Mi Carina - Diego's Wrath

Mi Carina - Diego's Wrath

Sienna Mynx / Feb 17, 2020

Mi Carina Diego s Wrath The Final Installment to Mi Carino Carina Series Genre Multi cultural RomanceCategory Erotic DramaWord Count KFirst Book in the Series Mi CarinoCan one man find love when he doesn t believe Can one

  • Title: Mi Carina - Diego's Wrath
  • Author: Sienna Mynx
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Final Installment to Mi Carino Carina Series Genre Multi cultural RomanceCategory Erotic DramaWord Count 69KFirst Book in the Series Mi CarinoCan one man find love when he doesn t believe Can one woman trust in love when she believes too much Can lust turn to desire into something much if they forgive and begin again Marcella wants to start again She has reaThe Final Installment to Mi Carino Carina Series Genre Multi cultural RomanceCategory Erotic DramaWord Count 69KFirst Book in the Series Mi CarinoCan one man find love when he doesn t believe Can one woman trust in love when she believes too much Can lust turn to desire into something much if they forgive and begin again Marcella wants to start again She has reason too She carries a secret that grounds her and makes every new decision regarding her heart and her life profoundly meaningful Still she s never forgotten the fateful decision she made only a few months ago Her choice sent away the man who has forever changed her And soon Marcella discovers he hasn t forgotten her as well Diego Andes arrives and he wants her back This time he won t take no for an answer When he discovers Marcella s secret and betrayal he does something that sets them on a collision path of heartache and violence But are his motives true And if he is will his change of heart matter in time to save their love Warning Explicit Sex, Language, and Graphic Violence This is not a straight romance, the story has dark disturbing themes If you are willing to read the love and conflict of the anti hero then Mi Carina is the book for you.

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        Sienna Mynx is your naughty writer of Paranormal, Contemporary, and Historical Interracial Romance for readers that love the bad boy s but desire to be the women that tame them A current resident of south of Georgia, Sienna Mynx has just emerged into the e publishing arena Her novellas reflect her thirst for romance told from a fresh perspective with the diversity she craves in erotic Romance Explore and Enjoy.


    1. What are we going to do about Diego and Marcella? They are both a hot mess. He is beyond controlling, going into abusive. She is selfish, withholding, and almost has you justifying his crazy. Yet I could not put this book down, and loved every bit of it. Both did things that would have me DNFing a book written by someone else. We all know Sienna Mynx has that IR good-good.Obviously anyone reading my review so far knows this might not be big with some of my friends looking for low angst. That bei [...]

    2. Spoiler Free Review4.5STARSGenre: Romance-SuspenseSetting: Paris,France and Spain-"You kicked that loser Richard out of your life. Now you're pregnant and giving up your independence for a man scarier than Don Corleone?" - Garrett in Mi Carina- Diego's WrathAt the end of Mi Carino- Risky Love Marcella leaves Diego and Delgado Washington for good. Now in book 2 Mi Carina- Diego's Wrath we find both Marcella and Susan living and working in Paris. Marcella is also on the run from Diego Andes the fa [...]

    3. I love the writing. Sienna is a good writer but as for the book itself. I hated it. I found the characters annoying for the most parts. Especially the two main characters. Marcella was spineless a lot of the time and seemed to develop Stockholm syndrome. Diego, I hated him. He had a hard life, I sympathise with that side of him but he's also a very abusive man. It's just not cute. This was supposed to centre around dark themes so I took that into consideration. The only thing I didn't like was h [...]

    4. I'll give it a 2/5 the ending was the only thing I realy liked about the book because there was some character development and some closure and truth. But honestly, I don't know how I feel about this book overally. Marcella comes second on my list to Anastacia Steele (50 Shades) of lead characters I dislike. How can a lead character be so spineless like that??? Their relationship with Diego was sick and twisted and outright absurd and only made sense until the very end. The misogyny in this book [...]

    5. I really, really wanted to like this book but it was not happening. Marcella had "just to subborn to live" syndrome and she drove me crazy. I like Diego, he was strong and powerful and this carried over from book 1 into book 2 but Marcella wanted to turn him into her whipping boy which I did not like. Her stubborness went too far that it became too much to read, you either love the guy and make it work or you walk away, not love him and still walk away. I just wish authors would write a story wh [...]

