Asterix and the Banquet

Asterix and the Banquet

René Goscinny Albert Uderzo / Feb 26, 2020

Asterix and the Banquet Gaul now France has always been famous for its food and drink so when for a bet with the Romans Asterix and Obelix travel round collecting local delicacies they start on the journey home with all

  • Title: Asterix and the Banquet
  • Author: René Goscinny Albert Uderzo
  • ISBN: 9780752866093
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gaul, now France, has always been famous for its food and drink so when, for a bet with the Romans, Asterix and Obelix travel round collecting local delicacies they start on the journey home with all sorts of goodies First, however, they must outwit the thieves Villanus and Unscrupulus And who s that little dog who has been following them all the way

    Asterix Asterix The very first French satellite, Astrix, launched in , was also named after the comics character As of October , million copies of Asterix books had been sold worldwide, making co creators Ren Goscinny and Albert Uderzo France s bestselling authors abroad. Accueil Asterix The official website Available in French, English, German and Spanish, Asterix Friends brings together the Gaulish hero s community of fans, who embark on an epic interactive adventure Asterix The Secret of the Magic Potion Asterix The Secret of the Magic Potion French Astrix Le Secret de la Potion Magique is a French computer animated adventure family comedy film co directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy The screenplay by Astier is based on the Asterix comic book characters created by Asterix The Secret of the Magic Potion Much like Asterix and the mansions of the gods, this movie delivers a ton of energetic movement, colourful animation and a really entertaining villain.Sadly, unlike it s predecessor, this movie s plot is rather weak and the comedy doesn t always stick the landing.The biggest problem however, is the fact that the main characters aren t given much to do, to the point where it feels like they are Asterix Asterix and the Chariot Race Album Jean Yves Asterix Asterix and the Chariot Race Album Jean Yves Ferri on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The next action packed adventure from Asterix and Obelix The roads across Italy are The characters Asterix The official website Gauls, Romans, Goths, Egyptians and let s not forget the Pirates Discover the secrets of all the Asterix characters, from the most famous to the most mysterious does the name Alcoholix mean anything to you For this photo board dated B.C Getafix set himself the goal of nothing less than an exhaustive encyclopaedia of Asterix characters. Asterix and the Banquet The Asterix Project FANDOM Asterix and the Banquet French Le tour de Gaule d Asterix is the fifth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Ren Goscinny stories and Albert Uderzo illustrations It was first serialized in Pilote issues in . Asterix cartoon character Britannica Asterix Asterix was created by writer Ren Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo and debuted in in the French comic magazine Pilote Asterix is one of the most beloved characters in French popular culture He resides in a remote Gaulish village in the middle of Asterix ANd The Viking part YouTube May , Household sharing included Live TV from channels No cable box required Cancel anytime. Astrix et les Vikings Meanwhile, the nephew of Vitalstatistix, Justforkix, is sent from Parisium to the Gaulish village to become a man and Asterix and Obelix are assigned to train the youngster The stupid son of Cryptograf, Olaf, listens to a conversation of the coward Justforkix with Asterix and Obelix and kidnaps him.

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        Ren Goscinny was a French author, editor and humorist, who is best known for the comic book Ast rix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the comic series Lucky Luke with Morris considered the series golden age.Series Asterix


    1. Le Tour de Gaule d'Astérix = Asterix and the banquet (Asterix, #5), René Goscinny Asterix and the Banquet (French: Le Tour de Gaule d'Astérix, "Asterix's Tour of Gaul") is the fifth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). It was first serialized in Pilote magazine, issues 172-213, in 1963.عنوان: ماجراهای آستریکس و ابیلیکس کتاب 05 - آستریکس سفر به دور گال؛ نویسنده: رنه [...]

    2. Set in 50 BC, all of Gaul (ancient France) is conquered by Julius Caesar’s Roman army. All? One small village still holds out against the Romans: Asterix’s village. And it’s thanks to their druid Getafix’s magic potion which gives them superhuman strength! In Asterix and the Banquet, one of the earliest Asterix adventures, Inspector General Overanxius orders a stockade be built around the rebel village to contain them so Asterix makes a bet with the Roman. He and his best friend Obelix ( [...]

