黒執事 XIII [Kuroshitsuji XIII]

黒執事 XIII [Kuroshitsuji XIII]

Yana Toboso 枢 やな / Mar 28, 2020

XIII Kuroshitsuji XIII XIII Kuroshitsuji XIII BY Yana Toboso XIII Kuroshitsuji XIII BY Yana Toboso Kuroshitsuji Manga Read

  • Title: 黒執事 XIII [Kuroshitsuji XIII]
  • Author: Yana Toboso 枢 やな
  • ISBN: 9784757534605
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Paperback
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      497 Yana Toboso 枢 やな
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      • Yana Toboso 枢 やな

        Yana Toboso Toboso Yana is a female Japanese manga artist born in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan and currently resides in Yokohama She is best known for Black Butler Kuroshitsuji , a popular shonen manga series.She has also written yaoi under the pen name Yanao Rock .AppearanceYana Toboso draws herself as a devil with a black body and horns, a white head, and a pointed tail She has never uploaded a picture of herself, so her actual appearance is unknown.


    1. 16 May 2013Rating: * * * * 1/2WellHOT DAYUMMMMMM!Who knew there was such a badass hottie hiding under that ginormous top hat? Plus, the guy loves to laugh. *swoon*Those eye(s)!And a shinigami to boot?! UNF!!!Black Butler, Vol. 13 begins with a surprisingly sweet backstory on Lizzie. I have to admit that I initially despised her when she broke Ciel's ring, but after the unexpected twist in the last volume plus seeing how much she truly cares about Ciel, I'm quite digging her. She isn't the silly [...]

    2. The back story of Elizabeth was good. She tries so hard for Ciel. It's obvious how much she cares for him. And the part where Ciel blushed It's obvious he cares for her too but I'm not sure if it's in the same level as hers. Lizzie's brother was funny and I'm glad Snake is out of danger. No offense but he's nowhere near the league of the shinigamis and Sebastian so he's better off away.It's sad that the Undertaker has "betrayed" Ciel now. Lau's the only one left. Well, I already mentioned that b [...]

    3. میدونم الان فحش میخورم که پشت سر هم دارم برای این مانگا و مخصوصا این سری داستانش ریویو می نویسم ولی باور کنید ارزشش رو داره! برای من داره! :دی این جلد هم مثل جلد قبلی همون هیجان و اکشن و اتفاق های غیر منتظره رو داره! نقاشی ها هم که عالی!کلا همه چیز عالیه! و واقعا مانگاکا کارش حرف ند [...]

    4. Who would have guessed that our little Lizzy is so bad ass!For the ones interested in the character of Lizzy I discovered a wonderful video that portraits her very clearly!Despite the revelation of Lizzy, I am happy that she has a deepness that we all thought she didn't have. Lizzy truly loves Ciel despite of what some fans say!In parallel I loved this volume not only because of Lizzy but also because we saw how the contract was made and in the same time how Ciel and Sebastian became more then s [...]

    5. LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!!!I adore Sebastian & Ciel! :) & finally, after a dozen fun enstallments we get to learn how exactly Sebastian became Ciel's butler! Awesome sauce! We also get to see Lizzie get some backstory & character development, which is great, cause the girls been pretty annoying up until this point.Loads of blood & guts & grim reaper/devil awesomeness fighting.& see?! I knew something was seriously wrong with the undertaker. I do NOT like him. He's creepy and c [...]

    6. This is going to be a double whammy, since I got both Black Butler volumes XII and XIII at the same time, and want to make up for the huge amount of time I missed. University kind of does that to you. Whoops.So without further ado, here's my thoughts on volume XIII of Black Butler.I didn't like it. Unfortunately, both of these volumes took a turn for the mediocre, and I was noticing quite a few problems in storyline, characterisation, and heck, even some problems in artwork. Normally when I read [...]

    7. I love seeing Sebastian's past but the Grim Reapers were stupid not realizing it's a Scythe. I mean I was like duh isn't obvious. But I love seeing Sebastian angry, it's hilarious.

