Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre

Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre

Seth Rudetsky / Aug 21, 2019

Broadway Nights A Romp of Life Love and Musical Theatre No one out there knows Broadway or can tell a story like the a mahzing Seth Rudetsky Jonathan Groff Tony nominated actor singer Spring Awakening BROADWAY NIGHTS literally made me laugh out LOUD Seth

  • Title: Broadway Nights: A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre
  • Author: Seth Rudetsky
  • ISBN: 9781593500108
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • No one out there knows Broadway or can tell a story like the a mahzing Seth Rudetsky Jonathan Groff, Tony nominated actor singer, Spring Awakening BROADWAY NIGHTS literally made me laugh out LOUD Seth Rudetsky is the funniest man I know Period Kristin Chenoweth, Tony award winning actress Seth Rudetsky knows every skeleton in or out of the closet on Broadway an No one out there knows Broadway or can tell a story like the a mahzing Seth Rudetsky Jonathan Groff, Tony nominated actor singer, Spring Awakening BROADWAY NIGHTS literally made me laugh out LOUD Seth Rudetsky is the funniest man I know Period Kristin Chenoweth, Tony award winning actress Seth Rudetsky knows every skeleton in or out of the closet on Broadway and his passion, joy and encyclopedic knowledge of that Magic Kingdom inform every sentence of this book He makes our age, this age, seem Golden, too, and he is right about that Terrence McNally, playwright I love Seth Rudetsky He is Mr Broadway Seth s love for the Musical Theatre equals my own and his knowledge of all things Broadway is an obsession to be cherished His chronicle of the journey of starstruck kid to Broadway pianist conductor is a wonderful every theatre kid tale with wicked humor and New York City savvy, sass and insight I LOVE THIS BOOK Betty Buckley,Tony award wining actress singer Seth Rudetsky belts a high comedic note in this hilariously reflective, mile a minute insight about the real people who travel the Great White Way Ana Gasteyer, Actress Singer, Saturday Night Live , Wicked Seth Rudetsky s book is everything you want to know about Broadway AND Funny Lea DeLaria, Actress Comedian, The Rocky Picture Horror Show Seth Rudetsky works in the pits, but his book is anything but A laugh filled excursion to Broadway with a guide who knows where all the phantoms are buried Even if the closest you ever get to the Broadway jungle is second mezz at The Lion King, you ll have a good time Bruce Vilanch, Actor Writer One time SquareWelcome to life beneath the wicked stage Stephen Sheerin was born to play on Broadway or at least, under it He s a musician, a conductor, and his dream is to music direct a big Broadway musical After years of toiling in the pit of some of the best loved and loathed hits on the Great White Way, he s just been given his big break Can life really be going that well Of course not his family is driving him crazy and his boyfriend can t seem to get rid of his other boyfriend Then there s Stephen himself neurotic and bitchy who realizes that maybe total happiness is over rated.

    Home Nights On Broadway Night on Broadway is a free arts and music festival produced in celebration of the Council District s Bringing Back Broadway economic development initiative. Broadway Nights A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre Community Reviews Broadway Nights is a super sized dose of Seth s fantastic sense of humor and extensive Broadway musical theater knowledge A thoroughly enjoyable book with characters that seem oddly universal, even out of the context of Broadway If you are Broadway Nights Broadway Nights Fannie, a performer in a music hall act, teams up with Johnny, an MC and a gambler, and becomes a success They marry, and a few years later they have a child One night while they are See full summary. Broadway Nights A Collection of Broadway Concerts Broadway Nights, now in its th year, continues to present thrilling pops entertainment Our shows feature stars of the Broadway stage, jazz and cabaret Our shows feature stars of the Broadway Broadway Nights Broadway Nights is a American silent romantic drama film directed by Joseph C Boyle and starring Lois Wilson and Sam Hardy The film marked the debuts of Barbara Stanwyck and Ann Sothern who had small roles as fan dancers. Broadway Nights Cabaret Home Facebook Broadway Nights Cabaret likes Broadway Nights is a cabaret style performance featuring music from classic and contemporary shows Starring Broadway Nights A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre Broadway Nights A Romp of Life, Love, and Musical Theatre Seth Rudetsky, Kristin Chenoweth, Andrea Martin, Ann Harada, Richard Kind, Jonathan Groff on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Stephen Sheerin was born to play on Broadway or at least, under it He s a Broadway Nights Seth Rudetsky It s been said actually, it s been sung , that when a Broadway baby says goodnight, it s early in the morning But what about those Broadway nights The thrill of being on stage, the adulation, the applause, the stage door fanatics Stephen Sherrin has no such life. Night On Broadway Photos Reviews Festivals Night on Broadway is an event hosted by Los Angeles City Council member Jos Huizar, in an effort to revitalize Broadway s historic theaters It happens one night a year featuring pop up shops, food trucks, and musical and stage performances in the theaters and surrounding areas. The Bee Gees Nights on Broadway YouTube May , Main Course is the Bee Gees thirteenth album, released in for the RSO label, and their last album to be released by Atlantic Records in the U.S under its

