Playing With the Boys

Playing With the Boys

Liz Tigelaar / Jan 27, 2020

Playing With the Boys New girl Lucy is desperate for friends She tries out for Beachwood High soccer but despite her amazingly accurate kick fails to make the team When the Coach points out that varsity football is looki

  • Title: Playing With the Boys
  • Author: Liz Tigelaar
  • ISBN: 9781595141132
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • New girl Lucy is desperate for friends She tries out for Beachwood High soccer, but despite her amazingly accurate kick, fails to make the team When the Coach points out that varsity football is looking for a new kicker, Lucy is skeptical Football Isn t that a boys game But on the gridiron Lucy discovers that she feels strong in control for the first time since herNew girl Lucy is desperate for friends She tries out for Beachwood High soccer, but despite her amazingly accurate kick, fails to make the team When the Coach points out that varsity football is looking for a new kicker, Lucy is skeptical Football Isn t that a boys game But on the gridiron Lucy discovers that she feels strong in control for the first time since her mother died She loves football She actually wants to play She also wants to hang out with super cute quarterback Ryan Conner But that s just icing on the cake Too bad no one else wants her on the team Not the boys coach, not her teammates, and especially not her overprotective dad Will Lucy cave in to the pressure Or will she prove she s pretty tough after all

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        Liz Tigelaar writes both television dramas and young adult novels Her TV credits include Dawson s Creek, American Dreams, What About Brian and Brothers Sisters She s the creator of the popular TV series Life Unexpected and writes for such ABC shows as Revenge and Nashville She s a graduate of Ithaca College, originally from Guilford, Connecticut and currently living in Los Angeles, California.


    1. Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooLucy's father forced her to move to Malibu right after her freshman year of high school. She's heartbroken to leave her best friend and the house where everything reminds of her mother. The first week has been rough, but then she starts soccer tryouts. Lucy loves soccer and being a part of the team. She's devastated when her name is not on the list. However, the coach pulls her aside and tells her that the football team needs a quick replacement kicker [...]

    2. I started this one for book club, got a little over halfway through, and couldn't bring myself to finish it. It is really not my genre, and I didn't like how she lived a lie, even to her dad, who was only trying to help her. There was a lot of drinking, one girl drank so much she threw up. I really wouldn't waste my time on this book, I think there are a lot of better books out there that talk about soccer, and football. The concept is okay, about determination, and not giving up, but again, the [...]

    3. The book starts out with Lucy trying out for the girl's soccer team. Even with her amazing skill she doesn't make the team. Coach Martie talks to her about trying out for the boy's football team. Their placekicker is out for the season and tryouts are tomorrow. Lucy goes for it and makes the team. Of course none of the guys are happy about this except for Benji, one of Lucy's friends. He teachers her all about football and really helps her improve her kick. Since she's new, he's one of the few f [...]

    4. PLOT: This was a fairly typical YA novel, filled with the usual sturm and drang of teen angst, like boy drama, popularity, mean girls, and making/keeping friends. No new ground was broken with the story. Although references to MySpace has me raising my brows. I didn't realize this novel was written so long ago. But other than that passe social media, nothing else felt dated since I guess Universal experiences are what make them universal and timeless. NARRATIVE: This was a really weak part of "P [...]

    5. Playing With The Boys is a relatable story that reveals someone who turns rejection and negativity into success and positivity. The main character, Lucy does not make to soccer team, despite her spot-on kick. Somehow, the soccer coach talks her into trying out for the boys’ varsity football team as a kicker. Regardless of her lack of experience, she somehow makes the team. The boys on the football team (and the coach) do not immediately accept her, besides her friend Benji. Having a friend hel [...]

    6. A combination of new girl at a new school, fish out of water, disappointment and an unusual opportunity. That's what Lucy faces when her father moves them to get away from the memories of her mother's death. When her soccer tryout fails to get her a spot on the team, she does the unthinkable and tries out as the kicker on the football team. What follows involves lying to her dad, trying to be tough enough to deal with the harassment she receives and figuring out what's important and which guy on [...]

    7. There is a reason this book went directly to my finished list without passing through "to read" or "currently reading," and that reason is that I read the entire thing in two days. I had to go the Big Island this weekend and I was flying on Hawaiian, which has to go down in history as the most oft-delayed airline ever. Two delayed flights equals a lot of time sitting around in airports with nothing better to do than read YA fiction, so I went through this one pretty quickly. The novel begins whe [...]

