A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder

A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder

Shamini Flint Jonathan Keeble / Feb 26, 2020

A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder Unabridged hours minutesInspector Singh is in a bad mood He s been sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to solve a murder that has him stumped Chelsea Liew the famous Singaporean model

  • Title: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder
  • Author: Shamini Flint Jonathan Keeble
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Unabridged 8 hours 34 minutesInspector Singh is in a bad mood He s been sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to solve a murder that has him stumped Chelsea Liew the famous Singaporean model is on death row for the murder of her ex husband She swears she didn t do it, he thinks she didn t do it, but no matter how hard he tries to get to the bottom of thingUnabridged 8 hours 34 minutesInspector Singh is in a bad mood He s been sent from his home in Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to solve a murder that has him stumped Chelsea Liew the famous Singaporean model is on death row for the murder of her ex husband She swears she didn t do it, he thinks she didn t do it, but no matter how hard he tries to get to the bottom of things, he still arrives back at the same place that Chelsea s husband was shot at point blank range, and that Chelsea had the best motivation to pull the trigger he was taking her kids away from her Now Inspector Singh must pull out all the stops to crack a crime that could potentially free a beautiful and innocent woman and reunite a mother with her children.There s just one problem the Malaysian police refuse to play ball.

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      • Shamini Flint Jonathan Keeble

        Shamini Flint lives in Singapore with her husband and two children She began her career in law in Malaysia and also worked at an international law firm in Singapore She travelled extensively around Asia for her work, before resigning to be a stay at home mum, writer, part time lecturer and environmental activist, all in an effort to make up for her evil past as a corporate lawyer Shamini writes children s books with cultural and environmental themes including Jungle Blues and Turtle takes a Trip as well as the Sasha series of children s books She also writes crime fiction featuring the rotund Singaporean policeman, Inspector Singh Singh travels around Asia stumbling over corpses and sampling the food


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    2. The story takes place in Kuala Lumpur, one of my favourite cities in the world, mainly because it is a modern melting pot of several cultures and traditions. The novel depicts this mixture of races and ways of living perfectly.Inspector Singh , the policeman from Singapore in charge of investigating the murder, is a very likeable and peculiar character that will appeal to fans of detective stories.The book is an easy read to enjoy before, during or after visiting beautiful Malaysiaick here to se [...]

    3. Not a bad story at all. I liked that while older and overweight, Singh is more like Colombo than a bumbling Clouseau. Plot was well-developed enough that I'm looking forward to reading another adventure, although perhaps not the next one as its plot doesn't really appeal to me. I do like that the author sets the stories in different countries, rather than just tiny Singapore.

    4. "Inspector Singh Investigates" is a series of murder-mystery novels by Shamini Flint which, I have to say, have kept my interest several books on. I picked up this first book in the series (each book places the lead character in a different country--so far all in Asia) without much hope for even finishing it. But I did. And then bought the 2nd and 3rd novels in the series. So far there are 5 and I will definitely be picking up the rest at some point.Inspector Singh is a detective in Singapore's [...]

    5. I love crime fiction set in exotic locales (at least they are exotic locales to me). This excellent book is the first in a series featuring Inspector Singh, a policeman from Singapore, who in this book, is trying to solve a murder in Malaysia.This book has everything a good crime novel should have; excellent writing, a host of interesting characters (including many suspects with a good motive), and wonderful descriptions of the above-mentioned exotic locale. And on top of that, I didn't figure o [...]

    6. A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder is the first volume in Shamini Flint's Inspector Singh series. This detective novel, more in the 'classic' or 'golden age' British style than the American hard-boiled one, delivered the good stuff: while the majority of my teenaged students reported that they found the book slow and boring, and the many characters hard to keep track of, it has proved to be very effective for the particular English course that I teach, where we study the representations of cultura [...]

    7. First Sentence: The accused, Chelsea Liew, was in court.Inspector Singh has been sent from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to investigate the case of a former model, Chelsea Liew, accused of murdering her ex-husband. Involved in a bitter dispute over the custody of their children, Chelsea, in court, threatened to kill her ex, and was the obvious suspect after his being shot. In spite of the evidence, Singh is less certain of her guilt and, working with Inspector Mohammad, dedicates himself to finding [...]

