Händelser vid vatten

Händelser vid vatten

Kerstin Ekman / Jan 18, 2020

H ndelser vid vatten I b rjan av sjuttiotalet r Svartvattnet en tynande norrl ndsk by bland m nga andra D h nder n got Ett dubbelmord l ngt ute i v gl st land Det g r arton r innan n gon b rjar ana sanningen om det som sk

  • Title: Händelser vid vatten
  • Author: Kerstin Ekman
  • ISBN: 9789176430729
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • I b rjan av sjuttiotalet r Svartvattnet en tynande norrl ndsk by bland m nga andra D h nder n got Ett dubbelmord l ngt ute i v gl st land Det g r arton r innan n gon b rjar ana sanningen om det som skett Och d blir det lika farligt igen d rute i myrlandet H ndelsen har blivit en m rk kraft med verkan in i m nga m nniskors liv Det r dessa m nniskor Kerstin EkmansI b rjan av sjuttiotalet r Svartvattnet en tynande norrl ndsk by bland m nga andra D h nder n got Ett dubbelmord l ngt ute i v gl st land Det g r arton r innan n gon b rjar ana sanningen om det som skett Och d blir det lika farligt igen d rute i myrlandet H ndelsen har blivit en m rk kraft med verkan in i m nga m nniskors liv Det r dessa m nniskor Kerstin Ekmans roman handlar om, deras f rs k att r dda minne och sammanhang fast de bor i den skugga av gl mska som ligger ver landsbygdens byar och sm samh llen Men i lika h g grad r det en roman om ett landskap M nniskan har farit illa fram med det N r de stora skogsbolagen drar sig tillbaka r det f r alltid f r ndrat av hyggen, v gn t och grust kter Kvar r de namnl sa platserna i starrens rike, gungande v ta tuvor och sorlande vatten under marken Vattnet viskar och j mrar, isande klart eller sugande svart I sommarens bleka nattljus tycks h ndelser och platser sv va och vandra, lika sv rgripbara och tvetydiga som m nniskors minnen och handlingar.

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      • Kerstin Ekman

        Kerstin Lillemor Ekman is a Swedish novelist.She began her career with a string of successful detective novels among others De tre sm m starna The Three Little Masters and D dsklockan The Death Clock but later went on to persue psychological and social themes Among her later works are M rker och bl b rsris Darkness and Blueberries , set in northern Sweden, and H ndelser vid vatten translated as Blackwater , in which she returned to the form of the detective novel.Ekman was elected a member of the Swedish Academy in 1978, but left the Academy in 1989, together with Lars Gyllensten and Werner Aspenstr m, due to the debate following death threats posed to Salman Rushdie According to the rules of the Academy, however, she will remain a passive member for the entirety of her life.


    1. Book ReviewThere are [Swedish] writers who set their novels in the more rural and sparsely populated settings, lending a decidedly chill atmosphere to the stories (the Swedish have an almost mystical attitude towards wooded areas and trees).The above I wrote in my review of and in response to Camille Ceder's Frozen Moment, the first example of a Swedish book I've read that alluded to a Swede's almost mystical attitude toward the woods. Blackwater is another prime exemplar of this type of book, a [...]

    2. Part of what continues to fascinate me about Scandinavian crime fiction is the routine respect with which the authors approach their genre--the real quality of the prose and complexity not only of the plots themselves, but of the milieus--the characters and settings peripheral to the events that these books are 'about.' Ekman's Blackwater is currently my favorite example of this--an eliptical rendering of a brutal, unsolved crime in a mountain village in Northern Sweden. For although this crime [...]

    3. Ottimo romanzo: il plot noir si fonde felicemente con uno stile non banale e con una grande padronanza narrativa, grazie a cui la Ekman delinea in modo molto convincente le dinamiche psicologiche dei personaggi e il loro mondo interiore, delineando altrettanto bene l'ambiente naturale e sociale in cui essi vivono. ps. ringrazio @Chomsky, grazie ai cui post ho scoperto questo libro :)

    4. A welcome discovery for insatiable fans of Henning Mankell. This complicated, disturbing novel reminds me of the best of Ruth Rendell. The story is spread over a couple decades, involving a crime that evades understanding, let alone a solution. First published in Sweden in 1993, Blackwater won the Swedish Crime Academy's Award for Best Crime Novel, the August Prize and the Nordic Council's Literary Prize. The translation is excellent: it won't disappoint English-speaking readers either, although [...]

