A Catered St. Patrick's Day

A Catered St. Patrick's Day

Isis Crawford / Nov 12, 2019

A Catered St Patrick s Day Catering sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons wade into a Celtic knot of malice and mayhem when a St Patrick s Day celebration goes terribly wrong in this eighth installment of Crawford s cozy series Gas

  • Title: A Catered St. Patrick's Day
  • Author: Isis Crawford
  • ISBN: 9780758247407
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Catering sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons wade into a Celtic knot of malice and mayhem when a St Patrick s Day celebration goes terribly wrong, in this eighth installment of Crawford s cozy series.Gastronomical dream team Bernie and Libby Simmons wade into a Celtic knot of malice and mayhem when a St Patrick s celebration goes terribly wrongTo most of the people of liCatering sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons wade into a Celtic knot of malice and mayhem when a St Patrick s Day celebration goes terribly wrong, in this eighth installment of Crawford s cozy series.Gastronomical dream team Bernie and Libby Simmons wade into a Celtic knot of malice and mayhem when a St Patrick s celebration goes terribly wrongTo most of the people of little Longley, New York, St Paddy s Day means good food, great music, and plenty of Guinness But when the lifeless body of Mike Sweeney floats to the top of a vat of green beer, it looks like the luck o the Irish has just run out.Unfortunately for the Simmons sisters, the number one suspect is related to one of their best catering customers, the pampered and powerful Bree Nottingham When Bree visits A Little Taste of Heaven to beseech them to clear her nephew s name, they just can t say no.But the information Bernie and Libby stir up, the Duncan Nottingham looks like a killer Known for his hot temper and love of the drink, Duncan and the deceased were both part of the Corned Beef and Cabbage Club, a group with buried history than the Emerald Isle And each member especially Duncan had a motive to sing Sweeney his last Irish lullaby A motive they don t want anyone revealingr Bernie and Libby, the situation is deadly and in danger of boiling over And they can t count on good old Saint Pat to drive out the snake in their midstey ll have to do it themselves, before a murderer strikes again.

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      • Isis Crawford

        Isis Crawford was born in Egypt to parents who were in the diplomatic corps When she was five, her family returned to the States, where her mother opened a restaurant in Upper Westchester County and her father became a university professor Since then Isis has combined her parents love of food and travel by running a catering service as well as penning numerous travel related articles about places ranging from Omsk to Paraguay Married, with twin boys, she presently resides in Hastings on Hudson, New York, where she is working on the next Bernie and Libby culinary mystery.A pseudonym used by Barbara Block


    1. “Green Beer and Lots of Intrigue”This is the first of Ms. Crawford’s books I have read and it is also my introduction to the sleuthing world of Libby and Bernie Simmons. As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, Bernie and Libby are busy as bees in their shop, “A Little Taste Of Heaven”, when Bernie receives a distress call from her bartender-boyfriend; Brandon, asking them to meet him at R.J.”s, the local tavern in which he works. He had had problems with the unruly members of the “Corne [...]

    2. I got off on the wrong foot. I admit I was drawn to this book by the title (I love all things Celtic) and the cover (green cupcakes!). However, I found it hard to find any interest in the characters until 3/4 of the way through the book. It is the 8th in Isis Crawford's series and I feel sure she assumes her readers have read the prior books and know the background of the main characters. Generally when I read a mystery starting in the middle of the series I expect an early review of the backgro [...]

    3. It started ok but for some reason I got bored and annoyed by some of the discussions. There wasn't much cooking either. Characters where quite narky with each other even the sister sleuths. I have read better.

    4. A mystery that will have you shaking your head. A mystery that shows you what greed is to some people and what the fall out is to others.

    5. First time reading this author and cozy mystery series. I really enjoyed it and liked that Sean (dad) was a former chief of police so solving the crime was very methodical. The daughters, Libby and Bernie owe a cafe/bakery and spent a fair amount of time cooking, working and enjoying their food, but food did not seem to be in the forefront like in some other cozies. It involved a ponzi scheme and locals losing their nest egg to bad investments. My biggest complaint was a big blooper. Liam and wi [...]