    8. I wanted to enjoy this book. I picked it up because the back cover copy said it will appeal to fans of two of my favorite mystery series, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Colin Cotterill's Dr. Siri books set in Laos.Sadly, I found this novel derivative and disappointing. The premise is that a "portly detective" from Singapore is sent to Malaysia to look into a high-profile murder involving a Singapore citizen. A former beauty queen was accused of killing her wealthy and abusive husband.I fo [...]

    9. If you are not from or well travelled in Asia, the initial attraction of this series will be the modern, exotic locales. I previously read the tale set in Beijing and have another book on the shelf. As far as I can judge, the author provides a good picture of the places we visit, with their appeal to tourists and friendly rivalries of neighbouring countries added. Inspector Singh is a Sikh but not, we gather, a wholly devout one, who is quietly married, clean-living but too fond of his food. He [...]

    10. While I appreciated learning a bit about a contemporary setting that I knew nothing about, the writing itself was a bit of a torment. I was reminded of the 80s style disaster book where point of view cycles constantly through about five characters in a way that happens to give the audience a too-neatly-timed presentation of the overall happening. Each point of view segment tended to start by reviewing the "stinger" from the end of the last related segment. In the middle, there would be a bunch o [...]

    11. This is a nice little comfort read, good for picking up at random times when you want to be entertained but can't invest a lot of time and concentration. The protagonist is very likeable--there's something fun about the Dysfunctional Male Detective just being a little quirky, overweight, and unable to follow rules, as opposed to having A Dark Side (not that I have anything against detectives with a dark side). Also, it's fun to read a book set in a country you're completely unfamiliar with. Not [...]

    12. The mystery is solved, now that I have reached the bottom of it. The mystery being my curiosity about a story set in an exotic locale, the first of many Asian countries, in Sharmini Flint’s Inspector Singh series titled A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder. The murder is indeed peculiar, for the solving was most unorthodox and the mystery rather bland. But spiced with plentiful local flavors from two frenemy countries, Malaysia and neighboring Singapore, the entertainment is kicked up a notch.For [...]

    13. Dear sweet god… this book was tough to read, not because the story was difficult to follow but it felt like a chore to read it. The murder case is "peculiar" just like the book title say, but if I’m being honest…. half the time I’m seriously annoyed with the way the book is written. Sighlet's get the darn Malaysian Elephant out of the roomall we?When I read this book's synopsis I knew surely there will be this “holier than thou” vibe from Singaporean’s POV about Malaysia. There is [...]

    14. Cathy of the Kittling:Books blog has been writing about Inspector Singh books for a while now and her reviews were so funny I just had to try one. I borrowed this one from the library. It turns out Cathy is right; I'm going to look for the rest of the series now.Inspector Singh is a police detective in Singapore. For this case he has been sent to Kuala Lumpur to investigate the case of a former model from Singapore who has been accused of killing her ex-husband. Since Singh is obese and unused t [...]

    15. The first in the Inspector Singh series of investigations across South East Asia, this one did not grab me as quickly as the others. While the case, beautiful Chelsea Liew is accused of murdering her amoral, philandering, abusive and faith-swapping husband, has all the ingredients of a good murder mystery, Flint spends far too much time on what seems to be a pet obsession; how Singaporeans differ from all their neighbors, in this case Malaysians. The early pages that should have been page-turner [...]

    16. First of all, I have to say that I find it difficult to start this book, because the first chapter was very descriptive, horrifying and not to mention absolutely morbid. I could barely stop myself from retching when I read the first chapter of Inspector Singh Investigates: A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree. Ms. Flint did a very good job with the opening salvo.The opening salvo was too good, in fact that it almost scares me from reading further. But as I flip the pages, I found that it’s not all m [...]

    17. An excellent whodunit with just the right blend of local colour and classic genre tropes. I will certainly be reading the next installment in the series.

    18. Fun, international, cozy-esq read (although the subject matter is a bit full on for a cozy). I found this a bit harder to read than I expected, so took me a couple of days instead of the rip through in an afternoon. But still enjoyed it a lot, and I will be interested to meet Inspector Singh somewhere else around the world.

