Kennedy's Brain

Kennedy's Brain

Henning Mankell Laurie Thompson / Jun 24, 2019

Kennedy s Brain Internationally bestselling novelist Henning Mankell delivers a terrifying thriller inspired by the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic in Africa Henning Mankell the acclaimed author of the Kurt Wallander m

  • Title: Kennedy's Brain
  • Author: Henning Mankell Laurie Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781595581846
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Internationally bestselling novelist Henning Mankell delivers a terrifying thriller inspired by the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic in Africa Henning Mankell, the acclaimed author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries, has put his unmistakable stamp on this gripping new thriller Archaeologist Louise Cantor returns home to Sweden and makes a devastating discovery her only child,Internationally bestselling novelist Henning Mankell delivers a terrifying thriller inspired by the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic in Africa Henning Mankell, the acclaimed author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries, has put his unmistakable stamp on this gripping new thriller Archaeologist Louise Cantor returns home to Sweden and makes a devastating discovery her only child, twenty eight year old Henrik, dead in his bed The police rule his death a suicide but she knows he was murdered her quest to find out what really happened to Henrik takes her across the globe to Barcelona, where her son kept a secret apartment Sydney, Australia, to find Aron, her estranged ex husband and Henrik s father and to Maputo, Mozambique, where she learns the awful truth behind an AIDS hospice Her investigation reveals how much her son concealed from her as she uncovers the links between his death, the African AIDS epidemic, and Western pharmaceutical interests, while those who dare help her are killed off In the tradition of John le Carre s The Constant Gardener, Kennedy s Brain was inspired by Mankell s anger at ongoing inequities that permit a few people to have unprecedented power over the many poor Africans who have none Already a bestseller in Europe, Kennedy s Brain is both a thrilling page turner and a damning indictment of inhuman greed in the face of the African AIDS crisis.

    Kennedy s Brain Kennedy s Brain Kennedy s Brain is a novel by Swedish writer Henning Mankell, that was originally published in the Swedish language in The English translation by Laurie Thompson was published in September, With some elements similar to those of John le Carr s The Constant Gardner, Mankell s novel addresses Kennedy s Brain by Henning Mankell Kennedy s Brain Henning Mankell, the acclaimed author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries, has put his unmistakable stamp on this gripping new thriller Archaeologist Louise Cantor returns home to Sweden and makes a devastating discovery her only child, The Case of JFK s Missing Brain The Daily Beast Grey Matter The Case of JFK s Missing Brain As the th anniversary of JFK s death approaches, a new book claims that president s grey matter was swiped from the hospital back in . The Mystery of JFK s Brain How Did it Disappear JFK s Brain Goes Missing Possibly the most bizarre element in an admittedly bizarre series of events took place both at and after JFK s official autopsy In , a government organization called the House Assassination Committee published findings that stated that JFK s brain was missing Some of the Committee called for a thorough investigation. Kennedy s Brain A Thriller Vintage Crime Kennedy s brain is an entertaining novel But when Mankell gets on his high horses and gives us the nasty, brutish forces of the West being responsible for a cloak and dagger explanation of the Aids epidemic, then he loses me altogether. The president s brain is missing and other mysteriously The president s brain is missing and other mysteriously mislaid body parts Kennedy is just one of a number of famous people whose body parts were taken, either for good or dubious purposes Brains have long held a fascination, particularly for people wanting to What Happened to Kennedy s Brain YouTube Mar , This is shocking video taken from a mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, in which Paul K O Connor testifies about the whereabouts of JFK s missing brain. The JFK Brain Mystery The Future of Freedom Foundation The JFK Brain Mystery Notwithstanding all the controversy that continues to swirl around the assassination of President Kennedy than years ago, everyone agrees on at least one fact There was a gunshot that hit President Kennedy in the head, one that blew out a large portion of his brain. President Kennedy s Brain Stolen Warning Graphic Image It says that John F Kennedy s brain did not go into the grave with him on Nov , , at Arlington National Cemetery and that Bobby Kennedy was the one to steal it. Kennedy s tumor was aggressive and deadly Health Aug , Sen Edward M Kennedy has died at age after battling a brain tumor He was diagnosed with a malignant glioma after suffering a seizure last May A brain

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        Henning Mankell was an internationally known Swedish crime writer, children s author and playwright He was best known for his literary character Kurt Wallander.Mankell split his time between Sweden and Mozambique He was married to Eva Bergman, Swedish director and daughter of Ingmar Bergman.


    1. I was so excited to read this book after I heard about it on NPR. Of course I was driving and must not have been paying that much attention, because my excitement was a tad unfounded.This book is a REALLY GOOD IDEA, but in the end there were way too many loose ends, strange events, and characters that you thought were important but weren't really in the end. Go rent The Constant Gardener and you'll get a similar but more satisfying story.I'm no expert in the Swedish tongue (nor the English, for [...]

