A Fortress of Grey Ice

A Fortress of Grey Ice

J.V. Jones / Jun 16, 2019

A Fortress of Grey Ice The second Sword of Shadows novel brings back Raif Severance and Ash March who are becoming one of the compelling couples in modern high fantasy Their quest is rather like Tolkien s Frodo s in that i

  • Title: A Fortress of Grey Ice
  • Author: J.V. Jones
  • ISBN: 9780765306333
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The second Sword of Shadows novel brings back Raif Severance and Ash March, who are becoming one of the compelling couples in modern high fantasy Their quest is rather like Tolkien s Frodo s in that it is intended to rid Ash of the power she possesses before it destroys the world, her, or both Raif and Ash are escorted by the Sull Far riders, despite whom she disappThe second Sword of Shadows novel brings back Raif Severance and Ash March, who are becoming one of the compelling couples in modern high fantasy Their quest is rather like Tolkien s Frodo s in that it is intended to rid Ash of the power she possesses before it destroys the world, her, or both Raif and Ash are escorted by the Sull Far riders, despite whom she disappears, leaving Raif torn between the compelling, legitimate desire to rescue her from what he is sure are kidnappers and the need to complete his own mission to find the fortress of the title He opts for the latter, then has to defend the gap in the Blindwall, through which a gruesome array of evil forces mean to break, without knowing how Ash is faring or whether she has been transformed at the Heart of the Sull into something he may not recognize An excellent example of the kind of fantasy in which much of the emotional impact depends on the protagonist couple s relationship.

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        Julie Victoria Jones was born in Liverpool, England She has been writing for years, and is currently working The End Lords She lives in San Diego, California.All three books in The Book Of Words Trilogy are 1 national bestsellers, and have been bought for publication in England, Poland, Russia, Germany, France and Holland Her fifth book, A Cavern of Black Ice, is the first in a new series.J.V enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, playing RPG s, watching old black and white movies, and pottering around the house


    1. This one was better paced and moved much fasterI felt myself being able to connect to the characters and the way that the author is proceeding with the storyline - I don't have to worry about the development of Ash and Raif's relationship.Much much betterbut will I go on to read the next in the series?I don't think so, I ended up reading the reviews and there was a spoiler that kind of turned me off from reading further.

    2. One of the first times the second book has been better than the first. The writing was much stronger, and I found I cared deeply for the characters, Effie Sevrance most notably. There are very dark themes at play, and I was moved to tears a couple times. Great book, great series, great author. Can't wait to finish it.

    3. Thinking back on it, almost nothing happened in this book. If it were to summarize what happened to each of our main characters I could probably do it in about 1-3 sentences each, and with room to spare for most of them, because the plot progresses at a glacially slow pace right until the last five chapters or so when things suddenly flare up. Ordinarily, I’d write something like this and feel this way about a book I didn’t like but, crazily enough, I actually enjoyed a Fortress of Grey Ice [...]

    4. It's been four or five years since I read this, so I might misremember some details, and possibly get details mixed up with the sequel. The two blend together and suffer from exactly the same problems, only further exacerbated in the third book.This series suffers from what, with the benefit of hindsight, I would like to call "Song of Ice and Fire" syndrome. The first book is great fun, tightly packed with a strong central plot and a lot of characters. Then as the series goes on, it loses focus [...]

    5. WTF! I'm not prone to swearing, but that was my initial reaction on reading the last three chapters while trying to relax in a nice hot bath!But first, synopsis - errrrr! It's hard to actually say what this book is about, because of the sheer amount going on. There's literally loads of plotlines, peopled by so many characters, that the story didn't feel that cohesive to me, so actually saying what's happened is hard. In fact, that was by biggest problem with this book - it's the second book in a [...]

    6. First of all, if you don't like spoilers, don't read the blurb!! It's essentially a summary of the entire book. The four star rating is purely because I was disappointed by the ending. I was thoroughly enjoying the book and felt like it was building up to some exciting or unexpected event that never happened. Crope's storyline was my favourite - I loved this new character and his interaction with one of my favourite storylines from the first book. Aside from that, I just felt like the book was s [...]

