Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero

Chuck Logan / Jul 21, 2019

Absolute Zero In the icy jaws of an early winter three big city professionals joined Phil Broker on a canoe trip across Minnesota s remotest lake Nature s unexpected fury battered and nearly killed them But it was

  • Title: Absolute Zero
  • Author: Chuck Logan
  • ISBN: 9780061031564
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the icy jaws of an early winter, three big city professionals joined Phil Broker on a canoe trip across Minnesota s remotest lake Nature s unexpected fury battered and nearly killed them.But it was Man who left one of them worse than dead .Haunted ex cop Phil Broker owes Hank Sommer his life and now the wealthy writer is in a coma, thanks to a freak mishap onIn the icy jaws of an early winter, three big city professionals joined Phil Broker on a canoe trip across Minnesota s remotest lake Nature s unexpected fury battered and nearly killed them.But it was Man who left one of them worse than dead .Haunted ex cop Phil Broker owes Hank Sommer his life and now the wealthy writer is in a coma, thanks to a freak mishap on a hospital operating table Broker knows from hard experience that accidents are not always what they appear to be He suspects foul play, and he s not about to let Sommer fade out of this world so easily But the trail to answers is twisted and deadly, winding around the comatose man s beautiful wife a former exotic dancer and the ring of dangerous men still surrounding her And Broker s determined search for justice and truth is taking him to a dark and terrifying place where he will be forced to fight for his very survival on the coldest night in Minnesota s history .

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        Chuck Logan is an author of crime drama and veteran of the Vietnam War, who lives with his wife and daughter in Stillwater, Minnesota.He is best known for his series of novels featuring the character Phil Broker, an ex Minnesota police officer Logan s novels include Hunter s Moon, Absolute Zero, Vapor Trail, Homefront, and After the Rain Homefront is now a major motion picture starring James Franco and Jason Stratham.


    1. There are some books I should get into, but for some reason can't. Absolute Zero by Chuck Logan was one of them.It has everything. Minnesota setting. Money corrupting. Moose hunting. Ostrich farming. Meathheads beating meatheads. Ostriches beating meatheads. What more could I ask for in a crime novel?A lot.Maybe it was the plot. The lead character, Phil Broker, is an ex-cop who winds up tangled in a love dodecahedron worthy of a Jerry Springer episode. It all starts when a moose hunt goes awry i [...]

    2. Logan tells a clean crisp story about two battered warriors--Phil and his war vet wife Nina, and their girl Kit, who is growing up to be a cool-headed action hero in her own right!

    3. Okay. Here's the thing. In November my sci-fi/horror novel was released. It is entitled, Absolute Zero. This is how I came across Chuck Logan in the first place. Turns out he has a book by the same title. (Completely, completely different types of stories). So I figured, hmmm. I am going to read every book Chuck Logan has written because they look damned interesting. Just finished my third in the Phil Broker series, Absolute Zero, and it turns out I was right. They are damned interesting!This wa [...]

    4. I enjoy listening to this series! I am now going back in time as I read #6 first. I did know some of this story from reading ahead in the series first. I would recommend starting at the beginning. The audio book is really well done with voices. There is plenty of fast moving action but it is predictable which I am okay with as it makes it a fun easy read.

    5. Book review # 21“Absolute Zero” by Chuck LoganThis novel is a mystery / thriller with so many twist and turns that if you were to read it all in one sitting your head would be twisted and turned as well! Chuck Logan is a wonderful and talented writer that can look at any situation and present the many different perspectives that all the characters of that event might encounter.The beginning of this book is a story about a middle aged man , Phil Broker who is going through the process of a di [...]

    6. I read a lot of crime fiction, most of which can be reviewed with a word or two. This one stood out for me. Although it ticked all the boxes for the genre, it didn't really follow the standard formula for a 12-chapter mystery. That made the plot a bit more organic, and it felt less like the hero was "solving a mystery" than usual -- more like he had real motivations. The writing was very vivid, and the characters were particularly well-drawn -- much more so than in the other Chuck Logan book I r [...]