    2. I agree with many of the comments shared by other readers. This is a vehicle for Mankell' s issues about AIDS, Africa and the mighty pharmaceuticals rather than a believable novel. I like other readers am a fanof the Wallander novels which I believe to be well written and plotted with a convincing cast of characters and a strongly realised protagonist in Inspector Kurt Wallender, however I have now read several of Mankell's other novels and have had similar feelings about them. Somehow his belie [...]

    3. J ai beaucoup aimé ce livre, il a certes quelques défauts de longueur dans le récit. Mais j ai aimé le style le personnage de louise. Louise découvre son fils mort, commence alors une enquête et une quête pour elle. Entre les retrouvailles avec son ex mari et les découvertes sur la vie de son fils. Et sa confrontation avec un monde qui lui semble inconnu. Qui était il vraiment? A t il découvert quelque chose ou une part sombre de lui l' a amené à se suicider. Louise voit elle le mal [...]

    4. Drats. I really thought I was going to like this book. It started off so well. Interesting plot, strong female character, Scandinavian settingbut alas it jumped all over the place. I was feeling jet lag from my reading chair. Let's see, Sweden, Greece, Portugal or was it Spain, Africa, back to Sweden, and again to Greece. How was she able to get a visa, I queried at one point. I did enjoy the woman's father. I could visualize that cold winter and the stark trees everytime she called him from whe [...]

    5. Most of us know Henning Mankell from his spectacularly successful series of murder mysteries featuring a grumpy and aging, but respected Swedish police inspector, Kurt Wallander. When I learned Henning Mankell spent half his time in Africa, and half at home in Sweden, I didn't know what to expect of his Africa novels. I knew his writing wasn't anything like that of Alexander McCall Smith, whose charming mysteries are more likely to plumb the depths of a philosophical question rather than a grues [...]

    6. This book takes the reader on a worldwide adventure between archeological digs in Greece, to the sculpture-laden, snow covered forests of northern Sweden, to the parrot covered coast of Australia and the city streets of Barcelona, where a mother is in search of finding out the truth behind her son's "suicide." Eventually, the journey culminates in Mozambique where terrible realities surface pertaining to the spread of AIDS and highly suspect treatment of it's African people.This book brings to s [...]

    7. To be fair, I may have misjudged this book because it was an ARC that had numerous errors (more than I've ever noticed in an ARC). My guess is that by the time it came out in print, some of the translation had also been smoothed out.The story is interesting enough, involving a grieving archeologist mother; a mysterious,dead son; a number of possibly good/possibly evil characters who are involved in the AIDS crisis in Africa; a subplot of what happened to JFK's brain when he was killed, and how m [...]

    8. "If there is a meaning in life it must be centred upon a person, nothing else."Louise Cantor encontra o seu filho morto na sua casa, em Estocolmo. Depois de voltar das escavações da Grécia para o ver, Louise vê-se num mistério obscuro, doloroso e de difícil compreensão. No seu papel de mãe e arqueóloga, Louise abandona as suas responsabilidades no trabalho e embarca numa busca, carregada de dor e confusão, para encontrar a verdade.Entre Estocolmo, Barcelona e Moçambique, a mãe pertur [...]

    9. Kennedys Hirn – huh, was für ein Titel! Man erwartet historische Brisanz, Polit-Thriller, sensationelle Enthüllungen. Man erwartet sicher nicht Wut über das Elend der Welt, besonders der dritten Welt, und man erwartet auch nicht, am Ende weiterhin ohne Antwort auf die Frage dazustehen, was mit Kennedys Hirn nun eigentlich passiert ist.Die Handlung: Die schwedische Archäologin Louise Cantor findet ihren Sohn tot in dessen Wohnung auf. Sie glaubt nicht an Selbstmord und beginnt auf der Basis [...]

    10. This is a dark story about the early days of the AIDS epidemic, set in Mozambique. The main character, Louise, is a Swedish archaeologist who works in Greece. She goes home to Sweden to give an academic paper and to visit her only child, Henrik, a young man in his 20's, only to find him dead in his bed. The cause of death is uncertain. Louise, the mother, is convinced he must have been murdered, but eventually the police say the cause of death is an overdose of barbiturates. Louise is frantic, i [...]

    11. Henning Mankell is perhaps best known for his detective stories set in the south of Sweden, featuring detective Karl Wallander. This is also a detective novel of sorts, but the protagonist is not a professional detective, but a middle-aged archaeologist, Louise Cantor, whose expertise has hitherto been confined to solving riddles of the distant past. I found the story very reminiscent of The Constant Gardener by John le Carre, in that it deals with murders linked to multinational pharmaceutical [...]

    12. A very good book indeed.Not just because it is written by Mankell, not at all. Iliked this book a lot, because it made the despair, the anger, the grief of the characters playing a role in this book almost tangible. I feel hardly any connection at all with the African continent. Never been there, do not wish to go there. In that I'm almost the opposite of the author of this book, who keeps Africa close to his heart. How he's able to make me forget that it is Africa he's talking about, how he mak [...]

