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Snapshot A series of high profile shootings by a lone sniper leaves Glasgow terrorised and police photographer Tony Winter a man with a tragic hidden past mystified Who is behind the executions of some of the

  • Title: Snapshot
  • Author: Craig Robertson
  • ISBN: 9781847377289
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • A series of high profile shootings by a lone sniper leaves Glasgow terrorised and police photographer Tony Winter a man with a tragic hidden past mystified Who is behind the executions of some of the most notorious drug lords in the city As shootings occur including those of police officers the authorities realise they have a vigilante on their hands MeanwhA series of high profile shootings by a lone sniper leaves Glasgow terrorised and police photographer Tony Winter a man with a tragic hidden past mystified Who is behind the executions of some of the most notorious drug lords in the city As shootings occur including those of police officers the authorities realise they have a vigilante on their hands Meanwhile, Tony investigates a link between the victims and a schoolboy who has been badly beaten Seemingly unconnected, they share a strange link As Tony delves deeper, his quest for the truth and his search for the killer lead him down dark and dangerous paths.

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        During his 20 year career with a Scottish Sunday newspaper, Craig Robertson has interviewed three recent Prime Ministers attended major stories including 9 11, Dunblane, the Omagh bombing and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann been pilloried on breakfast television, beaten Oprah Winfrey to a major scoop, been among the first to interview Susan Boyle, spent time on Death Row in the USA and dispensed polio drops in the backstreets of India.


    1. My review:I have quite mixed feelings about Snapshot. It was a very good thriller sending some chills down through the spine but it was also very dark book. I have read many thrillers, but Snapshot stood out with couple of unusual aspects in his books. Firstly, the main character was not a police officer, but a police photographer, which definitely gave a different narrative to his books and secondly, it was quite macabre in its details and descriptions. Sometimes I had to put the book away whil [...]

    2. Just finished the 2nd of Craig Robertson's Tony Winters series.Someone is finishing off Glasgows 'big men'. The city's top gangsters are on edge and the police have no idea who is behind the killings, the press are turning the killer into a hero for ridding the streets of the vermin.Tony Winters, Police Photographer, is caught up in the investigation but does the man behind the camera have a better handle on the case than the police?Snapshot is gritty, grim and fast paced. Takes you through a jo [...]

    3. Bloody brilliant. I love a novel set in Glasgow anyway but this one definitely delivers the goods on all accounts.

    4. A good, engrossing-enough read with one of the main characters being a police photographer with an obsession for photographing dead bodies (quite useful in his job!). Liked the characters & storyline & will certainly read more both in this series or by this author.My only criticism was in parts it went a bit overboard on description, I did loose interest in how many different shades of red could be used to portray blood.

    5. The second book with Rachel Narey this time with police photographer Tony Winter solving the puzzle of a vigilante killing the drug lords and their soldiers in Glasgow. It is dark and atmospheric.Not for the fainthearted.Violent and keeps you turning pages till the very end. I am a succour for anything set in Glasgow though this is a grim picture of the underbelly of The Dear Green Place.I really enjoyed it.

    6. Well paced thriller set in the gritty environs of Glasgow. Lots of plot twists that keep the story fresh, but a few dull parts that seemed to drag on my interest.It also contains, by far, the weirdest case of DNA identification I think anyone could ever dream up; although in the Acknowledgements section the author credits someone else for the idea. Makes me wonder if it is based on an actual person. If so, it proves that truth is stranger than fiction.

    7. There is something comforting about a novel set in your home town as you recognise the places, references and the way of speaking or as we say up here the patter. Having read Random I was ready to like this book before I started but it has surpassed my expectations. The plot is the hunt for whoever is killing drug dealers and it has a few twists I didn't see coming and I doubt you will either. It is clever and very tightly plotted. The characterisation is very good and lifelike, although Tony Wi [...]

    8. A nice Rankinesque novel. The vigilante plot may be formulaic, but the Glasgow flavor and the semi-outsider POV of the antagonist - a police photographer - compensate entertainingly for this.

