Powdered Peril

Powdered Peril

Jessica Beck / Jun 16, 2019

Powdered Peril Powdered PerilJessica Beck It s hard to keep a secret in April Springs especially when it involves a no good cheater like Peter Morgan Donut shop owner Suzanne Hart has tried to be civil with the guy

  • Title: Powdered Peril
  • Author: Jessica Beck
  • ISBN: 9781250001061
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
  • Powdered PerilJessica Beck It s hard to keep a secret in April Springs especially when it involves a no good cheater like Peter Morgan Donut shop owner Suzanne Hart has tried to be civil with the guy, since he s dating her best friend Grace But when Grace shows up at her doorstep sobbing Suzanne s the first to admit she s glad the relationship is over She s also the firPowdered PerilJessica Beck It s hard to keep a secret in April Springs especially when it involves a no good cheater like Peter Morgan Donut shop owner Suzanne Hart has tried to be civil with the guy, since he s dating her best friend Grace But when Grace shows up at her doorstep sobbing Suzanne s the first to admit she s glad the relationship is over She s also the first to spot the footprints leading to Peter s dead body Instead of the usual morning donuts, the police are busy rounding up suspects and sifting through clues Why did Peter splash yellow paint on Suzanne s shop window before he was murdered How angry was Grace when she learned that her boyfriend was two timing or three or four timing Suzanne is willing to bet dollars to donuts that her friend is innocent Now she has to prove it before the real killer takes a powder

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        Jessica Beck is a pseudonym used by Tim Myers.Jessica Beck is the penname of an author who has been nominated for the Agatha Award and named an Independent Mystery Booksellers Association national bestseller nearly a dozen times.Jessica Beck loves donuts, and has the figure to prove it It s amazing what people can convince themselves is all in the name of research For each recipe featured in the donut mysteries, a dozen are tried and tested When not concocting delicious treats, Beck enjoys the rare snowfalls near her home in the foothills of North Carolinacmillan author jessic


    1. I'm taking a break from this series. I can't believe there are 34 books in the series!In the 8th novel, Grace breaks up with her boyfriend and he is found dead the next morning. Grace is the number one suspect and Suzanne needs to find the real killer.These books are getting to be a bit stale and they aren't realistic at all. I'm not a big fan of Suzanne or any of the main characters.

    2. the whole town comes together to solve this murder mystery when Grace's boyfriend is murdered. of course Suzanne is taking the lead. I wish the accident had been further explained especially if it was truly an accident or not.

    3. When I see free cozies, I will often grab them, read them, and give them to my mother, who particularly enjoys the Cozy genre. Some of them are good. Some of them are not so good; as with any genre, there is a lot of filler. I'm not even going to say that's a bad thing, as there are things I enjoy so much that I'm happy with examples that aren't my favorites. Cozy Mysteries just aren't enough of a favorite thing with me.I found far too much assurance, first from the narrator to the reader, and t [...]

    4. I never really write reviews but this time I just need to. It's the first time I've ever given a book a 1 star, and I stress and stress that I'm the kind of person who will easily fall in love with any book I read BUT NOT THIS TIME I had high hopes on the book when I first spotted it, since the synopsis sounded pretty interesting and the fact that "Recipes are included" is just a bonus.But oh the disappointment.(Ridiculous point no.1) The main character is NOT likeable. AT ALL.OK, I get it Suzan [...]

    5. Powdered Peril stands up just fine as a stand alone mystery, but one of the many things I love about cozy mysteries is the sense of being part of a family that you get from reading each book in a series. When we first met donut shop owner Suzanne Hart she was recovering from a broken marriage and just learning to stand on her own. In the books since then we have come to know and enjoy the growth in Suzanne's personal and business life. Suzanne's mother has grown as well, moving on to a new chapt [...]