    8. nice feel good book about a girl playing in a boys football team and excelling. i was a bit skeptical while reading the first few chapters. i thought she was a bit shallow and trying hard to fit in. she wanted to get into the soccer team so badly so she can have a good set of friends. however, she wasn't good enough so she didn't make the team. then teacher suggested she tryout for the football team. say what?? if she's not good enough to get into the female squad, how can she get into the male [...]

    9. This book made me angry enough to rant about it. I am completely biased here because I am from Toledo and I know a lot about soccer, but I found this book to be pretty unrealistic. I know this is a review for the second book, but I expected better from a series about girl's sports. The first book shows a complete lack of knowledge for the sport soccer, but this book also reveals the lack of knowledge in the fact that the Lucy is told to just "boot" the ball out of the back. First of all, that sh [...]

    10. Lucy Malone has just moved to Malibu, California, and even though she’s got a totally awesome room in an amazing new house, things aren’t going well. All her friends are back home in Toledo, Ohio, and it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be making any new friends soon. But opportunity soon presents itself in the form of soccer tryouts. Lucy was on the varsity soccer team at her old school, so being on the team in Malibu would be a chance to show off something she’s good at. But she’s [...]

    11. After almost 4 years I did not know I did not add a review.Okay, better now than never. Thank God I reread it.I loved this book, and I still do. Maybe not a 5 star rating, but close enough.What made me love this book is the fact that a girl was fighting to be accepted on a "boy's" sport/team: football! I love a book that has a girl on the football team! Fighting the sexism and all.Also, I liked that this was a companion book and didn't necessarily need to know what happened in "Pretty Tough" to [...]

    12. "Playing With the Boys," is another book I have read by Liz Tigelaar. I decided to read this book after finishing "Pretty Tough" because although it is not a sequel, some of the characters and the setting is the same. The main difference is that this story is based on the life of a girl named Lucy Malone who is a newcomer to Beachwood High School from Ohio. She moved to California with her dad (her Mom passed away years earlier) and at first, struggled to fit in and make any friends. Before scho [...]

    13. Grade/interest level: MSReading level: 640LGenre: FictionMain Characters: Pickle, Lucy, Charlie, BenjiSetting: Malibu, CaliforniaPOV: 1st personLucy walked in to her house and noticed that her dad was sitting on the couch wanting to talk to her. Her dad wanted/needed to move to California for his business and so he would be away from the memories of their mom. Lucy knew that she couldn't argue with everything that they have been through. So with Lucy leaving her best friend Annie behind, they we [...]

    14. My Thoughts: In Playing With The Boys, we are introduced to Lucy. Lucy lives with her father and is forced to move to Los Angeles. She lost her mother and her father wants to get away from all the memories so he drags Lucy across the country.Lucy has to make new friends, go to a new school, and basically learn how to be a California girl, which is harder than you would think.On her first day of school she meets a boy named Benji. She and Benji become good friends. Then there is another boy who s [...]

    15. Lucy, still recovering from the death of her mother, moves from Ohio to California with her father. Desperate to fit in and make friends, she tries out for the soccer team, but when she doesn't make it, the coach suggests that she try out for the football team as placekicker. She beats out everyone, including her new friend Benji, and is cautiously excited about it. She thinks the quarterback, Ryan, is cute, and is glad to be asked to parties by the cheerleaders. The down sides include having to [...]

    16. I hate to say it but the Pretty Tough series went downhill with Playing With The Boys. Seeing as I really liked the first one, I expected to like this one too. And I did, somewhat. It just wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped.Lucy Malone is not having a good year. First, her dad moved her across the country. Then, she didn't make the soccer team. There goes her only chance for making friends. When the soccer coach suggests Lucy try out for the boys football team Lucy doesn't take her seriously. [...]

    17. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsPlaying With The Boys is a cute young adult novel about a girl who moves to California, and has to start a new school, and her new life. She tries out for the soccer team but doesn't make it, so the soccer coach suggests Lucy try out for the football team as a kicker, because their kicker recently got injured. Lucy agrees to try out and things seem to be looking great, she has friends from soccer, and now she is going to play football. But Lucy isn't alw [...]

    18. I enjoyed reading this book a lot. I love to play sports, and this was all about them! It's about a girl named Lucy Malone who has to move across the country to California. Lucy obviously is devastated about this. She has to leave her high school, and even worse, her very best friend in the whole world, Annie. Lucy starts attending Beachwood High School. She soon finds out her English teacher is the head coach for the girls soccer team. Try outs are in a couple weeks and Coach Martie tells her t [...]

