The Battle

The Battle

Patrick Rambaud Will Hobson / Dec 16, 2019

The Battle The winner of the Prix Goncourt and Grand Prix du Roman de l Academie Francaise The Battle is a brilliant compelling novelization of the battle of Essling Napoleon s first major defeat The battle o

  • Title: The Battle
  • Author: Patrick Rambaud Will Hobson
  • ISBN: 9780802138101
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • The winner of the Prix Goncourt and Grand Prix du Roman de l Academie Francaise, The Battle is a brilliant, compelling novelization of the battle of Essling, Napoleon s first major defeat The battle of Essling has long been overlooked by historians and novelists, but Rambaud, relying on research notes compiled by Honore de Balzac, has re created the confrontation with excThe winner of the Prix Goncourt and Grand Prix du Roman de l Academie Francaise, The Battle is a brilliant, compelling novelization of the battle of Essling, Napoleon s first major defeat The battle of Essling has long been overlooked by historians and novelists, but Rambaud, relying on research notes compiled by Honore de Balzac, has re created the confrontation with exceptional skill.Balzac had always wanted to write this novel, but he never moved past the research stage Picking up where his predecessor left off, Rambaud renders the epic battle in all its pageantry, violence, and chaos The Battle opens on May 16, 1809, as Napoleon s forces confront the assembled armies of the Austro Hungarian Empire at Essling, near Vienna Angered by the Austrians challenge to his rule over their land, Napoleon is determined to crush the enemy troops with the quick maneuvers that won so many previous battles Yet the French soon find that the wide open Austrian plains are not conducive to their techniques, as the enemy s sheer manpower begins to overwhelm them.

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        Patrick Rambaud est un crivain fran ais Il a aussi publi sous le pseudonyme de Marguerite Duraille.Patrick Rambaud is a French writer He has also published using the nom de plume Marguerite Duraille.Il a son actif pr s de trente livres dont plusieurs parodies Le prix Goncourt lui a t remis en 1997 et son livre La Bataille lui a fait gagner le Grand prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise Il a t lu membre de l Acad mie Goncourt 2008.


    1. "Chiến trận" vẽ nên một chân dung hoàn toàn khác về Napoleon, và không giống tưởng tượng của tôi lắm. Napoleon trong cuốn sách là một người dũng mãnh nhưng lại có vẻ không chắc chắn lắm về những quyết định của mình, lại thích càu nhàu và đổ lỗi cho cấp dưới hơn là nhận lỗi. Nhưng có thể nói đây là một cuốn sách hấp dẫn và chi tiết, có điều cái cách nhảy từ nhân vật này sang n [...]

    2. Originally published as Le Bataille, The Battle is a modern French author’s homage to the novel Balzac often declared that he wanted to write, but never got around to writing. The Battle is, perhaps, the ultimate military novel. I say that in spite of the fact that my bookshelf here on the site and my bookshelves at home are practically papered with military novels. I started with juveniles written during the Second World War (the Dave Dawson series), expanded to Napoleonic sail, discovering H [...]

    3. C’est à Balzac que nous devons l’idée de ce livre :Pas une tête de femme, des canons, des chevaux, deux armées, des uniformes ; à la première page le canon gronde, il se tait à la dernière ; vous lirez à travers la fumée, et, le livre fermé, vous devez avoir tout vu intuitivement et vous rappeler la bataille comme si vous y aviez assisté. Il en parlait lui-même en ces termes dans une lettre adressée à Madame Hanska. Intrigué qu’il n’ait pas mené ce projet à bien, Patric [...]

    4. To nie Cornwell z jego Sharpe'em. Mniej tu przygody, więcej oblicza wojny. Wojny tak prawdziwej, jak to możliwe literacko. Jest brudno, paskudnie, strasznie i okrutnie. Kule odrywają kończyny (biedny marszałek Lannes), rozrywają trzewia. Opisy stosów ciał, kałuż krwi czy stert odciętych w lazarecie kończyn jest równie wiele, co widowiskowych starć. Pięknie opisuje Rambaud kirasjerów raz za razem szarżujących na austriackie baterie, węgierskich huzarów rozbijających szyk wolt [...]

