Buried Secrets

Buried Secrets

S.K. Hardy / May 23, 2019

Buried Secrets Las Vegas Sin City What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Or does it When you by chance meet that person who you think just might be the one do you listen to your head and play it safe or open up yo

  • Title: Buried Secrets
  • Author: S.K. Hardy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Las Vegas Sin City What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Or does it When you, by chance, meet that person who you think just might be the one , do you listen to your head and play it safe or open up your heart and hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime Three years ago, Aleesha met Dr Marcus Bennett at a conference in Las Vegas The brief hours they spent togetheLas Vegas Sin City What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas Or does it When you, by chance, meet that person who you think just might be the one , do you listen to your head and play it safe or open up your heart and hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime Three years ago, Aleesha met Dr Marcus Bennett at a conference in Las Vegas The brief hours they spent together were positively scorching and the man had yet to kiss her Due to circumstances beyond their control, they never got the opportunity to explore the attraction simmering like a low burning flame waiting to be ignited When Marcus doesn t show up for what is sure to be the best night of Aleesha s life, she chalks it up to a lesson learned and goes back to Atlanta a couple of days later She never hears from or sees him again Until her two best friends, Jerra and Keisha, fly her to Vegas for a fun filled weekend to celebrate her impending marriage to the man of her dreams, ex football pro, Amir Montgomery Out of two million people residing in the city, who does Aleesha bump into the first night at one of the most popular clubs in Vegas Marcus Bennett And he s even attractive than she remembers Embarassed by her inebriated actions, this time she is the one bails out on him Resolving to put this man out of her mind once and for all, nothing can prepare Aleesha when their paths cross yet again the next evening She finally has to ask herself if seeing him again is just a coincidence or fate Aleesha isn t the only one who s tempted in the city of sin Jerra tries in vain to resist Marcus arrogant stripper friend, Eclipse The man s sex appeal is ridiculous and his swagger irresistable and he knows it Normally the level headed one, Jerra throws caution to the wind and gives in to the most basic of desires only to learn the meaning of phrase if you play with fire, be prepared to get burned After the women get home, they move full speed ahead with Aleesha s wedding plans However, they discover the sexy men of Sin City are not so prone to let the weekend s happenings stay in Vegas Oh yes Things are definitely about to heat up in the Atl

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        S K Hardy is a Louisiana native who has written internet short stories since 2009 In 2011, she published her first novel and began her odyssey into the literary world S K s erotic novels are full of drama, romance, and unbelievable twists that will engage all five of your senses they re just that potent As one reader puts it, S K s books are like an erotic journey that you want to savor in delicious, little bites She allows you to live vicariously through her work and experience your deepest, most private fantasies while sitting on the edge of your seat anticipating what will happen next.S K has just gotten started Take a chance and jump on this ride if you dare.facebook SK Sweet Kar.agram authorsk


    1. romancenoveljunkies / for book lovers and readersIEF SUMMARYAleesha meets Marcus at a conference 3 years ago in Las Vegas. She has not seen him since she has returned to Atlanta. Now back in Las Vegas with her two best friends Jerra and Keshia at her bachelorette party, she is in for a shock when she meets Marcus againOUGHTSI might sound a bit melodramatic, but words cannot express how goodis book was. Get the kids to bed, go to your bedroom, close the door, and indulge. This book deserves a dou [...]

    2. Okay so here is the deal. This was my first time reading any books from this author. This book was suggested and so I said Hey let's read the damn thing. Now (Please note that it is 5 am and I am laughing my ass off trying to type this review) I have never laughed so hard at some of the antics carried on in a book I am sure most thought the um(Trying to keep this spoiler free for those who haven't read it but hell these jokers pop up pretty quick so oh well) "exotic dancers" were HOT and let me [...]

    3. Eclipse.I blindly purchased this book 2 years ago based on word of mouth at how great the series was. The one thing I hate is the time wasted not reading it sooner it was absolutely amazing. In just the first couple of pages the story had my mind messed all messed up. I found myself wanting to beat Amir and kiss Marcus. But Darrell had me feeling some type of way with his alpha male self. The book was very well written and had enough drama to keep you wanting more. Whatever you do don't sleep on [...]