    19. This is the second book in the Pretty Tough series. I did not read the first one so this is where I began and end the series. It wasn't a terrible terrible book but it wasn't a good book. the writing seems very amateurish and that is weird because the author of the book has to her credits writing for popular television shows and movies so for someone with that experience to write like she has none is definitely strange. If I had read this book in sixth grade I think i would have loved it, maybe [...]

    20. Lucy Malone is the new girl at Beachwood High. She wants to play soccer, but when she gets cut from the team, she's devastated. That was her one hope to make friends. Then the soccer coach suggests that she try out for the football team, since their placekicker was injured, and her kick is great. But really? A girl on the football team? But she tries it. And she makes the team. But she has to go through a ton of crap to get accepted as part of the team. Mostly about her fight to be accepted, the [...]

    21. I will be the first to tell you that I am definitely not a big sports person: I can watch sports every now and again, but as for playing psh, no way. I'm very athletically challenged. And most sports I can understand but football? It's the one sport that I pretty much don't get at all. However, after reading Playing With the Boys, I feel like I understand it a lot better than before. While reading the book, I actually understood the game of football.That being said, Playing With the Boys was a w [...]

    22. Rating CReview Lucy is an instantly-likable narrator. Her problems are complex and you understand why and you care pretty much straight-away. The drama surrounding the boys/crushes/let's just be friends situations were much more compelling in this second book. The only hang-up for me was that the tension about Lucy's dad's prohibition of her being on the football team was too melodramatic. Everything else was pretty good (not high-brow literature, sure, but decent reading), but this just rang as [...]

    23. I waited 24 hours after finishing the book to write a review on it. I've decided I'm going to give it 3.5 stars. I really enjoyed the book! It was a fun, quick read. It wasn't the most original book I've ever read, because it was pretty obvious what was going on with Benji and then Ryan and Kendall and Reagan. I did throughly enjoy the major girl-can-kick-butt attitude though and loved how Lucy didn't let the obnoxious boys get in her way of doing what she wanted (even if she didn't realize she [...]

    24. After moving all the way across the country following her mom’s death, Lucy Malone doesn’t know where she fits in, a feeling that most of us are familiar with. The first idea she has is to try out for the soccer team; she was a star player at her old school. When she doesn’t make the cut, she goes into her shell, blocking out the rest of the world so they don’t have to see her suffering. After a little guidance from her English teacher who also happens to be the soccer coach, she tries o [...]

    25. 4.5 starsReally good story. One of the best chick literature I've read recently, but in a way this book could appeal to those interested in sports, so it doesn't have to be confined to just one genere. I don't actually know that much about football, even though I've been to every football game at my high school for the last four years because of colorguard, but while reading this I actually learned a little more about football. I like how the author will talk about what is happening during the f [...]

    26. This book is about a girl named Lucy who has to move and hates it. When she arrives, she tries out for the soccer team and doesn't make it. Everything is bringing her down, and right when she believes nothing can get any worse, the soccer coach proposes something. She wants Lucy to become the new placekicker for the school football team. The boy's football team. This story tells of the stuggles to fit in and become accepted, and it sheds light on the sexist discrimination that is still apparent [...]

    27. This read is great for a teenager trying to find her place in this world. My daughter read this book and insisted that I read it knowing how much I love reading. This sort of story usually isn't my cup of tea but have to say that it was a great coming of ages book.Lucy's story of moving, trying to find her place in a new school and dealing with her own loss at home really brought me in the story and didn't let go. I loved how the author didn't do the norm and placed a character like Benji in Luc [...]

    28. cc:New girl Lucy is desperate for friends. She tries out for Beachwood High soccer, but despite her amazingly accurate kick, fails to make the team. When the Coach points out that varsity football is looking for a new kicker, Lucy is skeptical. Football? Isn't that a boys' game? But on the gridiron Lucy discovers that she feels strong; in control for the first time since her mother died. She loves football. She actually wants to play! (She also wants to hang out with super-cute quarterback Ryan [...]

    29. This is a great book about female power and toughing it out- even when your own sex is the major factor holding you back. Lucy Malone, the heroine, doesn’t make the soccer team at her high school. So why not try out for the football team? Swimming upstream against all odds, Lucy makes the team. But will her teammates, coach and clingy-overprotective father hold her back? And is she really as tough as the boys are?Find out in this awesome book!Personally, this book was very inspiring. I do a ma [...]

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