    3. Ούτε που θυμάμαι πότε ήταν η τελευταία φορά που διάβασα Αστερίξ. Πολύ ωραίο, ευχάριστο και εξαιρετικά ψυχαγωγικό, ό,τι πρέπει για να σου φτιάξει το κέφι. Σίγουρα υπάρχουν και καλύτεροι τόμοι, όμως ως κόμικ είναι αν μη τι άλλο απολαυστικό. Ήθελα να ήξερα γιατί τόσο καιρό παραμ [...]

    4. Another bet, another victory over the Romans21 July 2012 For some reason after rolling on the floor in laughter with Asterix the Gladiator this one seems to pull back a notch. I guess one of the problems was that we are sort of introduced to Fulliautomatix in this book but it is not the Fulliautomatix that we know and love. In fact when he appears he pretty much looks like the standard Gaul. However this is still one of the earlier albums so the concept is still in development. The Romans come u [...]

    5. I've been meaning to read Asterix for years but it seems every time I see a copy of this at a library its in the original language (I had that same problem with Tin Tin). I guess because I live in (supposedly) bilingual Canada, the authorities that be have decided that children should read french. Alas, I now have finally read it. I, unfortunately, didn't learn french, I just simply found a translation. Its a fun book, with some cool characters and awesome drawings. I didn't find too much to rea [...]

    6. Very, very funny, maybe the funniest Asterix I have read up till now! And - is it my impression, or this is the first time Ideafix appears? Although throughout the whole story he keeps following Obelix but he appears not to notice him yetVery funny! Worth readingMaria Carmo,Lisbon, 25 May 2015.

    7. Παρόλο που δεν είχε κάποιο αξιοπρόσεκτο σημείο (πέρα ίσως από το καρέ της σελ. 14 που παρκάρει το μικρό κάρο με οπισθογωνία :) ) γενικά ήταν ευχάριστο στην ανάγνωση. Το σκίτσο του Ουντερζό είναι πλέον πλήρως κατασταλαγμένο και στη σελ. 13 στην είσοδο του μαγαζιού με τα αλλαντικά [...]

    8. The Romans in the attempt to confine the Gaulish village they order for a stockade to be built around the village. Nobody goes in, nobody goes out Theoretically of course A bet is made between the Romans and Asterix that they can go around on a tour of Gaul, collecting the finest traditional food and drink of every region for the banquet they will throw right after their return by winning the bet.

    9. These are just great comics!Humour for all ages! I read them with my son and we both giggle away at the jokes!!!Enjoy!

    10. La Grande BoucleEine Premiere: In diesem Band sieht man Asterix zweimal ohne Helm. Wenn man sich so im römisch besetzten Gallien umschaut, scheinen eh unsere wehrhaften Dörfler aus Armorica die einzigen zu sein, die in so zivilisierten Zeiten mit Helm herumlaufen. In Lutetia, Durocortorum, Lugdunum, Massilia und Tolosa jedenfalls geht man inzwischen baren Haupts seinem Tagesgeschäft nach. Die Pax Romana sorgt für gutbesuchte Kneipen, hübsche minirockbekleidete Flaniererinnnen am Strand und [...]

    11. Note to self - never place blind trust in someone named Uptotrix. Using names as character tells is an old storytelling device. Goscinny uses the device repeatedly to make groan-inducing puns. It works for me.Small groups of motivated, fearless individuals can make life miserable for empires. Threats of force only propel Asterix and Obelix further along the path of insurgency. Here's a challenge from empire:"Since you're so clever, by Minerva, I'm shutting you up in your village! You won't be ab [...]

    12. ASTERIX EN DIE FEESMAALTYD was nog nooit my gunsteling in die reeks nie, maar dis moeilik om te sê hoekom. Miskien gaan daar te veel van die streeksbesonderhede en -gewoontes verlore in die vertalings, en aangesien ek Frans-agtergeblewe is, is daardie aspek van die verhaal my nie beskore nie. Sonya van Schalkwyk-Barrois se vertaling is weer eens uitstekend: soos in al die vorige boeke is daar skitterende oorspronklike woordspelings en naamkeuses. Haar sprankelende Afrikaans vergoed vir 'n verha [...]

