Muck City: Winning and Losing in Football's Forgotten Town

Muck City: Winning and Losing in Football's Forgotten Town

Bryan Mealer / Sep 21, 2019

Muck City Winning and Losing in Football s Forgotten Town In a town deep in the Florida Everglades where high school football is the only escape a haunted quarterback a returning hero and a scholar struggle against terrible odds The loamy black muck that

  • Title: Muck City: Winning and Losing in Football's Forgotten Town
  • Author: Bryan Mealer
  • ISBN: 9780307888624
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a town deep in the Florida Everglades, where high school football is the only escape, a haunted quarterback, a returning hero, and a scholar struggle against terrible odds.The loamy black muck that surrounds Belle Glade, Florida once built an empire for Big Sugar and provided much of the nation s vegetables, often on the backs of roving, destitute migrants Many of thIn a town deep in the Florida Everglades, where high school football is the only escape, a haunted quarterback, a returning hero, and a scholar struggle against terrible odds.The loamy black muck that surrounds Belle Glade, Florida once built an empire for Big Sugar and provided much of the nation s vegetables, often on the backs of roving, destitute migrants Many of these were children who honed their skills along the field rows and started one of the most legendary football programs in America Belle Glade s high school team, the Glades Central Raiders, has sent an extraordinary number of players to the National Football League 27 since 1985, with five of those drafted in the first round The industry that gave rise to the town and its team also spawned the chronic poverty, teeming migrant ghettos, and violence that cripples futures before they can ever begin Muck City tells the story of quarterback Mario Rowley, whose dream is to win a championship for his deceased parents and quiet the ghosts that haunt him head coach Jessie Hester, the town s first NFL star, who returns home to win kids, not championships and Jonteria Willliams, who must build her dream of becoming a doctor in one of the poorest high schools in the nation For boys like Mario, being a Raider is a one shot window for escape and a college education Without football, Jonteria and the rest must make it on brains and fortitude alone For the coach, good intentions must battle a town s obsession to win above all else.Beyond the Friday night lights, this book is an engrossing portrait of a community mired in a shameful past and uncertain future, but with the fierce will to survive, win, and escape to a better life.

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    1. There is nothing wrong with a football book being mostly about football. Friday Night Lights is the gold standard of using a football book as an anthropological study of a larger community, but sometimes a book about football can be mostly about football. I'm not a sports fan, so I get personally disappointed at Muck City's focus, but I don't judge it for doing what it sets out to do. I judge it for not doing it all that well.The pieces of a great sports book are here. Mealer embeds himself as a [...]

    2. Go ahead, and don’t believe me when I say I actually ended up ENJOYING a book about football! Okay, the main story line was about the stories behind the football team and games, but still!I went to a huge football college (Go Florida State Seminoles!), but I enjoyed the tailgating and school spirit more than watching the football games. If a game is on TV (unless it’s against FSU’s rival, the Gators), I would rather eat the chips and dip and receive occasional updates on the score than wat [...]

    3. Bryan Mealer leads with his heart with this book, which is also a carefully told piece of journalism that combines history, sociology, education, and, of course, sports. Muck City is about Belle Glade, Florida, where the high school team has sent more than two dozen players to the NFL since 1985. I'm not a sports fan, but I love stories that show me how people can overcome the odds against them, and especially stories that show how good people help others. I also want to understand how it happen [...]

    4. While reading the novel Muck City by Brian Mealer I found it very amusing to read. It was a interesting story of the high school football team located in belle glade, Florida that was competing for a state championship after being the runner up last year. This year they will be hungry for the state championship lead by their head coach, Jessie Hester, and will have a great chance of winning with their superstar receiver Travis Benjamin. " One of the greatest high school football programs in Ame [...]

    5. Muck City by Bryan Mealer. I recently won this book here on good reads from a program called first reads. I really liked the book it had very good descriptive writing with a lot of detail. I did think it could have had more about each individual character in the book because as I write this I can't think to tell you who the main character exactly was in this book. The book starts off about football, then a chapter about tsunami's, and then back to football, and it pretty much about how a bunch o [...]

