The Goshawk

The Goshawk

T.H. White Marie Winn / Sep 18, 2019

The Goshawk What is it that binds human beings to other animals T H White the author of The Once and Future King and Mistress Masham s Repose was a young writer who found himself rifling through old handbooks o

  • Title: The Goshawk
  • Author: T.H. White Marie Winn
  • ISBN: 9781590172490
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
  • What is it that binds human beings to other animals T.H White, the author of The Once and Future King and Mistress Masham s Repose, was a young writer who found himself rifling through old handbooks of falconry A particular sentence the bird reverted to a feral state seized his imagination, and, White later wrote, A longing came to my mind that I should be able tWhat is it that binds human beings to other animals T.H White, the author of The Once and Future King and Mistress Masham s Repose, was a young writer who found himself rifling through old handbooks of falconry A particular sentence the bird reverted to a feral state seized his imagination, and, White later wrote, A longing came to my mind that I should be able to do this myself The word feral has a kind of magical potency which allied itself to two other words, ferocious and free Immediately, White wrote to Germany to acquire a young goshawk Gos, as White named the bird, was ferocious and Gos was free, and White had no idea how to break him in beyond the ancient and, though he did not know it, long superseded practice of depriving him of sleep, which meant that he, White, also went without rest Slowly man and bird entered a state of delirium and intoxication, of attraction and repulsion that looks very much like love White kept a daybook describing his volatile relationship with Gos at once a tale of obsession, a comedy of errors, and a hymn to the hawk It was this that became The Goshawk, one of modern literature s most memorable and surprising encounters with the wilderness as it exists both within us and without.

    The Goshawk Pub Dining, Mouldsworth Welcome to the Goshawk, located in the beautiful Mouldsworth in Cheshire Welcome to the Goshawk Blending premium elements of food, wine, beer and staff, the Goshawk has become a little gem in the heart of the English countryside. The Goshawk by T.H White The Goshawk is a wonderful and weird little book that is unlike anything I ve read before For one thing, it manages to make sheep corpse eating maggots clean, vital, symbolical of an essential life force perfectly persisting and breaking wind the horns of elfland faintly blowing Northern goshawk The Goshawk Entire Movie YouTube Jan , This is the whole of the film The Goshawk Starring Duncan Carse as The Falconer and a stunning goshawk Based on the book The Goshawk by T H White Created for the BBC in Produced The Goshawk T H White Books The goshawk is such a peculiar book, written so far removed from a sense of what might be popular, or topical, from a sense of a book as something to be marketed in a business sense, as to be utter magic, a conviction on the part of the author that a book about the relationship between a man and a raptor, a goshawk tiercel we learn among many Goshawk Society The Goshawk Society is a non profit organization formed to address the interests of owners and enthusiasts of the pre war Small Horsepower series of Rolls Royce R R cars These were built from to , and comprised the Twenty, , , and Wraith models. The Goshawk chirpbooks The predecessor to Helen Macdonald s H Is for Hawk, T H White s nature writing classic, The Goshawk, asks the age old question What is it that binds human beings to other animals White, author of The Once and Future King and Mistress Masham s Repose , was a young writer who found himself rifling through old handbooks of falconry. Northern Goshawk Audubon Field Guide A powerful predator of northern and mountain woods Goshawks hunt inside the forest or along its edge they take their prey by putting on short bursts of amazingly fast flight, often twisting among branches and crashing through thickets in the intensity of pursuit. Northern Goshawk Life History, All About Birds, Cornell The Northern Goshawk is the bigger, fiercer, wilder relative of the Sharp shinned and Cooper s Hawks that prowl suburbs and backyards It s an accipiter a type of hawk with short, broad wings and a long rudderlike tail that give it superb aerial agility. Northern Goshawk Overview, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of The Northern Goshawk is the bigger, fiercer, wilder relative of the Sharp shinned and Cooper s Hawks that prowl suburbs and backyards It s an accipiter a type of hawk with short, broad wings and a long rudderlike tail that give it superb aerial agility.

