The Line of Illeniel

The Line of Illeniel

Michael G. Manning / Sep 17, 2019

The Line of Illeniel Mordecai has discovered his heritage and must take up the mantle of a lord of the realm while figuring out what it really means to be a mage of the line of Illeniel He is beset on both sides by allie

  • Title: The Line of Illeniel
  • Author: Michael G. Manning
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mordecai has discovered his heritage and must take up the mantle of a lord of the realm, while figuring out what it really means to be a mage of the line of Illeniel He is beset on both sides by allies and enemies trying to control or destroy his future Gods and kings both seek to manipulate him for their own ends, and no matter what he chooses his loved ones will sufferMordecai has discovered his heritage and must take up the mantle of a lord of the realm, while figuring out what it really means to be a mage of the line of Illeniel He is beset on both sides by allies and enemies trying to control or destroy his future Gods and kings both seek to manipulate him for their own ends, and no matter what he chooses his loved ones will suffer Will he risk destroying his love with a bond that might be her death, or face the madness that comes to wizards who embrace power without restraint

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      242 Michael G. Manning
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        Michael Manning was born in Cleveland, Texas and spent his formative years there, reading fantasy and science fiction, concocting home grown experiments in his backyard, and generally avoiding schoolwork.Eventually he went to college, starting at Sam Houston State University, where his love of beer blossomed and his obsession with playing role playing games led him to what he calls his best year ever and what most of his family calls the lost year.Several years and a few crappy jobs later, he decided to pursue college again and was somehow accepted into the University of Houston Honors program we won t get into the particulars of that miracle This led to a degree in pharmacy and it followed from there that he wound up with a license to practice said profession.Unfortunately, Michael was not a very good pharmacist Being relatively lawless and free spirited were not particularly good traits to possess in a career focused on perfection, patient safety, and the letter of the law Nevertheless, he persisted and after a stint as a hospital pharmacy manager wound up as a pharmacist working in correctional managed care for the State of Texas.He gave drugs to prisoners.After a year or two at UTMB he became bored and taught himself entirely too much about networking, programming, and database design and administration At first his supervisors warned him repeatedly to do his assigned tasks and stop designing programs to help his coworkers do theirs, but eventually they gave up and just let him do whatever he liked since it seemed to be generally working out well for them.Ten or eleven years later and he got bored with that too So he wrote a book We won t talk about where he was when he wrote The Blacksmith s Son , but let s just assume he was probably supposed to be doing something else at the time.Some people liked the book and told other people Now they won t leave him alone.After another year or two, he decided to just give up and stop pretending to be a pharmacist programmer, much to the chagrin of his mother who had only ever wanted him to grow up to be a doctor and had finally become content with the fact that he had settled on pharmacy instead.Michael s wife supported his decision, even as she stubbornly refused to believe he would make any money at it It turned out later that she was just telling him this because she knew that nothing made Michael contrary than his never ending desire to prove her wrong Once he was able to prove said fact she promptly admitted her tricky ruse and he has since given up on trying to win.Today he lives at home with his stubborn wife, teenage twins, a giant moose poodle, two yorkies, a green cheeked conure, a massive prehistoric tortoise, and a head full of imaginary people There are also some fish, but he refuses to talk about them Sign Up for Email Updates


    1. I think there is a good story floating around in here but it is difficult to stay immersed in it. There are so many contemporary references and slang that keeps me from believing in that world.For me, fantasy is about being transported into another world and I had trouble getting there on this one. My Kindle version was a bargain but I don't think it was worth more than I paid.

    2. Ahhhe story proceeds. I'm really enjoying this series, which is good as most of the books/series I've "really" liked lately have proved to be the only one available in that series for the next year.I found the characters fairly interesting from the get-go in this tale and got this one not long after I finished the first. There we saw Mordecai find who he really is, find his true love (and as much as I "don't" care for romance I survived it), come into his power, fight his first big battle and so [...]

    3. This was an ok book. I felt like the majority of the book was the two main characters squabbling like teenagers. I found myself flipping over most of the dialogue and scenes between the two since the was really no substance to what they had to say. The plot and outcome were very obvious. I probably won't read the next installment.

    4. This book was just as, if not more so, addicting than the first one. The roller coaster of emotion between Mordecai and Penelope gets a bit much at times, but hey, young love. It's probably a fairly accurate portrayal of how two teenagers in love and under that kind of stress would be. There is plenty of action in this book, and sarcastic humor abounds. Read: warning to those readers that don't appreciate that sort of humor. One thing I like about this story is that the protagonists aren't alway [...]