    9. Really enjoyed this book! The pace is good, and it really sucks you in. It can get a little grim in areas - but I guess that’s to be expected in this genre.Will definitely read more by this author!

    10. I read Craig Robertson's first book last year and loved it. There was a long gap between finishing that and starting this book however and much of that was probably due to the reviews for it on both here and . I have lost count of how many books reviews I have read either slating a book or saying it wasn't very good only to then read the book myself and feel the opposite. I feel that this book was so much better than reviews would have you believe, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Rachel Narey is on [...]

    11. When they start dying, no one seems to care. The criminal set of Glasgow are being gunned down, one by one and many think the vigilante killer is doing what the police couldn’t or wouldn’t do themselves. Police photographer, Tony Winters has a fascination with seeing death through his camera and he begs his best friend, DI Addison to assign him as official photographer on the case. With his penchant for capturing the crowds and the police at work, is he purely a nuisance or could his photos [...]

    12. SNAPSHOTThe second crime novel by Craig Robertson follows a police crime scenephotographer, Tony Winter, as he does his job. It is a job that would bedifficult for most people to stomach, let alone enjoy. Violence has alwaysvisited these places before the cops or the crime scene photographer hasarrived. What the camera sees is the aftermath of destruction, the blood,the broken, the horror. If it is not true that the face of the killer isreflected in the eyes of the deceased, Tony believes he can [...]

    13. Craig Robertson's first book Random was very enjoyable and I found it easy to read once past the first few chapters. When picking up his second book Snapshot, I found myself with the same problem. The first few chapters just seemed so slow and unfinished that I felt like I couldn't get into the story.I made the assumption that as the book progressed it would improve and I would again enjoy this book as much as the last one. The story itself is told pretty well but with a sniper seemingly intent [...]

    14. “You were more likely to be murdered in Glasgow than in any other city in Western Europe.”Police photographer Tony Winter has always been fascinated by accidents and murderous occasions, so he is excited by the opportunity to chronicle the deaths of some of Glasgow’s crime bosses, shot by a vigilante sniper. DS Rachel Narey, on the other hand, is miffed to have been removed from the sniper case to solve the murder of a prostitute, but keeps being drawn back to the sniper case.I had to give [...]

    15. First of the Tony Winter series although there are characters in this from his first book, Random.On the Winter character himself, couldn't help feel this was a rip off of Jack Parablane: someone close to the Police who isn't actually one of them, I'm sure there have been others that Brookmyre ripped off too with the former.The book itself was good in parts particularly as most of it took part in places that I knew from growing up and I think this makes books instantly relatable. Good pointsPlot [...]

    16. A vigilante sniper has Glasgow underworld in terror he has his sights on notorious criminals which the press have dubbed THE DARK ANGELPolice photographer Tony winter has a fascination with death and his tasked with the murder squad .Tony notices something in one of his negatives which has been missed by socco and starts looking into on his own not realising he is putting himself into mortal danger.D.S narey is taken of the sniper case and but in charge of a murdered prositute with all clues lea [...]

    17. This is the second Craig Robertson novel I have read (the first being Witness The Dead)and again found it a real page turner. I was born and bred in Glasgow and lived there most of my adult life and the author has a particular talent for bringing the City, its pubs and characters alive. I noted one reviewer commented on the coarseness of the language but that is Glasgow. Beneath the facade of the up market shopping areas Glasgow has always had a rough and dark side described so well in the novel [...]

    18. Not your average 'by the numbers' police procedural. Really quite different with a real plot twist. Dark, sombre, moody but without the sense of redemption at the end. As I say, quite different from your usual police stories. The only thing for me that stops me giving it 5 stars is the over-reliance on stock characters e.g. the hard drinking cynical cop, check; the brilliant but tough but sexy female cop, check; the brilliant, sexy female pathologist, check; the brilliant but flawed, damaged her [...]

