The Amphibian

The Amphibian

Alexander Romanovich Belyaev L. Kolesnikov / Sep 17, 2019

The Amphibian The Amphibian will throw you back to a time when skin and deep sea diving had not yet made the Silent World begin yielding up its secrets on a really big scale as aqualung and snorkel are doing today

  • Title: The Amphibian
  • Author: Alexander Romanovich Belyaev L. Kolesnikov
  • ISBN: 9785050006592
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Amphibian will throw you back to a time when skin and deep sea diving had not yet made the Silent World begin yielding up its secrets on a really big scale, as aqualung and snorkel are doing today, and present to you Alexander Belayev s 1928 prevision of the ocean mastered by mankind Sea devil has appeared in the Rio de la Plata Weird cries out at sea, slashed fisherThe Amphibian will throw you back to a time when skin and deep sea diving had not yet made the Silent World begin yielding up its secrets on a really big scale, as aqualung and snorkel are doing today, and present to you Alexander Belayev s 1928 prevision of the ocean mastered by mankind Sea devil has appeared in the Rio de la Plata Weird cries out at sea, slashed fishermen s nets, glimpses of a most queer creature astride a dolphin leave no room for doubt The Spaniard Zurita, greed overcoming his superstition, tries to catch Sea devil and force it to pearl dive for him but fails On a lonely stretch of shore, not far from Buenos Aires, Dr Salvator lives in seclusion behind a high wall, whose steel plated gates only open to let in his Indian patients The Indians revere him as a God but Zurita has a hunch that the God on land and the devil in the sea have something in common Enlisting the help of two wily Araucanian brothers he sets out to probe the mystery As action shifts from the bottom of the sea to the Spaniard s schooner The Jellyfish and back again, with interludes in sun drenched Buenos Aires and countryside, the mystery of Ichthyander the sea devil is unfolded before the reader in a narrative as gripping as it informative.

    Amphibian definition of amphibian by The Free Dictionary Most amphibians lay eggs in water, and their young breathe with gills but develop lungs and breathe air as adults Amphibians include frogs, toads, and salamanders Word History Amphibians are not quite fish and not quite reptiles. Amphibian animal Britannica Amphibian In contrast, caecilians are limbless, wormlike, and highly adapted for a burrowing existence Salamanders and newts have tails and two pairs of limbs of roughly the same size however, they are somewhat less specialized in body form than the other two orders. The Amphibian Foundation Amphibian Foundation We re an Atlanta based nonprofit that leads one of a kind conservation research programs to address threats in the southeastern United States and across the globe We provide unique educational opportunities for all ages to learn about amphibians and inspire conservation. Amphibian Definition of Amphibian by Merriam Webster Definition of amphibian an amphibious organism especially any of a class Amphibia of cold blooded vertebrates such as frogs, toads, or salamanders intermediate in many characters between fish and reptiles and having gilled aquatic larvae and air breathing adults. Amphibian Define Amphibian at Dictionary Amphibian definition, any cold blooded vertebrate of the class Amphibia, comprising frogs and toads, newts and salamanders, and caecilians, the larvae being typically aquatic, breathing by gills, and the adults being typically semiterrestrial, breathing by lungs and through the moist, glandular skin See . What are Amphibians Amphibian Ark Saving Endangered Amphibian chytrid is a disease that infects the skin of amphibians, a vital organ through which many drink and breathe It was discovered a decade ago dozens of frog species have already vanished because of it In environments where it thrives, the fungus Amphibians National Geographic About Amphibians The species in this group include frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts All can breathe and absorb water through their very thin skin Amphibians also have special skin glands that produce useful proteins Some transport water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide either into or Amphibians for Kids Frogs, Salamanders, and Toads The largest amphibian is the Chinese Giant Salamander It can grow to feet long and weigh pounds The largest frog is the Goliath Frog which can grow to inches long not counting the legs and weigh over pounds The smallest amphibian is a frog called the paedophryne amauensis It is also the world s smallest vertebrate animal. List of U.S state amphibians rowsThis is a list of official U.S state, federal district, and territories amphibians.State

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        Alexander Romanovich Belyaev Russian , born 16 March 1884 in Smolensk, Russian Empire died 6 January 1942 in Pushkin, USSR Born in Smolensk, at the age of 30 Alexander became ill with tuberculosis Treatment was unsuccessful the infection spread to his spine and resulted in paralysis of the legs Belyayev suffered constant pain and was paralysed for six years In search for the right treatment he moved to Yalta together with his mother and old nanny During his convalescence, he read the work of Jules Verne, H G Wells, and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, and began to write poetry in his hospital bed.By 1922 he had overcome the disease and in 1923 returned to Moscow where he began his serious literary activity as writer of science fiction novels In 1925 his first novel, Professor Dowell s Head was published From 1931 he lived in Leningrad with his wife and oldest daughter his youngest daughter died of meningitis in 1930, aged six In Leningrad he met H G Wells, who visited the USSR in 1934.In the last years of his life Belyaev lived in the Leningrad suburb of Pushkin formerly Tsarskoye Selo At the beginning of the German invasion of the Soviet Union during Second World War he refused to evacuate because he was recovering after an operation that he had undergone a few months earlier.Wiki letter wg This section requires expansion.Belyayev died of hunger in the Soviet town of Pushkin in 1942 while it was occupied by the Nazis His wife and daughter, who managed to survive, were taken away to Poland by the Nazis The exact location of his grave is unknown A memorial stone at the Kazanskoe cemetery in the town of Pushkin is placed on the mass grave where his body is assumed to be buried.