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        Seth is the Broadway host, seven days a week, on Sirius Satellite Radio As a pianist, Seth has played for than a dozen Broadway shows including RAGTIME, LES MIZ and PHANTOM He was the Artistic Producer Music Director for the first five annual Actors Fund Fall Concerts including DREAMGIRLS with Audra MacDonald recorded on Nonesuch Records and HAIR with Jennifer Hudson recorded on Ghostlight Records, Grammy Nomination In 2007 he made his Broadway acting debut playing Sheldon singing Magic to Do in a devastating unitard in THE RITZ directed by Joe Mantello for The Roundabout Theater Off Broadway he wrote and starred in the critically acclaimed RHAPSODY IN SETH directed by Peter Flynn at the Actors Playhouse and has also appeared on TV on LAW AND ORDER C.I and had a recurring role on ALL MY CHILDREN As an author, he penned the books THE Q GUIDE TO BROADWAY, now in it s third printing, and the recently published BROADWAY NIGHTS which was just released as an audio book on audible featuring Andrea Martin, Jonathan Groff and Kristin Chenoweth Recently he was the vocal coach on MTV s LEGALLY BLONDE reality show and he currently writes a weekly column on Playbill.


    1. I come from a long line of musical theatre junkies. Some of my earliest memories are of listening to my parents' original cast recordings of various musicals and I was taken to see musicals from a very young age. Although these days I see much more straight theatre than I do musicals, I retain a fondness for musical theatre generally and for Broadway productions in particular. This is a novel which is lots of fun for someone who loves musical theatre and of no interest whatsover to anyone else. [...]

    2. IN A NUTSHELL: Stephen Sheerin’s diary, narrated by the author (Rudetsky) relates the ins and outs of mounting a major Broadway musical, along with the ins and outs of Stephen’s life, including his (boy)friends, family, therapist, and day-to-day life in New York CityE BLURBMr. Conductor, if you please…It’s been said (actually, it’s been sung) that when a Broadway baby says goodnight, it’s early in the morning. But what about those nights? The thrill of being on stage, the adulation, [...]

    3. This novel reads like a teenage fantasy. I think in some respects it is one. The characters (and I use the term loosely) seem to be simply imitations of people that the author actually knows, and so as a result he does not craft a character, he gives his imitation of a real person and calls it a character.The book is an interesting look at the creative musical side of a Broadway show, and I would have liked more of that. Unfortunately the novel keeps coming back to the personal life of the neuro [...]

    4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book!!! I felt like I was having a series of conversations with my hilarious best friend. I was sad when it was over! I actually listened to the audio version of this book, which is read by a cast of Broadway actors, with the author reading his own part, and it was AMAZING! I laughed out loud on a regular basis. Please write another book soon Seth!

    5. I am the target audience for this tale of a Broadway musical director and his path to his first Broadway show with a couple romances along the way. It's fun to have so much factual info combined with this fictional tale.

    6. While on vacation in NYC, I bought two books that should have fed my insatiable desire to read about theater. One was a young adult novel, the other an adult novel, and both were by Seth Rudetsky. He is a theater professional who apparently is loved by all of his co-workers on Broadway. I immediately read the young adult novel, since that’s the genre I write myself, and my review was mixed, leaning heavily to the “didn’t like it” column. I found the protagonist to be irritating. So now, [...]

    7. Seth Rudetsky wrote a really fun romantic comedy drama about Stephen, an aspiring Broadway pianist/conductor working as a sub on Broadway (not quite unlike myself most aspects of personality-secretly wanting to please everyone, worried about everything, loves juicy gossip, loves sexy men, hates drama even though they're always in it, dealing with theatre people)When Stephen gets the opportunity to work on a new show with an old friend that opens on Broadway soon.hing and everything that can go r [...]

