The First Law Trilogy

The First Law Trilogy

Joe Abercrombie / Oct 19, 2019

The First Law Trilogy The three volume edition collecting The Blade Itself Before They Are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings

  • Title: The First Law Trilogy
  • Author: Joe Abercrombie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The three volume edition collecting The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged and The Last Argument of Kings

    The First Law The First Law is a fantasy series written by British author Joe Abercrombie.It consists of a trilogy, three stand alone novels and a number of novellas set in the same world.Abercrombie has finished the first draft for another trilogy set in the First Law world which will be set after the rd stand alone novel and serve as a sequel to the original trilogy. The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie The First Law Trilogy probably ranks in my top five debut trilogies of all time Joe Abercrombie hits the ground running this series is nowhere near novice level It s slick, dark, wonderfully cynical, and has some of the best bash you in the face fight scenes I have ever read The plot is nothing First Law Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia The First Law is a fanstasy series composed of a trilogy and three stand alone novels set in the same world, written by British novelist Joe Abercrombie.He is actively working on a new trilogy, and targetting September for publication of the first book, A Little Hatred. The First Law Trilogy Joe Abercrombie The complete First Law trilogy from New York Times bestseller and master of grimdark fantasy, Joe Abercrombie The finest epic fantasy trilogy in recent memory Junot Diaz Murderous conspiracies rise to the surface, old scores are ready to be settled, and the Joe Abercrombie The First Law Trilogy Box Set A Three Volume Omnibus Collecting The First Law trilogy This box set of paperback editions collects all three volumes in Joe Abercrombie s The First Law series The Blade Itself May Before They Are Hanged March . The First Law All The Tropes Wiki The First Law is a trilogy of Low Fantasy written by British writer Joe Abercrombie The volumes are The Blade Itself, Before They are Hanged, The Last Argument of Kings About the First Law The First Law The First Law is a small business owned and operated by Jabir Mohamedali out of Philadelphia We offer landscape consultations, designs, and installations Check back regularly to find information on The First Law, the business, and energy related topics. The First Law Trilogy firstlaw.fandom The First Law Trilogy is a series of fantasy novels by British author Joe Abercrombie The series takes place in a fictional world that is reminiscent of medieval Europe called the Circle of the World The action, for the most part, takes place in or regards people from the central realm the The First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie, Paperback The complete First Law trilogy from New York Times bestseller and master of grimdark fantasy, Joe Abercrombie The finest epic fantasy trilogy in recent memory Junot Diaz Murderous conspiracies rise to the surface, old scores are ready to be settled, and the First law of thermodynamics The first law of thermodynamics is a version of the law of conservation of energy, adapted for thermodynamic systems The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system is constant energy can be transformed from one

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        Joe Abercrombie was educated at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Manchester University, where he studied psychology He moved into television production before taking up a career as a freelance film editor During a break between jobs he began writing The Blade Itself in 2002, completing it in 2004 It was published by Gollancz in 2006 and was followed by two other books in The First Law Trilogy, Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings He currently lives and works in London with his wife and daughter In early 2008 Joe Abercrombie was one of the contributors to the BBC Worlds of Fantasy series, alongside other contributors such as Michael Moorcock, Terry Pratchett and China Mieville.


    1. I really loved this series.Say one thing for the first law trilogy, say it's got really good catchphrases.

    2. The First Law Trilogy probably ranks in my top five debut trilogies of all time. Joe Abercrombie hits the ground running-- this series is nowhere near novice level. It's slick, dark, wonderfully cynical, and has some of the best bash-you-in-the-face fight scenes I have ever read. The plot is nothing original, mind you, but the characterization definitely is. Unlike much of the Sword and Sorcery fantasy, Abercrombie's characters are deeply personal for the ultimate reason that they are almost alw [...]

    3. The last book destroys the whole series for me. The first two books were decent, and I felt like they were building towards something interesting. However, the ending of the last book is so laughably bad, the first two books are rendered pointless and not worth reading. Instead of using an easy, clichéd story book ending, the author took an equally lazy route by making every character and plotline end horribly. I think he meant to impress us with his "grittiness" and depth by avoiding the happy [...]

    4. Wow, people are really polarized on this series; they seem to think it's either the greatest thing since sliced bread or it's utterly cliché and tiresome. I'll try to add my own small voice to the middle way and say that The First Law trilogy is neither of these things. Overall, First Law strikes me as a mildly original fantasy trilogy with some interesting world-building touches--- a geography vaguely reminiscent of Europe and Asia; a setting that isn't quite swords-and-horses medieval as Rena [...]

    5. I'll make this trilogy review really short as I did full reviews on all 3 books already.The Blade Itself: 4.5/5 StarsBefore They Are Hanged: 5/5 StarsLast Argument of Kings: 5/5 StarsThe First Law Trilogy: 14.5/15 StarsCompletely recommended for all fans of dark fantasy!

