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Yeager General Chuck Yeager the greatest test pilot of them all the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound e World War II flying ace who shot down a Messerschmitt jet with a prop driven P Mustan

  • Title: Yeager
  • Author: Chuck Yeager
  • ISBN: 9780099507703
  • Page: 365
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  • General Chuck Yeager, the greatest test pilot of them all the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound e World War II flying ace who shot down a Messerschmitt jet with a prop driven P 51 Mustang e hero who defined a certain quality that all hotshot fly boys of the postwar era aimed to achieve the right stuff.Now Chuck Yeager tells his whole incrediGeneral Chuck Yeager, the greatest test pilot of them all the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound e World War II flying ace who shot down a Messerschmitt jet with a prop driven P 51 Mustang e hero who defined a certain quality that all hotshot fly boys of the postwar era aimed to achieve the right stuff.Now Chuck Yeager tells his whole incredible life story with the same wide open, full throttle approach that has marked his astonishing career What it was really like enaging in do or die dogfights over Nazi Europe How after being shot over occupied France, Yeager somehow managed to escape The amazing behind the scenes story of smashing the sound barrier despite cracked ribs from a riding accident days before.The entire story is here, in Yeager s own words, and in wondeful insights from his wife and those friends and colleagues who have known him best It is the personal and public story of a man who settled for nothing less than excellence, a one of a kind portrait of a true American hero.

    Chuck Yeager Early life and education Yeager was born February , , to farming parents Susie Mae Size and Albert Hal Yeager in Myra, West Virginia, and graduated from high school in Hamlin, West Virginia, in June .He had two brothers, Roy and Hal Jr and two sisters, Doris Ann accidentally killed at age by year old Roy playing with a shotgun and Pansy Lee. General Chuck Yeager The Official Website Appeal Democrat, January, Duty led to history Catching up with Chuck Yeager Gen Chuck Yeager was interviewed by David Bitton of Appealdemocrat Gen Yeager emphasized that Duty comes first and that doing his Duty was first and foremost in leading to his successes. Carolyn Yeager By Carolyn Yeager YOU CANNOT PROVE THAT GOD EXISTS BY LOGIC You also cannot prove that million or even million Jews were exterminated by Yeager Properties Office Suites Retail Properties The Yeager Office Suites offers a fully furnished coworking space for individuals that are looking for something a little professional than a coffee shop. Victoria Yeager Good friend of Chuck Yeager, Russ Schleeh, had been a bomber pilot in World War II Tall, lanky, after the war, he became at various times the Chief Test Pilot for Yeager s Tree Farm Koupit Boty Adidas Dmsk a B zeck Boty Adidas Pnsk levn , Boty Adidas Tubular, Adidas Superstar, Adidas Terrex, Adidas Questar, Adidas Originals, Adidas Cloudfoam, Adidas Alphabounce a Adidas Tenisky Czech Online. Yeagers Sporting Goods Bellingham s Oldest Sporting Welcome to Yeager s Sporting Goods Whatcom County s home store for the outdoors Here you can find information about our departments, brands we carry Yeager s Cycle Sales New Used Powersport Vehicles Yeager s Cycle Sales is a powersports dealership located in Sedalia, MO We sell new and pre owned Powersport Vehicles from Harley Davidson, Polaris, Suzuki and Yamaha with excellent financing and pricing options We offer service and parts, and proudly serve the areas of Kansas City, Columbia, Jefferson City and Marshall. Yeager Supply, Inc Industrial Piping Supplies For over years, Yeager Supply has been the source for local supply and wholesale distribution of a broad range of industrial piping products. Yeager Funeral Home Ligonier, Indiana IN Welcome to the Yeager Funeral Home website Our professional and caring staff takes pride in providing high quality and affordable funeral services that meet the

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        Brigadier General Charles Elwood Chuck Yeager, USAF.Veteran of WWII and the Vietnam War Achieved ace status during WWII, and post war became the first pilot to break the sound barrier.His decorations include the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Air Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


    1. Chuck Yeager grew up poor facing hardships and personal tragedies, but his family provided for his necessities through a strong work ethic and the tough times were put in the rearview mirror. When he started school he was seated alphabetically noting:“I sat in the back in the daydreamer’s row with the other Ys.”. He professed that his dreams were not about flying, but like a fish to water he landed in aviation. Full of ambition and gifted with keen eyesight he literally soared to uncharted [...]