    6. A Catered St. Patrick’s DayBy Isis CrawfordCopyright February 2012Publisher Kensington PublishingGastronomical dream team Bernie and Libby Simmons wade into a Celtic knot of malice and mayhem when a St. Patrick’s celebration goes terribly wrong…To most of the people of little Longely, New York, St. Paddy’s Day means good food, great music, and plenty of Guinness. But when the lifeless body of Mike Sweeney floats to the top of a vat of green beer, it looks like the luck o’ the Irish has [...]

    7. In A Catered St. Patrick's Day, Bernie and Libby Simmons, sisters from A Little Taste of Heaven catering, become involved in a St. Patrick's Day murder. When Mike Sweeney is found floating in a vat of green beer, a likely suspect is quickly identified. It's Duncan, the nephew of the caterers' best customer, Bree Nottingham. She approaches the sisters asking if they can help clear him. As they poke around, it sure looks like Duncan is guilty, but he's not the only one that wanted Sweeney dead. It [...]

    8. Isis Crawford has written a whole series of holiday themed murder mysteries featuring Libby and Bernie Simmons. They are sisters who are full time caterers and part time sleuths. They are quick and easy to read. The characters are likable and the stories are engaging. This particular mystery involves a broker who is drowned in a barrel of green beer. Overall, an entertaining romp.

    9. The Simmons sisters, Libby and Bernie, are hired by one of their catering clients to clear her nephew, Duncan, of a crime he claims he didn't commit. Suspects keep disappearing, and Duncan looks guiltier as time goes by. The Simmons sisters' father, ex-cop Sean, played a prominent role in this story. I was so excited to read this book because it is about one of my favorite holidays. However, I had this book checked out for about nine weeks. I thought I would NEVER finish it, so I finally forced [...]

    10. When I first picked up this novel, it was early last month and, of course, close to St. Patrick's Day. So, appropriately, I knew that I had to commemorate the holiday by reading it.I have never read any of Isis Crawford's novels, but now I may just have to look them up and start, because this book was interesting, intriguing, and a bit quirky. All of the qualities that I love in a good murder mystery.A Catered St. Patrick's Day starts out at the bakery named A Little Taste of Heaven where our tw [...]

    11. A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis CrawfordRealize the author has put out other books along the same lines, just different holidays and after reading 1/2 of the first page I know I will be hunting down the rest of the books to read.Being as I do bake just listening, reading about how they are handling the dough makes me think I can learn something from them by reading this book. The luck is with them, besides the 4 leaf clovers they have the kitchen witch there.I remember making them to sell at [...]

    12. A Little Taste of Heaven is owned by the Simmones and has been for years. They make the best tasting food around! Since their mother died, Bernie and Libby were now running the shop and keeping the family tradition going. There is another side to this family though. With their dad being a former police officer, Bernie and Libby got interested in solving crimes. They were pretty good at it too. So good in fact, they and their dad were private investigators as well as terrific cooks. Wouldn't you [...]

    13. I was initially attracted to this book by the delicious looking cupcakes on the front cover (I know, a very shallow reason to want to read a book!)but it also promised to be a mystery so I thought it might be good. I was wrong. This book should have been fast-paced and full of action, given the plot description. However, it contained a lot of extemporaneous descriptions of food mixed in with the plot, which I felt were really unnecessary and made for slow reading. I really didn't need to read ab [...]

    14. St. Paddy’s Day is a time for celebration and good fun. What could possibly put a damper on that? Well, finding a dead body, drowned in a barrel of green beer meant for tomorrow’s festivities could slow it down a bit. And when the suspect in that murder is the nephew of one of your best customers, you really have no choice but to track down the actual killer. Sisters Bernie and Libby along with their retired cop father Sean are chasing down leads. Boyfriend bartender Brandon helps with infor [...]

    15. Read for my genre fiction class in grad school as part of the weekly holiday book assignment.Bernie and Libby are two sisters who run a cafe, bakery, and catering service outside of New York City. But on the side, these ladies are amateur detectives who solve mysteries, usually murders, with the help of their retired police chief dad and their boyfriends.St. Patrick's Day starts out with a call from Bernie's boyfriend who finds a man dead; drown in a keg of green beer at the back of a bar. Hired [...]

    16. Not my cup of tea. I read 3 chapters before giving up. If a book doesn't grab my attention at the beginning, I always give the author 3 chapters to catch my interest. If he can't get me to care about *any* of his characters by then, I stop reading. The library is full of good books still unread; I don't need to waste time reading boring ones.This isn't #1 in the series, so perhaps Crawford introduced the characters better in the previous books, but I just didn't like any of them, and the virtue- [...]

