The Surrender

The Surrender

Toni Bentley / Feb 29, 2020

The Surrender Few women do it and even fewer will admit to it But in Toni Bentley s daring and intimate memoir The Surrender she pulls the sheets back on an erotic experience that s been forbidden since the Bible

  • Title: The Surrender
  • Author: Toni Bentley
  • ISBN: 9780060732479
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • Few women do it and even fewer will admit to it But in Toni Bentley s daring and intimate memoir, The Surrender, she pulls the sheets back on an erotic experience that s been forbidden since the Bible and celebrates the joy that lies on the other side of convention, where risk is real and rapture resides From Story of O to The Kiss to The Sexual Life of Catherine M rFew women do it and even fewer will admit to it But in Toni Bentley s daring and intimate memoir, The Surrender, she pulls the sheets back on an erotic experience that s been forbidden since the Bible and celebrates the joy that lies on the other side of convention, where risk is real and rapture resides From Story of O to The Kiss to The Sexual Life of Catherine M readers have been enthralled with sexually subversive memoirs by women But even those erotic classics didn t navigate the psychosexual terrain that Bentley does when she meets a lover who introduces her to a radical and unexpected pleasure, to the holy act that she came to see as her awakening.The Surrender is a witty, intelligent, and eloquent exploration of one woman s obsession that will be sure to leave readers questioning their own desires.

    The Surrender An Erotic Memoir Toni Bentley The Surrender is a witty, intelligent, and eloquent exploration of one woman s obsession that will be sure to leave readers questioning their own desires. The Surrender Official Path of Exile Wiki The Surrender is a unique Ezomyte Tower ShieldEzomyte Tower ShieldChance to Block % Armour Requires Level , Str% reduced Movement Speed Hidden to maximum Life. The Surrender by Joseph Griffith The Surrender Edition II The Surrender was originally printed as a signed and numbered limited edition run of prints and sold out on August th, Since then there has been an incredible demand for these, so The Surrender has been reprinted as a unique second edition of . surrender at Appomattox Court House nps Moved Permanently The document has moved here. The Surrender Toni Bentley Paperback HarperCollins US The Surrender is a witty, intelligent, and eloquent exploration of one woman s obsession that will be sure to leave readers questioning their own desires. The Surrender Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New The Surrender s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and updates. Surrender Synonyms, Surrender Antonyms Merriam Webster Synonyms and Antonyms of surrender to give something over to the control or possession of another usually under duress the toddler surrendered the doll to her mother after a brief struggle the commander surrendered the garrison without having fired a single shot. Surrender definition of surrender by The Free Dictionary tr to relinquish to the control or possession of another under duress or on demand to surrender a city tr to relinquish or forego an office, position, etc , esp as a voluntary concession to another he surrendered his place to a lady to give oneself up physically, as or as if to an enemy. Surrender of Japan Surrender of Japan On August , the occupation of Japan led by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers began The surrender ceremony was held on September , aboard the United States Navy battleship USS Missouri, at which officials from the Japanese government signed the Japanese Instrument of Surrender, I was ambassador to Afghanistan This deal is a surrender This deal is a surrender U.S troops patrol at an Afghan National Army Base in Logar province, Afghanistan, on Aug , Omar Sobhani Reuters By Ryan Crocker January at PM.

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        Toni Bentley danced with George Balanchine s New York City Ballet for ten years She is the author of five books, all named New York Times Notable Books, which include Winter Season, A Dancer s Journal, Holding On to the Air the autobiography of Suzanne Farrell co authored with Farrell , Costumes by Karinska, Sisters of Salome, and The Surrender, An Erotic Memoir Her essay, The Bad Lion originally published in the New York Review of Books was selected by Christopher Hitchens for Best American Essays 2010 She writes frequently for the New York Times Book Review, the Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, Playboy, the Daily Beast, Vogue, Vanity Fair and other publications She has been invited to give talks at Harvard, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rutgers, Middlebury College and the THiNK Conference 2013 in Goa, India The Surrender has been adapted into a one woman play that premiered in January 2013 in a production by the Spanish National Theater in Madrid, Spain, and it will have its English language world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2013 She is the recipient of a 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship.


    1. Look, believe me, I'm as surprised as anyone to find myself giving four stars to an ass-fucking memoir written by a professional ballerina. Especially with the ghastly soft-porn image they've stuck on the e-book version. But here we are. We just have to deal with this now and move on; I've rated The Surrender above The Great Gatsby. That is a thing that's happened.To be honest when I got this I thought I was mainly in it for the comic relief. And my god, did it deliver. This is the funniest book [...]

    2. This is Toni Bentley's butt-fuck memoir, about how she found God up her ass. I'm serious. "I came to know God experientially, from being fucked in the ass—over and over and over again." "I want to die with him in my ass"It's a pretty good read, I have to say, although I wish I knew exactly how much of the humor was intentional. A lot of it reads like Mad Libs entries where all the inserted words and phrases involve ass: "True happiness can be found in the ass." "Love is taking it up the ass." [...]

