The Long Stitch Good Night

The Long Stitch Good Night

AmandaLee / Oct 16, 2019

The Long Stitch Good Night Although she s taken an interest in Irish embroidery Marcy Singer can t help but abandon her needlecraft when handsome local brewer Todd finds himself accused of murder Both Todd and his friend Blake

  • Title: The Long Stitch Good Night
  • Author: AmandaLee
  • ISBN: 9780451236463
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback
  • Although she s taken an interest in Irish embroidery, Marcy Singer can t help but abandon her needlecraft when handsome local brewer Todd finds himself accused of murder Both Todd and his friend Blake s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and neither is talking about what happened Marcy is determined to stitch together some luck from than a few four leaf cloversAlthough she s taken an interest in Irish embroidery, Marcy Singer can t help but abandon her needlecraft when handsome local brewer Todd finds himself accused of murder Both Todd and his friend Blake s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and neither is talking about what happened Marcy is determined to stitch together some luck from than a few four leaf clovers and prove that the culprit was someone else

    The Long Stitch About What is The Long Stitch A shop and gallery of my collection of hand bound books and creative works All work shares a theme of high quality, grounded craftsmanship from simpler times Most books are bound using traditional methods and all are bound by hand, stitch for stitch. The Long Stitch The Long Stitch How to Crochet the Long Stitch AllFreeCrochet Creating the shell stitch allows you to work up the long stitch which can result in a beautiful crochet pattern Work up a crochet scarf or crochet afghan using this stitch SPECIAL STITCH Shell dc, ch , dc in stitch or space as indicated. The Long Stitch Good Night Embroidery Mystery The Long Stitch Good Night An Embroidery Mystery and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. The Long Stitch Good Night by Amanda Lee The Long Stitch Good Night is the fourth book in the Embroidery Mystery series Marcy feels compelled to investigate when two of her best friends are accused of the murder of a frat brother. How to Work the Bargello or Long Stitch in Needlepoint Jun , The Bargello stitch, also known as the long stitch, is a simple cross stitch that is worked vertically across a canvas to produce a colorful wave like design The peaks of this design can be worked so that they appear sharp or soft People started using this design during the th century for tapestries, but it is versatile. Top Long Stitch Bookbinding Tutorials iBookBinding Long Stitch Binding Example The long stitch bookbinding method is one of the most simple bookbinding techniques known to man and woman , it requires no glue, can look as equally rustic as it can professional and offers fantastic binding strength The technique The Long Stitch Good Night Embroidery Mystery Series The Long Stitch Good Night An Embroidery Mystery . out of based on ratings reviews. LONG SHORT STITCH Embroidery stitching Sew Guide How to do a Long and short stitch This stitch only uses a long and a short half of the long stitch alternatively to fill up the first row of the design and the last row of design The in between stitches are all of the same length These stitches will give the illusion of a closely packed long and short filling, because of the first row of long and short stitches. Needlepoint thesprucecrafts Use the Simple Easy Brick Needlepoint Stitch in Your Next Project Needlepoint Step by Step Basketweave Stitch for Left Right Handed Stitchers Free Bargello or Long Stitch Hearts Needlepoint Designs Needlepoint Stitch Needlepoint in Half the Time With Quickpoint

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        Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name Amanda Lee is a pseudonym of Gayle Trent.Series Embroidery Mystery from Gayle Trent s webpage Thank you so much for stopping by my site I live in Southwest Virginia with my husband and two beautiful children, a boy and a girl I m a full time writer editor mom wife and chief cook and bottle washer, and I love every minute of it Okay, not the bottle washing so much, but the rest of it is great.I m happy to introduce you to my latest characters, cake decorator Daphne Martin and embroidery shop owner Marcy Singer.Read about Daphne and Marcy at my blog.Who s Amanda Lee Amanda Lee is a pseudonym Gayle is using for the new cozy mystery series featuring a heroine who owns an embroidery shop The series is set on the Oregon Coast and features Marcy Singer, a spunky, thirty something, entrepreneur who is handy with a needle.Drop me a Line or join me on Twitter


    1. Bella storia, con tanti colpevoli possibili. L'unica cosa meno positiva è stata il fatto che la protagonista ogni tanto mi sembrava un po' sopra le righe e, soprattutto, non ha ancora risolto il problema di quale dei due spasimanti scegliere (insomma, dopo quattro libri, la cosa inizia a essere un po' pesantina). Comunque sia, questa continua a essere una delle mie serie preferite.

    2. I read this on the kindle In this one Marcy is trying to clear her best friend's husband Blake & his friend Todd of murder which is because their prints are on a gun that is found on the floor where the body is While she talking to everyone she wondering if she lost both Todd & Ted she likes both &can't make up her mind as both men are interested in her One complaint this is the 4th book in the series & she still unsure do feel it's being dragged out but that said it makes a inte [...]

    3. I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't as good as the first three. The ending felt very rushed--the mystery was wrapped up in a page or two--and it didn't even make sense. The criminal lures Marcie and Blake into a trap by texting them, posing as Blake texting Marcie and vice versa. Thing is, he sent both texts from his own phone, which would have showed up on Marcie and Blake's phones, and they would have been able to see that the texts were not, in fact, from the correct phone number. So the premi [...]