    6. First let me thank The Crown Publishing Group for this book, I won it as one of the giveaways and this is not my normal genre, but since I am a football fanatic as well as my son played football,and I knew of Muck City, I really wanted to read this. This was well written and you can tell Bryan Mealer spent time in Belle Glade with the players/students and the people from the town. He captured how it is to live in Muck City. You really stop and think and process what these players have gone throu [...]

    7. Where do good football players come from? In Florida an awful lot of them come from a small, poor town in the middle of the state where the sugar cane grows in the rich soil that was once swamp and is now "muck." Maybe more NFL starters come from this small town than any other, per capita. Muck City tells the story of the town, it's football legacy, and, especially, the most recent season. The author follows the real stars -- and some non-stars-- through the year. I couldn't read the stories of [...]

    8. I won this book through the First Reads program and started reading it shortly after receiving it. This book provides a look at the town of Belle Glade, Florida. The book looks at the 2010 football season for the Glades Central Raiders while telling you the history of the program, city, players, and coaches. The author does a tremendous job of making you feel like you are a part of the city. Some of the quotations do feature adult language, thus I would give it a PG-13 rating, but overall the b [...]

    9. Do you want to read a football book that is not entirely about football, but about society with its winners and losers? Then this is a book for you.It is tedious at times but tells a tale of the forgotten and the almost famous within the fabric of an area of the country with little or no upward mobility. Good read.

    10. Would've made a great Sports Illustrated article, not sure it made a very good novel too many detours into bios of every person ever associated with this football program to pad it out hurt the flow of the central narrative. Would've been better if it was solely centered on the coach and maybe 2-3 of the main players.

    11. it is not the type os book i norammallyreadbutiangladigaveitachceitwasverygoodihatefootballbutilikedthebook

    12. The ending is what makes this book worth reading. The beginning is what gets you hooked. The middle is where you have to fight through. It gets a little bland and cliche (despite the truth) after the main characters are established. However, the whole story is needed to appreciate the ending. Worth the read despite the grudging trench in the middle.

    13. 3.5 stars. I grew up in an area where high school football was everything so I thoroughly enjoyed this. I especially related to the ties to the community.

    14. great book about high school kids making it to the big leagues and how a small town can make a big impact on the world of sports. the coach for the team is NFL player Jessie Hester.

    15. I had recently read Steve Almonds football book Against Football which I thought was pretty good but left me feeling empty and depressed about being a fan of football. I picked this book hoping for a little rejuvenation but got nothing of the sort.Glades Central High School and main rival Pahokee High School are two schools in Belle Glade, Florida which are famous for producing football players (just look at that list of famous former high school all-stars). I think the fact that those two wiki [...]

    16. This is the Florida version of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS but with a very different backdrop and different cast of pro-football wannabes.

    17. This was one of those books where the story is incredible but the telling of the story left a bit to be desired.During the post-depression era, a large part of the Florida Everglades were drained through a series of canals that were built. As the water receded, it left the "muck" which was quickly identified as very rich soil, ideal for growing sugar cane a number of other vegetables. From that, emerged the town of Belle Glade primarily a migrant town of African American people who "worked the m [...]

    18. Enjoyable and thought provoking book about poverty, race and football centered around the town of Belle Glades, Florida. Mealer follows the Glades Central football team as they focus on returning to the state championship game and for some, trying to get a D1 scholarship offer. The area has produced a surprising number of NFL and college football players. Iowa fans will remember Brad Banks who graduated from Glades Central, though he isn't mentioned in the book. Along the way team members deal w [...]