    19. I read very few crime novels these days, but read a very favourable review somewhere of this and decided to give it a go. Also, I like to try to read more books from outside my very anglo-oriented world. This one is - surprise! - Malaysian. I think I can safely say that I knew NOTHING about Malaysia. Now I know a teensy weensy bit. And, I was well entertained along the way. Very few people die violent deaths in this novel and the overweight inspector Singh is a very likable figure. Next time I n [...]

    20. Review from Backchatting Books"A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder" features an unlikely hero, Inspector Singh. He has been seconded from Singapore to Malaysia to help solve the murder of Alan Lee, the ex-husband of famous Singaporean model, Chelsea Liew. Alan was shot at point blank range and Chelsea has the best motive as he was trying to take her children away from her. Although Singh thinks she is innocent, he blocked by the Malaysian police who are equally convinced of her guilt. The book rest [...]

    21. I have mixed feelings about this one "A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder" was a fairly easy read about Kuala Lumpur, Muslim Family Law, Pop Culture, Environmentalism and a little bit of Murder. Don't let the title mislead you; this book does not really have very much to do with the murder or the title character, Inspector Singh. There are a lot of other things going on, maybe too many, because the end result is a little unsatisfying and shallow.Don't get me wrong. I liked a lot of the elements and [...]

    22. I got this book at Changi Airport after reading the review in the Malaysian newspaper a couple of months back. I thought it would be an easy read and contemplating picking up all of the books in the series, BUT, i had already in my arms a bunch of books. I push back greed and put the others back and paid for this one.I enjoyed reading this book, it is easy to read and needs not much engagement with the grey matter. I must admit, I was feeling rather defensive, being a Malaysian myself, when she [...]

    23. another example were a 3.5 Star is really what it should be. This book is Shamini Flint's introduction to Inspector Singh the titular character and one that I expect to read more in the future. Inspector Singh will need to live up to classics like Hercule Poirot, who despite appearances seemed to be able to solve the unsolvable mystery. Crime-Mystery are always fascinating because they are made to engage you and keep you guessing with ever more clues. Its Velma vs You, care to wager? The descrip [...]

    24. Inspector Singh's visit to Malaysia took me on a nostalgia trip. Although a sentence from the book has been credited with being possibly the worst sentence ever, the author has the talent to bring to life the characters and the settings.I, for one, am delighted, as a non-European brought up exclusively with English as "mother tongue, to find a more culturally appropriate alternative to my favourite genre (Crime Fiction).For years I've had to satisfy my cravings for this genre with European autho [...]

    25. Popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge.A book that takes place in your hometown.Its to be expected, the author takes a dig at the "usual suspect" i.e. proton cars, twin towers, corruption, bad traffic, dirty side walk and etc. Excerpt below summarizes it all neatly. “And yet, the inspector thought, Kuala Lumpur had a certain something. It was difficult to put his finger on what it was exactly. There was a sense of freedom perhaps, of anarchy even, that Singapore so sorely lacked. Perhaps it was the l [...]

    26. I was originally intrigued by this book b/c I'd read a children's story by the same author and because I'd never read a murder mystery based in Asia with an Asian detective as the protagonist. Heck, not only is the main character an Asian man, he's Sikh! How many books reflect Moslem protagonists saving the day have you read? Me, I haven't read many.While I appreciated the fact that the story was more or less a cut and dry murder mystery with none of that ridiculously over the top craziness, hor [...]

    27. An entirely satisfying murder mystery. This well plotted police procedural had me revising my theory of whodunit multiple times, but its biggest attraction is the window it provides on a society and culture I may never get to see first hand. The book introduces Inspector Singh of the Singapore Police Force on assignment in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia to ensure that Chelsea Liew, a Singaporean citizen who has been arrested for the murder of her wealthy Malaysian husband, is treated fairly by the Mala [...]

    28. I picked up A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder because it was RM8 for a hardback. I'd been wanting to read it for a while, but paying Rm30+ for an author I'd never read before and have hardly heard off was always a little too off-putting, especially when there were always cheaper books around by more well-known authors. But anyway, so it was cheap so I took the chance. *shrug*.Chelsea Liew, a Singaporean, has been accused of killing her rich Malaysian husband. In a bid to appear as a caring govern [...]

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