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        Born in Bombay to English parents, Terence Hanbury White was educated at Cambridge and taught for some time at Stowe before deciding to write full time White moved to Ireland in 1939 as a conscientious objector to WWII, and lived out his years there White is best known for his sequence of Arthurian novels, The Once and Future King , first published together in 1958.


    1. A wholly charming book with a sumptuous prose style, of a writer's attempts to train a goshawk to killl game. In many ways, this is a distant relative of the contemporary bestseller H is for Hawk. The book's structure is a day-by-day account of the author's determination to train this bird, 'Gos', and convince it to trust him. He sympathizes with the 'feral' animal and yet they are often in combat with each other - both have stubborn personalities. The book can also be read as a study of the Eng [...]

    2. In my reading life, I can go from being a shad fisherman one week ( The Founding Fish) to being a falconer the next. Without being drowned or clawed. To say nothing of my fiction choices, with all the myriad chambers of the human heart exposed. Once again without being drowned or clawed.One obstacle to learning about a new topic, though not insurmountable, is the beautiful strangeness of language. I speak here not of a country's or people's verbs, nouns and adjectives, but rather of the peculiar [...]

    3. La falconeria mi ha sempre affascinato. Qualche anno fa mi sono incantata ad osservare da vicino le manovre di un gruppo di falconieri con i loro volatili, alla festa di Campora, e mi è balenata in mente l'idea di iscrivermi anche io ad una scuola di falconeria. Avendo per marito un cacciatore impenitente che in parte si duole per il mio completo disinteresse verso l'attività venatoria, quando mi sono illuminata alla vista dei rapaci, poco c'è mancato che me ne procurasse uno - non certo per [...]

    4. Went there after reading H is for Hawk, stayed for the pure pleasure of T. H. White's writing, which totally outweighed Helen Macdonald's retelling of the entire story within her recent book.

    5. This was one of the books that I had to read for O-Level English literature, and it was the only really interesting one out of the set. (These were the UK school exams for 16 year-olds back in the early '70s).This is a role model for those who would practice the craft of writing great literature. The language is so descriptive and captivating and really pulls the reader in to experience the emotions of the author.We were told that this is NOT the way to train a falcon, but it is a brilliant acco [...]

    6. I read The Sword in the Stone and The Once and Future King when I was much younger. This illuminates the things he writes in those books about raptors, and reveals the deep fascination he has for these magnificent birds. As he writes about his efforts to train a goshawk, it's not so much a matter, for him, of subjugating the bird as understanding the way it thinks and feels. The other thing I appreciated here was the bits of erudition scattered here and there in his allusions to history and lite [...]

    7. This is one of those marvelous books that is so small, yet written in a way so that each sentence carries the work of ten. Somehow, it tears your heart out with just a word. Just right out. Because, this book is as much about what lies beneath T.H. White's words as what his words say. His words are telling us about a period when he trained a goshawk. (See that video for an incredibly gorgeous view of the creatures.) The rest of the story is in the underbelly, in what he is confessing about his p [...]

    8. I had read Helen Macdonald’s “H is for Hawk”, and was fascinated by her discussion of T.H.White and of his book “The Goshawk”. I think that my response to The Goshawk was greatly influenced by Macdonald’s book.As one reads The Goshawk, one becomes aware of the struggles within White, even as he struggled for mastery of the hawk Gos.I suspect that White fled from the life of a schoolmaster because of the terrible temptations it offered, as when he speaks of the use of punishment in th [...]

    9. Diario di un fallimento“Uomo demoniaco e brillantissimo” diceva il necrologio di Terence Hanbury White. Erudito e letterato finissimo, calligrafo, artigiano squisito e naturalista affascinato dal ferino; personaggio scontroso, ritiratosi in solitudine in uno sperduto cottage nella campagna inglese, nel 1937 restò avvinto da un trattato secentesco di falconeria e ordinò dalla Germania un astore, il più coriaceo fra i rapaci, per dedicarsi, ignaro, al suo addestramento.Quando lo vidi per la [...]

