Winter's Kiss: The Twelve Dates of Christmas; the Ex Games

Winter's Kiss: The Twelve Dates of Christmas; the Ex Games

Jennifer Echols Catherine Hapka / Aug 24, 2019

Winter s Kiss The Twelve Dates of Christmas the Ex Games Cozy up to a double dose of winter themed romantic comedy with two books in one bind up Lexi has come up with a master plan to make Cameron break up with her get him to fall for another girl so she ll

  • Title: Winter's Kiss: The Twelve Dates of Christmas; the Ex Games
  • Author: Jennifer Echols Catherine Hapka
  • ISBN: 9781442450400
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cozy up to a double dose of winter themed romantic comedy with two books in one bind up.Lexi has come up with a master plan to make Cameron break up with her get him to fall for another girl so she ll be free and guilt free, too But when the plan goes well too well Lexi starts to wonder if she hasn t made a terrible mistake Has she let the perfect guy get away And isCozy up to a double dose of winter themed romantic comedy with two books in one bind up.Lexi has come up with a master plan to make Cameron break up with her get him to fall for another girl so she ll be free and guilt free, too But when the plan goes well too well Lexi starts to wonder if she hasn t made a terrible mistake Has she let the perfect guy get away And is it too late to get him back Meanwhile, Hayden and Nick s steamy relationship has ended in a frosty breakup, and now they re just friends But when they decide to go head to head in a boarding contest, the friendly competition gets heated.Will sparks start to fly on and off the slopes

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        Jennifer Echols was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town on a beautiful lake in Alabama a setting that has inspired many of her books She has written nine romantic novels for young adults, including the comedy MAJOR CRUSH, which won the National Readers Choice Award, and the drama GOING TOO FAR, which was a finalist in the RITA, the National Readers Choice Award, and the Book Buyer s Best, and was nominated by the American Library Association as a Best Book for Young Adults Simon Schuster will debut her adult romance novels in 2013, with many teen novels scheduled for the next few years She lives in Birmingham with her husband and her son.


    1. Hmm, so how to review two books by two different authors in one actual book? Well, the two stories go together very well. The editors or publishers did a fantastic job of matching these up. Both are young adult romantic comedies and take place in the winter-time, which was perfect for me to read on the coldest days we’ve had in Florida in awhile. (No snow to go along with it, but I had my fair share of hot chocolate while reading.)(*Note that the description of the book that I pulled from the [...]

    2. Review: The Ex Games by Jennifer EcholsThere is no doubt that I love Jennifer Echols, so of course I had a blast reading her winter romantic comedy! The Ex Games was published in 2009, but was republished in a volume with The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Catherine Hopka this month. Even though it's been around for three years, it was still the perfect book to cozy up with while the snow fell outside. Hayden and Nick have a rocky past; they dated four years ago but broke up soon after when Nick b [...]

    3. Winter's kiss had two wonderful stories that I enjoyed reading. Both stories were beautifully written. I was immediately captivated with both stories. This is a book I will definitely be rereading. I loved it!!! I am really hoping I get to see more of these characters down the road. The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols was a very sweet story. I loved, loved loved it. Hayden has never forgiven Nick on the bet he set with his friends. He hurt her more than she lets on. Four years later, they appear to [...]

    4. The Ex Games by Jennifer EcholsMy Rating: A Story Overview:Meanwhile, Hayden and Nick’s steamy relationship has ended in a frosty breakup, and now they’re just friends. But when they decide to go head-to-head in a boarding contest, the friendly competition gets heated….Will sparks start to fly on and off the slopes?My Review:What a wonderfully sweet romantic story, but it was so much more than that. This book is about Nick and Hayden. They dated for a single month in 7th grade and have had [...]

    5. Book provided by author for review.Review originally published on my blog AWordsWorthWinter's Kiss is actually two books in one cute little volume: The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols and The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Catherine Hapka. The two novels pair together beautifully, and I read them during a particular cold week - which made them doubly fitting.The Ex Games is an intense ride. Hayden and Nick were an item in seventh grade, and have been enemies ever since. Well, maybe not entirely enemie [...]

    6. This was a amazing book!!!!!!! Both books were great!!!The Ex Games- It was funny, cute, and taught a lesson all girls need to learn when they go into their teen years. Hayden who has loved Nick Keiger forever. Even though they broke up four years ago in seventh grade.She was new in town and Nick set his eyes on her. They went on a few dates and on a movie date, Hayden figured everything out. A popular and pretty girl named Chloe and another girl named Liz tell her that Nick going out with her i [...]

    7. The Ex GamesI disliked this book. Like, I didn't hate it, but I'm sure that it is pretty close to that. I thought it was stupid and of course, Hayden ends up winning. I mean, wow. I didn't expect that. Yeah, right. I thought that Nick and Hayden were a horrible couple. and the ending: "how long have you been dating?" "oh, four years." Yeah, ok buddy. Keep dreaming. She hated you but liked you. I just hated how on and off they were. I mean, when they broke up it was over the dumbest, and I mean d [...]

    8. I really loved both stories! And the one thing that the guys have in common for both stories is that they never forget their frst love. No matter how long, it's still there. That spark that everyone is saying about. I really love how Nick wanted Hayden back badly and how he confessed that he should be the one for her and not Everett [cuss word] Walsh. (see what i did there) He really fought for her. It's such a sweet sweet story if you just wanna be in the mood for some romantic-cuddly-mini tear [...]

