City of God

City of God

Paulo Lins Alison Entrekin / Jan 26, 2020

City of God Cidade de Deus the City of God a place where the streets are awash with drugs where violence can erupt at any moment but also where the samba beat rocks till dawn where the women are the most beau

  • Title: City of God
  • Author: Paulo Lins Alison Entrekin
  • ISBN: 9780747576808
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cidade de Deus, the City of God a place where the streets are awash with drugs, where violence can erupt at any moment, but also where the samba beat rocks till dawn, where the women are the most beautiful on Earth, and where one young man wants to escape his background and become a photographer.

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        Paulo Lins um escritor brasileiro que ganhou fama com a publica o, em 1997, do livro Cidade de Deus , sobre a vida nas favelas do Rio de Janeiro, escrito enquanto assistente de um estudo sociol gico.Morador da favela carioca Cidade de Deus, come ou como poeta nos anos 1980 como integrante do grupo Cooperativa de Poetas, por onde publicou seu primeiro livro de poesia, Sobre o Sol UFRJ, 1986 Graduado no curso de Letras, foi contemplado em 1995 com a Bolsa Vitae de Literatura.Em 2002, o diretor Fernando Meirelles produziu o filme Cidade de Deus , com base no livro, que recebeu quatro indica es ao Oscar 2004 melhor diretor, melhor fotografia, melhor montagem e melhor roteiro adaptado e foi indicado para o Globo de Ouro de melhor filme estrangeiro O roteiro de Br ulio Mantovani.


    1. After reading "City of God" my perception has definitely changed in the way that MEN, no, BOYSe so easily swayed by evil and the evils of the world. The young men in the book succumbed to be products of their harsh environment because their mentality was "kill or be killed" or "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." The novel was written in a way where there was not a particular "linear" story line. It was scattered and jumpy which added to Brazil's City of God's unpredictable and disheartening activ [...]

    2. Not comparable to the film, by any means. In this ONE case, the film is probably better than the book. With that said, the film wouldn't be so great if the book wasn't written first, to provide a story for the film to be based off of. And yes, I just ended that sentence with a preposition. :)At any rate, the book has soooo many characters (almost like a Tolstoy novel!) and people are dying at an unhealthy rate, it's a little difficult to keep track of who wronged who and who's serving up revenge [...]

    3. Thoroughly enjoyed this. While the plot may be confusing, the main theme of violence through adversity and evil as a mainstay (in the slums) is well expressed and carried through the generations - this is evident when depicting characters who have known nothing but corruption, violence and squalor for their respective lives. Despite the convoluted plot, it's entertaining enough to follow and you can't help but feel for so many characters and their plight. Maybe the translation from Portuguese to [...]

    4. The dumbest ending I have ever read in a book. However, the action was dark and fast paced and I did find myself in shock/awe/disgust at different point in the novels. Everyone died (ehh for the most part) except for the person I really wanted to which was annoying. I stopped reading for a while and tried to pick it back up but I struggled because I really forgot where I left off- try to read it straight though. Still a good book though, very vivid descriptions.

    5. City of God was, and is, a place of endless violence. Mob bosses have way more power in the favela of Rio de Janeiro than brazilian government and they change on a weekly basis as a younger gangster decides to kill the old boss. Very few can escape the cycle. Paulo Lins was one of those few. When he had got out, he wrote a book about his childhood neighbourhood and things he saw. That book is City of God. Lins' writing is just like the story it tells. Very harsh. Plain dialogue, jumps from scene [...]

    6. City of God - a moving depiction of gangster life in the Brazilian Favelas. We follow the story of 3 main gangster characters during he 60's, 70's and 80s. Their rise to power, money and influence as well as their tragic ending. Thoroughout this novel, we really become immersed and learn how the other side lives their sufferring, their struggle, their vionence and their poverty becomes our own. The reason I gave it three rather than 5 stars, is due to the lack of a protagonist I would have liked [...]