    4. I have had this book on my kindle for a while and not sure why I had not read it. So I started the New Year off right with this one!! It was HOTTTTTTTT!!!!! SK did that! This book had me up late at night reading. I had to go ahead and buy the next book in the series. Definitely recommend this to other readers of erotica.

    5. This was definitely a five star read. I already know that this is going to go down as on of my favorite series. Headed to book two!

    6. Oh my goodnessssssssHow in the world did this series get pass me by sitting on my Kindle for far too long!!!!!!Author S.K. has created a world of What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas but clearly "Buried Secrets" Book 1 didn't get the memo which I just love.A bachelorette party in Las Vegas for Aleesha given by her two best friends Jerra and Keisha turns out to become more than what either of them bargained for. It becomes a weekend where nobody will walk away the same. Lives are changed and cha [...]

    7. I found this to be a nice urban fiction love story full of lust,lies,betrayal and hope. Summary below from GoodreaadsWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… Or does it?When you, by chance, meet that person who you think just might be “the one”, do you listen to your head and play it safe - or open up your heart and hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime?Three years ago, Aleesha met Dr. Marcus Bennett at a conference in Las Vegas. The brief hours they spent together were positively scorchin [...]

    8. I had the pleasure of personally meeting this Louisiana Author a week ago at an event we both were showcased at. I being a native of Louisiana love to meet local authors while doing events all over the state. SK is a gentle soul with a great smile and personality to match. This is the first book I've read by Author SK but most definitely won't be the last. I am a fan! The storyline is attention-grabbing that keeps you wanting more. Sensual, seductive and saucy are three words I will use to descr [...]

    9. Author SK should hold her head up proudly when she tells people she authored this book. Buried Secrets was great! The characters were real and believable, the drama on point but no intellectually insulting and the storyline flowed seamlessly. I haven't devoured a book this quickly in a while and it was well worth the effort. My favorite characters had to be Marcus and DarrellI like Keisha too cause she was down to earthIt took a while for Jerra to grow on me, but I liked her too in the end. Alee [...]

    10. This was a very good read. The sex scenes were very visual and keep you reading for sure. If you're going to have best friends you definitely want them to be like these three women. I enjoyed the entire book but was not able to give it five stars because even though I was happy with the turn out of Jerra's life I was disappointed that the entire book tied you to Aleesha and then left you with no exciting ending for her.

    11. This is some of the hottest erotic I have read in a while. The sex scenes in this book were simply off the chain. While reading them you think you are actually a participant because they are just that good. The actual story telling was really good as well. The story with Amir and Aleesha made an unexpected turn which was a delight. Aleesha and Marcus had some amazing chemistry, and Darryl and Jerra super hot. Those two will have you squirming in your chair. This is a must read.

    12. Lordy, I am not finished with this book but I had to take a break to say that this one is burning in my handslol! OMG, sizzling hot this one is!!! The brothas are putting it down ladies!

    13. Buried Secrets was recommended by a fellow reader in a group we're both a part of. I am so thankful for the suggestion. The story focuses on two main couples Man on man! The story was packed with a lot of meat and potatoes sustenance. What do I mean by that? Welle story has two heroines and two heroes. Meaty Both stories have so much substance that its filling PotatoesBoth Aleesha and Marcus's story, as well as Darrell and Jerra's story started with a trip to Vegas. The two sets of best friends [...]

    14. Aleesha is about to get married to a former football star, Amir Montgomery and she can not wait. Her friends have an explosive weekend planned for her bachelorette party.So, they hop on the plane enroute to Vegas, Sin City.While in Vegas celebrating, Aleesha and Dr. Marcus Bennett reconnects after three years. Dr.Marcus refuses to let Aleesha walk out of his life again and is determined to make her realize that while she is there. Aleesha on the other hand can't believe that after all of these y [...]