    10. This is one of those incredible books that you pick up for no real, logical reason--more than a blind-buy, even--and become completely enamored with it. I can count these sorts of encounters with non-fiction on two hands.The premise is simple: T.H. White, the guy who wrote "The Once and Future King", bought a goshawk and tried to train it to hunt himself, using books from the 17th century. He then wrote a book about it.I'd be hard-pressed to elucidate what it exactly is about this book that ende [...]

    11. Everyone is familiar with Mr. Whites' superb Arthurian fantasy epics and here we have the great wordsmith applying his talents to his experiences of falconry, with no other than a book of the subject from the sixteen hundreds.This was an absorbing read that left me eager to learn more. If it was not for the deft skill of Mr. White and his mighty pen this would be an absolute faillier.A collection of well rounded stories of a factual nature from an excellent writer who has beyond doubt mastered b [...]

    12. Brilliant, but a little boringI would not have known about T. H. White's memoir of trying to train a goshawk were it not for Helen Macdonald's wonderful analysis in H is for Hawk, her recent account of training her own hawk. White, as he himself admits, does a lot of things wrong: feeding the bird far too much, for example. This horrifies Macdonald, and I expected it to horrify me too. But, because he is unaware of his mistakes at the time, what comes over has no cruelty in it whatsoever; frustr [...]

    13. If you've ever been to a Renaissance Faire you might have witnessed the fascinating hobby of Falconry, if you found it as interesting as I did and maybe even dreamed of owning a raptor of your own this book shows how one famous writer set about learning how to do it all on his own with just three books one written in the 1600's as his guide.

    14. Last spring I reread The Once and Future King, and ever since then I've been wishing there was more of it. Recently I went looking for other T. H. White books, which I had never done before, and came across this one. It chronicles White's efforts to apply the falconry methods of the Middle Ages and train a bird named Gos.In some ways The Goshawk is a difficult book to read. A certain amount of failure seems inevitable, and there's cruelty in the sport of falconry that contrasts with White's deep [...]

    15. Sono arrivata a questo libro per averne letto parecchi stralci in Io e Mabel ovvero L'arte della falconeria, forse mi sarebbe piaciuto di più se l'avessi letto senza essere influenzata dal vissuto e dal punto di vista di Helen Macdonald, perché mi sono accorta che facevo il tifo per l'astore a prescindere, cercando di capire poco l'uomo che addestrava e scriveva E' un libro di non molte pagine che si fa leggere volentieri, anche se non in tutte le sue parti. La prosa è piana seppur erudita, [...]

    16. Frangar, non flectarDifficile capire cosa possa portare uno scrittore e professore universitario, Terence Harboury White, a isolarsi in una casa di campagna e a iniziare una delle attività più difficili in assoluto, l'addestramento di un astore. Che è un bellissimo rapace, più o meno un chilogrammo di peso (la femmina è molto più grande del maschio) con un metro e venti circa di apertura alare (non nego di non avere avuto la più pallida idea di cosa fosse un astore prima di leggere il lib [...]

    17. The oddest thing happened while reading this book. Having just finished White's Sword in the Stone, and having just learned what an acciptor is (raptors, including goshawks, who diet on other birds) I discovered that T.H. White had written this memoir. But while reading it, I kept thinking that White, who referred to himself as an austringer (a keeper of goshawks) lived in the 1600s. The language of this "sport" is so specialized and near-archaic the book read as such. Plus, one of the handful o [...]

    18. I love T. H. White, and the reason why I love his writing shines through in punctuated brilliance in this brief book. Be aware that the descriptions on the back cover are misleading: This is NOT a book about good falconry. This is a book about terrible falconry performed with zeal fired by the best intentions and armed with very antiquated source material.Still, White's enthusiasm for the sport and for the intense relationship between falconer and hawk is moving and incisive. His joys and pains [...]