    17. This is a basic cozy and follows the usual cozy recipe. The thing that bothers me most about this series is that it needs a good editor. In this book the reader is told that the father and the daughter's boyfriend are in a regular car and definitely not the hearse that is part of the boyfriend's family business. A few pages later we're told that the father "gets out of the hearse." Similar little problems like this happen in almost all of the books in the series. I don't go around looking for pr [...]

    18. Bernie & Libby get asked to solve a murder by a person they know, Bree, who wants them to clear her nephews name from the murder. But the more they gather the clues, the more Duncan, Bree's nephew is looking guilty. Meanwhile, another person, Lisa, gets murdered and is related to the case. Bernie & Libby aren't seeing eye to eye, so Bernie goes one way, and Libby another with the clues they are getting. Libby has to talk to Orion, a past live in boyfriend, to answer some questions to hel [...]

    19. I generally dislike mystery novels that are lumped into a category called the "cozy", which is the category that this book falls into. When I found a new, unread copy of this book at my local library, I had to give it a go. Because of the number of books Ms. Crawford has written, I thought perhaps I should re-evaluate the genre. I was familiar with these types of mysteries from my childhood. And as far as I'm concerned, that's the audience for this book. Great for kids, but adults should be able [...]

    20. This book was very disappointing. I have to preface this review by saying that I could not even finish it even though I was 75% through it. I kept reading saying to myself that maybe the main characters would prove to be interesting after all, maybe the plot will thicken and provide some relief, but unless in the last few chapters all is turned on its head this book is a complete bore. Also, it doesn't even involve St. Patrick's day other than the murdered man is downed in a keg of green beer fo [...]

    21. When one of the most prominent citizens of Longley, NY, ask retired police chief Sean Simmons and his two daughters, who run a food shop and catering establishment, to clear her nephew of murder charges, they really can't say no. So, however reluctantly, they set to work finding out who the real murderer of Mike Sweeney, trader and financial adviser. A lot of people have lost money since 2008, but Sweeney's clients have lost more than most--and they blame him. Then Sean finds another body, and c [...]

    22. The mystery part here is actually pretty good. And I like that Sean is becoming more lively, and the character Marvin develops more here too. I wish the recipes were more incorporated into the book, and also that Bernie was a little less annoying. I like this series, but it's less endearing to me than the Hannah Swenson books - not as cozy, and the characters just aren't as likeable for me. Also, I'm just not that into the descriptions of everything they eat - I like food-oriented mysteries, but [...]

    23. This book of the Catered series did not have a big catered affair like the other stories. In this, greed and revenge motivate the killings, after a "get-rich" scheme fails. The recipes at the end of the story were few and not as tempting. The story line fell flat as compared to the other novels of this series. The reader meets Libby's ex husband, and you almost feel sorry for him. Other characters seem to grow in stature, such as Sean and Walter. The sisters seem to run off to adventures so ofte [...]

    24. Another nice cozy. In this book, two sisters help their retired policeman father investigate the latest murder. Their everyday business is an eatery/bakery, but their father apparently has "trained" them since they were young girls in investigative techniques, so I find myself being much more accepting and tolerant of them as they take time off from their regular duties to investigate the murder. Light, airy, funny and complicated enough that it was an enjoyable and satisfying read. I think this [...]

    25. This book is more food porn than mystery book. The characters, two bickering sisters, lack depth and seem in capable if solving much of anything much less a murder. If anything they are vaguely reminiscent of Nancy Drew's companions Bess and George. Only this time the one who loves to eat is the tomboy. The constant descriptions of food will make you drool and then make you want to throw the book against the wall when they go in for a full page. After about 8 chapters I gave up, Isis crawford's [...]

    26. I thought this book was mildly entertaining. I know it's not the first book in the series, but starting with this one didn't leave me feeling too behind. I was first intrigued by the "A Mystery with Recipes" that it promisedI'm a sucker for any fiction or non-fiction that includes recipes. There were four or five recipes at the very end of the book, none of which I was interested in trying. Maybe it was the fact that they were "St. Patty's Day" fare that included Guiness beer as an ingredient. I [...]

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