The Fox and The Hound

The Fox and The Hound

Daniel P. Mannix / Feb 22, 2020

The Fox and The Hound Tod a red fox is sharp witted cunning dauntless and valiant His ability to defy death becomes legendary Copper a half bloodhound tracker is the dog who lives to hunt the fox and along with his

  • Title: The Fox and The Hound
  • Author: Daniel P. Mannix
  • ISBN: 9780671772727
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tod, a red fox, is sharp witted, cunning, dauntless, and valiant His ability to defy death becomes legendary Copper, a half bloodhound tracker, is the dog who lives to hunt the fox and, along with his beloved master, embarks on a lifelong quest to end the life of the elusive Tod.Described from the animal s perspectives, the paths of these rivals intersect and overlap inTod, a red fox, is sharp witted, cunning, dauntless, and valiant His ability to defy death becomes legendary Copper, a half bloodhound tracker, is the dog who lives to hunt the fox and, along with his beloved master, embarks on a lifelong quest to end the life of the elusive Tod.Described from the animal s perspectives, the paths of these rivals intersect and overlap in a world teeming with scent, sound, sight and instinct Their story is vivid, gripping, absorbing, arresting and unflinching The reader s awareness of wildlife and the essence of their domain may be reshaped and refined and, in the end, irrevocably changed.Winner of the Dutton Animal Book Award in 1967, the Athenaeum Literary Award, and was a Reader s Digest Book Club selection The Fox and the Hound also became an animated Walt Disney movie.

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        Daniel Pratt Mannix IV was best known as an American author and journalist His life was remarkably different from other writers of his generation His career included times as a side show performer, magician, trainer of eagles and film maker The Grest Zadma was a stage name Mannix used as a magician He also entertained as a sword swallower and fire eater in a traveling carnival sideshow Magazine articles about these experiences, co written with his wife, became very popular in 1944 and 1945.As an author Mannix covered a wide variety of subject matter His than 25 books ranged from fictional animal stories for children, the natural history of animals, and adventurous accounts about hunting big game to sensational adult non fiction topics such as a biography of the occultist Aleister Crowley, sympathetic accounts of carnival performers and sideshow freaks, and works describing, among other things, the Hellfire Club, the Atlantic slave trade, the history of torture, and the Roman games His output of essays and articles was extensive.


    1. #I’M A CRYING DISASTER BEWARE This is NOT a disney story.So I'm gonna use gifs cause after reading this novel I think I deserve a little bit of happinness.This is the story about a fox named Tod And a hound called CopperTod is a red fox kit, raised as a pet by one of the human hunters who killed his mother and litter mates.Copper, a bloodhound crossbred, was once the favorite among his Master's pack of hunting dogs in a rural country area. However, he now feels threatened by Chief, a younger, [...]

    2. This is the book the disney classic is based on but you got to hand to the House of Mouse, no one mangles a story like they do in the name of family entertainement.Whereas the film is a story of friendship that survives depite circumstances in a way almost reminiscent of Romeo and Juliette, the book is more about the daily struggles of a fox and a dog (and up to a certain point the Master) in a world that changes around their ears in which they don't quite fit.I only recall the Dysney movie very [...]

    3. The life of a red fox over the years as he survives hunters, trappings, hounds, human encroachment, drought, and the hound who’s hunting him.The story takes places from two points of view: Tod the fox, and Copper the hound. The hunted and the hunter. The book starts with the hunting dog, Copper, as he and his master are enlisted by the police to find a missing man. Copper doesn’t know this, only that he is to track a scent. At the end is a dead body, and the scent of bear. Shortly afterwards [...]

    4. One of my all-time favourite works of xenofiction. No mere talking animals musical is this: the book really explores what it would actually be like to be a beast of smell and sound over the beasts of sight us humans are. Gripping, exciting, beautiful, and sad. Damn shame it's out of print - snap it up if you can.(Date finished a rough guess; I've read it several times since.)

    5. Did you know this was a book? Me neither! It bears very little resemblance to the Disney movie (which is also one of my all-time favorites - it's actually kind of funny seeing how they pieced various parts together out of order/context to create said film). But even so, it is its own kind of incredible animal story, and fully deserving of its award.

