Blood Sense

Blood Sense

Connie Suttle / Jul 20, 2019

Blood Sense Black ash stirred and sifted off the body still rising to float on the water s surface Franklin had never seen anything like this Never The timer sitting on the side of the tub went off and Franklin

  • Title: Blood Sense
  • Author: Connie Suttle
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  • Page: 201
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Black ash stirred and sifted off the body still, rising to float on the water s surface Franklin had never seen anything like this Never The timer sitting on the side of the tub went off and Franklin dutifully released the water, watching while additional black ash drifted down the drain More water ran in the tub and the wait began again Blood Sense Saxom may be d Black ash stirred and sifted off the body still, rising to float on the water s surface Franklin had never seen anything like this Never The timer sitting on the side of the tub went off and Franklin dutifully released the water, watching while additional black ash drifted down the drain More water ran in the tub and the wait began again Blood Sense Saxom may be dead, but his children are alive and well Blood Passage Saxom is dead The vampires know this Anthony Hancock, Director of the Joint NSA Homeland Security Department knows it as well Tony and the vampires are now on the hunt for Saxom s brood, all of whom are determined to avenge their sire s death Neither Tony nor the vampires are aware of the other s efforts to search out these rogues, who may number in the hundreds at the very least Tony holds information the vampires don t he knows that Xenides, Saxom s eldest vampire child, has allied with terrorists both foreign and domestic Tony also neglects to provide vital infromation to Wlodek when he requests Lissa s help While struggling to recover from a near fatal bout with the sun, Lissa fails to understand why Wlodek willingly sends her away on assignment so quickly With very little information provided to her, Lissa is forced to face an enemy deadly than anyone can imagine and unravel a plot that could kill millions.

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    1. Anybody who likes reading about emotionally abusive relationships, puppet females with no personality and a Mary-Sue plot line will love this book. Anybody who does not want spoilers should not read this review.Firstly I was unable to finish this book (I read over half and skipped through the rest) as it was too horrendously pathetic. Everything that annoyed in me in the first two books just got worse. What I read was:Yup, disgusting. We find out one enlightening thing, that casts a little light [...]

    2. I really only started this one because of the way book two ends. I have to say I did not like it at all. which is sad because i have liked this series until then. Lissa shows no character grows at all in fact the position she starts the book in is relatively the same position she ends the book in. she is still engaged weather she want to be or not and is still controlled by Merrill and Wlodek. I feel like beside what happen at the end of book 2 she never really fights for freedom.She is so speci [...]

    3. 2 1/2 starsI had some problem in grading this book. Again the plot is engaging and the three stories are woven together quite nicely. But I do not know how to relate to Lissa. Every one and his brother (including the one with no real power over her like Charles or Merrill's human son) manipulate, use, betray, keep her in the dark and, apart a few token breakdowns, she does absolutely nothing. She is forced in to an engagement to Gavin, but she says she loves him. No way to see it (acceptance, ye [...]

    4. Lissa2 Aug '151 stars I read the first two books over 3 and a half years ago and just haven't pick this one up. I don't know if it was that I had forgotten a lot of what had happened previously or not, but I didn't enjoy this book. I'm glad I haven't got any of the other in the series to read. The main character doesn't do a lot of standing up for her self. Everyone around her wants her for something or treats her like a child, keeping things from her. All in all, not good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~B [...]

    5. 4.5 Stars MAJOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT:I liked this book. I enjoyed reading it very much. I loved how fast paced this series is and how there never seems to be a dull moment. Every book is action packed and full of so much drama and I love it.Lissa was her usual self. She is getting stronger as a person and not letting the males in the book walk all over her as much as they have in the past. I do have to admit that she is taking a little longer than I wish she would. Right now, she is bowing down a [...]

    6. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsAfter that crazy cliffhanger ending, Lissa is now being sent off to work with Tony. The problem is he's not only human, but she's having a hard time dealing with the things that have been done to her. She also hates that Tony is hiding information from her, and doing more behind her back than she ever imagined. This book made me hate a lot of characters. I was so pissed about stuff that happened at the end of the last one, and really frustrated with how [...]