    6. Why 3 stars (and not 4 or even 5) ? Just because the third book was so depressing and honestly, a bit boring. Yes, I was bored. Mostly with the repetitions : yes, I understand that when someone "goes to the mud, they'll be burried and then they'll rot. Yes, I know that Glokta is in pain (bloody leg, bloody arse, bloody neck, bloody tasteless food, bloody gums) *sigh* But I was also bored with the characters development. Or should I say their non-development ? Or their going-down-again ? There wa [...]

    7. The Blade Itself 2006 IBSN 9780575079793Before They Are Hanged 2007 ISBN 9780575082014The Last Argument of Kings 2008 ISBN 9780575077898All published by GollanczThis review originally appeared on The Specusphere, a now-defunct webzine, in 2008In The First Law, UK fantasy writer Joe Abercrombie has produced one of the most impressive first trilogies ever to hit the market. It is remarkable not only because of its brilliantly complex plot and characters, but also because of its fearless investigat [...]

    8. The characters - oh, the characters!The First Law trilogy has its flaws. Most of the minor and a lot of the major points of the plot are predictable (though a sufficient number of shocking twists and revelations partly alleviates this), and repetitions of characters' catchphrases can get tiresome, to name the two that bothered me most.But the characters themselves more than make up for it! Unorthodox, vividly written, with their own contradictions and personal fights, rarely have I seen such a p [...]

    9. Iba a ser mi lectura del verano, pero al final ha caído en 10 días y eso solo puede ser bueno. Se lee del tirón, entretiene y tiene momentos brillantes.A otro nivel, se nota que Abercrombie estaba empezando. Repeticiones, inconsistencias, un estilo planito rozando lo ramplón, deus ex machina, similitudes sospechosas con otras sagas fantásticas, cambios de parecer de varios personajes porque le viene bien al autor Pero vamos, que uno no viene aquí buscando Proust. Te lo pasas bien y eso ya [...]

    10. This trilogy was beyond-description fabulous. Characters you love to hate, a dynamic plot and amazing battle scenes have propelled this trilogy into my absolute favorite. There's no character I've found to love then hate then love again like Sand dan Glotka.

    11. A definite for the fantasy enthusiast. This is an amazingly well-crafted trilogy by a master story-teller. Characterization was by far my favorite part of the book. Every character is thoroughly unique, utterly compelling and terribly flawed. Murderers, torturers, drunks, cowards, and betrayers people the pages. I loved them all, rooted for them, and was equally disappointed and horrified. The main characters are, by and large, trapped in lives they wish they could change. As a reader I kept hop [...]

    12. Well, its been almost two months since I started. I did take a break between each book, but still, that is some investment.I did not do this in the right order, lets get that out of the way first. I stumbled upon 'The Heroes' by accident, immediately realized I was probably a bit in the dark about some things-and yet plowed ahead anyway because what the hell, I was sucked in.Then a year later I wanted to go back-but wasnt ready to commit to the full trilogy, so I did 'Best Served Cold', which re [...]

    13. Pick your favorite epic fantasy, cynical just-so tale, or grimdark war story. Call it X. Imagine Joe Abercrombie picking up your copy of X, casually tossing it on the ground, unzipping, and pissing on it. "You call that grim, dark, cynical fantasy? I'll show you grimdark!" You are horrified that your favorite book/series is being treated so poorly, but you cannot stop turning the page.This is the box set for Abercrombie's first 3 books:* The Blade Itself - There's a fencing contest coming up! Ja [...]

    14. Joe Abercrombie is one of those authors that spent far too much time on my to-read list. I was never really sure where to start, unsure of which of his trilogies I wanted to read, but in the end the choice was made for me. My friend gave me a collection of his books, included were the first three books from the First Law world. So it was, I knew where I was to start with Abercrombie’s work.I wasn’t overly fond of the first book. In my opinion, it took too long to truly start. The character d [...]

    15. The First Law Trilogy: The ultimate literary blue ball experience.In my Reader's despair, I question the purpose of art and storytelling and compare Abercrombie, Tarantino, and Kubrick in order to understand why this trilogy I loved filled me with existential rage*SPOILER ALERTS*I started out LOVING this series. Apart from the excellent writing and immersive world, I cared about the characters - I wanted the heroes to overcome their poignant struggles and I hungered for revenge against the villa [...]

    16. This has some spoilers, so if you really want to read through the series, don't read this review.So everyone seems to like these books because they turn the fantasy world upside down. There's the usual tropes, the quest, with the prince, the barbarian, the warrior princess, and the mage, off to find some mysterious artifact that will stop some dark lord. Fairly familiar, except that everyone is a jerk and they never find the dumb artifact. Theres also a crippled torturer who is supposed to gain [...]

    17. A fantastic trilogy. The Blade Itself got off to a rough start, I struggled to get myself fully into to the story and had to leave it on my bookshelf for a week before diving into the second half. I started reading this trilogy after picking up a copy of The Heroes and loved it, thankfully my love of his storytelling and writing style encouraged me to return to The Blade Itself. The struggle continued, though once I'd reached the end I knew I had made the right decision in returning to the story [...]