    6. Written in the point of view of a foxhound. The first book I have ever read in an animal's pov. There are a few pages of a wolf's pov in "Ordinary Wolves" by Seth Kantner. So vivid that even after putting the book down, I tended to see things, notice them, at a dog's height. One of the first books I read in English. Profound.

    7. This book is so adorable. I watch the movie right afterwards and I could feel the feels of the book and movie. I don't know why but I thought each character was really cute. So the book is about a fox and a hound. The fox is named Tod he was abandoned at birth well not abandoned just like Bambi his mom was shot by a hunter. And this little fox gets taken cared by the this old lady. And he meets a hound dog named Cooper and they become friends. Until Cooper and his master leaves that winter to go [...]

    8. And we're into the 1980s!! Approaching the Renaissance!! What's that you sayI have to sit through The Black Cauldron before that? Oh.As a kid, The Fox and the Hound was one of my favorite movies. There are moments in that movie that if you don't cry at, you're probably not human and should get yourself checked. I knew going into the book that at the root of the story we have two similar animals, with different perspectivesbut I thought they were supposed to be friends? Tod and Copper, buddies ev [...]

    9. I had to search for over five years to get a copy of this. It cost me much more than any of my other books.And it was all worth it.I don't think I ever cried as hard over any book as this. It was amazing!It's so well written and I grew very attached to both, Tod and Copper, even though I was rooting for Tod.The ending was (view spoiler)[so heartbreaking! My eyes still get wet thinking about it. (hide spoiler)] excellent! I hate it when a story is great and the end just doesn't do it. Not in this [...]

    10. This books does not deserve five stars. Five stars can't even begin to touch it. It deserves 10, 15, 100. Easily one of the best novels I've ever read. I've just finished and I'm left breathless, heartbroken, and in awe. Why oh why is this out of print? Like many other readers I have a pretty solid list in my head of my all time favorite books, and this one just caused an earthquake. There's been a shift, a grand one, and this story has secured its spot in my heart and on the top.

    11. I thought this was a good book I would recommend it to everyone. It is about a dog and fox that grow up being friends and as they get older the dog's owner trains the hunting dog to hunt fox.

    12. I've loved the Disney movie ever since I was a child, and for this reason I decided to read the book as well. Unfortunately it's nowhere near as cute and nostalgic as the movie.The most suitable word about this book is cruel. From the very first chapter we are introduced to the savage hunting habits of the people. I lost count of how many animals were killed throughout the story.On a positive side, I really enjoyed how Tod was characterized. He was cunning, clever and extremely adaptive. Copper [...]

    13. Not the Disney movie. Depressing ending that will rip you apart. But very good and interesting story. Worth the heartache and pain at the end.

    14. A skilled hound relentlessly hunts. A clever fox nimbly eludes him. They spend their lives in an endless game of cat-and-mouse, each learning from the other's mistakes. Tod the fox is sly and learns quickly, and having been raised by man knows his tricks. But Copper the hound and his master continually have new tricks up their sleeve, and it's only a matter of time before Tod and his family can no longer outrun a pack of bloodhounds.Even compared to all my other Disney source material read-throu [...]

    15. Ahh The fox and the hound like myself the first thing that comes to mind when you here the name is probably the Disney movie. This was my favorite movie (Well between that and the lion king) and having discovered that it was based on a book I wanted to read it.However after looking into it, I found it was a very old book, that as far has no modern reprints. So unfortunately I would have to pay £100 odd to get one of the rare copies being sold online, which I was not really willing to do. I alwa [...]

    16. Although I expected this to be far less saccharine than Disney's version, I didn't expect it to be so stark. This is not a book about the complicated friendship between a hunting dog and a fox, but instead about a lifelong hunt of one particular fox, spurred on by the hatred of one particular hunter. Copper wants nothing more than to track down Tod so that his master can kill him -- and it stays as straightforward as that.The book mostly follows Tod's perspective as he grows, mates, ages, and ev [...]

    17. “The Fox and The Hound” by Daniel P. Mannix gets 5 stars and a Roman Emperor style thumbs up.This is the book that the Disney film of the same name was based on. However; the similarities just about end at there being a fox called Tod, a dog called Copper, and a hunter trying to kill the fox.In the Disney film, Tod and Copper are best friends but eventually realise they come from different worlds and go their separate ways. In the book, there is no such friendship. It is a story of a hunter [...]