    9. This book was really great Although I really enjoyed The Ex Games by: Jennifer Echols, I will try to review on both books. Well first off, in The Ex Games, Hayden is a struggling snowboarder who has an issue on doing jumps, when her and her ex boyfriend, Nick begin to get heated between flirting they both agree to go on a head to head competition things go from bad to worse. This is truly one of the cutest romance comedies ever written and you should definitely read it. The second book is The Tw [...]

    10. Winter's Tale is two books combined into one. The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols, a book where Nick and Hayden after a breakup decide to be friends but snowboarding competition may get in between that. The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Catherine Hapka where Lexi wants to break up with Cameron and comes up with a master plan to do so, but in the end is it really what she wanted for Christmas? Both stories go really well together due to how different they are but at the same time they revolve around t [...]

    11. Thank you Jennifer Echols for sending me an autographed copy.3 stars - 4 for The Ex Games and 2 for The Twelve Dates of ChristmasI borrowed The Ex Games from the library and read it over a year ago and really liked it. I was excited to own it when I received the autographed copy of Winter's Kiss today and reskimmed the story and found I still thought it was really cute. I'm a sucker for romantic comedies, and I don't care if they're cliche or cheesy. This book made me smile, and a love a banter [...]

    12. Stupid romantic comedy. Enough said. All right, because you know I can't leave it at that. These two books had some sweet moments, but for the most part they were seriously nauseating. In the first one a girl tries to get rid of her BF by setting him up with another girl because she doesn't feel like they have a future together. But she changes her mind and tries to get him back. But she won't tell him that she set him up, because she has too much pride. Well, apparently she has no self respect [...]

    13. I read both of these stories pretty quick, but I have to say I enjoyed The Ex Games better than The 12 Dates Of Christmas. The Ex Games:I'm a sucker for any Jennifer Echols story. It had many cute and funny moments, which had me enjoy every word. Again, its a love-hate relationship between the 2 main characters, which i always enjoy. The characters were likeable and relatable, and I would read it again! 3.5/5 stars. The Twelve Dates of Christmas:This was an interesting story, since it's about a [...]

    14. The first book is called "The Ex Games." Nick and Hayden used to date in the seventh grade, now in the eleventh grade they are thrown together again. When Nick challenges Hayden to a snowboarding comp, he believes he will win without any explanation. My favorite part was when Nick and Hayden were alone together. Will sparks start to fly on and off the slopes? The second book is called "The Twelve Dates of Christmas." Lexi thinks her boyfriend Cam isn't committed to her for the long run. So she d [...]

    15. It was kind of hard for me to rate this since it has essentially two books in it.The Ex Games I loved. The characters are witty and fun. Although there is a huge amount of drama and back and forth, I still really liked the story.The Twelve Dates of Christmas was ok. I can't really say a whole lot more about it except that I suffered through it. While it was a cute concept, the main character was a hot mess and a poster girl for 'be careful what you wish for' and a little crazy.Both were fun wint [...]

    16. The weather has been really hot these days so I thought about reading this to cool myself off.I liked the first story. It was so cute and to hide your feelings for so long is just so amazing and unbelievable. It's like in the end that I realised that everyone's trying to help her and she was amazingly able to pull off a 1080 just because her mentor told her some stuff. She should have came earlierThe second story didn't interest me. I didn't like how she was pushing and pulling him away, how her [...]

    17. I would have given this book compilation 5 stars if it were not for the second book by Catherine Hapka. I absolutely loved the first book by Jennifer Echols, The Ex Games. The plot was interesting with a snowboarding competition between exes. The characters were fantastic and funny. The second book was not nearly as enjoyable as I had hoped from the plot description. I found the female character dislikeable and unrelatable. I did not bother to read past the first couple chapters.

    18. Let me say one thing I enjoyed the twelve dates of Christmas more than the ex games. (Gasp) surprising, I know. Sure Hayden reminded me of myself and her and Nick were cute but I just liked the twelve dates of Christmas more. I mean Lexi was so funny and her schemes were so entertaining! Not to mention how cute Cam seemed. It's such a cute read and would be fun to read durning Christmas.

    19. This book actually contains two books, but I only read the first one. It was alright I could say, but the second one I just couldn't get into. I wouldn't really suggest this book, it wasn't all that great.

    20. Not the greatest YA rom-coms, but good brain candy for the holidays. I read most of the first one on the plane home and the rest I read between family time. Both stories have their annoyances, but I liked the second story, The Twelve Dates of Christmas, slightly better.

    21. I only read the Ex-games by Jennifer Echols and I liked it. I may have to skip the other story since I still have plenty of other books to read. I hope that I could pick this up again though some other time. yay!

    22. This was very girly and a little bit cheesy, but if you like this kind of thing it's perfect for you. I did over all enjoy it. It was a fun light read. And I particularly liked how they joined the two stories into one

    23. 3.5 stars. These two stories were cute little contemporaries and a fun way to pass my afternoon. I loved the first one - Jennifer Echols never disappoints. The second story, however, bored me at times. Overall, a quick, fun read for a snowy day.

    24. This was a great book because it's 2 in 1. I loved the first book. The second took longer to get into but once i did i loved it too.

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