must confess that I skipped a bunch of the descriptions of the Astaires' shows and their critical receptions. It's difficult to read about a stage performance once hasn't seen and never will see. Perhaps an exceptionally talented author could make it more compelling, but this take was a bit academic for me and my eyes started glazing over by the third or fourth one. Overall I'm glad I read t [...]

    27. As a huge Fred Astaire fan, I have read a lot about him but this book covered he and his sister, Adele and their lives together. Their talents were so unique and brought new ways to entertain the public that loved them.This book covers their lives from their beginnings in Omaha. Nebraska, and where their careers led them.They were incredibly close as siblings and in show business as well. A well written book.

    28. Fascinating look at Fred's early life and career with his nearly unknown-to-the-world first dancing partner, his sister Adele. Although written in a slightly over-the-top, worshipful style, the behind-the-scenes look at the early years of Broadway, and the unique and innovative dancing style that Fred and Adele pioneered was wonderful. Sadly, no video footage of Adele's dancing seems to exist, as she retired before moving pictures became commonplace.

    29. A bit slow in the middle, but I really liked it. It helped that I was already a big fan of Fred Astaire. I thought the most interesting part was the second half, once they were a success in England and they were both starting to pursue individual careers, more shows for Fred and life as a wife and mother for Adele. Also enjoyed learning more about what show business was like in the early 1900s. Life as a performer and the quest to be celebrity was so, so different than today.

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