    18. Hated this trilogy! The first two books were okay and I was expecting the story to take off during the last book. The characters all got what they wanted and nothing worked out in the end. Every book shouldn't have a happy ending, but this was horrible. I never felt attached to the characters because they were so irritating and they weren't developed. The book is mostly fight scenes and back stabbing. By the time I was halfway through the last book, I started reading a sentence or two each parag [...]

    19. What would an epic, magical quest be like with real, complicated, and highly flawed people as the protagonists? On the surface, this book and the series don't seem to offer much that's new. There's a great journey, a wise wizard, a young noble with shaky confidence, a brave, fireplug of a young maiden, and a fearsome northern barbarian. But each of these characters do not quite fit the mold what really goes on in the mind of a huge, half-naked warrior with a sword? What really motivates the old [...]

    20. "Heads on spikes, eh? Never goes out of fashion." you can see this is classic Swords and Sorcery. Engaging characters that you're sorry to see die and liberally peppered with humorous observations. The berserker and his fellow barbarians have great names and although there are many bloody battles necessary to medieval warfare, the author doesn't stoop to pornographic sex and grotesque violence to tell a good tale.Better on second read! Revisit before going on to #4-6"his father had been right, y [...]

    21. A new favorite author. I stumbled upon this series at the local library. Loved the way the books were described on the cover. Loved the way the author made me care about characters that normally wouldn't be all that sympathetic. Bought the trilogy, bought Best Served Cold and will eventually buy The Heroes. As a writer myself, I enjoy looking at the way other writers construct scenes, portray characters and offer dialogue. These books came alive in my mind and I can't wait to read more by this a [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this series. The characters, for the most part, can be defined as morally grey; being both capable of good and evil. This is especially true for Logan Ninefingers and Sand Dan Glokta, characters you hate to love and love to hate. This makes their actions and choices unpredictable and leaves the plot twisting into unexpected directions.A must read for any lover of fantasy. Joe Abercrombie sets the benchmark for this genre.

    23. I absolutely loved this series. It's gritty, bloody, violent and full of characters that I hated one moment, loved the next then hated again. Almost every character is self-serving and doesn't care about anything except their own agenda and will crush anybody who they disagree with and/or don't like -- kinda reminds me of today's Republican party! I highly recommend!

    24. This is a tough series to review as a whole - mostly since I read these books for the first time about ten years ago when they were first published. But I've read all of the books multiple times each since my first completion of the series, which is fairly rare for me to do. For me, these books were a gateway into a different type of fantasy novel that I didn't know I desperately wanted until I read them. When I first read The Blade Itself, I was so steeped in high fantasy, swords and sorcery no [...]

    25. The Blade Itself:Logen Ninefingers, infamous barbarian, has finally run out of luck. Caught in one feud too many, he’s on the verge of becoming a dead barbarian – leaving nothing behind him but bad songs, dead friends, and a lot of happy enemies. Nobleman Captain Jezal dan Luthar, dashing officer, and paragon of selfishness, has nothing more dangerous in mind than fleecing his friends at cards and dreaming of glory in the fencing circle. But war is brewing, and on the battlefields of the fr [...]

    26. Spoiler Alert. I will make references to parts of the story.I am not going to write a full review of the book. But over all I loved "The First Law" Trilogy. But as I read through the books and after I finished them I didn't really know who to root for. I ended up loving Logan 9 fingers and he was a monster, a really low key humble guy that turns into a bloody mass murderer when he is in danger, he kills at random when he goes into a bloody rage he has split personalities so to speak. But I found [...]

    27. I think even fantasy fiction should have the element of realism and unpredictability which is clearly missing . The magic should look believable. Same old story with a different color & hue .Can there be any different than - a ring or a sword or a stone, a group of people after them and a wizard with illogical powers.what ever be the odds the leading characters will survive. Predictable all thro' . The battles are like kids play ,one buffoon goes left another to the right and it is over, no [...]

    28. A rollicking, no holds barred, extravaganza epic, that requires three books to complete, well written and satisfying. A rollicking, no holds barred, unpredictable saga of a story that I could not get enough of. This epic extravaganza, includes intricate, detailed, world building, incredible, graphic action scenes, the series builds into a barnburner of a final book that I could not put down. The characters are complex, intriguing, beguiling, at times simple and always unconventional and that is [...]

    29. At first, I didn't care much for the story, but I stuck with it because of Logen Ninefingers, a likable fellow. :) Then I got intrigued with the story, and gradually came to love other characters (and loathe some) that I didn't care about at first. An exciting story, I like the magic and the characters' growth, and Logen's words of wisdom. A bit too bloody sometimes for me, and not enough exposition, and an unsatisfactory ending. Oh, well, I guess it's about the journey, not the destination. Or [...]

    30. The series is undoubtedly good in terms of adhering to modern day fantasy fiction. However, it was too dark for my tastes and the story line follows along the way too real life scenarios. I read a book as an escape from the dark horrors of our reality. I would like to read about the trials and tribulations, the romance and power of spirit, yada yada yada. At the end of the book, I would however like: "and everything turned out all well and fine"

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