    19. Imagine if Henry David Thoreau had gone off to write "Walden" with a ferocious bird of prey to keep him company, and you'll get an inkling of -- No, scratch that, this book defies fanciful mash-up thinking. "The Goshawk" is a wonderful and weird little book that is unlike anything I've read before. For one thing, it manages to make sheep-corpse-eating maggots ("clean, vital, symbolical of an essential life-force perfectly persisting") and breaking wind ("the horns of elfland faintly blowing") po [...]

    20. White's utterly charming use of language manages to save what would otherwise be a repetitive journal primarily concerned with a hopelessly redundant pastime. Can't go too far wrong with couplets such as this: "Standing in the thick grass, with slow heart beats soothed by the still night, I thoughtfully broke wind. The horns of elfland faintly blowing." Plus, I also have a penchant for memoirs concerned with personal failure.

    21. I have no particular affinity for the sport of hawking and falconry, but being a fan of T.H. White's "Once and Future King" I was curious. And of course, once I started reading, T.H.'s language drew me in. Here's how he describes receiving his young, wild goshawk:"When I first saw him he was a round thing like a clothes basket covered with sacking. But he was tumultuous and frightening, repulsive in the same way as snakes are frightening to people who do not know them, or dangerous as the sudden [...]

    22. «Nell’istruire un falco, usare la coercizione per costringerlo all'obbedienza non serve. I rapaci non hanno una tradizione di masochismo, e quanto più li si minaccia o li si tormenta, tanto più s’inferociscono. Selvaggi e irremovibili, prima di poterli addomesticare è necessario “spezzarli”, in un modo o nell’altro. Qualunque crudeltà ha l’effetto immediato di incattivirli, ed è quindi peggio che inutile, perché l’uccello non si piegherà né arrenderà mai. Esso ha un estre [...]

    23. This is a beautifully written diary about White's training, struggles, and relationship with a goshawk. Other readers rave about "The Once and Future King". The author's wonderful prose tempts me to read this also.

    24. I came to this book as though it were a prequel: I’ve been looking forward to Helen MacDonald’s H is for Hawk for months now, and that book is partly about this one, so I read it first. Hers is also a chronicle of training a goshawk, the most difficult of the raptors to train, and White’s is an account of a failed attempt.This is a buried treasure for me (published in 1951), and what a delight it has been. He wrote this book out of economic necessity, or so he says, because he needed to wr [...]

    25. "The basket pulsed like a big heart in fever. It gave out weird cries of protest, hysterical, terrified, but furious and authoritative. It would have eaten anybody alive."Surprisingly, this is T. H. White's first encounter with his new goshawk, not the beginnings of a horror classic. Delivered to him from Germany during the 1930s, White's challenge was to train this intoxicating predator. He named him Gos, and spent his time, in relative isolation, trying to tame him. It sounds simple enough, bu [...]

    26. "He was born to fly, sloping sideways, free. . ." The Goshawk (1951) is T. H. White's fascinating account of when, "a deluded and imaginative recluse," he fled from the world and human beings into a wood, pared his life down to essentials, and tried via old falconry books and trial and error to train a young, wild male goshawk. The first part concerns his attempts in 1937 to tame and teach "Gos," the second his attempts to catch a new hawk, and the third his attempts to get a female hawk ("Cully [...]

    27. What a curious little book about an unrequited love relationship between a reclusive man and a feral goshawk. As one might expect, it thankfully doesn't end with a taming of the shrew: "The thing about being associated with a hawk is that one cannot be slipshod about it. No hawk can be a pet. There is no sentimentality. Ina way, it is the psychiatrist's art. One is matching one's mind against another mind with deadly reason and interest. One desires no transference of affection, demands no ignob [...]

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