Midnight for Charlie Bone

Midnight for Charlie Bone

Jenny Nimmo / Mar 29, 2020

Midnight for Charlie Bone Prvi naslov fantasti nog serijala u nastavcima Mnogostruke i udesne mo i Crvenog kralja prenosile su se s koljena na koljeno esto bi se pojavile sasvim neo ekivano kod nekog tko nije imao pojma odakle

  • Title: Midnight for Charlie Bone
  • Author: Jenny Nimmo
  • ISBN: 9780749748883
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prvi naslov fantasti nog serijala u nastavcima Mnogostruke i udesne mo i Crvenog kralja prenosile su se s koljena na koljeno esto bi se pojavile sasvim neo ekivano kod nekog tko nije imao pojma odakle su se stvorile, kao to se dogodilo dje aku Charlieju Boneu kada je otkrio da mo e uti kako i to govore ljudi sa fotografija Naravno, bio je veoma zbunjen i nije znaoPrvi naslov fantasti nog serijala u nastavcima Mnogostruke i udesne mo i Crvenog kralja prenosile su se s koljena na koljeno esto bi se pojavile sasvim neo ekivano kod nekog tko nije imao pojma odakle su se stvorile, kao to se dogodilo dje aku Charlieju Boneu kada je otkrio da mo e uti kako i to govore ljudi sa fotografija Naravno, bio je veoma zbunjen i nije znao to ga je zadesilo, ali su zato njegove grozne tetke bile odu evljene njegovim novoprona enim talentom, tako da su vrlo dobro znale to e u initi s njim Charlie je postao jedan od polaznika Akademije Bloor, a upravo tamo iza njezinih sivih, mra nih zidova odigrat e se uzbudljive avanture malog arobnjaka i druge, njemu sli ne djece njegova arobnog dru tva .

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        Jenny Nimmo was born in Windsor, Berkshire, England and educated at boarding schools in Kent and Surrey from the age of six until the age of sixteen, when she ran away from school to become a drama student assistant stage manager with Theater South East She graduated and acted in repertory theater in various towns and cities Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Hastings, and Bexhill She left Britain to teach English to three Italian boys in Almafi, Italy On her return, she joined the BBC, first as a picture researcher, then as an assistant floor manager, studio manager news then finally a director adaptor with Jackanory a BBC storytelling program for children She left BBC to marry a Welsh artist David Wynn Millward and went to live in Wales in her husband s family home They live in a very old converted watermill, and the river is constantly threatening to break in, as it has done several times in the past, most dramatically on her youngest child s first birthday During the summer they run a residential school of art, and she has to move her office, put down tools type writer and pencil, and don an apron and cook They have three grown up children, Myfawny, Ianto, and Gwenwyfar.


    1. “Almost as good as Harry Potter!” This was the line I was repeatedly hearing on the internet about the so-called amazing Charlie Bone. Being a Harry Potter fan (actually, I rather hate the writing style but love the story) I quickly drove to my poorly stocked library and picked up the first book of the series. Never in my life since the Inheritance Trilogy have I been so disappointed by a book that may have had potential.I have only a few things to comment on, the first being Jenny Nimmo’s [...]

    2. The trouble with Charlie Bone is he's much more like Charlie Bucket than Harry Potter and let's be honest--Jenny Nimmo is enthusiastically trying to channel some of Rowling's magic, so this is a bit of a problem. As I've said before, the heroes of these series tend to fall into two camps: the Horatio Alger throwback (orphan/survivor with grit who eventually is rewarded for his selfless acts) and the preternaturally mature and intelligent youngster who makes the adults around him look like bumbli [...]

    3. My eight year old son is currently reading this and absolutely loving it, reading it every chance he gets and proclaiming how good it is after every session of reading. My husband and I have been reading Harry Potter to him at night, and he is very enthusiastically following that story. Charlie Bone books are very VERY similar to Harry Potter, but for a younger audience, and Midnight for Charlie Bone is the perfect book for him to read on his own and still get his "troubled boy discovers his mag [...]

    4. Der beste re-read, den ich seit der Edelsteintrilogie hatte! Das Buch hat mich noch immer so verzaubert wie damals, mit 9. Allerdings hatte ich nahezu alle Szenen und die Welt noch sehr genau im Kopf. Werde dieses Universum auf ewig im Herzen tragen. <3

    5. This is a really fun book. It does have some similarities to Harry Potter with the magical aspects and it being set in, I believe, England. However, there are more non-magical people in these books and the school is run by bad people, so it's not necessarily a good place to be. My 9-year-old daughter started reading this at school, so I thought I'd read them too to see what they're about. I read this first book in about 3 days, very fast read. It's an enjoyable story, though I figured a few thin [...]