    7. Something about these books has me addicted. I can't stop, even though many things annoyed me. Go figure. What annoyed me? The men. Here's why: Gavin: --Still a douche. Still yelling and being all around inconsiderate a-hole. Most if not all of their interactions are over the phone with him and he's still yelling, chastising her and telling her what to do and not do. Sometimes she's in tears, not always because of him, but his bitchy attitude certainly doesn't help! She has no support, no should [...]

    8. I'm loving these books and will do a proper review of the first one. I actually took a star off (which pained me a bit as I really do love them).I did it because I got so frustrated with the author's use of "Because the vampire council will kill me if I don't" as a catch-all plot device. While I thought Ms Suttle laid the ground-work for this in regard to the vampire council she did not lay any ground-work as to why Lissa was such a submissive and compliant little madam with Tony and all his end [...]

    9. Yes so Lissa tried to kill herself at the end of the last book, but I’m not really sure why. Okay so people were dying because of her but she didn’t create that mess. Yes she’s trapped but really is it that bad? Okay as a modern woman I should be goining the men are in charge noooo!!!!! But really Lissa and the vampires are being a bit dense now and the whole trust/betrayal thing is starting to get old. They have their reasons for what they do but none of the characters seem to be able to [...]

    10. After re-reading this series, I've come to the realization that although Lissa is very smart, part of her is stupid. She is a bit of a push over at times. At times I feel like she should be angry when she's not or she should be standing up for herself when she doesn't. This is especially the case with Gavin. He's been a complete ass hole since the beginning of the series yet she continues to be with him and say things like "I love you." How can she love him when he thinks that she just some baby [...]

    11. This picks up right where we left off. Merrill has come to the rescue! Lissa has a long road ahead of her but eventually gets sent in assignment. No one has her mentally evaluated and no one seems to give her the love and warmth she needs. In this book Gavin is very verbally abusive to me and Lissa just goes through with it. He's constantly calling her up cussing up a storm about why situations have happened. He needs to be supportive and show love. This portion of the story could have been made [...]

    12. I have to say that Lissa have been come Anita(kinda without all those sex), she got more "talents" one after another and all men adore her. Well, if they didn't than they are bad guy.She is a self-published author and after book 2, I hope she will try publisher's after all so I can read a better version of this. *face-palm* With good editor I do believe this can be great, but as it is today to raw for my taste(or rather to long to suffer to the end). Cravings Only human by Eileen Wilks, in this [...]

    13. Unfortunately this series starts as urban fantasy but it takes a sharp turn to sci-fi.I finished at book 6, and the whole time I was just expecting our h to explode and give some pay back. Maybe that's why I hung to it for 6 books.Gavin, the first H, is an abusive bastard. I just cant stand how she just took the abuse.This book had a lot of plot holes, but it was still enjoyable until you get so passionate about the characters and then they disappoint you and you drop the series.Another reason I [...]

    14. The first in this series is great. The second was okay and this one was not so great.Lissa. Poor Lissa. She started out as such a great, strong character. Now she is pudding. I couldn't even finish this book. All of the men around her treat her like garbage and then she doesn't stick up for herself. Ever. I had thought with the strong start and Lissa's human age, she would have been more solid. She crumpled. I don't find that to be entertaining at all. I am disappointed.

    15. DNF @ 25%. I gave this series its last chance, and guess what it did with it?Threw it away, that's what. Lissa, the main character, gets even more stupid. Is there a term for people somehow more stupid than those who are TSTL? B/c if there is, Lissa is it. Every important character in Blood Destiny somehow uses her, lies to her, manipulates her, abuses the hell out of her, and she never does anything about it. Or if she does, she goes back on it. I was so giddy when she tried to kill herself --a [...]

    16. I hate Gavin No actually this is to nice of a word I loathe him, him and nearly every single vampire and werewolf in this book. This isn't a hate of someone who is bad, or the villain, these are suppose to be the good guys, the love interests I hope they all choke. I will keep reading just because I have some vain hope Lissa will grow a bake-bone, stop calling her rapists honey; and kill them all.:Edit You know what I give up. I don't want to read more of this series. It's depressing, and aggrav [...]