    19. "The Raiders don't rebuild, they just reload."Deep in the Florida sugar cane fields by Lake Okeechobee is Belle Glade, Florida. An agricultural community, its Glade Central Raiders overcome abject poverty (100% of the students qualify for free/reduced lunches), soaring AIDS rates, gangs, drugs, a migrant student population that travels with the crops and can't always be there for practices, violence, low academic scores (although those are rising) to perform astonishing feats on the gridiron.Wha [...]

    20. Friday Night Lights has become the gold standard for books on high school football since its' publication two decades ago for better or worse.I go into subsequent books expecting certain echoes from Friday Night Lights like a football crazy town that has won multiple state titles and where losing is unacceptable.Muck City by Bryan Mealer certainly has many of these common themes, which make it a great fit for the football fan.But Muck City offers something deeper that I think everyone will be ab [...]

    21. This is a really excellent account of what happens when one of the nation's premier high school football programs somehow comes together in one of its poorest communities. Belle Glade, Florida, is an agricultural community that big agriculture has somewhat deserted, inhabited mostly by the descendants of migrant African-American farm workers. Mealer does a great job of depicting the pressure cooker in which the kids and coaches of such a program, lacking in funds and boosters and the amenities o [...]

    22. As a Floridian, I loved getting to know the part of the state around the lake better. Culturally, I found the chapters on Big Sugar, the immigrants it sucked in, and the history of Muck City (aka Belle Glade) fascinating -- especially how they all seemed to mesh together in the sugar cane fields and foster a work ethic and a toughness that played into their teams' domination in high school football (against all odds, this area has sent an abnormally high number of players to D1 schools and then [...]

    23. Bryan Mealer knows you're expecting Muck City to be Friday Night Lights in the Everglades, so he's up front in letting you know that you'd be wrong to think so. It's really more like the superb documentary Undefeated in the Everglades, but all what all three works do really well in concert is tell compelling stories about the place of high school football in the center and on the periphery of life in particular communities that exist past the margins of America's standard coming of age narrative [...]

    24. ARC received courtesy of Giveaway"Muck City" was one of the most interesting books I've read in a long time. I had no idea that this place even exists, much less that it has produced 60 professional football players. In last Sunday's Super Bowl, five of the players were from the "Muck City" area--four played for Baltimore, one played for San Francisco.Jesse "Jet" Hester played for a dozen years in the NFL before returning to Glade Central High School as the head coach. He wanted to "win kids, n [...]

    25. Well let me just start by saying I won this on from first reads quite a while ago and did finish reading it quite a while ago. It wasn't till I was going through my books last night that I realized I hadn't written my review yet on it:( So I went back to the book it'self to figure out why, and I realized that there were parts of the book that when I had finished I wanted to go back and better understand. I just finished doing that and came to the same conclusion, What an awesome book! Even a no [...]

    26. Muck City: Winning and Losing in Football's Forgotten Town by Bryan Mealer (Crown Publishing 2012)(796.33262) is a "year-in-the-life" sort of sports book. Set in Belle Glade, Florida on the banks of the Everglades, Glades Central High School is set in one of the poorest villages in the United States. It has an education level to match. The book follows the Belle Glade Raiders through its 2011 football season. Will the team win the state championship? Will the teams' stars win college scholarship [...]

    27. Big Oil, Big Finance, and in Belle Glade, Florida, Big Sugar. Not only did Big Sugar bring the Everglades to the brink of extinction, it is also responsible for creating cities that are little more than slum-like company towns and for treating its inhabitants as little more than slaves. The story of how some of these inhabitants escaped the poverty, drugs, and violence is told in "Muck City." I found the conditions in which the kids lived heartbreaking, and the courage some of them found to esca [...]

    28. I just finished this book, it was pretty good. The author, Bryan Mealer, talks a lot about football and how Belle Glade is all about football. Mealer puts the emotions of the players throughout the book and shows that they play with a belief of “Do or die”. This shows that the players really want to win and if they don’t they will never forget it. Mealer also shows how the schools were not well funded, which is kind of an underlying theme to it all. They had to sit in the blazing sun or sq [...]

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