    7. Uma pedra que a equipe do Meirelles e da Kátia Lund soube ordenhar até a última gota de leite. Muita enrolação, personagens e conflitos mal elaborados, banalização da violência estilo filme de ação dos anos 80 que só morre figurante e tá lá os bicho-solto da bandidagem dando tiro a torto e a direito, erotismo de pornochanchada Trocando em miúdos: só ideia errada. Só a primeira parte é aproveitável e mesmo assim enche linguiça. Quem quiser ler alguma coisa nessa linha, vai atr [...]

    8. An amazing book about the crime that brews in Rio's favelas. The movie adaptation is engaging and an ode to seventies youth culture.

    9. Contemporary Brazilian literature at its finest. Although the second part dragged a bit, I can see it becoming a modern classic. Read and then go watch the film adaptation. Or both. Or either.

    10. City of God, written by Braulio Mantovani, based on the novel by Paulo Lins, directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund9 out of 10Notes and thoughts on other books are available at:- youtube/playlist?list and realini/Critics and audiences agree on Cidade de Deus.The public has rated this violent, extraordinary film at number 21: /chart/top?ref_=ttAnd TIME magazine has included this motion picture on its All-TIME 100 Movies list:- entertainment.time/2005/02And City of God was nominated for fou [...]

    11. Li esse livro em dois dias, sem parar, te tanto que fiquei impressionado, chocado, e agarrado pelo pescoço com a narrativa brutal de quase duas décadas de violência e brutalidade das gangues de criminosos de Cidade de Deus. Paulo Lins construiu um mosaico das vidas dos habitantes desse período, principalmente dos que se envolveram com o crime, gangues de jovens delinquentes que, através dos anos setenta, e granças ao tráfico de drogas, são levados por uma espiral crescente de violência, [...]

    12. I watched the film version of City of God, directed by Fernando Meirelles. The film follows kids in the City of God, a slum of Rio de Janeiro. It is an unforgiving world, where people are raped and murdered on a whim. For example, Little Z, a leading gang lord, got his start after his older brother robs a brothel. As they leave, he walks in and murders everyone, laughing all the way. He is 9 years old at the time. The violence is relentless and even more jarring when juxtaposed with the scenes i [...]

    13. I hate how much I love the movie for this novel, it's filmed incredibly well, tells a fascinating story and holds no punches. Now I realise just how faithful it is to the nearly 500 page novel, which is incredibly impressive once you realise the film is just a little over 2 hours long.But this isn't a review on the film, it's about the novel. Pablo Lins actually lived in the City of God in his youth, but managed to escape with his life and achieve better things. This non linear novel tells of th [...]

    14. Este é um dos poucos casos em que o filme realmente é melhor que o livro.Como o autor faz questão de indicar no inicio e no fim do livro, a história é ficção, mas é inspirada em factos reais, inspirado pelas enrevistas feitas para um documentário.Apesar de começar por ser um romance, a medida que se aproxima do fim o livro começa a parecer-se mais com um documentário e a história começa a perder consistencia, passa a ser só um conjunto de episódios.Apesar de estar dividido em 3 p [...]

    15. For the most part this was a very effectively shocking and disturbing account of life within the Brazilian CDD. Casual and frequent mentions of murders, drug abuse, drug dealing and rape initially shock and then desensitize readers, building up a vivid picture of lives so riddled with these activities that they become almost commonplace. The deeper shock comes from this desensitization as you realise as a reader, that you too have become accustomed to it.Having seen the film version first, I was [...]

    16. An utterly different creature than the film, which merely mined it for a handful of snippets. By the first 50 pages we are already way beyond the thematic scope of the film which only sought to offend middle-class western standards of what is acceptable violence. The book goes far beyond this to paint a vast and intricate image of how poverty, drugs and gun violence, sustained over decades, creates a lethal -- yet mundane -- new grammar of interpersonal relations, where depth is replaced by d (s [...]

