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Intruder The civil war among the alien atevi has ended Tabini aiji powerful ruler of the Western Association along with Cajeiri his son and heir and his human paidhi Bren Cameron have returned to the Buja

  • Title: Intruder
  • Author: C.J. Cherryh
  • ISBN: 9780756407155
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The civil war among the alien atevi has ended Tabini aiji, powerful ruler of the Western Association, along with Cajeiri his son and heir, and his human paidhi, Bren Cameron, have returned to the Bujavid, their seat of power.But factions that remain loyal to the opposition are still present, and the danger these rebels pose is far from over.

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    1. Hooked from start to finish. This series is consistently awesome and even more so when guns aren't blazing.What do I mean?It's all about the politics.One of my simmering complaints of the first 12 books in the series, with perhaps an exception of the first, was that Tabini, the leader of the Association and Bren's supposedly staunchest ally and supporter, is generally off the stage. We get plenty of all of the other factions and relatives, not to mention his fantastic grandmother or his own son [...]

    2. The politics in this instalment has its roots back in book 2 or so. The Marid has been a thorn in the aishididat's side for a long time, and elements within the Padi Valley and the West have been at loggerheads too, through this series. Though this instalment has no gunfire, the tension was high, as 200+ years of political infighting and assassinations are coming under some measure of control. But there are serious questions raised in this instalment about the integrity of one groupeesh! I love [...]

    3. Shorter than the rest, but still quite enjoyable. The series is definitely becoming more politics and diplomacy orientated - not a bad thing, but it can put off readers who were expecting more space exploration. (Yet, I don't know how the story will progress in the future, so there's still hope).Overall, LOVE THE COVER, enjoyed being back in the Atevi world and following Bren's and Cajeiri's adventures, but I still have yet to experience the same level of excitement as the one I had with the 6th [...]

    4. 4.5 - Book 13Monthly rendezvous with Cherryh's epic saga. This title 'started' a new trilogy, but as previously stated, it is ultimately one story told over many instalments. Naturally, this also means that you really need to start from book 1 or it won't make any sense! Actually, read the first three books and then decide.Intruder throws us once more in the atevi world through the eyes of Bren, human diplomat/interpreter, and Cajeiri, young ateva of 8, Tabini's heir. Although there is less pure [...]

    5. 4.5 I suppose-as the beginning was heavy of new political areas that ran together in my head. But a wonderful second half and ending.

    6. Oh, I really loved this! Even though Cherryh takes the time in the first few pages to have Bren ruminate about the previous developments in the last trilogy (which after all took time over a couple of weeks at the most) so that people who haven't reread the books can remember where they are coming in, it works without coming across all info-dumpy. The fact that Cajeiri shares point-of-view character duties with Bren these days (only in instances where it is useful or interesting) really worked i [...]

    7. The worst part about finishing a FOREIGNER novel is the time you have to wait until the next installation. I am awed by how well CJ Cherryh writes from a nonhuman point of view and how easily she weaves a child's viewpoint and beliefs/misunderstandings into a plot line fraught with political (and potentially physical) landmines.

    8. I admit it. I'm hooked on the Foreigner series. It has grown on me since I started it about 5 years ago. I now turn to it when I need a pick me up, something I know I'm going to like. I found this one quite satisfying. It did not have physical action, which was quite nice after the last sequence (##s 10, 11, 12). This one was basic politics and negotiation. It was Bren dealing with Machigi and Cajeri learning to control his temper and maturing. Illisidi was a minor figure here. Tabini tells Bren [...]

    9. It was an especial pleasure to finally have answered some of the questions based on the past few books, such as why Tabini wanted his then sole heir to go on the space mission with Bren, among so many humans as well as allowing him to stay in danger at Najida. Also we are finally revealed some secret alliances and who really set spies in place, such as the mystery of Bindanda. I particularly enjoyed the rounding out of some characters personalities, showing a different side as opinion shifted, L [...]

    10. I really looked forward to this book, after the most recent entries in the Foreigner series revived it from its mushiness. It picks up a couple of weeks after the slam-bang finish in Betrayer, but unfortunately, retains none of the driving tension. This is an interlude, an entire novel's worth, in which nothing happens but plenty of foundations are laid. Everything Bren, the hero, touches in this novel just goes swimmingly. Even young Cajeiri, the other viewpoint character, manages to iron out a [...]

    11. I enjoyed this; a good continuation of the series, concentrating on political goings-on among the aetevi. A fair bit of the story is told from Cajeiri's perspective, which gives a nice contrast to Bren's deeper and adult, but human, analysis of the shifts of power. Cajeiri and his troublesome new pet bring some humour to the story as well. I do hope the larger story, the situation with the kyo out in space and their unknown enemies, will come back into the series soon. Bren's been working on a s [...]

    12. This book will appeal to readers familiar with the universe but not to others as this is an interlude book where very little action takes place but foundation are laid for the next two books.I enjoyed it but I am a long time fan of the Foreigner universe.

    13. I still own and adore my tattered paperback copies of the first trilogy that started this series. I cannot count the number of times I've read the beginning stories of Bren and the atevi. Reading those first books sent me off on an adventure to read everything CJ Cherryh had ever written. Now, some of her older books rank among my favorites as well. I don't believe I've read anyone who was able to so completely create a truly unique world and do it so well. Her ability and training in anthropolo [...]

