The Perfect Puppy

The Perfect Puppy

Gwen Bailey / Feb 17, 2020

The Perfect Puppy Here is the perfect book for puppy owners and would be puppy owners who want to know how to bring their puppy up to be a happy well behaved friendly adult dog The book gives you the latest behaviora

  • Title: The Perfect Puppy
  • Author: Gwen Bailey
  • ISBN: 9780895778390
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here is the perfect book for puppy owners and would be puppy owners who want to know how to bring their puppy up to be a happy, well behaved, friendly adult dog The book gives you the latest behavioral information and emphasizes prevention.

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    1. Like most books of its kind, this one makes you feel that you can have a lovely, happy and well behaved pup with a little work. Once pup arrives and life gets busy, the book reminds you of everything you should be doing and aren't. By the end, I was wondering if just having a dog that will sit when asked isn't about all I could wish for. Good advice, easier said than done. My pup, I fear, will never be perfect.

    2. A new puppy is coming to our home. Being a first-time pet owner, I wanted to be well-prepared for what is to come. I purchased "It’s Me or the Dog" by Victoria Stilwell, "The Whole Dog Journal Handbook of Dog and Puppy Care and Training", by Nancy Kerns, and this book, The "Perfect Puppy". Of the three, I liked Stilwell’s the best and "The Perfect Puppy" the least. Having read the other two first, perhaps I found this one lacking in new information. It is still a great resource. Chapter sixt [...]

    3. I really liked the author's take on training. It goes along well with my philosophy in raising kids - understanding what is happening in their natural development, making use of critical periods of development (in dogs there is one for socialization), etc. I liked her method of completely avoiding punishment due to the fact that the dog doesn't understand and so it isn't helpful. Lots of great things to keep in mind - like "winning" more games than you "lose" when playing games like tug of war w [...]

    4. Our dog is two years old, so no longer a puppy, but he is a rescue dog so we are starting from scratch with his training. This book was great for that, since it covers how to train your dog right from him knowing nothing at all. Oh and we knew nothing too - this is our first dog! The author covers all the basics of how to choose a puppy and how to introduce him to your home and this looked useful, although was less relevant to us.There is an interesting section comparing how a dog views the worl [...]

    5. I found the book The Perfect Puppy, by Gwen Bailey, very helpful. I really want a dog and I am trying to learn as much as I can about rearing a puppy. The book talks about things like housebreaking and socializing in great detail. It also talks about things like choosing a breeder and a dog. It explains what puppy mills are and how to avoid buying from them. The book says that, when looking at a breeder, ask to see the puppy with its mother to make sure it is not a puppy mill or the dog inherite [...]

    6. I borrowed this book from the library after having a puppy for a couple of months. The puppy was not my first , nor my second but it had been a few years since a puppy had been in the house. I knew most of the info presented in the book but everyone can always use a refresher. There were a few things in here that I had not heard about which was refreshing and the book is filled with pictures which I found very helpful. I would recommend this book to any puppy owner.

    7. Cannot recommend this book highly enough to any new puppy owners - everything you need to know in a very acessible style that will help avoid all sorts of easy to make mistakes and set your relationship with your puppy of to the best of starts. Got a puppy? read this book.

    8. The Bible for new puppy owners.This book is indispensible for those aquiring a puppy for the first time. It prepares you for the stages you will face in your puppy's development from getting him home to adolescence and beyond. The chapter on the correct use of a crate was life changing for us as it led to our latest puppy becoming housetrained within a week, this was unheard of with my previous dogs.Gwen Bailey places emphasis on the importance of socialization, leadership, controlling games, pr [...]

    9. Covers most of the basics and gives you a great foundation to build your training on, but don't rely on this book alone! The biting tips in particular are not enough to keep my little guy from tearing at my ankles and fingers but the frequency of his "attacks" have decreased since using the tips in this book. The socialization programme in the appendix is proving to be a fantastic help and ticking off new items each day helps to make our walks more fun, especially since my dog isn't allowed out [...]

    10. Overall this was a very useful resource for a first time puppy adopter. I'm more thankful for the detailed instructions than the vague, dog raising philosophy bits- it seems silly to include these in a dog training or instruction book, because anyone that doesn't believe in proper dog training or take the time to do it isn't exactly the kind of person that would read an instructional book. Anyway, this book was mostly helpful and well ordered.

    11. Easy, well organized, super informative & lots of it actually has worked on training Penny. She's only had about 4 accidents in the house and at 12 weeks is sitting, stays, fetches, doesn't enter through a doorway before we do, and is learning to come and how to take good walks. Helped us tremendously!

    12. An absolute essential if you're considering adding a puppy to your family. This book has helped to impress on my children that there is real work involved in bringing up a puppy responsibly, but at the same time given us lots of practical advice and ideas particularly regarding behavioural training. Hopefully Bella the Border Terrier will agree!

    13. Excellent book! I didn't realize how little I knew and understood about puppies until I read this. So easy to read and understand and it makes so much sense. I feel much more confident about raising my puppy than I did before reading this. I love the charts and step by step instructions with pictures.

    14. This is a good puppy training book with a lot of good ideas. But someone else reviewed this book and said life gets busy, and then this book just reminds you what you should be doing but aren't. And I feel that sums up my experience perfectly: if I can just get Copernicus to stop biting people and sit when I tell him to, I am going to consider that a win.

    15. From what I've read so far, she doesn't think it should ever be necessary to verbally reprimand a dog, and to just distract them from behavior problems instead with toys. To me, that seems like asking the puppy to act out in order to get a toy. I think this would work great with a sensitive and submissive dog, but isn't a one-size-fits-all guide.

    16. this book is a must read for a new dog owner! it has everything you need to know to train a dog properly. it even has a chapter at the end that talks about the dog's "adolescent phase" which most books don't even touch but was so nice to know that my dog's acting out all of a sudden was normal!

    17. An excellent reference guide that is going to help us to raise a happy and well behaved dog. It's currently been hijacked by my 12 year old who also wants to help train our new puppy! The pictures are extremely helpful.

    18. Finally had a chance to complete this book as I have been busy with uni for the last couple of months. A good read with good advice for a first time puppy owner :) the advice at puppy school / obedience school has followed the same structure which is all about positive reinforcement. Love it :)

    19. I read this book back when I got a puppy that I would raise by myself for the first time. It gave me great information which I used and I had hardly any problems with my dog. He turned out to be a great, well rounded, dog.

    20. A very useful how-to that keeps undoing the idea of perfection as it teaches you about building a healthy, long-term relationship with a companion dog.

    21. Great book full of really practical tips and a good motivator for puppy training. Best advice, don't despair and be consistent!

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