    5. - Have you read Händelser Vid Vatten? Kerstin Ekman.- Which one's that?- You know, the controversial one. The teenage boy gets stuck down a well- Oh right, that one! Yes, I've read it. He escapes with a salamander in a bucket- Isn't it an eel?- Well maybe an eel then. I don't know. And he somehow ends up in a relationship with this considerably older woman. He uses low-fat margarine to- Look, the low-fat margarine doesn't have anything much to do with the story.- I know, I know. But somehow tha [...]

    6. I always felt like I was being kept at arm's length while I read this book, and unfortunately that meant that I didn't develop any sort of sympathy for any of the characters. I'm thinking this is an "atmospheric thriller," because it definitely had a sense of time and place. However, when the location is not only the main character, but the only one that grows and changes, that is a bit of a problem. I have to admit, I finished the book not completely understanding everything that had happened. [...]

    7. Annie Raft and her daugher Mia arrives in the fictitious village of Blackwater in Jämtland in Sweden. They have left Stockholm to live with Annie’s boyfriend Dan in a collective in the mountains and Annie is going to work as a teacher. On their way there, they happen to stumble over a couple murdered in a tent in the forest. Twenty years later, the case is still unsolved, and Annie sees Mia with a man that she saw in the forest of the day of the murder.The murder in the book is suggested to b [...]

    8. Bleeeech. I hated everyone in this book and wished they all would die, and i am pissed that i spent my precious time reading it for nothing. The story kept promising interest, but never delivered. Crappy, crappy book.

    9. Oh what a surprise this novel turned out to be. A pleasant surprise. I'd read about Kerstin Ekman in an article on "Nordic Nor", so was expecting another Wallender style police procedural. Was I wrong! Yes, there is a crime and it resonates through the book, but there is so much more. This is literature of the highest order. The theme of nature runs through this book like a mountain stream. The descriptions of the forests lakes and mountains are outstanding. Poetic and beautiful. The natural wor [...]

    10. I simply could not connect with this book. It has been critically acclaimed. I can even understand why that is so. From a technical standpoint, it is brilliant. The narrative voice revolves around three main characters: Birger Törbjönnsson, a rural doctor; Annie Raft, an unwed mother; and Johan Brandbert, a sensitive misfit among four half-brothers and a brutal domineering father. The third person viewpoint in each case frees the author to expound unreliable narratives with convincing authorit [...]

    11. "De hade inte talat mer om det. Det hade varit en öppen fråga mellan dem om man kan se in i sitt eget mörker och om det rent av är ens skyldighet att göra det. Eller om man framkallar mörkret och gör det till sitt eget genom att kela med det."

    12. About twenty years ago, two campers were savagely murdered in their tent near the small, remote Swedish town of Blackwater. The case was never solved; indeed, there's a strong suggestion that the authorities just wanted it to go away. Today, we find that the relationships between four of the people whose lives were most affected by the crime -- including the woman who discovered the bodies, Annie Raft -- have shifted. But then there's another murder, and it seems to be connected to that old case [...]

    13. I had a hard time reading this book though it was very good. She is very descriptive in her writing but also very enigmatic. She starts out her chapters with "he" or "she" and it is only later into the page or pages you know which character she is referring to. As it takes place along the border of Sweden and Norway, the characters' names and the place names are very foreign so sometimes difficult to remember from chapter to chapter. I found myself skipping passages that were overly descriptive- [...]

    14. "Hændelser ved vand" er en af de smukkeste bøger, jeg har læst i mit liv, fordi den kan så meget. Den kan skildre et lokalsamfund igennem generationer, så man virkelig er med karaktererne, og så kan den være enormt spændende og ja, uhyggelig. Jeg ville kalde den en krimi. Men jeg ville også kalde den tusind andre ting. Poesi for eksempel. Naturbeskrivelserne af de nordsvenske skove og fjelde er så gennemførte, at jeg er nødt til at læse afsnit flere gange for at fatte, at man kan be [...]

    15. I really can't decide if it was an amazing book or just okay, but I mark okay anyway. If anyone wants to read something breaking most writing rules, this is the right book. POV change, multiple POVs, tempus change, long descriptions with name after name of plants or lots of adjectives. Basically, all the wrongs I dislike. Nevertheless, the narrators' voice seeped into my mind and made my thoughts dark and windling, like the story was. A very special style, and quite admirable, yet a difficult bo [...]