    6. I really had no idea who the killer was until the very end. I was sad for Grace but she seems to have taken the death in good spirits. What I liked in this book was the fact that Suzanne's boyfriend, Jake didn't interfere with the murder at all. I don't like the fact that now that George is mayor, he is taking a back seat and not helping with the "cases." Things may change in the near future but I really so miss him.I'm also happy that Emma is back but sad at the same time that she didn't give c [...]

    7. I read another book in this series and had an enjoyable time with it. The characters were quirky and entertaining. The type of people you would find in a cozy mystery. The recipes are a bonus as well as add to the story.This book did not grab my attention like the other book. Instead of really getting to visit with other characters in town, it was mainly focused on Suzanne and Grace. Which the bond these two have as friends is great. Yet they really could not hold the whole story by themselves. [...]

    8. Registered on Bookcrossing - bookcrossing/journal/1Another fun ride in the life of a humble donut maker in April Springs, North Carolina. Suzanne Hart is a down to earth, kind and loyal person. When her best friend Grace breaks up with her boyfriend and then he's murdered later that night, she is determined to find out who did it and why. Suzanne is more than willing to help her best friend find the truth.

    9. Jessica Beck's Donut Shop series has reached a new plateau. Between the number of suspects, the amount of work Suzanne and Grace have to put in to solve this mystery, and the totally surprise ending, you will not put this book down for even a second, until you've reached the last page. A total winner!

    10. I normally love this series but this book annoyed me. I got a little tired of reading in every chapter what a wonderful, strong friend Grace is. Alright, I got it. on. This story was almost more Grace worship than a story. I'll stick with the series because I have enjoyed the rest and hope that the next is better.

    11. This is the last book I read of this series. I liked them much better earlier on. It drives me insane how there are no clues to who the killer is- I will give credit the killer is always an introduced character. I like a fluff book now and then, and these aren't even good enough for that anymore.

    12. This is the 8th book in the Donut Shop mystery series. Suzanne’s friend Grace comes to her after she breaks up with her boyfriend, Peter,upon finding out he has been cheating on her. In the early hours of the morning, she finds that her shop has been vandalized and the paint footprints lead to Peter’s dead body. In hopes of proving that Grace was not responsible, Suzanne begins to investigate to help determine who else might have a motive. She is also working through dealing with a new assis [...]

    13. Suzanne's friend, Grace, has just found out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her. She tells him it is over and he tries to get back together and when he is thwarted he blames Suzanne covering her shop with paint. Grace is suspected and convinces Suzanne to help her find his true killer. Good read. The story shows the closeness and friendship of the women and the support they show each other.

    14. It was sickeningly sweet, with characters acting half their age and unresolved plot points abound. I thought it could have used more finesse in the plot overall and it placed Suzanne in a weirdly dangerous position compared to other novels in the series.

    15. Another Donut Shop mystery this time with Suzanne trying to clear her best friend Grace's good name after her boyfriend was found murdered. Good recipes for donuts even though I do not eat them it makes your mouth water

    16. This is a fun series to read. The mother daughter relationship is evolving and in my opinion, the trailers are misleading.

    17. I didn't quite like this one as much as the previous book (the benefits of reading two right after each other), but it was still an enjoyable read.

    18. I may change my tune tomorrow, but at the moment I feel that I could read a hundred Donut Shop Mysteries back to back. It ended all too abruptly, an anomaly in this morphing, slick, well narrated book. Both the beginning and the end were book ends to the meat of the story, as they departed starkly from the usual style of Jessica Beck. I cannot take too much credit for predicting this book's victim in advance. It seems that whenever a new character is threatening to dislodge the established panth [...]

    19. This was a great read. Familiar sleuth friends, Suzanne Hart and Grace Gauge are racing against time and evidence to prove the innocence of Grace in the murder of her boyfriend, Peter Morgan.As the duo investigates on their own,having refused the help of the Mayor George, Suzanne's boyfriend, Jake, a state policeman, and others, they find to their shame and disgust, that Peter was not worthy of Grace nor any other woman's heart.A serial womanizer is just the frosting on the donut as we learn. Pe [...]