    3. The Surrender, Toni Bentley's fifth book, has feminists gnawing off their own limbs and male book reviewers salivating like Cujo and carrying around their blue balls in bowling bags. Make you want to read it yet?It's incredibly daring and provocative, and while it is definitely graphic, this isn't hardcore porn by a long shot. It's witty, informational, and at times, moving. So what is the damned book about, already?It's a memoir about anal sex.Not just anal sex, but the connection between that [...]

    4. It's strange to see so many disparate reviews of this book, but then I guess anal sex is a divisive topic. I read this book because it was this month's selection for my erotica book group. I almost didn't read it because it's not available in ebook format but I finally caved and bought the dead-tree version and I'm glad I did. First of all, let me say I felt a particular affinity with the author, having a background in dance, daddy issues, and a pre-existing love of anal sex and all things expli [...]

    5. I hope there's a class on 21st-century women's memoirs being taught somewhere that pairs this withEat, Pray, Love . It's essentially the same book, just with more up-the-butt action.

    6. Warning: This book is not for prudes! It's a naughtier version of "Eat Pray Love." Am torn between three and four stars, so let's say it's a 3.5. Bentley is a solid writer, but if you can't deal with graphic language -- well, this isn't the book for you.I, on the other hand, enjoyed Bentley's honesty. And in fact, she has a few moments of inspired prose (e.g "If heaven is a taste of eternity in a moment of real time, then hell is an eternity of loss in a moment of real time"). Girlfriend admits [...]

    7. That this abominable memoir was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year does neither writers of explicit material nor their audience a favor. It is difficult to critique this book without being explicit myself, but suffice it to say that this pun-filled, psychologically-shallow, factually-untrustworthy, and insight-vacant book does not deserve the acknowledgment it received. Not that you were interested in the subject, of course. Some puns she thought clever went along these lines: a look with [...]

    8. I once had a professor who offered this advice: When one’s topic is hot, one’s writing should be cool. Toni Bentley clearly has no use for this advice. Her memoir is about erotic submission in general and anal sex in particular, and her writing is even more inflammatory than her topic. There is, here, a superabundance of metaphors, a euphoric overflowing. (And if you flinch when you see the word “overflowing” in close proximity to mention of the excratory orifice, you might not want to r [...]

    9. Make no mistake, Toni Bentley is an insane person. It is precisely because she is completely bonkers that she has written such a weird and captivating saga. This is one of the boldest and most fearless memoirs I've ever read. It is so intense that it's almost political and it revolves entirely around the joys of anal sex. Bentley's rhapsodic elegy about her D/s relationship that primarily focused on anal penetration is fascinating. No one has ever written so ecstatically on the subject. And whil [...]

    10. (3.5 stars/rounding up)The Surrender is Toni Bentley's "erotic memoir" about transcendence/anal sex/submission, and despite the fact that there were things in the book that bugged me, I quite liked it overall. To start with the things that bothered me: I could have done with a lot less Freudian psychologizing, though at the same time, it feels somewhat unfair to criticize the book for its emphasis on something that is apparently a very big part of Bentley's subjective experience of her life and [...]

    11. A witty and clever rhapsody on the Joys of Anal sex. For you men who are looking for some well-written pornography of the anal varietylook elsewhere, this is not it. For you women who are hoping to glean some kind of understanding and perhaps some technical pointers on the practice of anal sexlook elsewhere, too. It is explicit emotionally, but actually not very explicit in terms of sexual description, so I can't describe this as pornography. I wasn't titillated or aroused necessarily by the phy [...]

    12. I like the saying my irreligious partner uses sometimes: "God likes fucking". In this book, Toni Bentley is saying that "God likes anal fucking", too. If you agree with the premise that God does want people to get turned on in a multitude of ways (thereby producing more little Godlets to glorify His/Her-Big-Wonderful-Self)then just about any act that turns people on of a consensual variety must have a tinge of celestial/cosmic purpose.For those who abhor the thought of ass sex, or those that hav [...]

    13. well, just put this on hold at the library. quite sure i'll be getting some eyebrows at EGL.***************thoughts:2.5 stars?i liked that it was such a bold topic (SODOMY), but. meh?let's talk about how i almost didn't even finish the book. the beginning chapters are TERRIBLE. 20 billion different and "clever" ways of writing the exact same thing. let me show you:"This is the backstory of a love story. A backstory that is the whole story. A second hole story, to be entirely accurate. Love from [...]

    14. I rounded up to 4 stars, even though it's more like 3.5, due to the fact that there were more than a few parts that spoke to me. Those parts were less about the raunch and more about what it means to find something deeper within a sexual connection, and hey, don't knock it until you've been there. We women who've come of age through various stages of the contemporary women's lib movement (especially those, like myself, who were considered third wave), have been outright gifted, if not blessed, w [...]

