Caught in the Act

Caught in the Act

Jill Sorenson / Sep 16, 2019

Caught in the Act Some desires are too dangerous to embrace As the owner of a flourishing Latin American crafts boutique Karina Strauss should be basking in her success Instead she s worried about her troubled sister

  • Title: Caught in the Act
  • Author: Jill Sorenson
  • ISBN: 9780553592641
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Some desires are too dangerous to embrace.As the owner of a flourishing Latin American crafts boutique, Karina Strauss should be basking in her success Instead she s worried about her troubled sister, the girlfriend and prisoner of drug lord Carlos Moreno Kari wants no part of that life, but when she helps a friend cross into the United States illegally, two men on opposSome desires are too dangerous to embrace.As the owner of a flourishing Latin American crafts boutique, Karina Strauss should be basking in her success Instead she s worried about her troubled sister, the girlfriend and prisoner of drug lord Carlos Moreno Kari wants no part of that life, but when she helps a friend cross into the United States illegally, two men on opposite sides of the law take notice Moreno and Adam Cortez, the handsome border protection officer who lets Kari off the hook It s not just Kari s tantalizing flash of skin that catches Adam s attention her drug cartel connections bring back the demons of his past Moreno demands that Kari smuggle a package for him in exchange for her sister s freedom Adam also gets dangerously close, tempting her to surrender and fulfill her wildest desires As Kari prepares for the drug run, dark secrets, violent criminals, and deadly consequences lurk around every corner But concern for her sister drives Kari toward a terrifying act, despite Adam s warnings, despite her overwhelming fears and despite the odds against coming out alive.

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    1. I like it! I've been out of the romantic suspense loop. Humans just don't do it for me these days, LOL. But the description for Caught in the Act snagged me. Kari Strauss crosses from San Diego into Tijuana every week to pick up arts and crafts for her boutique. She's sweating buckets and carrying illegal cargo when she meets Officer Adam Cortez stationed at the border. I loved Caught in the Act! Unexpected gem Jill Sorenson packs readable prose, a streamlined narrative, suspense, and spicy roma [...]

    2. Rating 3.5I was interested more in Maria the illegal the heroine smuggled and Ian, the hero's best friend, DEA undercover agent and the officer who found Maria raped and beaten four years ago when she tried to come to the US. I wanted a complete story for them instead we were left with Maria leaving and Ian hopefully going after her, I hope we get a story about this later, even a novella will do. I liked Ian he was pretending to be a junkie and had grown up with a junkie mother, I saw a lot of t [...]

    3. “Do you ever get tired of saving people?”“Someone saved me once,” she reminded him.Czech Republic born Kari Strauss has faced her share of adversity and loss; however she does not let the past define her. Owner of a successful Arts and Crafts boutique, Zolcalo, she travels over the Mexican Border from California purchasing one of a kind Latin American crafts to sell in her store. Kari does most of her buying from Maria, a woman she befriended in La Buffadora. Working two jobs and making [...]

    4. Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2012/03/26/After reading Sorenson’s The Edge of Night last year, I was impressed by her writing, her characters, and her ability to occasionally have me rooting for the bad guys. I was blown away by how much I enjoyed that book, and I am happy to say that Caught in the Act is just as wonderful.Kari is all alone in the world except for her drug addict sister who is hooked up with a drug kingpin. All Kari wants is to run her store and get her sister [...]

    5. 2/5; 2 stars; C-I considered giving this three stars because the writing was good. The sentence structure, the pacing, the language was perfectly fine. I just about abandoned it because the character Kari started out in TSTL territory and never really managed make her way out. Very aggravating to see a main character make stupid choice after stupid choice. While everyone was moaning about Sasha needing to get into rehab they should have been pushing Kari into treatment. She needed help.

    6. Excellent! Fast paced, lots of action, misunderstandings and so damn much sexual tension. I was completely glued to this book. I really hope there will be a book about Maria and Ian because the way it ended with those two you just have to give them a book

    7. Kari Strauss lives in San Diego and owns Zocalo, an arts and crafts store that carries Latin American items. Once a week she travels to Tijuana to buy more supplies for the store. It is there where she meets a young woman named Maria who is supporting her family and desperate for money. Years ago, Maria tried to cross into the USA through the desert, only to be brutally raped. She was saved by a man named Agent Forester. Although she will never forget that ordeal, or the man who saved her, her f [...]

