The Contract

The Contract

Tonya Kinzer / Jun 18, 2019

The Contract FREE E Book ck your favorite online book store Comfortable with her life Sondra wasn t looking to start a new relationship let alone a new life style but Nick presented a challenge to her The time to

  • Title: The Contract
  • Author: Tonya Kinzer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FREE E Book ck your favorite online book store Comfortable with her life, Sondra wasn t looking to start a new relationship let alone a new life style but Nick presented a challenge to her The time together at the office spilled in to time away from the office that eventually leads to a deeper relationship He introduces her to a life style she d never experienceFREE E Book ck your favorite online book store Comfortable with her life, Sondra wasn t looking to start a new relationship let alone a new life style but Nick presented a challenge to her The time together at the office spilled in to time away from the office that eventually leads to a deeper relationship He introduces her to a life style she d never experienced nor heard much about but is fascinated with.

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        Tonya writes adult romance fiction, erotica and BDSM with soft bondage Those who are like a bit of Dom sub in their reading will enjoy her series The Boss s Pet She is currently working on book 5 with a tentative release date of late Nov 2013 In Sept 2013, she released Come Tame Me, book one in her new erotic western series, Wild Fillies Feel free to visit her website, roam her dungeon and check out the rooms she s create just for her visitors to enjoy.Tonya creates her own book trailers, websites, covers and promo material Links to the reviews on her series are also on the website, stop in, check them out She loves to hear from her readers and to chat with you on FB and Twitter Bring your imagination


    1. Trite. Boring. Facile. When the narrative drops utterly boring and stereotypical descriptive bits on the first few pageslooks like a model--her green eyes--her full lips--sexy suits--long hair--long nails--cleavage--sculpted jaw line--sexy blue eyes--broad shoulders--sculpted abs--bulging muscles--puckered nipples--moist panties--pulled in lower lipsd the two protagonists practically fall into each other nipples and cock erect, slotting together at the drop of a hat, I can't bring myself to fini [...]

    2. Tonya Kinzer, The Contract (Smashwords, 2011)First off: if you're a writer of “erotica” and you don't know how to correctly spell the word “come”, that tells me a great deal about your education in the world of erotic writing.Not that this is terribly surprising from someone whose book is crammed full of stilted, formal dialogue and odd bits of explication that make this read more like someone was trying to write a textbook (but make it hip and accessible) rather than a piece of fiction. [...]

    3. Cheesy! Not written well at all! The punctuation alone was enough to make me stop reading. I felt like I was fixing all the grammatical errors as I went and that's just no fun at all. I wish her the best but she really needs to find a new editor if she's going to continue to write.

    4. The story is short and the plot simple.Although they both like each other Sondra dosent want to mix business with pleasure. Nick is a dom but is willing to be in a casual/dating relationship with Sondra. But when he notices that she could have a submissive side he slowly lures Sondra in to BDSM.Nick isnt one of those doms who dosent care about their submissive's feeling and just see them as a piece of proporty. He shows Sondra video's of what BDSM is like and when Sondra complains about how peop [...]

    5. Oh wow, this was surprisingly boring. I had as much chemistry with this book as the couple seemed to have for each other: nothing. The descriptions were stereotypical; he's been hurt by his ex wife and she's a model lookalike. Yawn. Just Yawn. And who decides to introduce a vanilla parter to Bdsm my showing her a really hardcore movie when she's not expressed the slightest interest in pain? Good way to make a woman flee in the opposite direction of you, buddy!DNF @ 70%. Moving on.1.5 stars

    6. DNFThe writing was awkward and the book completely glossed over the two main characters getting to know each other. They meet and then the book fast forwards and we're told that Nick and Sondra had been spending all of this time together.The book was also cheesy. Does anyone really put things on pause so they can light candles and put on soft music? And then Sondra asked Nick if he wanted her to whip out some massage oil. What other clichés were going to be thrown on us?

    7. I could not finish this book. I'm sorry about that.Character descriptions should be shown, not told. The dialogue does not further the story; there is dialogue when it should be summarized, and a summary when there should be dialogue. Do not use exclamation marks. Ever. All the wooing was skipped, and that's a perfect opportunity for character development and building tension.The characters are lucky and surprised a lot, and there are a lot of clichés.