    18. I can't remember why I added this book to my "to-read" list. I like the Disney movie alright and probably heard that this was darker, but I probably did not expect to be quite this dark. It has been years since I read Dickey's "Deliverance," so I may be off in this comparison, but the tone reminds me of that for some reason. It is like "Deliverance" mated with "Watership Down," producing a raw book that rides on the sense of smell from the point of view of a fox and a hound who are lifetime foes [...]

    19. The ending of this book left me crying more than any other book's ending has, because it's really gut wrenchingly sad. I have never read a book that a children's movie was based on that was so unlike the movie. This is not even a kids book! There is a fox named Tod and a hound named Copper, that is where the similarities end. This story does not contain talking animals, and instead just talks about animal sense and movements and how animals go about their natural life. The book is told from two [...]

    20. Reviewed by A Simple Taste for Reading:The Fox and The Hound, before you read let me tell you that this is not the Disney version but it is what the movie is derived from. In the Disney film, Tod and Copper are best friends but eventually realize they come from different worlds and go their separate ways. In the book, there is no such friendship. It is a story of a hunter and his dog trying to get revenge for the death of the hunter’s other pup that died in the process of tracking the fox.What [...]

    21. I read it in grade school, and it stuck with me. The book is written from the perspective of both the fox and the hound, and was pretty well-done. In the latter part of the book, the world around them was changed by "Progress", again described through the animals' senses. I could relate to this story; I've foxhunted many years ago, and have since watched the foxhunters become old men and few, and seen the fields and woods sprout houses and stores full of city folk with no sense of the land they [...]

    22. Having been one of the few people today to have not seen the Disney adaptation, I went in to this with no bias. This book is a difficult one to read. While I really enjoyed getting inside the animal's head, in such a way that only a book can do, it was extremely hard to suffer through the dread, dark, and depressing content of the novel. It is not a happy story, and I have no clue how the Disney version could possibly sell this off as a children's story without changing numerous portions of it. [...]

    23. Mannix, Daniel P and John Schoenherr. The Fox and the Hound. New York: Dutton, 1967. Print. This children's classic book is a book for students around the ages of 8-12. This book depicts and tell the story of how a dog and a fox become best friends. This book is a great image and great story to explain and read to children that makes sure the moral is: not to judge a book based on it's cover. This book is a great book and one of my favorites. This book ensures that by not judging someone based o [...]

    24. I enjoyed the "chase" aspect of this book with the dog hunting the fox and the fox outrunning them all. I also liked the way Copper viewed humans and certain objects in his world, and how Tod viewed them as well. However, I feel a little partial to the Disney version. It was a little sappy, but also had a very strong message. I also thought that in the book, making Chief Copper's enemy didn't really spur Copper to hunt. He hunted because the Master wanted to, and he was fine with that. I just fe [...]

    25. This book follows the point of view of both the fox, Todd, and the hound, Copper. In a town that is transitioning from a hunting/farming community to a more industrial town, the two, though sworn enemies, each have to adjust their lifestyle continually while playing cat and mouse.While this is from the perspective of animals, there is no fictional element to the way the animals act; thus, the reader gets a look inside the mind of a hunting dog and a wild fox as they really could think and act. M [...]

    26. Very different from the movie. There was some good parts but not enough to outweigh the bad. The author was too descriptive of fox's mating patterns and other things. I thought it might be similar to the story of Bambi and I really enjoyed that novel but this had very little in common. It was too depressing and boring overall for me. The gist of it was just a dog chasing a fox, and in the end he finally catches him and the fox dies.

    27. This story is just a GREAT all time classic --- I fell in love with both the baby fox and the little puppy hound and how they become best friends and stay that way for life --- the two humans who raise each animal are perfect for the story in their own way --- made me chuckle and left me with the happiest of feelings ever!

    28. So different from the Disney version, and so worth the read. I did not think the anthropomorphism was overdone, and the author's note at the end surprised me: I knew foxes were clever, but it was shocking to learn that most of Tod's behaviors were based off observations. The message of the book was beautiful and apt. I very much enjoyed this.

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