    8. Usually romantic suspense is a hit or miss for me. I need more romance than suspense in order for me to enjoy a book. Luckily, Caught in the Act had the right balance and I enjoyed the book from start to finish.Kari Strauss owns a crafts shop in San Diego. She takes a chance and smuggles a woman, Maria, across the border. While she's at the border checkpoint, she encounters officer Adam Cortez. There's immediate chemistry and Kari tries to use it to her advantage and flirt with Adam. Unfortunate [...]

    9. I won this book in a contest and read it on my latest flight home from California. It's been a while since I read an actual book (as opposed to an ebook) and I found that I enjoyed holding the book in my hand again.Short story: Kari agrees to smuggle a young Mexican lady across the border into California so that she can find work there. (Holy shit, really? I won't carry so much as a handkerchief across the border on someone else's behalf. And she does this on impulse?) As a result, she meets Ada [...]

    10. Lives are at stake, love is in the air and jobs are on the line as more than the boarders are crossed in Caught in the Act by talented storyteller Jill Sorenson. Kari arouses more than border patrol agent Adam Cortez’s suspicions that fateful day when she’s in his line at the US/Mexico border. And she’s not fooling anyone including Adam as she attempts to use her feminine wiles to distract him so she can transport her precious cargo back across the boarder. Right off the bat there was an i [...]

    11. This was a book with wonderful potential and a very interesting plot. It could have been one of the greats but something was missing. Off. Not quite there for me. It was almost as if the writer had exhausted the basic plot regarding the drug cartel so the characters kept taking these little one off trips through the drug world just to reach the maximum pages. Also the hero was a total anti-hero. The author drew him up as a hottie but in the end he was kind of underwhelming. In fact, the most int [...]

    12. This is a heavy book much like The Edge of Night. While the main characters get their HEA, you do not walk away from this book with a warm fuzzy feeling.That being said, this is a really, really well-written book. I can't explain how Ms. Sorenson does it, but she takes these characters who seem so black and white--good guys vs. bad guys and suddenly makes them human. The good guy is still the good guy and the bad guy is still a bad guy, but we see this human side. I could almost sympathize with [...]

    13. Sorenson's 2012 release from Bantam Dell is a sexy, suspenseful ride from start to almost-finish. Protagonists Karina Strauss and Adam Cortez have major sizzle, as a store owner forced into smuggling and a border agent torn between desire and duty, and their world and their plight will suck readers in. Perhaps most intriguing, though, is the secondary story of DEA agent Ian Foster and Maria Santos, the girl he once rescued — who winds up rescuing him. While Adam and Kari's story wraps up, thei [...]

    14. It was light (well in that that it was easy and fast to read). It was not light in other ways, ya know, violence, drama and passion.Kari was, well pretty stupid, she smuggles someone across the border. She agrees to smuggle drugs, yes yes I get that she wanted to save her sister. Who was happy where she was, even if way into drugs. But still it was all, come on girl! Get some help, but fine get caught in rot in jail.Adam was nice, but who the heck was he not fired at once. That guy was not a goo [...]

    15. Can't believe Jill Sorenson wrote this tedious book. I wanted it to end half way through and was willing to pay double the money I originally paid to have it halved. The heroine ruined it completely, such an insufferable fool! The romance was risible-in fact, the secondary romance was much more interesting. Every time the heroine was on the scene I wanted to scream and skip. I'm glad it is over and I never have to set eyes on it again.

    16. Ah, well, you can't love an author's every book. This still had the gritty, steamy, fast-paced feel that I liked about all Sorenson's other books, but I couldn't buy either Adam's or Kari's motivations. Three times I wanted Kari to tell the hot, competent, child-loving policeman her problems so he could help and three times she'd didn't. And, if I'm going to be bad at heroines for having sex at career-ruinous times, I should look askance at heroes for doing the same thing.

    17. I've been knee deep in a reading slump for the past few months and this is the first book that I picked up and started, that I actually finished. It's safe to say that I enjoyed this story. Not only was this the first book that I've finished in months but it's also the first romantic suspense that I've read in a long time.This book follows Kari Strauss as she falls head over heels in love with the Border Patrol guy, Adam Cortez. Kari owns a boutique in San Diego and travels to Mexico weekly to p [...]

    18. Originally posted at Romance Around the CornerIt’s no secret that I love Ms. Sorenson’s books and that she’s become one of my favorite Romantic Suspense authors. Her stories have it all: great action, complex characters and scorching hot sex (very important!). Caught in the Act is no exception.Karina Strauss has a successful store where she sells Latin American crafts of all kinds. She regularly crosses the border to Mexico in order to buy more objects. One day, Maria, a woman she’s frie [...]