    7. #3 in the Phillip Broker series. Phil is a sometimes lawman for various agencies in the Upper Midwest - predominately MN. He has a troubled marriage with action junkie Nina, an Army MP Major.Phillip Broker is separated from MP Major Nina Pryce who has taken their daughter to Europe. He guides a canoe trip and disaster strikes. A writer suffers a life threatening injury during a sudden blizzard. After evacuation to a local hospital, the doctor performs surgery but the writer winds up in a coma. T [...]

    8. It took me a long time to get through this Phil Broker title -- a lot of macho details when what originally attracted me was the manly-man daddy aspect of Broker (in this title, his wife has taken his daughter which seems to give Broker a pass at acting human). I thoroughly enjoyed the medical thread to the story, the ostrich details, and the VERY strong sense of place (Minnesota) and winter details that play a significant role in the story line. The denoument was satisfying (glad I was sitting [...]

    9. A pretty good Northern MN Murder mystery, and it starts off in the Boundary Waters, and goes across the state back up to Ely, MN. It is set in wintertime, and is a fun read. Their are a few inconsistencies with some of Minnesota occurrences, like cell phone service in the BWCA and falling through the ice on a lake when it is -28F. seems pretty crazy. But, it is fiction so I give it up as it is a fun read.

    10. It gets cold in Minnesota and points north. Author Chuck Logan heats up the north woods once again with character Phil Broker. After a daring backwoods rescue mission that goes right, and immediately takes a turn for the worse, Broker sees something that he does not like. His investigation takes some chilling turns that will heat up the Minnesota backwoods like a bonfire. Author Chuck Logan has pulled off another superb book in this third installment of the story of character Phil Broker.

    11. Recommended by Randy. Reminds me a lot of John Sandford, but not as good. I liked it though. The main character got into an intense climate situation when he was being a guide on a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters. A mystery ensues, and he spends some time on an ostrich farm among other things. Quite creative!

    12. This was wild ride from start to finish. I couldn't decide if it was a Suspense book, or a Thriller. So I marked it as both. The author so graphically portrayed what the winter cold of Minnesota could quickly do to unprotected human flesh. I liked the weaving of a the medical storyline with the thriller.

    13. Broker takes a group on a Hunting trip in Minnesota - get caught in storm - men go to hospital, one goes into coma, turns out a friend/doctor injected stuff in his IV. Broker and Amy (nurse) go about discovering a web of decept and a great battle in freezing cold at the end.

    14. This was a good story with lots of interesting characters. I liked the story but I hated the narrator's voice. It made it hard for me to concentrate and listen to the audio book because his voice was so annoying. Good storyd narrator.

    15. Up until the end I would have given this 1 star, as it is it rates 2 I struggled to finish this and skimmed parts of the middle.This is not the same Phil Broker from the first or even second book. I hope the next book is better.

    16. A fantastic book. It's the first Chuck Logan I've read and I'm now committed to reading everything else he's written. A great writer, VERY reminiscent of John Sandford in style and tone (ironic, given that they both write from Minnesota.

    17. Being from Minnesota, I liked this book very much. The author is also from Minnesota and I like reading local authors. This book was very fast and I read most of it in one whole day while sick in bed.

    18. Although the charactors come off being a bit trashy, the plot is interesting and complex enough to create great interest.

    19. Another audio book read from my sister. Not something I would pick up, but I totally see why a nurse who does phone triage would enjoy it. Talented author.

    20. It wasn't a very good book. I dropped it after struggling to get 300 pages into it. It just didn't keep my interests and I didn't like Broker as a character.

    21. This is my 2nd Broker novelenjoyable and quirky in an Elmore Leonard way, but without the humorI think of Broker as a Jack Reacher like character

    22. Fair Phil Broker novel. Not much suspense since you know from the beginning who the bad guys are. The only real interest after that is figuring on how they are going to meet their demise.

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