    2. Read this after Tom Wolfe's "The Right Stuff" and was drawn to the character of Chuck Yeager. Written in the first person Yeager's (with co-write Leo Janos) style is spare and lean. This is an easy read and would be recommended to anyone with an interest in the history of the US Air Force, NASA, and flying. Yeager appears to be a likeable, but somewhat taciturn guy whose courage and loyalty to his colleages, family and country is unquestionable.

    3. If I could jump inside one person's head Being-John-Malkovich style and experience their entire life, beginning-to-end, without regard to anything but the sheer roller coaster thrill of it, I'd probably pick Chuck Yeager. (Granted, the guy's not dead yet. But unless he meets a truly horrendous end--eaten alive, say, by Bengal Tigers, while slow-roasting over a barbecue pit--I'd consider myself a truly lucky man to see everything he's seen and do everything he's done.)Ripping through the sound ba [...]

    4. I saw General Yeager speak at the Pacific Aviation museum and he was absolutely hilarious and that was what prompted my reading this book - that and I liked that movie The Right stuff - and my little brother is in the AF so gotta represent! I really enjoyed this book but I must admit that the parts I enjoyed the most were not about Yeager - they were about two extraordinary and unique women in his life - Pancho Barnes and Jackie Cochran. I'm wondering if there are biographies of them because I c [...]

    5. As soon as seeing the title of this book, people might think that it’s not their cup of tea. Many (who aren’t interested in aeroplanes and engineering) wouldn’t know who Chuck Yeager is. People who know about him don’t know him well — they think that he’s just a man who enjoyed his life by flying expensive toys. Many don’t understand what a legend he is. But, for the ones who know him well, he’s beyond a happy and successful human. He is a role-model. A hero. A man who shed ligh [...]

    6. I loved this autobiography. It is written exactly as (I imagine) Chuck speaks, and provides an earnest perspective on his rise to the greatest pilot in the USAF. The stories are told very well and you feel the tension and danger of flying the aircraft just as Chuck did. You also revel in his success as he performs amazing feats in these experimental craft. Finally, the stories of the characters he met throughout his life are so very interesting and feel almost as if they could be made up! He liv [...]

    7. This book really gives great perspective on the evolution of fighter aircraft. Though a bit technical at times, he never loses you. Great stories on WWII, and how Yeager was the best out there. Really enjoyed hearing about the toll on his family life and all the inherent risks involved with doing a dangerous job, but doing something that you love.

    8. I just stumbled across something that reminded me I read this years ago. Probably junior high or high school. Can’t say I remember much, except thinking this guy was a badass and being interested because my dad was a decorated navigator who served in multiple wars, then died of a heart attack at 43.

    9. There is no doubt that Chuck Yeager was a brave, and extremely talented pilot. He was full of a can do attitude and did not let obstacles get in his way. For that I admire him. What disappointed me was the life of debauchery that he and some of his fellow pilots engaged in when off duty.

    10. Good read. Chuck Yeager was one of my heroes when I was growing up. Too bad I'm 30 years behind in my reading. I would have enjoyed this book even more when Chuck was alive. We need more Americans like Chuck Yeager.

    11. From very humble beginnings to a highly decorated American hero this truly deserving man tells his own life story in such an unassuming manner that it actually undermines his lifetime of accomplishments. Reading his story one is amazed that he has lived long enough to tell his own story.

    12. This was a book, i couldn't put down! I first saw mention of Chuck Yeager, in the film 'The Right Stuff'. He's the one portrayed by Sam Shepard, who's the first pilot to break the 'Sound Barrier' in 1947.Must admit i was intrigued, to see if what happened in the film was true. You know how filmakers, can twist the facts. So i looked if there was an auto-biography. I don't usually read auto-biographies, but with this one, i'm glad i did. It tells the story of a boy from West Virginia, who joins t [...]

    13. Loved it. Loved the sincerity from General Yeager and I enjoyed reading the commentary from various other people in his life. An inspirational, interesting, and unique life he led, definitely worth the read.

    14. Gotta admire the chutzpa of someone who admits to stealing food in the first 10 pages - it was depression era. A great tale of Yeager's life work from his fight in the Second World War to his groundbreaking achievement in the Bell X-1.He has truly led a life of adventure, and although I would have liked to have read a little more about his fighter operations in the European theatre, nothing really detracts from the story.The days of grandstanding flight are over, so it is great to revisit those [...]

    15. Chuck Yeager is one kind of person. Always right time and place. World War II ace. First test pilot broke sound barrier. Flight squadron leader and one star general. Chuck's accomplishment is one out of million. His gifted aviation talent. Extremely rare. Comes once in a lifetime.