    7. A soap opera with frost barbarians. Multiple characters separately dealing with changing times at the northern edge of a fantasy world. A good read, a slowly building plot, where magic from an ancient race threatens the entire weird. a bit heavy on introspection, a little light on action

    8. This second volume in the Sword of Shadows series (now up to 4 books) continues the emotionally-intense, hard-hitting epic style that so impressed me in A Cavern of Black Ice. Here, J.V. Jones takes advantage of the already established setting to focus more on character and story development. Raif, Ash, and the rest are helplessly swept along towards their destinies, facing daunting trials but growing throughout this book into remarkably fleshed-out characters, something that was arguably missin [...]

    9. Ash March has visited the Cavern of Black Ice and stalled the arrival of the evil Endlords, at least for now. She must now make her way to the homeland of the enigmatic Sull, where her true path will be revealed. Meanwhile, Raif Sevrance's role in events seems to have conclude, and he now seeks a life for himself amongst the exiles of the Maimed Men. But it seems that his destiny has not done with him yet, as he is called into the vastness of the Great Want in search of the Fortress of Grey IceM [...]

    10. delivreenlivres/20Franchement une lecture sympa, même si ce tome est franchement un tome de transition car on n'a pas trop d'idée d’où est l'intrigue principale pendant un long moment.L'histoire reprends la ou elle c'était arrêté dans le tome précédent. Ash et Raif sont séparés, la première s'en va avec les Sulls pour achever sa formation quand à l'autre il essaye de la rattraper mais fini par échouer avec les renégats humains au bord de la faille qui fait peur même au Sulls Cel [...]

    11. Overall I enjoyed this book more than the first book of the series.Some of the main villains from the first book take a back seat in this book but we are introduced to some new characters who are interesting and add to the story. However you get the feeling that its still jsut setting things up for the main body of the story. This book is mostly just people travelling trying to get somewhere for 90% of the story and all the action happens in their last chapter. Having said that though the story [...]

    12. I had high hopes for J V Jones’ first book in the, “the Sword of Shadows” series and I was pleasantly surprised when “A Cavern of Black Ice” met all of them. Reviews heralded Jones as an author similar in style with George R R Martin, I agreed to an extant but also found a smidge of Abercrombie and a hint of Jennifer Fallon in there as well.Knowing there was a long wait between books, I waited a long time to read the second book in the hope that the final book will be released when I g [...]

    13. Plot points are delved into deeper and everything gains a new perspective. At times it gets complicated to follow the story due to the larger number of plotlines. It has a darker tone than the first book which makes for a somewhat slower reading pace. I'd say that it is a book that is the needed but lackluster bridge between the better 1st and 3rd books.

    14. Another solid page-turner from Jones.See my review of the first novel in this series; everything holds true for the second in this series:- a strongly-built, detailed world that feels believable- amazing attention to characters and their development, which draws the reader into every chapter- unfortunately also, the detailed writing that builds so much of the story earlier in the book, becomes a barrier to quick, striking story-telling by the climax of the book.Unfortunately, there were two thin [...]

    15. How does it feel so far?I am scared as not enough books in the series, either planned or written! but we should be OK, as 4 are out and the last is 3/(2) years in.Why JV , why u do not have a online presence? what sells is only hype.d I mean sells= drives the interest, and hopefully 47% of the writer Muse.What's not clear yet?Hey JV, u chose to bring (in) 2 Opposition point of views, and yet to provide the incentive to keep on readin'(like Robbin was sayingworst writer's fear)The cruxes are 1 pe [...]

    16. This is the second book of the Sword of Shadow serie by JV Jones. In contrast to the first book, this one was slower paced, most likely because the focus of the book shifted from the main characters of the first book to introduce new ones, or expand some that were already introduced in the first book. I enjoy this serie tremendously so far, I like the complexity of the characters, I like that I would like to kick some of them in their faces while at the same time recognizing that they do bring s [...]

    17. I really enjoyed the book as a continuation of the Sword of Shadows trilogy. I find JV Jones an interesting author who displays a great understanding of the fantasy genre. Her main characters are well fleshed out and the storyline is really captivating. As with many other authors in this genre she follows the practice of devolving the story into numerous threads. The plus to this approach is the story has a great deal of depth and detail. The downside is I tend to want to follow the major charac [...]