    6. I have read both this book and the previous book in the series. They were absolutely awesome. Just the way I like my books. Dark, alluring, erotic, sexy tortured hero, multicultural, clever, intelligent, heroine who is not a whimper and does use her brain, other sexy and interesting characters.I am not going to give a full review, but it was a riveting read. In fact I could not put either of the two books down and read each in one sitting and went to bed at 3.30 am and 5.00 am respectively.No ty [...]

    7. An interesting take on the dominate alpha male however Marcella was too quick to forgive. Everyone deserves a second chance however I dont know if I could handle anyone making every decision for me then make up some elaborate story just so he could kidnap me. I like my heros to be dominate not a dictator! Although Diego's mother was quite a character.

    8. Diego came and conquered in this book. Love will make you do incredible things and he showed Marcella and everyone else for that matter what it's like

    9. ok, so let me say this book!!! GOOD: the good of this book is that i can fully say that it was 100% better than then the first one! i am so in love with the character Diego Andes. his character is dominate, damaged, possessive man that is so in love with Marcella, he is able to over come so many things as long as he has her, because of his love for her and her love for him she has made him a better man, a changed man. Marcella is a different women when she is with Diego but she is so in love wit [...]

    10. Marcella Garcia and Diego Andes are like oil and water. She’s a professional employed at a Washington State art gallery. She is efficient on her job at acquisitioning rare works of art. Marcella bumps into handsome, charismatic Diego Andes by chance after meeting with his stepfather, concerning ancient Egyptian funerary. Diego, a savvy businessman, with previous ties with the South American underworld, had taken possession of his stepfather’s businesses in Washington.This is the most unlikel [...]

    11. (MI CARINA DIEGO'S WRATH)is my first interracial romance and i must say what a start, at first i did'nt like dieg'os controlling behaviour and when he kidnaped marcella my first thougt was this man is dangerous then i realize his mother is the dangerous one two favourite part was when marcella was trying to escape and end up in a computer room and diego was on the bed looking in the camera and winked i laugh my head off and the other part was after marcella hurt herself in the woods, he realize [...]

    12. I truly enjoyed this book. Although I hated Diego at first, for being to controlling and overbearing. He grew on me and my heart really went out to him. Marcella was his match in wills and stubbornness. They had so much to overcome and his past was so abusively dark, its a wonder that he could feel at all. I have read about some despicable mothers in the past, however right now I think Marie holds the crown for most despicable. She got exactly what she deserved. You definitely had to respect Die [...]

    13. I'm glad I persevered with the first book because this end sequel was everything. My issue with the way the first story flowed was non existent in this. I loved it and literally devoured it from beginning to end. Diego was ever loveable in this, but his lies and manipulative ways were a strong feature in this. There is no denying that he loved Marcella, however in love there should be no need for manipulation. Needless to say despite his many flaws, his need for control at the very top I must sa [...]

    14. I have now read the Mi Carino Series – I won’t give away the story. I know Kerry Fonville you did not like Diego much. I actually liked him and I was rooting for him the whole time. I am always for the couple no matter what and I am usually on the woman’s side but I found in this story I was for Diego all the way!! He needed Marcella to teach him how to love because he did not really know how to because of his past! He wanted her to teach him because he did not know how to love her the way [...]

    15. Man, that Diego Andes is a force to be reckoned with. We really see his true (dark) colors in Book 2, up close and personal.Marcella got on my nerves in this one. She was too stubborn for me to tolerate. I mean, yes, Diego was a bit off his hinges, but damn!And note to the author: I am intrigued (and simultaneously hot and bothered) by Lance. Any chance for a novel(la) about him and Susan? They became such a big part of the plot in Book 2, that I found myself wanting to get lost in their story a [...]

    16. I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! I LOVED DIEGO!!!! Finally, I've found another Sienna Mynx book that rates up there with Harmony! I could give this book 10 stars if allowed. Maybe I shouldn't have but I found Diego's controlling ways to be a turn-on. It was right in line with my idea of latin men and what woman doesn't want her man to take control least sometimes? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved that Marcella fought him at every turn which was also a turn-on to him. The added element of "darkness" w [...]

