Broken Fortress

Broken Fortress

Ginn Hale / Feb 17, 2020

Broken Fortress When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate Kyle he expects to find a house key but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic mysticism revolutionaries and assassins Though

  • Title: Broken Fortress
  • Author: Ginn Hale
  • ISBN: 9781935560067
  • Page: 338
  • Format: ebook
  • When John opens a letter addressed to his missing roommate, Kyle, he expects to find a house key, but instead he is swept into a strange realm of magic, mysticism, revolutionaries and assassins Though he struggles to escape, John is drawn steadily closer to a fate he share with Kyle to wake the destroyer god, the Rifter, and shatter a world.

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    1. “Tell me you won’t forget me,” Kahlil whispered.Absolutely satisfying installment even if one is left in a state of anticipation, again. Like that deep breath before a surge, waiting in a false quiescence for the engagement. I'm not talking about the characters or the plot points specifically because it would spoil, but more of the past is uncovered, new dangers rise, and while there seem to be alliances in place, in truth it looks more like a battle royale about to unfold. I've picked a p [...]

    2. “Thirty-one years! Bloody Hell!”John Toffler has been in Basawara for thirty one years. But John Toffler is no more, he’s not even Jahn he's Jath'ibaye (stupid name btw)and I don't know how or why he's called that yet. I guess he's always just been the Rifter: God Parfir personified, harbourer of cataclysmic mass destruction , destroyer of worlds, bound to the earth, rivers, oceans and sky, immortal and forever bound by blood and bone to his Kahlil – his protector. Never has that fact be [...]

    3. BEST BOOK OF THE SERIES (until the next one, I'm sure)I rarely highlight in books. I'm just too lazy. I pretty much highlight 2/3 of this book! There are so many NUGGETS of brilliance! Life lessons. Plot explanations. Romantic swoony stuff. I DEVOURED THIS BOOK and then felt like savoring it! If I didn't have 4 more books in the series to read, I would've reread this one immediately!Book 6 is when you start to really see the impact that the time jumps have had on the future and the past. And it' [...]

    4. So many things fell into place for me with this book. So as a natural result of that I did enjoy this installment more than previous books. I'm still not totally clear on all the details but I'm feeling like I have a solid grasp on some of the important ones that were confusing me and as a result things that are happening are now making more sense and I'm on to book #7 Enemies and Shadows because things are really starting to happen and I'm feeling totally invested in finding out how this story [...]

    5. I think I'm in the minority with this one. It was very military planning-ish, which is not my style. It's the first time since I've started this series that I haven't been glued to my kindle.

    6. ***Spoilers Ahead***”Everything you dream of could have been real once.”I feel mind-fucked! But in a lovely, tender, heartfelt way. Broken Fortress is my favorite book in The Rifter journey so far. A story alive with emotion and battles of the heart, time, space, and identity. My head and heart lived and loved every new layer and piece of this tale. A tale that pulled tears, sighs, smiles, and questions out of me at every twist and turn.How far would I go? What would I sacrifice? Who and wha [...]

    7. After the violence of the last book, the something-like-peace-ness of this book basically broke me and I cried all the way through it.I have no more useful commentary to make.

    8. Ohh those tangled webs some weave. This series just keeps getting better and better. I have butterflies! I can't wait for some people to die die die Mare~Slitsread

    9. Cannot rate while the story is still in progress - this was one of the easiest parts for me to read though - will rate when I finish the whole lot.On to Enemies & ShadowsBR with Irina

    10. This installment is told purely from Kahlil's perspective as he struggles to accept Ravishan's identity as his own. Kahlil's and Jath’ibaye's relationship is deepening and there are are some really touching moments. Moving straight on to Enemies & Shadows.Just one thing - Please let Bill return at some stage!

    11. A warning: This contains spoilers. And is therefore only something for people who already know the story. At least to this part No 6. Or for people who are as curious as I am! But you really should have already read a few parts of this series, otherwise it spoils the fun. Honest!And is quite philosophical. Broken Fortress is probably the best part in this series - so far.This is more for me (haha). To understand what actually happened here. Because it's quite confusing. Really.There is the rifte [...]

    12. Okay, so John (Jath'ibaye) & Kyle (Khalil) are back together again in the future. Turns out that John was sent back into the past through the gateway, while Kyle was zapped forward to the future. Kyle had weird confused memories because Ravishan was killed 30 years back at the same time as he (Kyle) was babysitting John back on Earth. Get it me neither??? It's a most excellent series anyway"You are carrying two lives. One belongs to this history and another does not. You may not want to know [...]

    13. Broken Fortress is the piece that mends all the fragmented pieces of information on what has happened so far together. There's not a lot of action going on, but suddenly you get all the little hints that had been strewn around before. It makes you remember so many seemingly unimportant little descriptions and it brings them into a context that makes you understand what they really mean - and isn't it the greatest thing in the world when that happens while reading a book? It's the best sign of ho [...]