    16. En av de böcker jag ständigt återkommer till, den är full av postitlappar och pennstreck i marginalen. Första läsningen kom jag inte igenom den, andra läsningen förstod jag vad som hände, tredje läsningen placerade den sig på listan Mina bästa läsupplevelser. Det var något i berättelsen som gjorde att jag inte kunde släppa den. Karaktärerna är så intressanta och komplicerade, handlingen spännande och invecklad. Plus att jag är en sån som gillar landsbygdsmiljöer typ Den si [...]

    17. Lyssnade delvis på ljudboken (uppläst av Katarina Ewerlöf)och varvade med läsning av boken. Väldigt otäck, spännande och tankeväckande. Skogen har en alldeles speciell roll i dramat och det gillar jag. Det är många karaktärer i periferin att hålla reda på men de som är i centrum är väldigt intressanta.

    18. This book is sucking my will to live. Does anything EVER happen?in the end, I only finished this because it was part of a reading challenge. And I regret it.

    19. Shame on me for letting this story sit unloved on my bookshelf for years! I really enjoyed this crime novel. It's different, firstly as it's not written from the usual perspective of the detective solving the murder case. Kerstin Ekman wrote Blackwater from the point of view of three main characters and I really felt like I could relate to the thoughts, feelings and perspectives of three distinct individuals throughout.It was beautifully written but in a very 'real' way. For me, what makes it st [...]

    20. A thriller that extends over 2 decades in Lapland. It describes the changes in this far north, isolated and remote part of Sweden,(with Lapland in Norway and Finland close by). In the seventies, the descrimination against Samis, the raindeer herders, the pervasive alcoholism and the hippy communities living in the forest. In the nineties, the forest already partly destroyed by the wood companies. More importantly, it shows the destruction that things left unsaid bring to people's lifes. The book [...]

    21. Amazing book - intricate, delicate mystery that unfolds over a 30-year period. The detailed recounting of people's lives in a remote part of Sweden - beautiful descriptions of the landscape, intense listings of plants and seasons, all wound around the story of a murder that goes unsolved for 30 years. The history and changes that the characters undergo are fascinating and draw the reader into a flawless mystery. Ekman gets deep into the characters' lives and souls, and unflinching, tells the sto [...]

    22. Skogssnårigt spännande och tistelvackert, en norrbottnisk dubbelmordhistoria i klassisk Ekmanmiljö omöjlig att gissa sig fram till (ok jag hade rätt till 50% iallafall)Inte den allra allra bästa och bara för att det är Ekman så blir det 4/5; hade någon annan skrivit den här romanen hade jag säkert varit eld&lågor och hivat iväg en 5a i ett hujj. Så gör väl en kass recensent men kanske kröp inte karaktärerna in i mitt huvud på samma vis som de brukar. Bara den överviktige [...]

    23. Made it 100 pages and I'm throwing in the towel - and I NEVER do that. I really, really wanted to like this book, it has everything I was looking for in a creepy Scandinavian novel, but honestly it was just a mess. Annoying characters bumbling around fucking things up, constantly changing narrators (and you'd be halfway through a chapter before you even knew who it was), and a serious lack of character development all around. The beautiful prose and vivid descriptions of the Swedish wilderness w [...]

    24. it was hard to rate this book. It consists of 2 parts. The first part is terribly slow, boring, the characters are uninteresting and unrealistic. This part is the longer one and I don't know how I managed to read it. The second part is interesting. The characters finely become interesting and this part I did not want to end. All in all in the end the book gets only 2stars because of the first part.

    25. Dark dark dark, wow was this a dark book. The writing was strange and a bit confusing at first, but once I got used to the author's unique style, I enjoyed the book. While I remember liking it, at a certain point I tried to finish it as quickly as possible because the book seemed to be lowering a depressing pall over pretty much everything. It's good, but be prepared for dark, heavy stuff.Oh, and the eel in the bucket was a particularly nice touch.

    26. This is a Scandinavian (Swedish, I believe), and of course is very dark. I found it to be very confusing, the characters mostly unlikeable, and the murder to be solved a very small part of the narrative. Perhaps it was the translation. The reviews were glowing, but I just did not find it to be an enjoyable or engaging read.

    27. I will read this book again. I was too young to understand, but obviously not too young to forget it. I remember darkness, coldness and cruelty. I don't know why, but this is what stayed with me. I've seen it in the library, and soon, I will give it another go.

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    29. Omläsning av en av mina absoluta favoritböcker av en svensk författare. En deckare på ytan - men det är människorna, landskapet, skuggorna och skogarna i ett annat Sverige som är det som höjer den över mängden.

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