    16. What a cool guy is Chuck Yeager (born 1923)! In the end he logged ten thousand hours flying in 180 different militairy aircraft. He loves flying, hunting and fishing. And he uses every change to do so. In the past and in the present.A few days ago I finished reading his 'Yeager. An Autobiography' (1985).He was not one of those guys who knew from the start that he wanted to become a pilot. It happened by accident. He wanted to pull out of guard duty and applied for a 'Flying Sergeant Program'. He [...]

    17. Some heroes we look up to, aspire to model our lives on, emulate in some way. The trajectory of our lives is not too deviant from theirs, and applying some course correction seems doable. But these are mere mortals next to Chuck Yeager.In his fantastic autobiography, Yeager tells his life story, covering more ground in each chapter than the best of us cover in a lifetime. Some of it is universally-known. He begins his flying career dogfighting over Europe in WWII, getting shot down over German-o [...]

    18. The purpose of this book is not directly stated to the reader of the story. Due to the the fact that this book is an autobiography the purpose is related to Chuck Yeager's life. Since the purpose of this book isn't directly stated my opinion of the purpose is to inform the reader of Chuck's life. The theme of this book is also not directly stated in the reading. Like most autobiographies this book's theme is a lesson that can be taken from the authors/subjects life. The theme that I took was tha [...]

    19. All I knew about Chuck Yeager when I picked up his autobiography was that he was famous for breaking the sound barrier — that's it. But I was instantly fascinated reading about his life in the Air Force, which spanned several decades, from World War II to Vietnam, and I was especially amused by the stories he told of his tricks and showing off and camaraderie, all of which seemed quite justified given his feats.Yeager's autobiography covers his entire impressive career as a combat pilot, test [...]

    20. I read this side-by-side with Fighter Pilot: The Memoirs of Legendary Ace Robin Olds: two books about fighter pilots that went from before the jet age to become WW II aces, military airmen in Vietnam and help usher in the space age. Both had careers that skipped over direct involvement in Korea with Yeager making a Korean Conflict cameo as one of the first American pilots to fly a MiG-15, after its pilot, No Kum-sok, defected to South Korea. Of course, Yeager has a chief pioneering accomplishmen [...]

    21. The life story of Chuck Yaegar, penned in his own hand in simple easy to read prose that details his life from his early childhood until he retired. Yaegar had a long and successful career and is considered by many to be the greatest test pilot of all times. As the first man to break the sound barrier, he is largely acknowledged as a true American hero, but his career is also full of many other achievements.Yaeger was a man with little education who came from humble beginnings in West Virginia. [...]

    22. Loved the WWII dogfight scenes, and just about all of the action scenes for that matter. He certainly had guts, and I appreciate his long military service. His personal life, and his comments looking back on it as a 60+-year-old, was much less appealing. The book was written like an autobiography with commentary from his wife and associates. That structure was brand new to me, and I didn't like it--made for lots of repetition and strange "Oh he was so amazing!" moments on the one hand while he u [...]

    23. Eighty thousand feet. A nightime sky with flickering stars at 10 in the morning. Up there, only a wisp of atmosphere, steering an airplane was like driving on slick iceroaching 1650 mph teh fastest any pilot had yet flown, and the fastest that any straight-winged airplane would ever flyI had glimpses of light and dark, light and dark. Spinning downI barely remember the next moments. But then my head cleared and I was at 5000 feet lining up with the lakebed.Maj gen Albert Boyd - "No pilot could l [...]

    24. Chuck Yeager was a very inspirational book about a man who loved to fly airplanes. For those of you who don't know, Chuck Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier, or Mach 1. This book includes the complete history of his life up until his retirement from the Air force in 1975. The book also includes short stories about him told from other important people in his life such as his wife and best friends in Air force.I thought the book was very well written with actual facts and details [...]

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Chuck Yeager is pretty much the ultimate badass. He's the quintessential fighter jock and doesn't take any pains to hide that fact or apologize for anything he's done. Over his storied career he's shot down planes during WWII, escaped across France after ejecting from his plane (and saved a seriously injured fellow soldier along the way), flown some of the most dangerous and experimental of aircraft, earned the trust and devotion of many soldiers under his command [...]

    26. For anyone who likes aviation, Chuck Yeager has a ton of insight and the book practically bursts with adventure stories. Yeager the pilot was in the right place in the right time, with the right skills and training, to become a bad-ass and make his mark on the world. I understand that his personality, ach-hem, is less than gentlemanly, but what does that matter, since his airmanship is so impeccable? The man was brave, and the death-defying stunts depicted in his test-pilot chapters boggles the [...]

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