    15. In a one word reviewLGAR!This was a challenge book for me and when I read the description, I admit I was curious. What would possess a woman to write this about herself and then share it with the world. I'm still left asking why. She can actually write, but after the initial shock wore off, it just became more and more of the same. I wanted to understand this damaged narcissistic yet completely insecure person but found it hard to endure her lifestyle and her choice of words. Finally at the end [...]

    16. Toni Bentley semi-autobiographically surrenders her body, mind and soul to find god through intensely intimate sexual encounters.I found the protagonist's courage inspirational, leading me to reexamine questionable attachments within and beyond the intimate and sexual in my own life.Nevertheless, a wonderfully straightforward well-prosed erotic novel!

    17. maybe it's just because i'm a dancer, maybe it's because i'm curious about other people's take on sensuality, sexuality, and related experiences, maybe it's because i like most everything else toni bentley has written (both in books & journalism)-but i liked this, a lot. it reads quickly, fluidly, and while sometimes she seems like she's reaching a bit too far for some extra depth and meaning (especially the spiritually-related content), it is nonetheless fascinating and she is earnest in he [...]

    18. …If you don’t fuck with death chasing you, you are mistaken…Though I did enjoy reading it, The Surrender turned out to be a disappointment. Not sure what I was looking for in reading this title. I feel a great need to always learn something, and this book generally afforded me an opportunity to understand more about why some people are perhaps obsessed with the asshole. I never have been, other than to take a good peek at my pile from time to time after a healthy bowel movement. I am aware [...]

    19. I wanted to like Toni Bentley's book: She's clearly a talented writer and her subject is rather enthralling. With that said, I really struggled with her incredible pretentiousness: It's really just sex. It is rather juvenile to build one's entire life around a single act. To turn every encounter into some sort of ritualized tantric nirvana-near-approach was laughable. Bentley's tendency to typecast men was both ridiculous and sexist. Her penchant for puns often petered out into mediocrity :) Whe [...]

    20. OK, I admit that I read this book and actually enjoyed a good deal of it! The writing is SO over the top at times, it's hilarious. But what's so appealing about the book is Bentley's courage and her dare I say journey. She goes after what she wants, she explores sexuality in this kind of amazing, unashamed way, and she is willing to recognize how important sex is in her life-- heck, it's a spiritual experience for her. Anyway, very interesting to say the least. This is not one you are likely to [...]

    21. THIS was a New York Times Notable Book? The writing was good, but the subject matter? I'm not a prude, but in her homage to anal sex Bentley tries to make the act a metaphor for life, love, religion and/or happiness - seems like a little much, and I think I would have enjoyed it more if she took herself a bit less seriously.

    22. Tito sent this to me to cheer me up after the tsunami, and it took me 2 years to work up the courage and reason read it. An odd choice for inspiring holiday cheer, to say the least. As is the common flaw with most specialists, Bentley exaggerates her subject. This book is educational nonetheless on a not entirely unusual inclination.

    23. Great, frank exploration of a positive sexual awakening. If I have a reservation it's about the psychodynamic elements she brings up, but I really hate those and they didn't in any way ruin this book for me. It's a great, fast, fun read.

    24. A wonderful guilty pleasure! This book was humorous and highly entertaining! Very honest and forthright. She didn't hold back and spared no details which is hard to find in a book sometimes.

    25. Elevates your terminal equipment to transcendence and poetry. If your rating is anything less than 5 stars, this book wasn't for you so you better shut up and next time, read the description. Dig it?

    26. This is defiantly not a book many well dare to read it is very explicit. It is comparable to a Playboy magazine confession type story but longer. I was surprised after reading this that it was named one of the 100 best books of the year by The New York Times and Publishers Weekly. I'm thinking it must be because it is about such a taboo topic that women don't ever speak about. This didn't seem very realistic to me but it was taking it a step further than Fifty Shades of Grey ever thought of doin [...]

    27. I loved Toni Bentley's "Winter Season"--- her memoir of life as a corps de ballet member. That managed somehow to be quite sexy despite its focus on the psychological stresses of the ballet life. "The Surrender" isa problem. Well written, yes. Sexy in parts, though hotter I think in concept more than execution. As a paean to anal sex and sexual surrender, it manages to get tangled up in New Age vapourings and psychobabble. Still, when Bentley does manage to actually talk about sex qua sex, she c [...]

    28. This is a book about a strong lady who damn well knows what she likes, and likes to think a lot about what she likesa lot. **meaningful pause** what she likes A WHOLE LOT.**meaningful pause** The prose gets a bit purple at times, but in that "if-you-like-it-you-like-it" manner of Anais Nin's, which kind of fits, if you think about it. Hey, more power to her--and yes, I enjoyed this book greatly! Cheers!

    29. This book has enraged some readers, but was also a New York Times Notable Book of the Year. Although at times I wished it was shorter, I found it to be a witty and highly intelligent erotic memoir. The author is brave, though sometimes annoying, and she displays a good deal of insight into sexuality. She connects her own obsessive approach to sex to the humiliation and shame she suffered at the hands of her parents at a very young age.

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