    13. Asterix and Obelix and of course the little Dogmatix makes the first Tour De France to win a culinary bet, (collecting the specialities of the regions) with the Romans. The "Tour De France" before the Tour De France, is based on a very clever idea, but I don't know may be it's my lack of knowledge of France, I personally feel this is one of those comics where the complete appreciation of all the jokes and puns may only be found in the original French.

    14. The Gauls are being literally walled in. Asterix challenges the Roman General Overanxius that he an Obelix can pass the walls, travel across Gaul collecting gourmet regional delicacies and return to the village to host a Banquet. Violence and humour follow. An interesting list of delightful PDO products - Humbugs really? Features an early appearance by a yet unnamed Dogmatix (or a relative).

    15. Wow what a crazy prefect ! First he sends all of the Roman legions in Gaul to chase Asterix and Obelix just because he doesn't what to loose his bet and then he puts a stockade around the village after Asterix has left!

    16. Asterix makes a bet with a Roman officer, saying he and Obelix can tour Roman-occupied Gaul collecting local specialities for a banquet.

    17. Un susseguirsi di episodi tenuti insieme solo dal pretesto del giro di Gallia. Gli episodi, però, sono di alto livello!

    18. Nyt oli keksitty jo vähän jotain uutta ideaa. Asterix ja Obelix lyövät vetoa roomalaisten kanssa, että pääsevät piiritetystä kylästä kiertämään Galliaa ja hakemaan paikallisia herkkuja joka puolelta maata. Voin kuvitella, että ranskalaisille tämä on rakas albumi. Suomalainen ei oikein bongaa tarpeeksi paikallisia kulttuurivihjeitä.

    19. ¡Que flipen con este libro!!!!!!!!!!!¡Es lo mejor de lo mejor, como molaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. c'est assez drôle de découvrir tous les noms de villes. J'ai été surprise que les bêtises de Camaracum fassent partie des spécialités à ramener de leur tour Gaule.

    21. *3.5 Stars*I snickered in a few places, but I think a lot of the region-based jokes flew right over my South Asian head. Ah well.

    22. A great comic book and time killer. I'v read it over and over again but if your looking for a more advance book, this is not what you want.

    23. The authors take Asterix and Obelix on a trip across France in this Asterix episode. It all starts when a Roman inspector decides to blockade the Gaul village. Asterix challenges the Romans that as a Gaul, he will go wherever he likes and will prove it by going on a tour of Gaul and bringing back delicacies from various parts of the country. The Romans agree to lift the seige if he succeeds. Obelix joins him in the journey and, in a hilarious side-story where he is completely ignored, Dogmatix j [...]

    24. This is the fifth Asterix adventure. Roman General Overanxious is on a special mission from Caesar. "All Gaul is at peace with the liberating Roman Army, except this one little village of dissidents."After he fails to battle them into submission he has another idea. "We shall isolate the Gaulish village from the outside world. You'll have to be self-sufficient and live on the produce of your own village! The outside world will forget you."Asterix has other ideas though and makes a bet that he an [...]

    25. Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, Asterix and the Banquet (Orion, 1965)I decided to re-read all the Asterix books I'd read, and read the ones I hadn't, back in 2004. I had gotten through most of them by 2005, but three eluded me. I tracked down Mansions of the Gods in 2007, but Asterix the Legionary and Asterix and the Banquet, for some reason, have been well-nigh impossible to find. I try to get them through Interlibrary Loan twice a year or so, on the off chance one of the very few libraries t [...]

    26. The Roman legionaries stationed near the Gaulish village are paid a visit by Inspector General Overanxius. It seems the Inspector General is new to these parts, as he is troubled by the fact that one small Gaulish village has still not surrendered to the Romans. He takes it upon himself to assimilate this lone village into the Great Roman Empire. Asterix and Obelix meet his challenge and have a bet with him that they would tour all the Gaul villages, collecting the specialities of the regions, a [...]

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