    19. Review originally posted at Book Lovers Inc.I discovered Jill Sorenson last year and the second I read Crash Into Me I knew this author is one I have to keep on my radar. Since then, I read all her books and she became one of my all time favorite authors. Her books shine with great characters, heart-melting romance and a gripping suspenseful plot. Caught in the Act was all that and perhaps even a bit more.Kari Strauss is an independent woman. She’s in her twenties and already owns her own rath [...]

    20. Another great read from Jill. The heroine Karina Strauss is from the Czech Republic. Her father brought her and her sister to the United States after their mother died. He created a business from the ground up and did well enough to spoil Karina and Sasha. At 18 there father died leaving Karina to raise Sasha. Sasha had always been wild and Karina felt she didn’t do a good enough job protecting her after something happened one night at a club. Karina is now the owner of a Latin American crafts [...]

    21. Caught in the Act has too many hanging strings at the end, and I wonder if Sorenson meant to follow up with sequels and just hasn't yet. The main couple, shop owner and sister of drug lord's girlfriend Karina and border patrol agent Adam come together when Karina crosses the border from Mexico to San Diego while acting the least cool possible; she's obviously smuggling something. Adam is called away to a bigger bust and lets her through, and it turns out Karina's something is Maria, a young woma [...]

    22. 4.5 stars Kari Strauss is a good girl doing bad things for good reasons. She smuggles a young Mexican woman, Maria, across the border. She agrees to smuggle drugs, in an attempt to rescue her drug addict sister from the clutches of the bad guys.Border Patrol Officer Adam Cortez is a good guy, as well. He suspects Kari of being up to no good, and tells himself that’s why he’s keeping an eye on her. These two are on opposite sides of the law, if not opposite sides of the sheetsWhat I really li [...]

    23. Jill Sorenson just writes a really good romantic suspense. I adore how her characters are almost so down to earth while everything they go through feels so realistic. Kari is a boutique owner in San Diego who travels across the border frequently to find new merchandise in Mexico. Even though she’s established herself, her younger sister has fallen in to a relationship with a drug lord and has become an addict. Even though she tries to help her sister in to rehab, she’s backed into a corner w [...]

    24. Karina Strauss main goal is to get her sister back. For years they have been separated only acting as friends never real sisterly. Karina blames herself for the life that Sasha has led so far and trying so hard to make things right. Going to Mexico a couple times in the month is dangerous but knowing that Sasha is on the side gets her going. Everything should have been easy this trip but now it is her and Maria paying for her stupidity. Yet something about Maria brings in innocence in her life t [...]

    25. My only complaint about this is the age of the leading female character. Kari is only 26, but she owns her own home and already runs a successful business and she has a university degree. I don't buy it; in this day and age it wouldn't happen even if she managed her money wisely. She seemed beyond her years, with experience in life and work and I think it would've been fine to make her older. Alex, the hero, is only 29 - which I was alright with, but even still, he could have been in his early 3 [...]

    26. Typical Sorenson, this book features two love stories in one with Adam and Kari as the main couple and Ian and Maria as the secondary pair. And also typical of Sorenson, the second couple was just as intriguing, if not more so, than the main lovers. Would definitely like to see more of Ian and Maria, who deserve a happily ever after. The major flaw with this book was the weak denouement. It was like Sorenson pulled back from the story and just wrapped it up and put a bow on it, but the box under [...]

    27. This story revolves around Kari and Adam, two individuals brought together by the opposite sides of the law. Kari is being forced to smuggle drugs from Mexico to the U.S. under a death threat to her sister while Adam is a border protection officer who is dedicated to keeping drugs out of the U.S. Together, can they figure out how to stop a drug cartel, rescue Kari's sister, and bring Kari back home safe? The only question I have isWhat happens to Maria and Ian? Are you writing another book for t [...]

    28. 2 and 1/2 stars. I really wanted to like this book more. It had a potentially interesting plot and secondary characters who had lots of depth. The main characters, however, felt wooden and their relationship did not ring true. It was hard for me to believe their sudden happy ending when they had spent so much time lying to one another. I wanted to know more about Ian, Maria, Armando and Moreno, though.

    29. Jill Sorenson's full-length romantic suspense is so well done, and she consistently impresses me. The characters are gritty and believable, and I was on the edge of my seat wondering how things were going to turn out. It's a testament to her fantastic storytelling that I would even read about such scary topics (gangs, drug cartels, etc). But she always pushes me just out of my comfort zone, and I appreciate that in a writer. Oh, and the dual romances were, as always, a joy to read.

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