    5. If anything, this book is even more immature than the first one. The first half of the book tried to cover too much and moved too fast for me to really feel immersed in the plot. The main character is arrogant and makes the same mistakes repeatedly without taking away any lessons from it. The relationship between the two main characters has no depth. I wanted to like the book, but it was very mediocre.

    6. I wish I could get into these books, but I find the frequent grammatical errors to be downright distracting. I may be more of a stickler for punctuation than most people, but the rampant lack of commas alone makes me want to pull my hair out and scream--- in part because the universe and fantastical elements could otherwise make the story quite entertaining. (It wouldn't be a great work of literature, but could stand on its own as light fantasy.)An example: " 'At least one of you has some sense [...]

    7. Second book continued the authors strong showing in the first book.All the characters are interesting.Dialogue is witty and often comedic at times.I really enjoyed the back and forth banter between Mort and Penny.I am enjoying that the story isnt all over the place with hundreds of characters.I also have enjoyed that the main character Mordecai "Mort" makes several mistakes and has a penchant for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time which kind of endears him to you the reader.Flawed characte [...]

    8. The language is a bit odd. It could be a selling point for some, but not me. I dislike the pretensions that some fantasy novels have, they try to be Shakespeare with odd sentence structure for character speech and use invented words every other sentence. I do want some effort though, English is a flexible language that constantly changes and that allows fantasy authors a great leeway in world building. A few proverbs here about local gods here, a gripe about about whatever local situation there [...]

    9. This was a very good follow up to the first book.Mordecai continues to learn of his heritage, his powers and romance.It takes a dark turn and has a strong Nick Seafort vibe for a while. Leadership. Responsibility. Burden of command. It was done well, though. Showing the negatives without hitting the reader on the head with a hammer.Had a great ending with a few things setup for future book(s). Can't wait to get to the next installment.

    10. Unfortunately weaker than the first book. Far too much time is spent on Mort and Penny's relationship which even the CW channel would have trouble keeping their head on straight the amount of times they fight and make up and fight and make upI just cant.

    11. The saga growsThe saga just continues to grow. Treachery, wealth, New found knowledge, loss of a loved one and the growth of new life. It's a all there.

    12. It's a good story & I want to give this more stars, but it needs an editor's love to sort out grammatical errors, trim fluff, flesh out a few scenes and comb out all the snarls and tangles for continuity. There were times I had the feeling of looking out a car window as the landscape flashes by - passing through a bit too quickly to really feel I was in the story.That said, some of the grammatical/continuity issues I had in book one did not appear in book two. I feel like this is one of thos [...]

    13. "Lasst nicht zu, dass euer Verstand das Herz aufhält, Junge. Der Verstand bringt immer nur alles durcheinander, glaubt mir." (Seite 77)Nach dem Beenden von dem Vorgängerband (Das Erwachen - Band 1) hatte ich mir erhofft und versprochen, dass der Autor mit "Der Bund" sich noch steigern kann und mich damit dann vollständig überzeugt, denn es folgen schließlich noch Bücher in dieser Reihe und die Grundidee ist spannend.Dabei bleibt es auch in diesem Buch. Die Idee ist spannend. Das Magiesyste [...]

    14. It’s getting so much better. In his Acknowledgements Michael G. Manning mentions the death of his real life father and how this reflects in the way he wrote the second half of the novel, and even without him telling me this you can really sense a change in mood. The tone of this second instalment from the Mageborn series is a lot darker, the main character Mort now has a lot of adult issues to deal with, and a lot of personal heartache to tend to while fighting a war. The battle scenes were ve [...]

    15. good read good timeI am enjoying this book and series! I like the characters, storyline and like the humor put into the characters. The humor and comments (humorous) really add to the 'flavor' of the character(s) for me. Mort and Penny go on like good friends and an old married couple - lightens the mood and shows another aspect of characters. Just as when Mort turned cold and talked about the true face of war - killing your enemy! Yes the enemy have family and extended family but when being att [...]

    16. This was a great book. I gave this book 5 stars because I enjoyed it a tonspite the lack of good editing. Commas are a weakness for Manning, it seems. ;)However, it is easy to please me. All I need is a story (preferably first person) from the POV of a powerful magical being, and the more powerful he is compared to everyone else, the more I like the story (I suppose that there is a point where the main character's power would solve all problems quickly and ruin the book, but I've never read any [...]

