Songs of Unreason

Songs of Unreason

Jim Harrison / Jun 19, 2019

Songs of Unreason Poetry Foundation Bestseller ListLos Angeles Times Book Prize finalistMichigan Notable BookHigh Plains Book Award finalistBalcones Prize finalist A beautifully mysterious inquiry Here Harrison forthri

  • Title: Songs of Unreason
  • Author: Jim Harrison
  • ISBN: 9781556593895
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poetry Foundation Bestseller ListLos Angeles Times Book Prize finalistMichigan Notable BookHigh Plains Book Award finalistBalcones Prize finalist A beautifully mysterious inquiry Here Harrison forthright, testy, funny, and profoundly discerning a gruff romantic and a sage realist, tells tales about himself, from his dangerous obsession with Federico Garc a Lorca to howPoetry Foundation Bestseller ListLos Angeles Times Book Prize finalistMichigan Notable BookHigh Plains Book Award finalistBalcones Prize finalist A beautifully mysterious inquiry Here Harrison forthright, testy, funny, and profoundly discerning a gruff romantic and a sage realist, tells tales about himself, from his dangerous obsession with Federico Garc a Lorca to how he touched a bear s head, reflects on his dance with the trickster age, and shares magnetizing visions of dogs, horses, birds, and rivers Oscillating between drenching experience and intellectual musings, Harrison celebrates movement as the pulse of life, and art, which scrubs the soul fresh Booklist Harrison has written a nearly pitch perfect book of poems, shining with the elemental force of Neruda s Odes or Matisse s paper cutouts.In Songs of Unreason,, his finest book of verse, Harrison has stripped his voice to the bare essentials to what must be said, and only what must be said The Wichita Eagle Songs of Unreason, Harrison s latest collection of poetry, is a wonderful defense of the possibilities of living His are hard won lines, but never bitter, just broken in and thankful for the chance to have seen it all The Industrial Worker Book Review Unlike many contemporary poets, Harrison is philosophical, but his philosophy is nature based and idiosyncratic Much that you see isn t with your eyes Throughout the body are eyes As in all good poetry, Harrison s lines linger to be ruminated upon a third or fourth time, with each new reading revealing substance and raising questions Library Journal It wouldn t be a Harrison collection without the poet, novelist, and food critic s reverence for rivers, dogs, and women his poems stun us simply, with the richness of the clarity, detail, and the immediacy of Harrison s voice Publishers WeeklyJim Harrison s compelling and provocative Songs of Unreason explores what it means to inhabit the world in atavistic, primitive, and totemistic ways This can be disturbing to the learned, Harrison admits Using interconnected suites, brief lyrics, and rollicking narratives, Harrison s passions and concerns creeks, thickets, time s effervescence, familial love emerge by turns painful and celebratory, localized and exiled.

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        Jim Harrison was born in Grayling, Michigan, to Winfield Sprague Harrison, a county agricultural agent, and Norma Olivia Wahlgren Harrison, both avid readers He married Linda King in 1959 with whom he has two daughters Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information His awards include National Academy of Arts grants 1967, 68, 69 , a Guggenheim Fellowship 1969 70 , the Spirit of the West Award from the Mountain Plains Booksellers Association, and election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 2007.Much of Harrison s writing depicts sparsely populated regions of North America with many stories set in places such as Nebraska s Sand Hills, Michigan s Upper Peninsula, Montana s mountains, and along the Arizona Mexico border.


    1. Jim Harrison's poems are as free swinging as a wild river, and as rich in visible and under-surface life. They sweep things up and let go of them at the same time. You throw in your attention, and you never know what will rise to meet it. Almost every poem startles, enlarges, loops into some bedrock issue and carves its own path. These poems' sense of well-tempered experience and their tenderness are both immense. Meanwhile, on the left hand pages of the book, which hold the "Suite of Unreason," [...]

    2. This was an interesting book for me. I loved the beauty of the words and the flow of these words at the surface, but on many of the poems I felt that the meaning was just outside of my grasp. Or I would understand parts but not others. I’m still learning about poetry though, so maybe the meanings of his words will click if I read the later down the line.

    3. Harrison is a beautiful poet, and this is a complicated book--featuring lovely lyric-meditations on the right-hand pages, and a long poem in broken stanzas on the left-hand page. It's an interesting read, challenging, and ultimately lovely.

    4. Very deep and profound writing. Ravishingly poignantdiligently graveI felt these poems down to my bones and beyond. This book is pure genius.

