Golden Mane

Golden Mane

S.J.B. Gilmour / Aug 24, 2019

Golden Mane When she thought about monsters like werewolves and vampires which wasn t very often Sarah Coppernick felt quite safe in the knowledge that such awful creatures were not real The last thing she expe

  • Title: Golden Mane
  • Author: S.J.B. Gilmour
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When she thought about monsters like werewolves and vampires, which wasn t very often, Sarah Coppernick felt quite safe in the knowledge that such awful creatures were not real The last thing she expected was to discover such creatures are every bit as real as you Even unexpected for Sarah, was the discovery that she herself was one of them

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    • Unlimited [Business Book] à Golden Mane - by S.J.B. Gilmour ✓
      260 S.J.B. Gilmour
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    1. Didn't really keep my interest for the first 7% of the book. To the point I wandered off and tried some other things before returning. Part of the problem probably involves the main character being only 11. I think the last time I read a character that young was when I read Suzanne Collins Gregor the Overlander. Just a little too young for me.Moving past the age of the main character . . .; overall was pretty solid character and plot wise. Certain fight scenes were well written, certain other fi [...]

    2. It is a very extraordinary, highly imaginative book. Sarah is a werewolf who went around the world attacking trolls. Sarahs parents were kidnapped and she thinks the dark wizards kidnapped them. Her friend Mel, her teacher 2 uncles and aunt all went with her. She met Mel and they became friends and Mel stayed with her during her journey.

    3. ENTIRELY DELIGHTFULI just got finished reading GOLDEN MANE: BOOK I OF THE ADVENTURES OF SARAH COPPERNICK, and I have to say, for a first effort, this is a real winner.Brief synopsis: Sarah Coppernick is having a very bad day. She has been in a fight with the school bully which resulted in the bully being very badly bitten, and Sarah being sent first to the principal’s office and then home. You see, Sarah isn’t a native Australian; she’s from Romania. She’s also 11 years old, flat-chested [...]

    4. Sarah Coppernick is a normal girl who has problems keeping up appearances and staying out of trouble. One fight, in particular, ends with her biting the local bully. After being suspended from school, Sarah learns a secret, she is actually a werewolf and her first change is eminent.Her aunt and uncle allow her to be home schooled along with a fellow young woman, Mel, who wants to be a necromancer. As Sarah learns all about the supernatural world, she learns that she is a Golden Mane, a rare type [...]

    5. Golden Mane by SJB Gilmour (book 1 of The Adventures of Sarah Coppernick) is a fun book about a young girl learning she is a werewolf and that the world around her contains more magic than she ever would have dared to believe. This realization doesn’t only bring fun, however. She also learns that her parents whom she had been told were dead are really being held captive by the evilest of sorcerers who has plans to come after her as well.You see, what it boils down to, is that Sarah is the rare [...]

    6. OMG! When I started reading this book I didn't know where it was going but by the first chapter I couldn't put it down.When Sarah finds out she's werewolf, she also find out she might be in danger so she's taken out of school to get private tutoring by an warrior and necromancer witch called Angela in an enchanted office where she meets her new bff Mel who wants to be a necromancer. The adventure really starts then when they get attacked by trolls and head off to Conundrum Gate where the Sorcer [...]

    7. A Rare Five Stars From Me - Full of wit and whimsy, this was an entertaining read for me at forty-one years of age, and worth sharing with my children when they're old enough.The female protagonist proves a girl can be strong, capable, logical and intelligent. Sarah cares about her appearance, without being so obsessed by it that she feels the need to wear scanty clothing, or layers of makeup. She doesn't spend the entire book mooning over some boy, or her unfortunate lot in life; she has more i [...]

    8. I picked this up because the author is Australian, and I'm really glad I did. Wow! At first I was a bit worried this would be like every other shifter or cursed werewolf story, with werewolves somehow being the bad guys. Nup. Gilmour has created THE MOST ORIGINAL WEREWOLF STORY I'VE EVER READ! That was enough for me to give it five stars right there. But, it gets better. The lead character Sarah has all the worries and pressures of every kid who's a misfit at school, but she manages to stand up [...]

    9. When you can forget where you are for a good couple hours and come back to reality suddenly and harshly realizing you are hungry, need to use the bathroom and haven't blinked for too long to recall, you must have been reading a good book. That was my experience with Golden Mane. This book is captivating. The silly phrases the author uses to describe things make this so much fun to read. It was all of the things you wish to find in a fantasy novel. I like books that could be for either audience, [...]

    10. This is a really cool book. The heroine Sarah is a kid who finds out she's a werewolf - and not just any werewolf. Gilmour takes the whole classic werewolf/lycanythrope thing and expands it. There are werewolves who became werewolves by being bitten which turns 'em into monsters, and there are Werewolves who were born that way & are much more powerful & definitely not monsters. Turns out, they're the good guys trying to save the world. Ok, that bit a bout the book was a bit twee but it's [...]

    11. Golden Mane is a really original take on werewolves and magic that is new and fresh and much better than the tired "cursed and haunted by the moon" stuff.After Sarah Coppernick discovers she's a werewolf, she goes on a great adventure that gets more dangerous, and she picks up more magic friends, as it goes along. At first it seems like the book is written for younger readers, and probably is easy for them too, but it's also great fun for older readers too. There are few clear referenes to class [...]

    12. This is well written book by SJB Gilmour I was glued to the pages as I followed Sarah from finding herself to the mighty adventure. As she learns more about herself and the great friends she makes on the way. Excellent story line and keeps you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next book. Will Sarah find what she is looking for? Just read the story then you will find out what a mighty adventure Sarah is in store for.

    13. Many have said this is a new take on an old story but personally this is a whole new story on creatures you have only read about. This new look as it takes your imagination into a different field and puts a more realistic perspective to it. Truly did love this read and I can not wait to see what awaits Sarah and her pack mates in the next few books. given for review library thing . com

    14. I stopped wearing make up because of this book! So a big THANKYOU to sj gilmour for writing Golden Mane. I love fantasy and paranormal books but I didn't realize till I read this book just how much the same they all are in that girls in them r obsessed with how they look. Sarah Coppernick and her friends don't go in for all that stuff and its a real nice change. Soo hanging for the next one.

    15. This is a wonderful teen book that even us adults can enjoy. Well written and kept my interest throughout the book. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys shiftier, fantasy or adventure type books to read this one. Great job to the author. Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

    16. Read the full review at Witchmag's BoekenplankI hesitated a bit if I would review this book. Cause it feels more like a middle grade story at times. And this is a blog where I review YA titles. What settled the matter was how this book reminded me of Harry Potter. Not the story itself, but I can easily see young adults or grown ups enjoying this story. It has a grown-up feeling behind the story, cause not everything in this book is happily ever after. Just like how it’s written in the Harry Po [...]

    17. This book is middle-grade paranormal fiction about a girl who finds out she's a werewolf during the start of puberty. It's fine for the age group, but too young for an adult to read. I stopped at the "Tomes" chapter.

    18. GoodExcellent kids book and an interesting and entertaining read. I will pass it along to my granddaughter I think she will enjoy it

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