    14. 4 tending strongly to 4 and a half stars. #13 in the Foreigner series. this would so not be the place to start with this series, which is very chronological. but it's a wonderful gift for those who have followed the series faithfully. it's less about unrelenting action this time than about consequences and possibilities, full of interiority and streaming consciousness, and for that reason is more intimate and revealing about motivations, strategies, and the thought processes of many of the princ [...]

    15. I've been a C.J. Cherryh fan for about 25 years now, but I still found Intruder somewhat lacking. There's not much action or real drama going on, and not just because this is the first Foreigner book where Bren isn't in much danger of being shot or blown up. While there are some tense moments, even in the political wars of words nothing goes seriously wrong; it's smooth sailing, especially by Foreigner standards. Given the usual stakes in this series, when a book's most exciting and dramatic seq [...]

    16. I hated this illustration at first, but upon seeing it in person,I quite like it, excepting the depiction of Bren as a self-satisfied, cynical bureaucrat. This is the first cover that features the social situations Bren so often navigates, rather than the action/adventure/danger aspect. It's really quite apt in that these parlor dramas are where he wields his artistry as the paidhi-ajii most ferociously. So, good cover. There is also the intimation that these supposedly civilized environs are ju [...]

    17. One wonders whether things proceeded a trifle too well for Bren-ji and Jeri-ji throughout the book. Certainly, the lack of conflict seems a bit out of place, considering how often our paidhi must duck out of a gunfight. Or wander across Najida nursing an injury (etc. etc). The lack of conflict, real conflict, seems like a misstep. However, one must take into account this is but the first book in a new Foreigner arc and therefore, trouble is probably forthcoming. With that in mind, it was pleasan [...]

    18. C.J. Cherryh is one of the few authors I keep in both digital and book copy, which is a strange sign-of-the-times compliment. Her Foreigner series revolves around the human translator Bren navigating between the alien atevi and the humans space-shipwrecked on their planet centuries ago. The 13th title is ‘Intruder’ and provides a much needed refresher on the wide cast of characters and delves more into the history of the feudal Japanese-like atevi culture. While not the strongest storyline f [...]

    19. Cherryh's best in many, many years, and a masterpiece of structure, plot and emotion. Typical for the Foreigner series, the politics is so dense as to require slow, alert parsing of dialog and internal monologue, but, unusually for the past while, Intruder is deeply touching, full of heart and passion as well.Young Cajieri's maturation continues apace, and his POV chapters are more intimately woven into the narrative than they've been, as he becomes less the joker and more a key player in the sw [...]

    20. I love the Foreigner series, and this book has all of the intrigue and misdirection of its predecessors, but almost none of the action and drama. Too many different stories are tracked, between Bren, Ilsidi, and Cajeiri. In the previous books, they were more closely interwoven, whereas here they are more independent threads - good for the characters, but I felt it weakened the core of the story. It's really more of a transition book (at 100K words!) to set up the next two in this triplet. Still [...]

    21. I've lost count of what number this novel is in Cherryh's multi-volume "Foreigner" series of novels, but however many have gone before it, this is a strong addition to the series. Like much of Cherryh's work, the novel is concerned with politics, but underlying the political machinations and ruminations is a concern to explore the nature of loyalty, or maybe the nature of the attachments we form with one another as sentient beings. This concern is at the heart of much of her fiction and is subtl [...]

    22. C.J. Cherryh's long-running Foreigner series ranks as one of the best alien contact stories in speculative fiction. In Intruder she focuses more on the political manoevings and less on the lightning fast armed conflicts. She is deft hand at managing different viewpoints, and alien vs. human motivations. Highly recommended, though to follow the storyline you will have had to read the previous books in the series.

    23. Wah! Over too soon. I loved it. Humorous, tense, satisfying another brilliant installment of the Foreigner series.Reread in audio format 9/24/12. Boy! Glad I listened to it again as I had forgotten tons of stuff.

    24. This is book 13 in the series. Bren is still in the middle of everything and not all is as it appears. Things do look up near the end so it will be interesting to see what the next book brings.

    25. This was so good!There are a lot of fun moments in this book. First, there will be a birthday party! I can only imagine how THAT is going to go. Geigi and Bren playing cards was the ultimate in bromance and the best. And Geigi realizing that, no, "love" isn't the right human word LOLIt was nice that someone other than Bren has family troubles for a change, and Tabini's comments about him being surprised no one was going at each other with knives made me laugh out loud The Young Gentleman and his [...]

    26. Science Fiction series - unlucky #13 moves along nicely and with lots of political machinations. And a surprise ending which was fun.No Canadian or pharmacy references.

    27. “Intruder” by C.J. Cherryh is Book 13 in her Foreigner series. Human Bren Cameron is still negotiating the tricky minefield of atevi politics as he tries to convince bitter enemies to set aside their differences and accept a newcomer into their ranks. Returning to Shejidan is a mixed blessing as he juggles his duties as paidhi-aiji, welcomes much of his staff back from space, diplomatically deals with Cajeiri the heir to the aiji, gingerly tries to discern the plans of the aiji-dowager (Ilis [...]

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