Guilty Gucci

Guilty Gucci

Ashley Antoinette / Aug 26, 2019

Guilty Gucci The Red Bottom Bandits may be the world s most fashion forward gang of masked outlaws They re the talk of D C for their daring robberies and fly gear And their latest caper is penned by Ashley Antoine

  • Title: Guilty Gucci
  • Author: Ashley Antoinette
  • ISBN: 9781601624819
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Red Bottom Bandits may be the world s most fashion forward gang of masked outlaws They re the talk of D.C for their daring robberies and fly gear And their latest caper is penned by Ashley Antoinette of Ashley JaQuavis at her sultry, streetwise best When the innocent, naive Gucci recognizes ringleader Sunny Raegan during a holdup, that s her in with the BThe Red Bottom Bandits may be the world s most fashion forward gang of masked outlaws They re the talk of D.C for their daring robberies and fly gear And their latest caper is penned by Ashley Antoinette of Ashley JaQuavis at her sultry, streetwise best When the innocent, naive Gucci recognizes ringleader Sunny Raegan during a holdup, that s her in with the Bandits Knowing she s got a lot beauty than brains, Gucci sees the gang as her meal ticket More likely, they ll be her ticket to the morgue The Bandits may be lawless, but they play by a few simple rules Get in and get out oot first and ask questions later ver leave without the money d innocent people don t get hurt But it s only a matter of time before all these rules get broken and that s when Gucci gets caught If there s one thing a girl needs, it s a little help from her friends But her friends have skipped town without giving her a second thought And Sunny is distracted by her new baby and her violent ex lover So Gucci s on her own She s on trial for her life, and she must decide whether to snitch on the girls or take the fall all by herself Whichever she chooses, it may be her death sentence.

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    1. This was reviewed by library staff due to a patron's complaint about its content. Although I was skeptical of what I'd find inside, I was very pleasantly surprised to find myself very interested in both the characters and in the story. The book's main theme is friendship and all that being a true friend entails. The language is sometimes colorful, but that fits in with the setting and I simply overlooked it as a necessary part of the story. I would have liked a glossary at the end because there [...]

    2. I loved the book but with a few things. First the bad: 1. The title DOES NOT REALLY FIT WELL. 2. It was too perfect or too much of a coincidence that Reagan and her lawyer at the end, meet before they knew they would cross paths again. 3. I kept mixing up Reagan and Revenge's name while reading too fast, trying to get to the next page -_- (lol) 4. Revenge's torture scene was just over the top, I had to skip that smh, my heart went out to her tho. and 5. The ending felt rushed, it took some time [...]

    3. I enjoyed Guilty Gucci,it held my attention and it was very well written. I will say that the title Guilty Gucci is a little confusing since Gucci was more like a supporting character. I can also agree with a few other readers that stated that it was a bit too much like Set It Off, there were a lot of similarities towards the end.All in all, a good read is a good read no matter what the title is and this was still a good read. I would recommend this book, I have recommended it. I hope there is a [...]

    4. A page turner from the first to last page. The story was thoroughly entertaining. Chanel, Gucci, and Reagan were literally lunatics. Everything they did was so shocking that I didn't know what they were going to next. Every grimey thing they did was worst than the previous. I loved Nahvid's character. He was really a bright spot in the book, and I was rooting for him and Nahvid to make it. Not sure where the title of this book came from since Gucci's role was really not that big in this book. Lo [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book even though it did put me in mind of Set if Off. A lot of people were complaining that this story was already out in another book, but I never read it before so everything was new to me. I do have one complaint though, I wish they would change their ending up a little. I hate that Reagan got the low end of the stick while the other two is living happily ever after.

    6. BOY OH BOY!!!! This was such an amazing book. I cant lie though, all of the books By Ashley are amazing. I read this while at work. I hated that I had to put this book down to assist my Clients, I'm in love with each of the characters. I've read many comments about how the name does not match the storyline, however I believe it does. There were some points I had to put this book down to take a deep breath because of being so nervous about what I was about to read. PRAYING FOR A SEQUEL!!!! "lawd [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this book. The author did a great job of having me guessing. The end really threw me for a loop. The only thing about it, the title of the book doesn't really match what the book is about. The author could have picked a more fitting title, but other than that I have no complaints. I can't wait to read more by this author.

    8. " Guilty Gucci" is a tale of loyalty. It centers around three girls: Reagan, Chanel, and Gucci. All three come from diffrent walks of life but come together to form a tight circle of friendship. Reagan is just a single mother, trying everything in her power to gain back custody of her son. Chanel once had it all but what goes up must come down and she finds herself jumping from man to man trying to make a come up. Gucci's sole purpose in life is to take care of her mother, with little to no mone [...]

    9. When I first read the short story in Girls From Da Hood 6, I was stoked. I could not wait to get my hands on this book. I waited a long time too! so I must say although, the story is very good! I am quite disappointed that the story was practically word for word. I expected much more detail from Ashley, because she is one of the top authors in the game right now!! however, it was still good!

