A Study of History, Vol 7: Universal States Universal Churches

A Study of History, Vol 7: Universal States Universal Churches

Arnold Joseph Toynbee / Aug 18, 2019

A Study of History Vol Universal States Universal Churches None

  • Title: A Study of History, Vol 7: Universal States Universal Churches
  • Author: Arnold Joseph Toynbee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
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      387 Arnold Joseph Toynbee
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        The British historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee was born in London on 14 April 1889 and died on 22 October 1975 in York, North Yorkshire, England He was educated at Winchester College and Balliol College, Oxford He was the nephew of economic historian Arnold Toynbee, with whom he is sometimes confused His first marriage to Rosalind Murray, with whom he had three sons, ended in divorce in 1946 Professor Toynbee then married Veronica M Boulter, his research assistant.From 1919 to 1924 Arnold J Toynbee was professor of modern Greek and Byzantine history at King s College, London From 1925 until 1955 Professor Toynbee served as research professor and Director of Studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs During both world wars he worked for the British Foreign Office He was a delegate to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.While Professor Toynbee s Gifford Lectures were published as An Historian s Approach to Religion 1956 he is best known for his 12 volume A Study of History 1934 1961 This massive work examined the growth, development and decay of civilizations He presented history as the rise and fall of civilizations rather than nation states or ethnic groups According to his analysis of civilizations the well being of a civilization depends on its ability to deal successfully with challenges Professor Toynbee oversaw the publication of The Survey of International Affairs published by Oxford University Press under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs from 1925 to 1977.In addition to A Study of History among his numerous publications are the following Nationality and the War 1915 , The Armenian Atrocities The Murder of a Nation 1915 , The German Terror in France An Historical Record 1917 , Turkey, a Past and a Future 1917 , The Conduct of British Empire Foreign Relations since the Peace Settlement 1928 , Civilization on Trial 1948 , Christianity among the Religions of the World 1958 , Democracy in the Atomic Age 1957 , and Between Niger and Nile 1965.


    1. In this second part of the seventh volume of Toynbee’s series on universal states and universal churches, the onus is on the latter. Whenever a society enters its path to disintegration, the possibility of conjuring up a universal state or church emerges. While state formation may be by the hands of internal elements or outer barbarians, universal churches are generally produced by the internal proletariat. Toynbee examines the arguments that treat religion as cancer on the societal body, or a [...]

    2. Though I increasingly disagree with the author's conclusions, and I think the Universal Churches section in particular is overly focused on Hellenic Civilization and the Christian Church, I still very much enjoyed this book. Toynbee provides an amazing wealth of information, organizes it coherently, writes very well, and draws interesting conclusions. I very much like his framework for civilizations, even if sometimes the particular instances seemed stretched or arbitrary (ie, the Arab Caliphate [...]

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