    4. While reading this, I was thinking what rating to give it. There's moments where I like it and moments where I thought the book wasn't as good as the first three. Though Marcy seems to be at her most emotional in this one. Well everyone.Mostly because of the love triangle which honestly, at first I didn't mind it, but think this far in the series, might want to get that arc resolved. And you know, communication with the three would be nice, what with the one is assuming this or the other is assu [...]

    5. The cover of this book features embroidery patterns that are copyrighted and were used without the artist's permission. As a so-called artist, the writer should be ashamed of herself for stealing other artists' works.

    6. This was a nice cozy mystery. The plot has Marcy trying to solve Graham's murder when her two friends Blake and Todd are accused. She learns that sometimes investigating can hurt her and others. I have read a number of mysteries dealing with cooks and there are recipes included. This series is about an embroidery store, and Marcy is working on a pattern. I wish the pattern had been included or at least shown.

    7. When meddling is a bad thing. Marcie tries to prove that Todd and Blake are innocent of murder. When they don't help themselves, the embroidery sleuth steps in and steps in it. Multiple times. Will she have any friends remaining in the end?

    8. Good as usualDidn't have a clue who "done it" until the very last. On to the next book. Why do I have to write more

    9. My main two issues with this book: it feels like it takes forever to get through although it's the same length as the first three, and what the hell was with the film/noir daydreams/dreams thing? Super weird.

    10. What a strange combination! It didn't really quite sit well with me, and the mystery side wasn't as good as I hoped. Originally posted on my blog Guiltless ReadingAin't no Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot in this one, sorry. My thoughts: I love a good mystery. I got started with Nancy Drew and moved on to Agatha Christie (who I think is an absolute genius).And mysteries that are a mash-up with another genre, sure bring it on! I like oddball combinations - I always come away with great appreciation [...]

    11. This is the fourth book in the ten book series, and it's the first time Marcy isn't in the criminal spotlight. This time, her two close friends, Todd (one of her suitors) and Blake (her best friend's husband) are charged with the murder of their fraternity brother, Graham, while celebrating their reunion on St. Patrick's Day. Graham is a real piece of work, so don't feel too bad. In fact, this was the first death that I felt no twinges of sorrow. It was also the first book in the series to not h [...]

    12. Tallulah Falls is getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day and so is Marcy Singer as she tries her hand at a little Irish embroidery called Mountmellick embroidery.During a St. Patrick’s Day party at Todd’s pub, The Brew Crew, something goes terribly wrong when a man is found shot dead in the back room. The dead man is a frat brother of both Todd and Blake and they both were alone in the room when the murder occurred, but neither of them can remember what happened, and are pretty sure they didn [...]

    13. Marcy Singer, owner of the Seven-Year Stitch embroidery shop, finds herself wrapped up in another murder mystery when two of her closest friends are accused of killing their fellow fraternity brother. It’s Saint Patrick’s Day, and the green beer is flowing at Todd Calloway’s pub, the Brew Crew. Alpha Sigma Phi’s reunion turns deadly when Graham Stott is shot to death in the pub’s back room, and Todd and friend Blake MacKenzie are found with the victim AND a gun. Well, neither man can t [...]

    14. What do you do when one of the two men you date is accused of murder and the other is the detective handling the case? Well, if you're anything like Marcy you dive straight in the big mess and start snooping around to find the real killer. Unfortunately Todd nor Blake are willing to talk about what happened. Not to the police and not to Marcy either. Naturally she gets quite worked up about this. Here she is doing all she can to help Todd and he is not willing to help her help him at all! But ma [...]

    15. Book 4 in the Embroidery Mysteries, this time Marcy must help clear her friends from a murder charge.Oh my god, I hate the love triangle, please make it stop. Sigh. Okay, with that out of my system on to the rest of the book.I found the mystery sort of unbelievable but not unforgivably so and I did like that for once the Marcy wasn't the suspect and I felt that her search for answers and involvement were a lot more believable. I especially liked her insistence on searching for a particular chara [...]

    16. This is the fourth book in the "Embroidery Mystery" series by Amanda Lee. They are cozy mysteries; the protagonist, Marcy Singer, owns an embroidery specialty shop in the small town of Tallulah Falls, located on the Oregon coast. Each mystery features a particular kind of embroidery, which I enjoy, being a stitcher myself. The embroidery Marcy is doing in this book is an Irish one, called Mountmellick embroidery. The book takes place in March, so Marcy is learning Irish embroidery in honor of St [...]

    17. This novel has our sleuth, Marcy Singer, owner of "Seven Year Stitch" embroidery store coming to the aid of her, perhaps, boyfriend, Todd and Blake, the husband of Marcy's best friend, Sadie. It all happens on St. Patrick's Day.St. Patrick's day dawns beautifully with the news that Riley, another friend of Marcy's is about to deliver her baby after months of careful bed rest. Todd and Blake are throwing a reunion party at Todd's Brew Crew pub of their college pals. Marcy and Sadie are going to e [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book. When murder happens, Marcy jumps in to help look for suspects when the ones that are being looked at are two of her best friends. This is especially hard when they are reluctant to talk. My only drawback to this book is how characters seemed to blow hot and cold, some of it was understandable but others seemed a little out of character. I also wasn't thrilled with Marcy blabbing a few things that I thought she should have kept to herself. That being said, these were m [...]