    6. Now first let me get this out of the way. A lot of people think Charlie Bone is a downright rip-off of Harry Potter. I'm here to tell you that No, it is not. In fact it is very different. YES it does have a character who finds out he has a magical ability, and YES he gets sent to a school/academy where other children have these magical powers (although the majority of the children at the school don't have powers, and the powers don't involve wands and brooms). That's about all that is similar to [...]

    7. Here's a review from my seven year old son - as he's the one who read it! "I liked Midnight For Charlie Bone because it was exciting and there were loads of secrets. At the end, it's nice when you find out what the secrets are. I liked the characters because they are very different. Olivia Vertigo was my favourite because she was weird! I didn't like that it didn't tell you what was in the ruin, because I wanted to know.

    8. Well, I don't have the latest one, but I just finished books 1-5. Lots of similarities with Harry Potter, but this series is targeted toward readers who are a bit younger. Charlie Bone is a young boy who discovers that he can hear pictures talking. Once his aunts discover his talent, they send him to Bloor's Academy, a creepy private school where he will study with kids who are rich and/or gifted in music, art, or drama and/or endowed with magical talents. Each book tends to focus on someone who [...]

    9. Charlie Bone has grown up knowing that his family is a little, okay a lot, different than most. Little does he know that his family are descendents of the Red King and that he has passed down his powers to them. Now Charlie Bone has discovered an unusual gift-he can hear people in photographs talking! His scheming aunts decide to send him to Bloor Academy, a school for genius's where he uses his gifts to discover the truth despite all the dangers that lie ahead.I really liked this book. I think [...]

    10. First off, I have to admit that I bought these books because I thought (maybe I saw this on the internet somewhere, I’m not sure) that the story was similar to the Harry Potter books.Yes, there is an 11 year old boy who has a magical “ability”. Yes, there is a special school for children with these abilities. Apart from that, the story is quite different. I had to push the Harry Potter thought out of my head and start thinking Charlie Bone, because wherever I got that idea…I was wrong… [...]

    11. I didn't like that the word mom was used instead of mum in a book that's otherwise very British. But overall, I liked this novel. There are inevitable comparisons to Harry Potter. My view on this is that, yes, this book was rather derivative, and HP is the better series. However, it was original enough not to be a *complete* rip-off.Recommended to ages eleven and up due to some suspense/scariness, mildly sad themes, and (depending on your personal view of this) magic.Discussion questions:1. If y [...]

    12. I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed Charlie Bone yet! Growing up, I loved Charlie Bone ever so slightly more than Harry Potter. There are so many characters to fall in love with and it’s such a fantastic story. I hunted down all 8 volumes and while they’re all different editions, they no longer print them so it’s what I have to make do with. If you have a kid slightly too young for Harry Potter (the later books are rather dark and violent), then this is always the first series I recomme [...]

    13. The comparisons to Harry Potter are inevitable, and sometimes Nimmo steps dangerously close to plagiarism. A young boy discovers he has powers and ends up in a old school that teaches him to develop these powers. Sound familiar yet? If not there is an evil teacher, a nefarious plot and a dark forest. Harry Potter may be all over this book, but it has to be said that Charlie Bone does have some originality. His powers aren't necessarily magic - he can listen to what the subjects in photographs ar [...]

    14. This book was exponentially better than any of the J. K. Rowling Harry Potter books. It's obvious that Jenny Nimmo based her plot outline on the first Harry Potter book, but who cares? J. K. Rowling summarily lifted the plot & most of the goings-on in "Sorcerer's Stone" from the book "Mary Poppins" by P. L. Travers, & Rowling has never even received a slap on the wrist in any court of law for her outright plagarism. I think there are probably many new things under the sun, but no one in [...]

    15. If I was rating this book as though adults were the audience, it'd likely warrant 3 stars. But this book isn't written for adults. I would recommend this book to 10 -13 year olds. Keeping in mind that age range, it isn't a bad read. There are flaws. Characters are either good guys or bad guys. Overall, the book is VERY derivative of Harry Potter in a manner that is almost laughable. But ignoring that and keeping in mind the intended age-group, it is a fun and exciting adventure.