    10. prosanother chance to experience new workrelationship between navid and reagandisplay of loyalty, compassion (at the beginning of each girls relationship with each othernarrator iikane has a pleasant voiceconsanother dismal endinganother sequel to wait for as of my listening date its been 4 or 5 years I believe since this book was first publishednarrator iikane's delivery style-stopping in mid sentence long enough for you to think the audio stoppedrandomwhat was the reason behind naming the book [...]

    11. Simply awesome! I just know there's another book to come. Please don't leave it like this. She didn't deserve that, and I would love to see her come up I just can't Waite for book two. If Sunny Rae had only met Nah before things got this bad. I can't say because I don't want to give it away. I love the way the three of them met and became ride or die friends. It show true loyalty. I just hope its not too late for sunny Rae.

    12. Couldn't wait to get to the end, the build up was too much and when I got to the end Smh. Wish it would've ended better. The title of the book is all wrong makes u think the story is mainly about Gucci which is isn't. Could've been way better

    13. This was actually a good book, it needs to be a book 2 , need to here more on how it ends to many unresolved issues. The ending made no since and it could've of had a better ending, left with a cliffhanger.

    14. Wow. I️ definitely did not expect this ending at all. I️ hope Sunny Rae gets what she deserves after all of the drama. The only thing I️ hated about the book was the amount of graphic content when it came down to one of the characters being hurt. This was definitely a good read.

    15. Great readI lovedd every word every chapter every sentence.I wish it could of had a happy ending and a sequel but overall it was very much worth the read once again Ashley wrote another hitLove love love

    16. Great readThis was a good book but I HATE the way it ended! I just want Rae and Nah together with her son

    17. 'Red Bottom Louboutins'Three ladies looking for love form a bond for the love of money, greed and loyalty. There's Raegen Ishmael betrayed by her baby's father upon the delivery of her beloved Micah. Meet Gucci, who uses her body to gain material goods while taking care of her mentally challenged mom. Then there's Chandler, who ran from a life of luxury because of her your young foolish heart and the ultimate act of betrayal that she committed. These ladies will rob the color off of a crayon for [...]

    18. I read this book over a year ago. I am only just noew posting because I am ready to read the sequeal. The story can't possibly end the way it did for Raegan. I am waiting for her happy ending with Nah and baby Micah. Although I love the interest between her and Berlin, but she can't possibly move on without some finishing things between Nah. I think Berlin and Gucci could hook up and Raegan, Nah and Micah become the family they both crave and need. This story needs to have a happy ending.Questio [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book it was captivating from the beginning to the end. I was really rooting for Nahvid & Raegen's love I'm very unhappy with the way the book ended. In all fairness I feel that Ashley and JaQuavis owe us a Sequel because the way this book ended was on a cliff hanger too many questions are left dangling . un answered. And I personally feel that all the bad things that kept happening to Raegen was just overkill. The plot was good. was the storyline but the book seemed to around [...]

    20. Lady who also works in HR saw me reading in lunch room and brought this book in for me to borrow. She said I look like I read too many serious books, LOL ;)This book was a trip from beginning to end. I can't believe that I made it through. It also had nerve to have a cliffhanger ending for continuation! I couldn't believe my eyes while I read the graphic sex scenes, graphic violence and colorful language the likes of which you don't hear even on HBO. It was different, but not very good.

    21. This is the first of her books that I have read. I enjoyed the book. I loved Nah, a thug with a heart. Hated Reasonhe was such a ruthless dudeChanel,smh, what a greedy chickMy favorite character was Raegan. The title of the book was way off. I kept reading more about Raegan than Gucci. I hated the ending. I hated how Raegan ended up, while her two so-called loyal friends are living the life. Read the book in a day. Couldn't put it downNow about to buy another one of her books#excited#

    22. I agree with most people the title was misleading because Gucci was not the main character. I like urban books and drama but all of these books have the same story, someone is always tortured and someone is always so close to getting out of the game or turning their life around and it never happens. I loved Nahvid's character. I dont like what happened to Regan again she was so close to turning her life around. Overall it was a quick read with some likeable characters.

    23. This was a great book! For one thing the pace is so fast that I tore through about 90 percent in one day. Its about 3 young women who decide to be stick up girls. This lifestyle leads them into alot of trouble. As you get deeper into the book you get to know Chanel, Gucci and Raegan. You also start to see what lead them to make these bad decisions. I was left with my mouth wide open at the end and it is not a continuation!

    24. Well first off, the title doesn't make sense. Gucci is not even the main character and she's kind of dim-witted, not sure why. The story was okay, but I already saw the movie so I knew how it would end. Oh wait, that was Set It Off. All kidding aside, great story premise, but not so good with the execution and the ending was a let down. I haven't really been able to bring myself to recommend this one.

    25. I normally like Ashley books but this one wasn't that great. The story and premise were both interesting but it didn't pan out how I expected it too. Some aspects that were thrown in were just brutal and unnecessary. The ending seemed rushed and I'm not entirely sure if there is supposed to be a sequel or not because she started promoting her upcoming book on the same page that she wrote "The End"!!

    26. I had this book for a hot minute. I'm glad I finally read it. It was a true reader book. I love the way the girls stuck together no matter what. It was crazy how they were doing what they where doing and no one knew they were females. The part that got me was the ending never seen that coming. Great read 5 star read. I read this book on paperback form.

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