    5. Dieses Buch ist brutal frontal in der Schreibweise. Man liest wie ein mieser Voyeur mit, wie grausam diese Schlacht von Apern und Eßling vor den Toren Wiens im Jahr 1809 ist. Das Buch ist unterhaltsamer und gleichsam lehrreicher Geschichteunterricht. Das Buch zeigt mit aller Deutlichkeit wie sinnlos und brutal und erbarmungslos diese zweitägige Schlacht war, bei der 40.000 Menschen starben also aller drei Sekunden ein Mensch. Ohne einen Zentimeter vom Geschehen wegzurücken, wird der Leser Ze [...]

    6. "The Battle" is a fictional account of the Battle of Aspern-Essling in 1809, Napoleon Bonaparte's first major defeat on land, at the hands of Hapsburg Austria. The book involves many of Napoleon's marshals, including Jean Lannes and Louis Davout, and also mentions Austrian commanders Archduke Charles and Franz Seraph of Orsini-Rosenberg. In fact, Napoleon cracks a joke about how where Napoleon fails, Rosenberg also fails.Napoleon spoke too soon.The book also involves the debauchery of Marshal La [...]

    7. Chiến trận viết về trận đánh 02 ngày đêm Essling của Napoleon. Một trận chiến chỉ kéo dài 48 tiếng nhưng thương vong hơn 40 nghìn người. Trận chiến mà chính những người tham chiến cũng rệu rã không muốn tham gia.Để đọc và hiểu hết được Chiến trận, lẽ ra mình phải có lượng kiến thức về Napoleon, về các trận đánh của ông. Tiếc răng, kiến thức hạn hẹp, tuổi đời non trẻ khiến mìn [...]

    8. -Ficción realista, inmisericorde y sucia.-Género. Novela histórica.Lo que nos cuenta. Cinco días antes del comienzo de la Batalla de Aspern-Essling, un Napoleón que ya ofrece síntomas de desgaste físico trata de planificar el cruce del Danubio tras el reciente desastre durante su primer intento. Ahora quiere asegurarse de que no vuelva a suceder nada que interrumpa sus planes y a Viena llegan tropas para desplegarse correctamente para el cruce, bajo supervisión directa del emperador. Ent [...]

    9. Formidable, le souffle épique qui traverse ce livre n'a pas d'équivalent dans les autres consacrés à l'Empereur. Une bonne introduction à "l'Absent" ou au "Chat botté". J'aime le style simple et précis de cet auteur. Ces personnages sont bien campés et toujours historiquement bien restitués. C'est de l'histoire pour tous, pas besoin d'être un fan de Napoléon, pour se laisser emporter par cet ouvrage, il faudrait le faire en classe mais c'est déjà peut-être fait ?

    10. Interesting book, gives an unexpected portrayal of Napoleon as being unsure of some of his decisions and a relative self-awareness that he spends most of his day around men trained to tell him what he wants to hear. The battle scenes are brutally graphic, which really conveys the brutality of war, especially in a time before modern medicine. Overall, a good read about a battle that made a great leader question his abilities.

    11. Actually about the closest I have come to enjoying a book with vivid descriptions of war/battle reality. This is the story of a single battle, a loss for Napoleon Bonaparte in Austria at Aspern-Essling. The novel portrays the more vulnerable side of Napoleon who needed his close friends to shore him up in his decisions.

    12. An excellent historical novel covering the interesting Battle of Aspern-Essling where the brilliant Napoleon suffered one of his rare set backs. The book tells the tale of the battle against the Austrians from the perspective of the generals and their men. Very well done.

    13. Récit très détaillé. Très intéressant à lire. C'est un peu cru par moments, mais c'est la guerre!Il s'agit de la bataille d'Essling (en autriche), les 21 et 22 mai 1809.Le maréchal Lannes y trouvera la mort.

    14. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's very much like All Quiet in the Western Front, but worse. It's slow, not nearly as emotional or intense, and way too many characters. The only thing that made this book bearable was the comic relief with Anna Strauss.

    15. A lessor known novel on a lessor known battle - I really enjoyed it - and found the more I read - the more I wanted to keep reading A worthy historical novel

    16. Très beau tableau historique mais je trouve que le style narratif ne découle pas si bien que cela. Trop concis.

    17. It is always interesting to see "great men" portrayed at their weakest. You could teach a master's class on Napoleon's psyche using this and Jean-Paul Kauffmann's The Dark Room at Longwood.

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