    8. This is a tough review to write because Seth Rudetsky may be one of the funniest people on earth. Combining that with his own experiences in musical theatre, he turns "Broadway Nights" into a fast, breezy and almost-irresistible read--and a bull's-eye in terms of the targets he satirizes so effectively.That said, he doesn't paint a very flattering portrait of gay men. With the exception of the narrator, all of the guys have V-shaped bodies, perfect hair and teeth, and think primarily about sex. [...]

    9. Whatever reviews I had read of this, they made it sound like this wonderfully written, gleeful romp. By and large, I was disappointed. I guess, when all is said and done, the writing was fine. The Broadway trivia was fun. But where I had issues with the book was with the protagonist. Knowing that, it shouldn't surprise you that I'm now going to complain about how I couldn't respect the character because I don't like books where the plot conflict stems from the character's inherent stupidity. I j [...]

    10. What I learned: some really fun anecdotes about Broadway shows and stars, and some dish on how the Broadway world works these days.So romantic comedies are far from my favorite genre of movie (or book, I suppose), but you know how sometimes you find the characters, setting, dialogue, etc. so entertaining that you don't mind the predictability and overall unoriginality of the plot? (See also: Bridget Jones books.) This was like that for me. I have no idea if I would have felt the same way if I we [...]

    11. Broadway Nights is the story of Stephen Sheerin, an aspiring Broadway conductor. The story was told in a fun unique way. The book is actually Stephen's diary that he is writing in the hopes of selling it as a book when he becomes famous. His therapist, Monikah (yes, he goes off on the spelling of the name), suggested that writing down his feelings might help him work through some issues. Throughout the book we learn about Stephen's aspirations to conduct a Broadway show, his less than perfect re [...]

    12. a MUST for any true fan of the Broadway musical. The stories are great, funny and even a little b&tchy at times but we expect and love that from Seth. Well, maybe we don't always want what we love the audio format it's not 100% .I found Seth's narration to be distractive -- not becasue of his terriffic LI accent, or his tendancy to kick in the queen.he sounded too fake, rehearsed, nervous, at times it simply was hard to listen to. I expected to have the "squeeze 10 lbs of sausage in a 5 lb c [...]

    13. I listened to this as an audiobook and absolutely loved it. The author is the main reader and his voice takes the book from something I think I would have found amusing to an incredibly entertaining book that made me laugh out loud more times than I can remember. It also includes a large cast of other readers who are all Broadway performers (I know this from reading it on audible), only two of which I have heard of. This isn't surprising since I know nothing about Broadway. That's one of the gre [...]

    14. This book is Hilarious! If you like Broadway and don't mind listing to basically the rambling or as I like to call them scribbles of a very gay man, you should go out and get this book and read it. But, if that isn't your cup of tea you will hate this book. This book is written by a sub pianists who works on Broadway and his movement away from being a sub and to a conductor his dream job. It is also about him and his personal life around his work too. Written a bit like a journal as something fo [...]

    15. I listened to the audiobook version, and if you're a Broadway fan, I recommend it - lots of big names make cameo appearances.It's not a particularly deep book, but it's a lot of fun, especially for theatre nerds. Rudetsky takes us behind the scene of the creation of a new (fictional) Broadway play and learns a lot about life and love along the way. I enjoy his insider snippets of information about how things work on Broadway, though I could see how they could be annoying for those who are less i [...]

    16. So much fun.Seth Rudetsky's personality shines through every word. His comedic style and quirky exuberance permeate everything. If you like him, you'll like this.That said, I love him. His asides about various backstage Broadway stories are wonderful, and even better, he's created some very likeable, compelling characters. Anike, I have to say, is my favorite. She starts at the end of her character journey, but she's so interesting. The Geisenschlaags are zany and fun. Others worth mention are M [...]

    17. Seth Rudetsky is becoming a force on Broadway. As a musician who subbed on many Broadway shows, he has a encyclopedic knowledge of Broadway trivia. This book was part of the start of his fame. It is somewhat autobiographical, somewhat a look backstage at Broadway. Mostly, it was a gay romantic novel. I listened to this book on audio. I think this is a must for this book. To get the complete energy and humor of Seth, you need to hear his voice. He also brings in many Broadway stars to read variou [...]

    18. I absolutely adore Seth Rudetsky's's hosting on Sirius XM radio, so it's no surprise that this book is a laugh and a half. This is where I get annoyed that has the five-star rating system- this book isn't one of my all-time favorites, which get five stars, or fantastic, which get four stars, but I think it deserves more praise that just 'liked it'. It's not my usual style, but with insider knowledge and a sense of humor that tickles the funny bone of anyone who enjoys musical theatre, it was a [...]