    17. I started this book hoping the writing and the anachronisms would have improved since the first book, but it was more of the same thing. I don't want to read about Joe the farmer, how their travels feel like a camping vacation, or that there were multiple bedrooms in their chamber once they arrived at the king's castle. And it wasn't just the anachronisms; the writing itself continued to come off as very immature (there was more of the annoying switching between 1st and 3rd person narrative) and [...]

    18. I didn't like this, the 2nd in the series, quite as much as I did the first. I think there were two reasons: 1) the "new" had worn off a little, and 2) it was somewhat darker.I kind of blundered into the first book after downloading a bunch of freebies for the Kindle. Most of those freebies were simply drek. However, Mageborn was a breath of fresh air. I loved the author's writing style so much that I rushed out and bought his 2nd book, so I didn't have that history of a long line of bad books j [...]

    19. Manning doesn’t miss a beat and builds on the strengths that made Blacksmith such a good book. While he introduces a few new minor characters, Manning spends most of the novel building upon the established characters. Illeniel possesses a faster pace, more moving parts, and significantly more action than Blacksmith. A lesser writer might have lost his way. With The Line of Illeniel Michael G. Manning proves Blacksmith’s Son was no fluke. He also demonstrates a self-published author can deliv [...]

    20. The book and story was written well enough for me to keep reading. But I can't stop thinking about how a young man who is very shy and just coming into his self gets the strength to out do better trained and experienced foes. I think what I'm trying to say is since this is all new to The book and story was written well enough for me to keep reading. But I can't stop thinking about how a young man who is very shy and just coming into his self gets the strength to out do better trained and experie [...]

    21. Manning manages to create characters and a world so clearly that as you move through the book it is easy to imagine even the littlest of details. The magic, battles, stories within stories he creates are epic and although the idea of a young man coming of age who finds out he can do magic is not new, Manning manages to give it a whole new twist and when you mix that with a truly great and unique writing style, Manning brings a much needed new breath into the world of Fantasy. I imagine we will [...]

    22. This story was heavier than the first one of the series. I mean that in terms of plot--much more troubles and loss. It's also true of the characters--much more anger and pain. But it wasn't so dark that it weighed down the story. I wouldn't recommend it for kids--too many hard issues raised to make it fun for them--but I think the people and the plot grew up a bit from the first book. As I hoped, once he got past the stereotypical boy-discovers-powers tale, the author offered some original ideas [...]

    23. It is pretty much the same as first book. I personally see this book in two ways:1. You hate it because of the amateur writing.2 You like it because of the ideas the author threw together. I love to give this book a higher rating but it's overly high as it is. I like the ideas. But I don't like Mort and the characters are, ultimately, shallow. I think, this is one of the novels with better ideas but with not-as-good writing. I think the narrator fixed all the grammatical errors that people had b [...]

    24. Mordecai must become the noble and wizard he was born to be. Sadly Penny foresees his death in a war within the year. Mordecai, Penny, and his friends must scramble to come up with a plan that will save their people and their kingdom.This book is a bit longer and a bit darker. The story gave a lot more depth to the characters and addressed what I thought were the weaknesses in the first book. I cannot wait to see where the series continues to go. It kept me seriously riveted. I finished this the [...]

    25. GreatYeah,there's nothing like finding an author I like,whose already put out a lot of books. No waiting for the next one. Like this one a lot, as usual the story flows pretty seamlessly. Royce is great character, I think every tale needs one. The dedication was touching and I definitely felt the bond the author was trying to convey. Wow,my reviews are rambling. Anyway I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves pace. And I like how the point of view switches effortlessly with barely a paus [...]

    26. WARNING SPOILERS!I am enjoying this series. Blacksmith's son had some technical issues but overall the story was there and it was entertaining. The Line of Illeniel, you can tell he is working on the technical issues. The story development was great and I cried when Mordecai's dad died. The characters are evolving. In Blacksmith's son, the characters were pretty two dimensional and didn't appear too complex. In this second book, readers begin to see there's more to the characters than originally [...]

    27. Again not the greatest in terms of writing. The plot/storyline has great potential. I read these back to back and will continue with them all back to back. A lot is overdone. The sarcasm (which I typically enjoy) is too much. It comes off as more "eye rolling" for myself as opposed to "ha!". Still though the storyline is good and I do know the writing gets better. The author has fantastic ideas, it's just his execution of them that is off.

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