    18. I am just enjoying the heck out of this series. I can hardly wait to purchase book 3 for my nook. J.V. Jones has put together quite the series, so far.My biggest complaint with book one, "The Cavern of Black Ice", was at times it seemed long winded. Not so with "TFoGI". I was just sucked right into Jones' icy world. Jones has created a story that makes me determined to find out what becomes of Raif, Ash and Angus Lok, and that is exactly what she is supposed to do.There was one confusing part of [...]

    19. Sequel to A Cavern of Black Ice. The main characters were separated from each other in this one: Ash went off with the Sull at the beginning, leaving Raif behind in a strange scene that isn't executed well. He tries to follow her but gets involved with the Maimed Men. Jones explores their harsh little culture for a while, but his honor from his clan clashes with the intent of the Maimed Men leadership and he goes off on his own to find the Fortress. Fortress was pretty cool as she describes it. [...]

    20. This second installment in the Sword of Shadows series picks up the pace considerably and broadens its array of heroes. More characters take center stage, ones of different ages, cultures, talents/knowledge, and agendas which helps add depth and variety to this harsh, winter-locked fantasy world. Raif and Ash, the two leads from the previous novel, still play a large role but have now split apart and are enmeshed in different worlds: the violent, unpredictable Maimed Men realm and the haunting, [...]

    21. This one took me forever to read, but that was more based on me and my desire to read than the book, I think, because once I really sat down to read it, I finished it in one day.The clan storyline continues to be the strongest, for sure. Effie and Raina and the Dog Lord are all interesting to read about, and I even warmed up to the new POV of Bram. Raif was kind of hit or miss for me this book, but Ash easily knocked a star off my rating. Her storyline in this book is almost a complete waste. I [...]

    22. Starting to read a fantasy novel series from the second book isn't the smartest thing to do; not only have you no idea what happened in the first novel, you're lost with the terminology and lore. It definitely took some time to get adjusted to this one, but once I got into it, there was no turning back. Maybe it could've done with one or two less POV-characters, but then again, the chapters aren't that long, so even if you didn't care for a few of the characters, there was something else coming [...]

    23. These are dark books. Nothing good happens to anyone, anywhere. We follow numerous characters, and almost all are complex, and not easily defined. I love it. At this point I am now thoroughly entrenched in the story of this world. I can't wait to get into the third book, even though I see some party dire circumstances on the horizon. I went into this series expecting a basic swords and sorcery series. Perhaps something like what I used to read. While it has a bit of those things, this is more ab [...]

    24. Well. As the second in a series of books, this one disappointed. It was really boring for most of the book. I skipped over dozens of paragraphs just to get through it at a normal pace. What disappointed me the most was how ungrateful Ash became of Raif? **small spoiler as it happens in the beginning of the book** (she jut runs off with the Sull - it was like dumping him because he is a Yugo and the Sull are BMW's)The man stuck with you for no other reason than he felt honor bound and he defended [...]

    25. This book reminds of the GRRM style of writing; lots of pages filled with wonderful drawings of characters, but seemingly no intention of advancing the plot (Not intended be derogatory; I'm simply not a fan of filling paper with words with no clear purpose). I concede that Book 2 is likely aimed at creating a framework for what's to follow. Even so, I cannot rate it very high. Make no mistake, the writing is good, character development (all 9 or 10 of the PoV characters) was done expertly and th [...]

    26. ok, the first book was kind of slow although I did enjoy Jones' wonderful evocative writing, her eye for making the world visually leap to life [the tundra is just a bit of a non-inspiring setting, unfortunately], but here the story picks up a lot of momentum, with me turning the pages quicker and quicker to see what's going to happen. It's a fun ride so far, and I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

    27. I enjoyed this book more than the first. which is surprising considering the many reviews on how boring and long winded the story is. But I felt the first book was all of those complaints. At least this book showed me a pretty good look into the world and engaged me in the character development. Ive read all four books and I feel with the ach Jones gets better and find the direction her story is going.

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