    19. This was a book about Stephen Sheerin trying to get his life in order and put together his first play on broadway. I have minor exposure to being around the background shenanigans and what goes on in the Musical theater world, but this was an enjoyable listen. At times, I thought this was an autobiography, but I had to remind myself this was a work of fiction. There were points the story dragged a bit, though for the most part this story moved very well and stayed interesting. I enjoy Seth Rudet [...]

    20. Eh. This was not at all what I was expecting. First, it is fiction. For some reason, by the description, I got the impression it was memoir. Second, it was somewhat poorly written. The journal format really didn't work here. it just came across as jumpy. I didn't identify, or really even like, the main character. Are any grown-ups REALLY allowed to get away with being that self-centered? The dialogue (also tricky in journal form) was peppered with "Oh, he's still talking" and the like. All the B [...]

    21. Brimming with Rudetsky's trademarked sass, sarcasm and humor; Broadway Nights is a fun read. Following the journey of a gay Broadway Piano sub turned music director; BN is full of behind the scenes-- or the show-behind-the-show mad-capped drama.Rudetsky mixes fact with fiction in this wild New York romp, influenced heavily by his own experiences on the Great White Way.A famous leading lady fresh from rehab, cheap producers, and cheating boyfriends keep lead character, Stephen, tapping as fast as [...]

    22. I listened to the audiobook of this, which has a number of broadway stars playing the individual parts, including Jonathan Groff and Kristen Chenoweth, which I am sure has affected my review. I really enjoyed listening to this. It is a charming, fun story, filled with lots of gossip and jokes about Broadway, and the characters are all pretty comical (I will now always say "Harp-SI-chord," thank you Kristen!). It may be a little "inside baseball" for non-theater obsessed folks, but the story is a [...]

    23. I loved this! I listened to the audio, and it was fantastic. If you're a theatre buff, or even if you're not, it gives a behind-the-scenes look into a Broadway show. It is a novel and is the story of a Broadway pianist/wanna-be conductor and all his exploits. The plot structure resembles that of a Broadway musical, which is a nice touch. It is read by the author himself, who is in the biz, and many other notable Broadway stars. I laughed out loud multiple times and learned a lot. I'm sorry to se [...]

    24. For fans of Seth's Playbill column, or his deconstructions, you will love this book. Broadway Nights is a super-sized dose of Seth's fantastic sense of humor and extensive Broadway/ musical theater knowledge. A thoroughly enjoyable book with characters that seem oddly universal, even out of the context of Broadway. If you are looking for a fun read, this is the book the for you. Enjoy the obscure references and keep them in mind, you might be able to use your knowledge as a party trick one day-- [...]

    25. This is a book that I picked up at Book Expo American in NYC in June 2012 but it sat unread for many months, for no particular reason. Since I am a fan of Broadway shows, I did enjoy this insider's view of the shows and what goes into them. Not only did it get into how the shows are put together but it also includes typical relationship ups and downs of the protagonist and his friends. Nice to finish in time for watching "Smash" on TV this week!

    26. Rudetsky's humor, life, and experience shine through in this fictional journal of a musician with dreams of becoming a Broadway conductor/musical director. Anyone who works in theatre or has aspirations of working on Broadway will love this -- if you just love musical theatre you will love thisA sassy, campy tale of life and love in New York City, sprinkled with stories, facts, and anecdotes of the author's own life on Broadway.

    27. It wasn't groundbreaking, but it was a fun fluff read about the business of Broadway. I think Seth Rudetsky is great and kudos to him to add author to his resume. The writing is ok and storyline is quite predictable, but I didn't hate the book. I think this is the type of book that can only be enjoyed by Broadway lovers or people in the business. I can't imagine those outside of the Broadway world would really care for this book too much.

    28. Absolutely, positively do NOT listen to this as an audiobook! The author/narrator apparently doesn't realize that a small amount of whining and overacting goes a long way, and 10 hours of almost constant sing-songy whining is sheer torture! The actual story would be of interest to people with a passion for musical theatre since it describes the entire process of mounting a Broadway show, but if you don't have a passion for musicals, there is probably nothing for you in this story.

    29. Hilarious. Seth Rudetsky uses his insider's view of the Broadway scene to develop realistic situations bursting with humour and tidbits of information. He accepts that the audience may not be familiar with the world of the theatre and therefore includes explanations that seem unnecessary to the Broadway afficianado, but which allow other readers a sense of the amusement and 'insider information' that add to the humour in the novel. Hope Rudetsky continues writing in between performances.

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