    17. Another great book in the series, which should be read in order. The h is once again sent to USA to protect some big wigs. She saves the 1st Lady and the President using her super vamp skills. Her friend, head of security and a child of wolves, betrays her terribly. The poor h is constantly betrayed in various ways, it is the disrespect that eats and her, little kindness is shown to her when she is kind and gives freely to others. She saves Winkler - again, and his pack, again. He's such a good [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book the least out of the three I think I’m going to leave the series there & I can’t see my interest being held for another 7 books.

    19. Crazy Good!Lots of Drama! Tons of Action! Just gets better and better! Can't wait for the next book! From a Fan Pam James j

    20. Fantastic This series is Addictive and wildly fascinating when you start it you will lose sleep and then you keep on reading. Beware all of her books are like this so ENJOY!

    21. Not a fan at all of going off-planet. Thank goodness it was short lived. But I did like the characters there.

    22. Despite the abuse she suffered at the hands of her vampire “family”, Lissa is quickly pressed back into service – her skills needed by Homeland security Agent, Tony to defend a series of politicians.It’s soon clear that the terrorists threatening their lives are not conventional humans and more of Saxom’sBut Lissa is still being used as a tool – and is learning harsh lessons on betrayal from several angles.Whatever potential this book has, though, is utterly shadowed by most of the m [...]

    23. I thought this book was phenomenal! This is the third book in the Blood Destiny series, that picks up right where the second book left off, from that insane cliffhanger!Lissa is now recovering from her bout with the sun and trying to cope with her emotions about the punishment the Vampire Counsel dealt out to her for disobeying her sire. Lissa is barely a year old as a vampire, and in the vampire world they have rules, structure, like a government, and she is still learning. The counsel told Lis [...]

    24. As this novel opens, Lissa is recovering from her attempt to give herself to the sun. For some reason, she recovers and doesn't ice out/ stop talking to Merrill and Gavin. She is not allowed to recover emotionally. Instead she is given assignments, which put her at odds with her elders. Tony Hancock requests her services on some national security matters, but his weak and ambitious character is revealed in a massive betrayal. Lissa also faces betrayal by Winkler and then another near-death exper [...]

    25. This review is chock full of spoilers and a mini rant.Like most of the other reviewers, I really enjoyed the first 2 books. I even agreed with Lissa's decision at the end of book 2. But what the hell happened in the third book? I don't have a huge issue with Gavin and his overbearing, blaming Lissa for things outside of her control, self; Not much of an issue with Merrill; we knew Vlodek and the council are a bunch of ******** but what really got my goat was Tony. Tony and his secrets, his abuse [...]

    26. "Black ash stirred and sifted off the body still, rising to float on the water's surface. Franklin had never seen anything like this. Never. The timer sitting on the side of the tub went off and Franklin dutifully released the water, watching while additional black ash drifted down the drain. More water ran in the tub and the wait began again."--Blood Sense"Saxom may be dead, but his children are alive and well."--Blood PassageSaxom is dead. The vampires know this. Anthony Hancock, Director of t [...]

    27. Lissa has once again proven herself invaluable to the Vampire Council and the Werewolf Grand Master, serving both races, of which is a member.It took time for Lissa to recover from her deliberate attempt to face the sun, and her efforts may have served as a wake-up call to those around her who profess to love and care about her. Horrid details of her past are uncovered that explain why she took the harsh, and wholly unwarranted, discipline issued by the Council so badly.Not one to let fledgling [...]

    28. I loved it! The series has got me intrigued. There are several groups of men in her life vampires, werewolves and humans. They are all using her for their own ends. She's becoming hip to the scene as the series goes on. waking up and smelling the coffee. This book dealt a lot with Tony. He's my favorite so far. At least he has a conscience and feels bad about using her without her consent. But he remains a job first kind of guy and she ends up angry and disappointed. She remains loyal to Gavin t [...]

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