    13. Someone needs to get the key containing the period for poor Mankell's computer. Perhaps the pathetic use of punctuation in this book is intentional, stylistic. It makes it hard to read the text & is driving me crazy! There was a story here, albeit a strange one, an international, paranoid, murder mystery. It's a story of a mother's love and loss, of a mother learning that there was much she didn't know of her son & his life, much she didn't know of herself and her feelings for her son's [...]

    14. I am very surprised that the overall average for this book is just over 3 stars. I really enjoyed this novel by Mankell, written in 2004, and thought it had everything: a mother's quest to find out who her son really was, the complicated relationships and tangled webs the characters weave, the nonstop search for the truth, and an interesting journey to three continents to boot. I know Mankell spent a lot of time in Mozambique and this is the second time he has taken me there in his novels. The g [...]

    15. Very enjoyable Mankell. He's still got it. Engaging story and fascinating travels accross the globe (Sweden, Australia, Spain, Africa). A puzzle is put together slowly of how a character was trying to reveal the truth. Disapearences, mysterious deaths, and chilling depictions of power wielding individuals in poverty and AIDS stricken Africa all add up to a compelling read. I was a little let down by the ending but may just need to think about it more.

    16. While Mankell is a good writer and I remained absorbed through most of this book, in the end, he left way too many questions unanswered. It was like he reached a certain page number and decided, OK, that's it, I'm done. It was obvious that his outrage over the AIDS epidemic in Africa was much more important here than the plot.

    17. It was ok, I learn from any book and when I read I like to imagine myself in the locales. This book, although I thought was very well written, tended to go all over the place and was a diatribe against the AIDS epidemic.

    18. Not much happens, it's long-winded and there are recurring narrative devices that get annoying in the long run. Methinks Mankell struggles with writing women and is losing its way.

    19. This rarely mentioned Mankell book shook me to the core. I went to bed - worrying about close friends in the 2 mile radius of the La Tuna fire (In L.A.), the North Korea act of provocation and the continued presence of #45 creating a bottomless pit of madness in my mind. I was frightened. The book itself was terrifying for what it offered as a barely concealed theory of the AIDS virus' origins; something I had thought for many years. I was exhausted for Louise Cantor, the main character in the b [...]

    20. A friend of my turned me on to Henning Mankell a while back, as she was a fan of the Wallander series. She also let me borrow this (I finally read it Sandy!). She would tell me that this is one of her favorite authors because his stuff is usually dark, psychological stuff. Well sports fansis is dark. This is a story about a dead boy, a mother who obsesses over finding out why her son is dead, and an entire underworld of illegal AIDS research in Africa. This quote kind of sums up this story:"Ther [...]

    21. What can one say about Henning Mankell other than, well, he's an addiction? His subject matter is death, dealing with the darkest qualities of humankind. A detective, well, detects, probes, analyzes a problem, battling with our mortality. And, for Mankell, the one in the role of detective, always, descends into the moral depths of humankind. This novel follows an inquiry by the murder victim, an apparent suicide, concerning the mystery surrounding the rumored theft of the American President's br [...]

    22. Devo dire la verità: nel mio giudizio questo romanzo arriva alle 3 stelle solamente perché adoro Mankell e conosco quale sia stato il suo profondo legame con l'Africa in generale, e con il Mozambico in particolare.Se non dovessi considerare la storia personale dell'autore e giudicare solamente il contenuto del libro, quello che ho trovato è una storia parecchio confusa, in cui la protagonista gira per il mondo (Svezia, Australia, Spagna, Mozambico) alla ricerca di una qualche prova che la sua [...]

    23. Σε γενικες γραμμες το βρηκα μετριο! Δεν ήταν απο τα καλυτερα αστυνομικα που εχω διαβασει! Και η αληθεια ειναι οτι ζοριστηκα να το τελειωσω γιατι δεν με τραβουσε! Πολυ ανουσιο μπλα μπλα και εσωτερικοι μονολογοι που εκαναν την τριχα τριχια, πραγματα ασχετα που στο τελος δδεν σ [...]

    24. I was utterly gripped by this book (which I read in the Danish translation). Mankell's humanity shines through his writing, his social engagement is enormous. And he is able to come across both as male and female. Fabulous. If there were one author I would have loved to have met, it must be Mankell. Unlike most of the reviewers, I am more interested in the books he didn't write about Wallander.

    25. A well-written and unique mystery novel. Louise Cantor is a well-rounded and real character that we follow around the world after the loss of her son. She discovers so many things she didn't know about her son. We meet a lot of different and very real characters. Overall a pretty good book, but not as thrilling as I would have wanted. But it definitely makes you think and gives perspective!

    26. Her husband deserts her. Her son dies mysteriously. HIV positive. She finds husband, they go to Barcelona together. He disappears. She goes to Africa. Pharmaceutical companies are doing Bad Stuff. AIDS is bad. Book isn't great.

    27. What a dud book. On and on it went. Kinda like reading an Ingmar Bergman movie. Lack of a conclusion at the end.

    28. I really enjoyed the Wallender series and I guess I was expecting something along those lines. There were some things about the book I liked, but overall I found it a little tedious.

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