    19. In the fourth outing of Amanda Lee's "Embroidery Mystery" series, we get her version of a locked door mystery. Todd and Blake are found over the body of a dead "friend" and neither will say what happened. It's up to Marcy to figure it out. While I am enjoying this series (and Marcy - she's very Nancy Drew-ish, though her heart is in the right place), there were several points in this book that I didn't like. Todd and Blake's failure to talk. Not just to police (though I can understand why they d [...]

    20. I won this book through giveaways.The characters are down-to-earth people that everyone can relate to and feel comfortable with. This is the third book in the Embroidery Mystery in the series. I haven't read any of the past books so I don't have the benefit of knowing the characters but Amanda does a good job of describing them. I was a bit put off by Marcy's swings between her two potential suitors. It seems as though it has been going on for a while and does not seem to have gotten any better [...]

    21. Marcy Singer owner of the embroidery shop find herself wrapped up in another murder mystery. when two of her closest friends(Todd and Blake) are accused of killing their Alpha Sigs fraternity brother(Graham Stott) during a St. Patrick day party at Todd's pub "The Brew Crew. Both Todd and Blake were alone in the room when the murdered happened but neither of them can remember what happened and they are pretty sure they didn't kill Graham. Blake and Todd finger prints were on the gun. Marcy set to [...]

    22. Marcy Singer is learning Mountmellick embroidery, a traditional Irish craft, from one of the books she's selling at the Seven-Year Stitch, her specialty embroidery shop. The St. Patrick's party at the Brew Crew includes a get-together of Blake and Todd's fraternity brothers from Oregon State University. By the night ends, one of the frat brothers is dead and both Blake and Todd are in the room with a gun. Since both of them are friends, Marcy's determined to find who really did the crime. I real [...]

    23. The Long Stitch Good Night is the fourth book in the Embroidery Mystery series. Marcy feels compelled to investigate when two of her best friends are accused of the murder of a frat brother. This also pits her two romantic interests at opposite ends of the scales of justice with Todd being one of the accused and Ted investigating the crime in his role of detective. Any romantic notions seem to be put on hold until the mystery is solved.Although I love the characters, especially Jill, the mystery [...]

    24. Light mystery, but you'll have to suspend your disbelief over investigative techniques on the part of law enforcement. The lead character tends to talk first and think later, which creates tension in the lives of her friends. Even one of the mentions of embroidery irritated me: customer comes in asking for advice on which type of embroidery she should do for a project, and Marcy gives her good advice (not to do hardanger). Turns out the customer already had a pattern, which wouldn't have worked [...]

    25. For some reason this book did not grab me. A mystery but lacked something. The story is about a young woman that opens an embroidery store and then does some detective work. A man is murdered and two of her friends are arrested for the murder. Her search for the killer was lacking. How she reached the conclusions she did I could not figure out. Lots of unneeded information given. Her relationship with 2 of the characters did not add much to the story and then it just ended. Maybe it is taken up [...]

    26. This book was a bit of a disappointment - I still enjoyed it but I expected it to be better. It has all the right elements: great, likeable characters, interesting plot line, a well written setting. But Marcy seemed a bit self-centered, a prone to crying a lot. The "love triangle" isn't going anywhere and I'm tired of hearing about how gun-shy she is, so the lack of forward momentum in that area makes for a lack of interest on my part. I won't say I've given up on this series, but I won't be eag [...]

    27. With Marcy as your friend, who needs enemies. Several times people reminded her not everything is about you, she should take this suggestion to heart. Marcy is not a likable person, she is self absorbed, intrusive and rude. IMHOThe author is redundant in her writing, "the sit & stitch square", can't you just say couch or chair once in a while, and everyday we feed, give fresh water and put the dog in the yard. We get it, the dog needs care but I don't need to read it on every 3rd page, it ad [...]

    28. Another cozy mystery set in imaginary Tallulah Falls, Oregon, a coastal town with lots of character and Marcy's friends, owners of the Brew Crew, a micro-brewery, and Mackenzie's Mochas, a coffee shop. Marcy Singer's stitchery shop, The Seven-Year Stitch, is her livelihood, but Marcy can't keep her avocation of seeking to help find murderers and solve mysteries. When a reunion of fraternity brothers ends in argument and the death of one brother, Marcy seeks to prove her fellow shop owners innoce [...]

    29. This was probably 3.5 stars. Marcy's self-centeredness (is that a word?) and crying jags detracted from this one and definitely kept it from being 4 stars. Plus, I'm tired of so many of the cozies I read having "triangles". Give it a rest! How come these "heroines" have to be irresistible to 2 (or more!) men?? The mystery was actually pretty good in this one, just these other things detracted from it.

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