    8. #13 Black Butler series - MangaFirst read 1/21/15, 4 starsSuperb cover, featuring Elizabeth the formerly hidden warrior with her sword. The always-overjoyed, immature Lizzie has embraced her true self when faced to save her fiancé Ciel's life. Ciel embraces the real, strong, Elizabeth, to her great relief.The zombie/Titanic storyline ends. In a blockbuster surprise, the true story of how Ciel and Sebastian, the demon butler, met and made a covenant is revealed.A third surprise Grim Reaper with [...]

    9. With Undertaker becoming a bad ass, the series officially don't have any hero. All are anti-heroes or villains, and the 'legendary shinigami' I knew in the anime versionnished :( But still, Undertaker will always be my most favorite character (sorry, Professor Michaelis, you're number two now :p), especially when he reveals his shinigami eyes and saying to his juniors "all shinigamis are near-sighted--certain things can only be seen with other than your own eyes" thing.Despite of his viciousness [...]

    10. فلش بک به روز بسته شدن قرار داد بین سیل و سباستین عالی بود O.oاز اون باحال تر دیدن سباستین بود در حالیکه که میگه "That brat!" عالی بود، خوشحالم که می بینم سباستین هم با من هم عقیده ست XDبهترین صحنه های این جلد (عکس) از دید من:(view spoiler)[گرل عالیه*.*وای سباستین بی نظیره lol (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["b [...]

    11. (view spoiler)[OMGoodness Lizzie (Elizabeth) is a badass, I absolutely loved that reveal. (hide spoiler)]Anyhoo onto the story I'm loving the Campania (read - Titanic) arc and the reanimated corpses. I love Lady Midford and what she was wearing and I want to be her when I grow up. I love Sebastian. Generally I just love this book. (view spoiler)[OMGoodness the Undertaker is a Grim Reaper! I don't watch the anime so this had not been spoiled for me woohoo. (hide spoiler)]

    12. Lizzie is soooooooo freakin' cool!!! She's the best in sword fighting! She kept it a secret to Ciel cause back when they were kids, Ciel said that Lizzie's mom is scary and that cause she knows how to use the sword. Lizzie kept it cause it's not CUTE for girls to do those things. But in my opinion, it's totally CUTE and COOL!

    13. YYYYYAAAAASSSSS!!!!! Finally, we are beginning to see some of the back story of Ciel and Sebastian! I have waited so longReread: This is absolutely one of my favorite volumes. Why? UNDERTAKER. UNDERTAKER. UNDERTAKER. I still do not understand him.

    14. Who knew the Undertaker was this handsome? 😂😂😍also a bit about Sebastian's past! he is amazing 😍😍 and finally Ciel really is a brat 😂

    15. I did enjoy this volume especially since it gave a lot of backstory to how Ciel and Sebastian became the master-butler duo today. However, my only gripe with this volume is that the author did it in such an info-dump way. Like the past several volumes there were little to no information about their past and now it was just dumped here altogether. I preferred the mystery of their past was revealed in a gradual way, not super slowly paced, like before, or the info-dump in this volume.

    16. Todo este arco de los zombies me parece un gran sin sentido y por lo mismo me encanta.Una de las cosas que más me ha gustado es conocer un poco más a Lizzie, de cómo fue criada, de los conflictos que tiene y de lo mucho que se preocupa por Ciel, de que todo lo ha hecho para ayudarlo cuando más lo necesite; es verdad que en un principio me parecía bastante odiosa, pero este cambio ha sido para bien, puesto que nunca me espere que la autora pudiese incorporar un cambio bastante favorecedor a [...]

    17. I am still undecided whether to give this volume a 3 star rating or a 4 star.So OK, I like Lizzy a little more. She really cares for Ciel, her story is kind of cute. I can't really like her because a)her hairstyle is ridiculous considering her age (14-years-old in Victorian period), b)I will never forget the time when she broke Ciel's ring, knowing that it meant so much to Ciel, and c) I absolutely despise her high-pitched voice in the anime. But at least she is great with the sword, and what is [...]