    20. This series is always fun, but now that we are this far along it would be nice to see some movement in Suzanne's life, in some way or another, so she isn't just a flat character whose life is stagnant. I think the author is getting tired of coming up with donut recipes (see the recipe for what she literally named "Probably Not the Worst Donut in the World You'll Ever Eat". Doesn't exactly inspire one to get cooking, does it?). There are so many limitless flavors, not just for donuts, but for ic [...]

    21. Powdered Peril is book 8 in the A Donut Shop mystery series. I really do enjoy this series and plan to continue reading it. The recurring characters from the earlier books are all here again and in fact Grace is central to the mystery in this one, as a suspect in a murder. There are plentiful red herrings in the story and it made for a great finish. Suzanne, the protagonist, can be a little brusque but it worked for me, with the stress of her best friend being accused of murder, running her busi [...]

    22. This edition of the Donut Shop Mysteries won’t disappoint. Suzanne’s and her friend Grace investigate the murder of Grace’s boyfriend.Don’t worry; tears will be optional because Peter turns out to be a real player. Who wasn’t he sleeping with? Suzanne and Grace get into a few jams investigation all the possible suspects. As usual in this series they are light years ahead of the local police department even though they investigate in their spare time.You will love this series and the re [...]

    23. Although I hate these nitzy-cutesy names for books, the story is OK. It is one of a series of stories about the owner of Donut Hearts coffee shop in April Springs, No. Carolina. Suzanne Hart gets up early to start the donuts and has afternoons to have adventures. This time her girlfriend Grace broke up with her boyfriend and later that same evening Suzanne finds the said boyfriend dead. As the two women look for the real killer they find he was involved with several other women and in some nefar [...]

    24. Powdered Peril by Jessica Beck is the 8th book in A Donut Shop mystery series. Suzanne's friend Grace's boyfriend is found murdered and she asks Suzanne to help her find the killer. A great light mystery read although Suzanne stumbles across the killer rather than solving the crime. She comes across as having a rather over-inflated view of her sleuthing skills. Recipes are included and look delicious. It's hard to keep away from the donuts.

    25. Grace has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend Peter Morgan when the police find him murdered. This makes her a person of interest, but fortunately her best friend is donut maker Suzanne Hart, who has solved several murders in the past, and who certainly won't leave Grace to the tender mercies of the police. A lot of people had it in for Peter, and the women interview them and do a lot of snooping before the murderer comes to them.

    26. what I particularly liked, was remembering the characters almost from the start. This means [to me] that the characters are vital to the storyline as well as likable. I had just returned a book to the library cuz I couldn't get "into the story", could not "call up" the characters from my memory bank and nothing "grabbed me"---sooo, I returned the book, unfinished. The books I read are ones where I've read all in the series and when a "new" book is released I read.

    27. I'm torn. I really like this series, but Suzanne is starting to sound like a bully. No wonder Chief Martin gets so mad at her during an investigation. I thought it took a lot of nerve for her to be offended at Nan being mad at Suzanne for questioning her like she did. Suzanne's approach at investigating left a bad taste for me to the point where I didn't enjoy the book as much as I wanted to.

    28. I love this series because I almost feel as though I'm part of the family of characters. I've gotten to know Suzanne and her donut shop and I feel right at homeIn this book, I'm saddened by the loss of Emma ( Suzanne's donut partner) but I understand her need to try college. This is a really fun " cozy mystery" genre series

    29. I've really enjoyed this series and this is no exception. This one hits very close to home as Suzanne's best friend Grace is now a person of interested in her ex-boyfriend's murder. As they investigate, they turn up all sorts of stuff about Peter that Grace didn't know. It's a little strange with George as mayor but it wasn't bad. Enjoyable read.

    30. Quick easy light mystery. They always make me hungry. Lol it must be the donut recipes. I have only made one recipe from this series and it was good it is just too fattening lol. The story was good. I liked watching grace be a main character and Suzanne helping a friend out. The mystery was not solved as easily for me. Lots of red herrings in this one. I liked,it

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