    16. I read the first three books in this series years ago. There are quite a few more now so I’m rereading the books I have already read first.The Red King. Yewbeams. Three evil sisters. Children with magical powers including hypnotism, hearing conversations in photographs, and flying. Three magical fiery cats. One yellow. One orange. One red.A school. Part evil. Part good.Onward to book two

    17. I got less than half-way through this book and had to put it down.How this came to be a successful series I don't know. The writing is god awful, the story as unoriginal as you can get, and the characters are all unbelievably dense.

    18. Once again I return to you with another comparison to Harry Potter. I recently read the book Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo.Before I read this book most people told me it was just like Harry Potter , but I hate to disappoint once again this is nothing like Harry Potter. There might be some similar things, but lets clear the table this is a different story and just as good. Midnight For Charlie Bone is a very compelling story that keeps you longing for more. The book starts out with a P [...]

    19. So, some might argue with the shelves I chose for this book, particularly the POC-main-character shelf. Here's the thing: Charlie is, in the context of this story, a descendent of the Red King. The Red King came from Africa. Yes, the Red King could have come from a section of Africa that was colonized by a European nation. But he could also have come from a number of other areas in Africa. Nimmo also chooses to focus on Charlie's hair a number of times- she often mentions that it has a course te [...]

    20. Review by Jill WilliamsonCharlie bone had a special picture blown up for his best friend’s birthday present. His mom picks it up from Kwik Foto, but when Charlie opens up the package, it’s not his order. He stares at the photo of a man holding a baby, mesmerized. Then a conversation floods his mind. He can hear a woman and a man talking about the baby. Charlie convinces himself that he imagined it, but Grandma Bone has her own theory. His grandma enrolls him at Bloor’s Academy, a school fo [...]

    21. This series has its good points and its bad points, and I'm going to address them as a whole for this review, so get ready. First of all, I would like to say that my overall impression of this is that Midnight for Charlie Bone and the accompanying books in the series are actually a Harry Potter series written for a younger audience. So if any young adult or adult readers have younger siblings or children who want to read Harry Potter and are too young, have no fear! This is the perfect series to [...]

    22. Midnight for Charlie Bone by Jenny Nimmo is the first book of the Charlie Bone series. I would recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of modern fantasy and is looking for a good series to keep them occupied. The first book is about Charlie Bone, who discovers he is a descendant of the Red King, who holds magical powers and passed them on to his kids, who then kept passing them on. Unfortunately, half of his descendants are evil and the other half are good. Charlie’s grandmother and her s [...]

    23. This book/series is just as great as I remember thinking it was when I first picked it up in middle school. I love the characters and the plot and everything about it, however, there a lot of parallels to Harry Potter. I mean, a main character with dark, messy hair that people complain about. A family full of ginger-haired, freckled-faced people. A dog with four names, two of which are Percival Pettigrew, I mean I could go on, lol. Maybe it was drawing inspiration but I know this might annoy a f [...]

    24. Another one kind of hard to rate.I didn't love the book in the beginning. Wait, that's a lie, I did. I loved the prologue. From there on, I didn't love the book in the beginning. Once we started to meet the people in the academy, though, it really got going and I went all in.There was something about the writing that felt, for lack of a better word, clunky all the way through. Certain things were too obvious and seemed too simple. Those gripes didn't bog me down too much though, because I really [...]

    25. I got to page 167 and I couldn't finish it. The characters in this story are so mean that it's not even an enjoyable story. Part of the lure of reading a book is enjoying the world that the characters live in - being in a world different from your own. I don't want to be in Charlie Bone's world! His world sucks. There is nothing in this story that makes me want to finish it. I was really looking forward to this book so I'm pretty disappointed with the outcome.

    26. This was a beloved book series from my childhood that I recently decided to pick up and re-read. And oh my goodness, I wasn't expecting this, but IT'S STILL SO GOOD. This was honestly so much fun to dive into again, after all these years, and fall in love with the story all over again. Considering everything and considering all the books I've read since reading this, I can say that this is actually a really, really good book series. The writing is lovely and incredibly descriptive and gave off v [...]

    27. Midnight for Charlie Bone is a story about a young Charlie who lives with his grandma and aunts. One day Charlie realizes, when looking over a family picture, that he has a special gift; the power to hear the voices in the pictures. He decides to keep this power a secret until his aunts and grandmother discover this secret. They then sent him to Bloor's academy; a school full of student sharing numerous abilities like himself. Although this school isn't a walk in the park as it's overwhelmingly [...]

    28. My 10 year old recommended this one and I can see why.There’s certainly a Harry Potter vibe to it, plus maybe a few other popular books, yet is still distinguishable in its own right. All in all, it’s pretty good for a middle grade book.

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