    18. Another solid entry in the endlessly entertaining "Black Butler" manga series. This volume continues the Campania Arc, which I have enjoyed less than other recent arcs (I mean, how do you ever top the Sherlock Holmes Arc, right?? Ciel and Sherlock Holmes--a match made in heaven! XD), but this volume is elevated by two things: 1) A beautifully written/realized opening chapter explaining Lizzie's surprise revelation from the end of Volume 12 (i.e. she's a badass master swordsman/knows about Ciel's [...]

    19. ¡Toma sorpresa al final del tomo anterior! Las lechuzas no son lo que parecen, y a veces las princesas esconden dagas en las botas. Mientras Lizzy y Ciel se han separado de Snake, Sebastian se encarga de otros asuntos por su cuenta, y los zombis campan a sus anchas por el barco. En un alarde de valentía, Lizzy demuestra de qué pasta está hecha. ¿Quién defiende a quién? La situación en el Campania se ha vuelto crítica y solo queda una opción: sobrevivir. Por su parte, en una escena en l [...]

    20. You suprised me here, Black Butler. For quite a while now, you've been pretty much just the Reading Challenge booster for me. Whenever I was a few books behind on my challenge goal, you were the first I thought of to help me out. Mostly because you're a fast read and you used to be awesome for a while and you know, I always hoped that you'd get back to being awesome again. Anyway, while volume 13 was still full of le ridiculousness, me asking "plot, where art thou?" again and again, the scenes [...]

    21. Contains Spoilers!!!!Poor Lizi, she really does love Cieland has from the begining. She wouldn't even wear high heels because she didn't want to be so much taller then Ciel. How cute!!I LOVE Elizabeth.Lizi's brother is a weirdo"If our destiny is to eventally drown, then let us sink to the very bottom"The Viscount is hilarious! Even the Reapers did the Phoenix Hahah so cuteThe Undertaker is sexy as hell and a Reaper! I never would have guessed!! I just hope nothing bad happens to him. I really li [...]

    22. This volume made me actually like Lizzy before I thought of her as nice but very silly girl and annoying character. Lizzy is not the only one who has unexpected character traits and secrets so do Undertaker and his secrets and character is more dangerous and sinful than I expected.When Sebastian is mortally wounded by Shinigami we see his memories of first days when he made contract with Ciel. The art is beautiful as always.

    23. The first time I was introduced to Lizi's character the first thought that popped into my head was, I want to slit her throat and bathe in her blood. Now, I don't like her, but I am less likely to murder her

    24. Shinigami vs demon vs ex-shinigami: a 3-way fight to the death! Can they even die? Weapons of choice are silverware, a death-chainsaw, a death-lawn mower and shotoba. Who knew the Undertaker looks so kakkoi without his hat. Ooh a badass scar!

    25. THIS VOLUME IS SO FUCKING GOOD. THIS ENTIRE ARC IS SO FUCKING GOOD. elizabeth's little monologue whatever in the beginning is like my favourite quote ever, aND THE WAY IT WAS DONE IN THE MOVIE IS ALSO INCREDIBLE. I KNEW THERE HAD TO BE MORE TO HER AND I'M SO GLAD WE FINALLY GOT TO SEE IT. i'm not much of a fan of the 'not like other girls' trope but i love her. (am i the only one who loves her voice in the anime jnfgjfujdvc)undertaker has just become an interesting person and i am so here for it [...]

    26. This manga featured the end of Lizzy slicing up the zombies to Sebastian being stabbed by the grim reaper, showing his cinematic records. It also featured the beginning tail of the records and showed the first few moments when he first met Ciel.Interestingly, while the movie did stick quite close to the manga in this part of the storyline too, there is a brief moment during the telling of the cinematic records that the movie did not include. While, it wasn't overly important, it was just interes [...]

    27. Black Butler, for me, is one of those series where the main characters are okay, but what you really read it for is the wacko side characters. Don't get me wrong--Sebastian is one hell of a sexy, sexy butler, and he's pretty dang badass. And I like Ciel--he's a morally complicated character, and he's a child who's likeable instead of irritating. But in my humble opinion, the typically reserved Ciel and Sebastian are simply overshadowed by the craziness of everyone else. And that's not a bad thin [...]

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