    17. So hot that it almost burned up my ipad and I definitely burned my dinner-because I could not stop reading it! The lovely and talented Sienna Mynx has done it again-what a man! What a man! Reading this book made me burn my dinner I was so engrossed . Leading man Diego is fiery, passionate and keeps what is his! Not since Gio Battaglia have I fallen in love so quickly with such an amazing and complex character. Run don't walk to grab this book and when you are done read it again! Sienna knows how [...]

    18. Diego's Wrath was indeed felt in this installment. It was almost as if he turned into some type of animal when it came to Marcella. He went to grave lengths to protect her, and to make sure she stayed with him; which at times seemed admirable, and other times crazy! These two had an extremely tumultuous relationship, which just made the book even more spicier. In the bedroomwow, there are no words to explain the fire these two had. I surely wouldn't mind reading a story about Lance and Susan. We [...]

    19. Can you say dysfunctional relationship? Holy crap! I kept putting the book down out of frustration, but kept going back to it because it was that train wreck you just couldn't look away from. She wants him then she hates him. This book was definitely an emotional roller coaster. Diego was the ultimate alpha male but he took things too far sometimes. He just didn't seem to learn his lesson and Marcella gave off so many mixed signals, my brain couldn't keep up. Overall I think this was a good read [...]

    20. WOWe second book, just the bestI loved this story, I am asking myself why did I wait so long to read it, both the main characters were very special people, I am serious, they loved each other so much, he would walk away finally knowing both of their hearts broke, so much I could say how much I loved the book, however at work highly, highly recommend for the late bloomers like me, you will not put it down until finished I would like one more part three, you know living life normally from him and [...]

    21. I love the way Sienna writes her men. They are all alpha and will do every and anything in their power to keep and protect their women. That's exactly the case with Diego and Marcella. He's arrogant yes but he loved her. His story made me tear up. Others parts had me all teary eyed as well. So glad I read this series. Lance is my side line boo Just saying :D. Susan was a trip and Garrett wasn't backward. Great read.

    22. Enjoyed this more than the first oneDiego tried very hard to change for Marceela to be the man she wanted and need him to be.but in the end Marcella had to be trutful with herself and relize the kind of man she feel in love with and that was the man she wanted and needed to be withGranted Diego took some things a bit farbut he really did love her.Glad things worked at the end cause I really didn't know what was coming next.

    23. I enjoyed Mi Carina - Diego's Wrath very much. Boy, Diego is a MAD MAN!!! He is the definition of crazy. He did so many crazy things that he became hilarious. Marcella annoyed me most of the series. Her friend, Susan made terrible decisions that Marcella should not have listened to. I was left with questions concerning Susan and Lance's relationship. I enjoyed the drama though. The sex scenes were HOT. The ending was perfect. I highly recommend this series.

    24. Great conclusion to Marcella and Diego's love story. It was action packed and took them through a journey of love, pain, violence and heartache. Moving and earth shattering these two love like no one else. Good work Sienna, though there were still grammar problems. The story was one that kept you riveted.

    25. I haven't been this frustrated in ages.At times the lead female, hell the entire cast, seemed TSTL. Then just as I'm about to give up we're offered up a twist that begs attention. But it too becomes predictable. I would have been ok with this book if it wasn't driven by lust and a morbid sense of justice.

    26. This read has just rank as number one on my favorite books status. Ms Sienna was true to her word far as book being explicit. also i notice there were a lot give and there between the heroine and hero. but what really had linger was the end of the story I guess what some about love is true love make you do some crazy thing lol.

    27. Action Packed Thrilling RomanceMi Carina-Diego's Wrath is a fast paced action thrilling romance and earned a five star rating. This second part of the sensual romance is fast paced with thrilling action with a lot of violence and sex.I would recommend this book to friends and anyone who wants to read action thrillers.

    28. it's one of those books that you finish and you just want to cry because it's over and you wish it wasn't. I'm not big into crime but this was truly captivating. amazing beyond words can explain. I want moorreeee!!!

    29. I still dont know what to say about this series you know she should not be with him but i was sad when he finally stood up for her and did what was right. Although she didnt want him to do that but it turned out alright in the end.

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