    17. Like many people, I've read this book after seeing the Fernando Meirelles movie, which I actually liked better.The movie is centered on a few characters and has a focal point as Buscapé. The book contains dozens of characters, follows many for various lengths of time and has no narrator. It digresses many times, that not always being relevant to a very thin yet confusing plot. Raw violence is omnipresent, described in a so detached and clinical way it nearly disturbed me, and I do like my crime [...]

    18. One of my all time favourite movies, now I have finally finished reading the novel. I must admit, this book took me forever to read, as I kept putting it down. That being said once I decided to put my mind to it to read it by the end of my kid's summer I actually couldn't put it down. My mind has problems with so many characters and stories. But each character in this book was very important to the plot. This book is not for the squimish. In fact, neither is the movie, but if you've seen the mov [...]

    19. Cidade de DeusCidade de Deus (City of God), actually, the devil’s city, a favela (slum), part of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paulo Lins, author, born and raised in the City of God who spent eight years in research, writing this novel, a tour de force, definitely not for the squeamish. I didn’t see the award winning movie, but the novel is enough, more than enough! You want immersion? You get immersion, but there’s no one to follow who isn’t forced into a life of crime, violence and sexual pe [...]

    20. Certainly a fascinating topic and setting, and well worth reading. However, as a novel, I found City of God a bit confusing at times, and lacking in descriptiveness as well as in depth. Few of the characters really grab the reader by the heart -- though the fact that they actually existed and lived the lives portrayed is at least intellectually fascinating. In general, I feel like the novel needed some grounding in a character with whom international readers could identify to help them better pe [...]

    21. This book is marred by the fact that I saw the film adaptation which benefits from having a narrator/character (The novel was translated to English after the film became popular.)Both the novel is better identified as a true crime story with an omniscient narrator who jumps around revealing the most brutal and intimate details of the lives of gangster's and regular people alike. It's a "thick" book which has moments of beautiful prose and moments where the violence is almost porn-like. Lins make [...]

    22. This has been one of my favorite movies for a while. If you have not seen it, it makes Scarface look like a PG movie. The book goes deeper into the protags and the antags. If you think what you see in the movie is bad or graphic, times it by five when you read the novel. Right now Hollywood is glorifying some Clooney movie how his wife is cheating on him and his daughter confronts him about it. Then he goes on a venture to see if its true and probably becomes friends with the guy or some bullshi [...]

    23. Cidade de Deus foi um livro difícil de ler. Não só pelo tema retratado, mas pelo estilo do autor: a história vai e volta em diversos momentos, os personagens são muitos e tem os mais variados nomes, personagens novos são introduzidos sem aviso prévio e então não são mencionados novamente. Ao mesmo tempo, histórias de assassinatos tenebrosos e da convivência das pessoas de favelas diferentes e até mesmo entre negros e nordestinos estão constantemente lembrando o leitor de seus privi [...]

    24. The stories were so powerful. However, at the beginning I didn't find any literary taste for them. After page 60, I started feeling the language beats as usually spoken by gangsters. I was so touched by the parts of rape and when Tiny out of self-conscience admitted that he committed all those acts because of his feeling of inferiority. Those intersections of race, patriarchy, ignorance, and politics were well handled by Lins. I felt throughout the book that there were so many things lost in the [...]

    25. Difficult review. It's gritty, it's sickening, it's beyond ugly, it's violent and disgusting. It 's bold, it's courageous, it's enlightening, it's beautiful in its honesty. I hated it and I loved it. Give yourself time with this one. Lots of characters so can be confusing. May need a break now and then but do read it .

    26. A raw look at growing up in the favelas of Rio. Uniquely written from different perspectives and converging story lines. The translator took liberties with translating slang and it oft times uses cruder language than necessary.

    27. Wow!!! There was so much more violence in this book than in the movie. So many characters are introduced and killed off that it was hard for me to keep up, but overall it was the same nature of the movie and very realistic.

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