    15. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but that isn't always the case, especially when the sin is too sweet to resist. Aleesha is soon to be married to the man of her dreams, so her girls, Jerra and Keisha make it their mission to throw Aleesha a last shebang as a single woman in Vegas. There, Aleesha comes a** to d*ck with the sex pot, Marcus who wants to reignite a flame. The uptight Jerra lets her hair down for no one but just maybe an Eclipse can shift her mood. Nothing is off limits [...]

    16. Wow! This was a great bookI don't really know where to startI had never read any books by SKbut I think I will be adding this author to one of my favoritesI was not sure I was gonna like this bookbut the spin that it had and the direction it went inflowed perfectlye men in this book were HOT & successfulThe author did a really good job with the characters and the story lineI did not see the story about Darrell & Jerra comingI thought it was gonna be mostly about Marcus and Aleeshabut thi [...]

    17. WowIt took a while for me to get into the book. Took me longer to read the chapters, but other than that. This book was how can I say this, one of the best books I have read. SK, introduces everyone so eloquently without overstating the character, SK gave what is needed during the time you needed. The way the story lines are written it will keep you very interested. Aleesha, Jerra and Keisha are very relatable to the point you can understand them. Marcus, Darryl and Dominique are just say they h [...]

    18. I originally bought this book because I couldn't believe it had so many 5 star ratings. I wanted to see if it would live up to the hype, I honestly didn't think it would but I must say that I totally enjoyed it. I like the three best girlfriends that were strong and were not over the topsteroid of control with the way they acted towards each other or other people around them. I also appreciated the author letting the women get their own sexual pleasure just as men are always written to do. The s [...]

    19. I loved the chemistry and flow of this book. It was excellent. What happens is Vegas is suppose to stay in Vegas, but sometimes Vegas is too hot be contained in one spot. That's how I would describe Aleesha and Marcus. I wanted them together from the first dance. I thought Amir was a good guy, but that changed quick. Aleesha was quick and decisive I like that, no back and forth. Jerra got on my nerve until I discovered why she acted the way she did. Darrell was a true alpha male personified. A d [...]

    20. This is book one in the Sin City Heat series and this is where you meet Aleesha and Jerra. Aleesha met Marcus at a conference years ago and never did she think that she would meet him again at her bachelorette party. The chemistry was still there from when they met years ago and they definitely still want each other. Jerra meets Darrell/Eclipse and there is chemistry between them but she just doesn’t want to admit it. This book was definitely HOT!! I definitely think this book is a must read a [...]

    21. This book was Hot!!! I absolutely loved it 50 shades of grey has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on Sin City Heat Series My God the sex scenes were off the charts so as a warning read in private:) Oh my the Bachelorette party sceneDarrell and Marcus are a mess Love them Aleesha's and Marcus relationship mindblowing

    22. Wow excellent read, drama dram drama. These ladies and gents have some major history. SK did an excellent job on this drama filled story. Aleesha and Jeera has so real men to show them what love is all about. Darius hot tempered but an excellent combination for Jeera. Marcus doctor by day but wait till you find out what freaks brings out at night. LOL 5 stars

    23. Okay I had my dollars out while I read this hot book It was like I was there. S K can tell a story. This was good on to the next one. Ihope I don't need no more singlesLol

    24. Hot secretsThis novel was a very well-thought-out story about three girl Friends of which one was about to be married and the other two decided they were going to give her a bachelorette party in sin city that's right Los Vegas unfortunately not everything that happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    25. Smoking Hot!OMGThis was one hot read! The sex scenes were off the chart and the chemistry between the characters nearly melted my Kindle! This book had it alles, secrets, cheating, sweating your relaxer out sex and the happily ever after.or not?Highly recommend this book!

    26. Oh My Goodness! This is an awesome read. Mind blowing to say the least. I met SK a few weeks ago, very nice woman. This is not what I was expecting, and I was not disappointed. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I can only imagine the story line in the other books.

    27. Good written, though I didn't really understand the change of the main figures. At the beginning it was Aleesha and Marcus, then they were put aside and the author turns her all attention to Jerra and Darrell. The story with the stepfather was for me a bit out of place.

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