    14. 4.8/5 Stars.I know I'm being picky, but I JUST. Some things bothered me. I didn't like how we were told about everything that happened in the past instead of being able to experience it. It made it less emotional and anticlimactic. (Hopefully there's a reason for this, bc like everything else in this series, there's always a reason.)However, despite that this installment was near perfect. I'm so utterly in love with Kyle. And him and John and even more perfect. We got really cute moments in this [...]

    15. 4.5 starsThe romance blossoms. So tender. Sweet, quiet moments. Shared heartbreaking sadness. Both Jahn and Kyle have lost so much. The long wait, the separation, has been worth it, though. I love how there’s very little angst. No hand-wringing; it just is what it is. This one stuttered a bit more at the beginning. It was almost like, now that they’re finally together, Jahn and Kyle don’t know what to do with each other. Given their convoluted past, that is easy to understand. They figure [...]

    16. “To cling to what is lost, no matter how real it once seemed or once was, will lead only to madness."To me, the best instalment so far. The story is finally starting to make sense and come together. It's getting more intense too. Even my failing patience has been rewarded with more romance and less 'preaching' here. Unlike its prequels, this was much easier and more pleasant to read. I'm looking forward to more now.I'm just not sure about the structure of the series. These sudden jumps between [...]

    17. My heart, my poor heart. Now I'm terrified to know whose POV will be next because it matters. IT MATTERS.I liked this so damn much!!! Nothing else.Oh, yes I have something else. List of characters I'm rooting include Jath'ibaye & Kyle'inshira (these two breaks my heart!!!), I love me some more Pesha & Besh'anya, JI!!!!!!, Wah'roa (I think I like your enthusiasm) & Joulen (I know, I know)Silent F & Y to : FIKIRI

    18. First read on January 8, 2016.Re-read on March 18, 2016.The entire story from Khalil's POV - I'm one happy reader right now.Some of the questions are anweredme of the past is revealed - and it's brutal and heartbreakingI kinda wish we don't get to read more of that past in details in the upcoming booksI mean they're spoiled now, aren't they?? One can only hope. :(On the other side, this book was the best in the series so far. The most revealing, the most emotional, the most romantic“Your flesh [...]

    19. The 6th book was exquisite, it revolves mostly around Jaht and Kahlil's reunion. Much is explained, things are starting to fall into their places and we're almost caught up with all the mysteries regarding who is whom. But now the threat of war and of Jaht's murder is breathing down their necks and I'm cannot wait to see how they handle things!

    20. In the last installment of the Rifter, John and Ravishan were left together and bleeding on the Holy Road in a very hanging ending. Instead of picking up where that left off, this particular installment makes the odd choice of leaping back to a hanging ending of a prior book but a future scene (future as far as the timeline). It’s a bit confusing at first. For those following along you’ll remember that Kahlil (Ravishan in the future is Kahlil) went to the future while John went to the past. [...]

    21. Book 6 is a calm before the storm. Anyway, it took me 2 days to finish it. Partly because I wanted to savor it slowly (because finally John and Kyle had their reunion in this book, it's not like we have much of their lovey-dovey moments from the first half of this series), and partly because I had to reread some scenes in book 2 and 3 to completely understand what was John thinking at particular scenes when he asked or answered Kyle. This series is a really elaborate, well thought out and well w [...]

    22. The actual rating is 4,5 stars.This book( and the whole series for that matter) is a fine example of a fantasy book with lgbt+ character. Our main characters are gays, it has been stated and showed times and times again, however the story isn't about their sexuality nor it is a romance covered with fantasy. There's a war going on, fighting against different political powers and magical entities. The book is about making hard choices and living with them, about loyalty and belief and bigotry and [...]

    23. Am flying through these books now. I need to know what's gonna happen! I am enjoying the story, but i really wish the love scenes weren't fade to black.

    24. I'm scared. I'm having feelings and now this is a good stopping point. I'll just stop reading now that my boys are happy and be done with it because I was promised HURT and PAIN from now on. Noooo no no no I don't want that!Okay, but I have to say: this is SO well-done. It is so weird to imagine the literal God of basawar being in a relationship with what is basically his biggest religious worshipper. Love it.I loved how John is an ecology major so he uses his college knowledge to rebuild the ex [...]

    25. Sigh like in most reviews that i've read, i think this is the best one in the series obviously i would think like that when i read the next one the whole series is AMAZING! my oasis grew bigger in this installment too! Both John and Kyle are too cute and the way they interact with each other made my heart swell I kept smiling the whole time while reading it moving on to the next one! ❤️

    26. I think I am going to say this about every novella but this was my favourite so far. It was about longing so much longing for answers and people and history. 4 stars ✨

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