    19. Decent thriller with an interesting, if at times hard to like, main character. A police photographer sees clues in his pictures and runs his own investigation into a series of murders. Good twist on the usual crime fiction plots and it works well.This is one for those who like their crime with a gory edge, as each murder is described in detail. Our photographer is a bit of a lover of death it seems. The plot is good and there a re a few twists along the way. There are touches of black humour thr [...]

    20. ***** SPOILER ALERT *****This book was quite an enjoyable read. Although I found the latter part of the story a bit hard to believe. The vigilante killer on the loose shooting all the drug lords in Glasgow was a good story. What I did find a little hard to stomach was that the lowly cameraman was the guy who solved the mystery himself without involving any of the police. The bit where he trudges off into the deserted underground just smacks of watching a cheesy horror film, where you would be th [...]

    21. I found the main character creepy and remarkably irritating, even after getting his backstory which sort of explained why he was like that. The body count was ridiculously high and there were far too many conversations about how horrible Glasgow is, just get on with the bloody plot. A couple of minor things - Pollokshields is not spelt with a "c", and in 2011 no one was using Bebo or Myspace! Wont be reading anything else by this author.

    22. This second book in the series again features police photographer. Tony Winter and DS Rachel Narey. Both characters are well developed and cases from the standpoint of a police photographer made the story even more interesting. I gave read all of Ian Rankin's books and want to visit Edenborough but I can't say the same for Glasgowwhat a scary town. Robertson is an excellent writer and I intend to read all of his books

    23. This didn't impact as much, and was not as innovative, as 'Random', but was nevertheless a very gritty and involving Glasgow murder mystery with plenty of twists and thrills. Like Stuart MacBride, the characters are flawed people, but utterly believable and readable at the same time, and the level of violence and gore - though high - never struck me as excessive. Very good, but I couldn't help feeling slightly let down in comparison with 'Random'.

    24. Very gory, with some quite macabre details, so if you're squeamish be warned! Also this book has such a high body count that I lost count (at least 16) which in the end makes you lose sight of the victims, especially as there is no follow up to most of their stories. Having said that, I liked the sense of Glasgow and Glaswegian life and humour, and having a main character who is a civilian police photographer is an interesting slant. Going to read something a bit gentler next though!

    25. This is the first book I have read by this author and I have not been disappointed. I would agree that the body count was a bit on the ridiculous side but it didn't overly detract from the storyline. I very much liked how the author incorporated factual elements such as the belief of the existence of a hidden village under Glasgow's central station and also the facts about the photographs taken by Enrique Metinides. This added something extra to an otherwise fairly standard crime fiction story.

    26. 3.5-I read "Random" by this Scottish crime fiction author a few months ago and I found it to be very original and engaging. This book,"Snapshot", seemed more ordinary to me until somewhere around halfway through, then it kicked into a higher gear and awakened my interest. A plus for me was how the author cleverly integrates some fascinating history about Glasgow into his plot.

    27. I like some of the humor, like "“If human beings were actually capable of blowing a gasket, then Baxter’s cylinder head was suddenly in severe danger of separating itself from his engine ". His first book "Random" had much faster pace. I'm on page 100 and it's starting to pick up a bit. I ratios book as a 3 stars.

    28. Great crime thriller set in Glasgow - few unexpected plot twists to keep you guessing 'who dunnit' for quite a while.Interesting idea to have the main character as a civilian police photographer rather than a police officer. Some good human interest with personal relationships and close friendships adding depth to the story

    29. Well this did not live up to my expectations. the plot and characters were great but the story ploded along at such a slow pace I was going to give us reading it halfway through . I did not read the last few chapters as soon as I found out who was doing the shootings that was enough for me.Really hope the next book in the series is a lot better than this as I have already got it.

    30. Didn't like this one but have rated it 2-stars because it is better than his first effort 'Random'. Utterly self-obsessed and adolescent minded protagonist in my opinion - just could not sympathise with the character. Plot holes towards the end too made me switch off Not sure this ex-journalist really can adjust to crime writing because I don't think he has the ruthlessness needed

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