    5. As the Bulgarians say, the moon is to blame.Come to think of it that’s right. The moonworks in waves of power like the oceanand I was swept away into wrongdoingwhen the moon was large. I am innocent.Jim Harrison

    6. This book only pales in comparison to the previous two collections of Harrison's - Saving Daylight and In Search of Small Gods - otherwise, 5 STARS compared with anything else in this genre. Harrison is a national treasure.

    7. Jim Harrison is awesome, and Songs of Unreason is an excellent collection. I recommend reading this one by picking it up every few days and reading a random poem. Read front to back, it gets a little tiresome and seems a bit too self-aware. The random dollops will maximize the impact. Highly recommended to anyone interested in finding out what Jim Harrison is all about.

    8. Jim Harrison. Songs of Unreason, Copper Canyon Press (143pp. $22)My friend Arlice Davenport is the book editor of the Wichita Eagle. He’s a perceptive traveler, philosopher and poetry lover. He wrote this appreciative review of Jim Harrison’s latest volume of poetry. I know he wouldn’t mind me sharing it with you:Nature nurtures the poet’s soul with ineffable longing. The world indwells him, engulfs him, immerses him in the endless river of time. He struggles to rise above it, to sing it [...]

    9. I stumbled across an editors' proof of this at Alibaster Book Shop in the Village and stood in the corner of the store, transfixed as I read, for about 40 minutes. After a time, the owner kicked me out. I did not buy the proof - it was $36 - but I immediately ordered a copy on for a third of the price. Over the past week or so, I've opened this collection around 3 or 4 times a day, sometimes just for an excerpt, other times to read a whole section. Harrison has a gift for putting into words cer [...]

    10. Absolutely breathtaking collection of poems from an old faithful, Jim Harrison. As always, his poetry manages to be inspiring not sentimental, romantic not trite, and serious but not without humor. Harrison is one of those poets whose varied subjects are always seen through the prism of nature, particularly, in trees, water, birds, and the moon. Though his spirit is akin to W.S. Merwin and Galway Kinnell, Harrison has a sort of irony that places his poems a bit more in the muck of the everyday. [...]

    11. You'll need to like birds -- no, I mean you'll REALLY need to like birds -- in order to enjoy this collection of poems. As it happens, I do enjoy birds (though maybe not quite as much as Mr. Harrison), so I did enjoy this volume. To say that I tend toward a different type of poetry than Big Jim is to say that frogs are forever baffled by the unknowable shadows of crows overhead. But sometimes you want to eat the things you're not, you know what I mean? So I ate this book in three days and in gen [...]

    12. There is a quote from Publishers Weekly on the inside flap under Harrison's photo that says it all: Untrammeled renegade genius.Harrison covers it all - aging, death, sex, nature, wild-ness and wilderness - and does so with a voice like no other. It is the voice of truth.Whenever I have venture into his world, which is my world, our world, whether through poetry or fiction, all I can say is, "I'm unsure if all of me returned."

    13. Jesus, can Harrison write poems! A Zen master: one-eyed, vertiginous, in love with gorgeous ass, food -- even the memory of food -- wine -- even the memory of wine -- cigarettes, his dogs, the ghosts of various cats, women, Russian poets, the Upper Peninsula, defiant road-kill, the play of two immature eagles going south, and a while later a mother eagle, also heading south.

    14. Wow!Random Line:Resting in an eddy against dense greeneryso thick you can't see into it but can fathomits depth by waning birdcalls, hum of insects.I've been there before. I've looked into that dense greenery and sensed its depth. Some great grizzly poems here. Highly recommended.

    15. Jim Harrison is one of my favorite poets and truly an American treasure. This book further seals his reputation as he explores his primitive self and nature. As a poet, he grows more powerful with age. Highly recommended.

    16. Jim Harrison's latest book of poems never disappoints. He is again writing about the balm of earth's nature and its creatures. About the deep pleasure of walking, listening to birds, aging, memory, and "these birds of appetite with nowhere to land." Very enjoyable.

    17. Jim Harrison has a knack for tapping into the soul. His meditations on death are really something, considering his own death happening so recently. It's as if he knew it was very near. This is a collection that will stand out for a very long time.

    18. So thought provoking and enjoyable. He creates moods & images that are well-nigh impossible to clear from the mind. I will read this countless times throughout the rest of my life.

    19. I was a bit underwhelmed considering all the hype for Harrison. I wasn't fond of the way the song of unreason was interspersed throughout the book. My favorite was called Mary.

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