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    5. Сигурно никога нямаше да прочета таз книга, ако не беше моя мъж. Преди 2-3 дни, четейки друга книга, му се жалвах колко е тъпа (не беше чак толкова тъпа, де :) ) И той ме "подхвана":- Кога ще започнеш да четеш истинска литература - фантастика? :) :)- Не съм пораснала още. :)- Тогава започн [...]

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    7. «Человека-амфибию» явно писал тот же самый Беляев, которому довелось ваять вторую половину «Головы профессора Доуэля».Роман отличается просто небывалой опереточностью происходящего: картоннейшие персонажи (один Зурита достоин награды «Шаблонный злодей века» — Беляеву [...]

    8. У часи юності книга видавалася дуже цікавою, за відсутності іноземної літератури цього жанру. Присутні ідеологічні мотиви

    9. H. G. Wells'in Görünmez Adamı'nın, yine Wells'in Dr. Moreau'sunun yarattığı bir dünyaya düştüğünü, bu garip karakterin hikayesini de Marquez'in anlattığını düşünün. İşte öyle bir şey Su Adamı. Pek güzel, pek tatlı.

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    12. Ôi mẹ ơi, hay hơn cả cuốn "Đầu giáo sư Dowel" nữa!"Người cá" là biểu trưng cho tư duy và trí tưởng tượng không biên giới được đẩy lên mức cao nhất của nhà khoa học ẩn mình đằng sau lớp vỏ nhà văn Alexander Belyaev.Không có yếu tố kinh dị gì sất ở đây, và cuốn sách này là minh chứng hùng hồn cho thể loại science fiction rằng chẳng cần kinh dị cũng có thể tạo nên một câu chuyện tuy [...]

    13. İleri görüşlü bir Sovyet yazar Belyaev. Dili yer yer yavan olsa da yazıldığı çağ itibariyle önemli tartışmalara giriyor. 20 küsür yıl önce vizyona giren Kevin Costner'ın "Su Dünyası" filminin senaryosu romandan araklanmış, diye düşünüyorum. Neredeyse aynı karakterlere ve olay örgüsüne sahip.

    14. Anphibian Man Türkçe'ye Su Adam olarak çevrilmiş. Kitap akıcılığı ve konusu ile hızlı okunuyor, kitap 1962'de aynı adlı bir filme de uyarlanmış SUsuz yaşayamayan bir adamın öyküsü

    15. So I actually wrote a really long review of this book after I finished it, but then my wifi died and ate the review, so I'm just going to say. Take a good long look at the shitty photo-shopped cover. That is exactly the quality of book you are going to get.

    16. Reading The Amphibian is the result of nothing but peer pressure. What I thought was, "sure, since everyone in my class has been enthusiastically reading and recommending it, why not?"But here's the thing about over-hyped books, they give a reader certain expectations. Expectations they can't always live up to. And I think that's exactly what happened with The Amphibian and I. My classmates told me to expect tears. They told me I'd lose sleep. They told me it would be frickin' awesome. They were [...]

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    18. WoowThis book is Fantastic! Really, my first science fiction and I was stunned! Incredible and enjoying! Alexander Belyayev is fantastic writerThis book is first favorite))Ichthyander is part human , part fish He is so pure, childishHis love for Guttiere was so nice but unseeminglyIt was heartbreakingly beautiful story))))))))

    19. I read this book aloud to my little brother when we were kids. It always brings back happy childhood memories. Its one of those books that stay with you forever. The ending is unforgettable and makes me long for the father I never knew.

    20. The beginning of the book was a bit heavy because it was all about deceit and greed which just disgusted me, as it probably was intended to. However, I got much more excited when Ihtiander appeared and the science fiction always came into play, describing his abilities, the underwater world, and his naive goodness. It's interesting that the Salvatore's speech to the jury showed a motivation of giving humans the potential to use the ocean and quite possibly to destroy it's beauty. This left me po [...]

    21. İthaki bilimkurgu klasiklerinden dilimize kazandırılan bu kitap için kendilerine teşekkür etmek isterim. Ayrıca yazar Alexander R. Belyaev ile de tanışmış ve bu harika eseri okumuş olmaktan çok memnun oldum. Son zamanlarda okuduğum BK kitapları daha çok uzayda geçiyordu. Bu açıdan da okyanusu barındıran bir BK kitabı okumak farklılık yarattı. Kitabın konusu ve anlatımına gelirsem, çok sürükleyici diyebilirim. Hatta 250 sayfalık kitabın son 100 sayfasını bir sef [...]

    22. Очень легкая, совершенно прекрасная в своей лаконичности и ясности мысли книга.За время прочтения не один раз удивился развитию сюжета, резкому переходу к новым мыслям, к обретению новой ситуации в мире книги. Возможно для многих других это стало бы приговором, но Беляев у [...]

    23. Beni kendine hayran bıraktıran, muazzam bir bilimkurgu kitabıydı. Kitabın baş karakteri Ithandr'a hayran kaldım. Yazarın üslubu, yazım tarzı ayrıca karakterler gerçekten muhteşemdi ve kitap çok akıcıydı. Akıp gidiyor ama hasta olduğumdan ve okula alışma sürecimden dolayı çok yavaş okudum. Yine de kitaptan kopmadım. Bardağın dolu tarafından bakacak olursam eğer, sindire sindire okumuş oldum yavaş okuyarak.Kesinlikle okuyun ve okutturun, siz de benim gibi hayran ka [...]

    24. Прекрасная книга, которая затрагивает многие социальные проблемы нашего времени (в основном алчность и общественное мнение). Читая её, помимо сюжета, я вдавался и в другие вещи. Например то, что каждый человек понимает каждое дело (вещь) по своему и не всегда определить того [...]

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