    8. I really liked the storyline, but I was put off by the fact that It wasn't a complete story. When I read a short story or a book, I want it to have an ending, not leave you hanging so you have to buy the rest of the story. Also, would have been a lot better if the characters were fleshed out a little more.

    9. This is a story introducing a girl into a BDSM relationship. It is pretty explicit in some parts so make sure to be into doms and subs and what happens between them.A good thing about the story is that all actions are placed in some possibly realistic environment. Thus, the characters don't just fuck but seem to have a life besides of that as well.

    10. Needs another good fleshing out. No pun intended. Definitely a different read. Granted there are some very hot erotic scenes, but it reads more like a technical manual, as it should. This is an introductory work for those who are or could be interested in the alternative lifestyle of BDSM. ConsThere are a lot of grammatical issues with the story. 1)The word had adds noting. It turns active sentences into passive. An easy fix2) Many sentences are run-ons. They either need semicolons are should be [...]

    11. Reviewed by Romancing the Darkside:romancingthedarkside.A sexy afternoon delight!Sondra is a successful, single woman who has just started a new job in a prestigious firm. Her new boss Nick, is charismatic and extremely sexy but Sondra knows dating in the workplace just doesn't work out.cially if he's your boss. When she starts spending more time with Nick at work, sparks fly on both ends and her plans of keeping their relationship purely work-related backfires. Sondra finally gives into her des [...]

    12. Sondra is a successful woman, Nick is her new boss. Despite some undeniable attraction, they have maintained a strictly business relationship and nothing else. At the beginning of The Contract, Nick makes his first move and we follow the romantic relationship from the start.Kinzer has worked hard to make this a story of the relationship between Nick and Sondra with some well written sex thrown in to make this an interesting read. Given the close working history of the couple, the relationship mo [...]

    13. I liked the concept of this book. I liked the fact that for those that have not read a lot of BDSM books or do not know a lot about the lifestyle this was a really nice way to be introduced to it. The author handled it in a very easy to understand way. It made me curious to find out more about the whole BDSM world.That being said, the characters did not work for me. The dialogue felt like I was watching a really bad improv group trying to act something out or when you hear a really bad commercia [...]

    14. An action-filled erotic read, with some room for editingBook One of The Contract introduces us to the erotic bond between Nick Carrington and Sondra Prentice, who, since starting work at Nick’s firm six months ago, has been tempting him with her beauty and independence. She seems impossible to catch, but after months of waiting till he can hardly bare it, Nick manages to take Sondra on a date.Book One is very quick to get going, introducing Nick’s frustration around Sondra and Sondra’s des [...]

    15. This was a short story and I downloaded it for free (I think from Smashwords), it's the first book of a series.This story is well written but it was pretty tame for my tastes. It more or less just sets up the D/s relationship between the two characters. I'm guessing the meat of their relationship will begin in the next book. This book reads like a BDSM 101 manual. The girl is new to this lifestyle and is interested in learning more when she starts dating her new boss and finds out he's a Dom. He [...]

    16. The Contract is the story of how a man introduces a woman into the world of bdsm.I heard a lot of good things about this book before reading it and perhaps my expectations was a bit too high, but it made me somewhat disappointed.It's not a bad book and I liked both the concept and the story, but it could have been executed better.There's a bit too much narrative and background for my tastes. I love to see the ping-pong perspective done right, but with two too similar persons carrying the story I [...]

    17. I enjoyed this a lot!Not the sort of book you would normally expect to find with this sort of title. I was expecting a short, have her over the desk type story, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the author has actually built an out-of-office affair between a boss and one of his workers into a romance novel with some BDSM thrown in for good measure.It starts slowly and builds up into a crescendo leaving the reader wanting more and wanting to read the next book in the series.If this story [...]

    18. I'm not sure what the other reviewers were reading as I did not see a grammar issue within the pages. I minoredin English so I am fairly certain I would have caught something. A professional editor is always welcome, but againnothing strikes as poorly written. That being said I loved the two main characters and the brief D/s and BDSM style contractthat they get into. I liked the note at the end that stated this was a work of fiction and to not use it as a guide foryour own sub relationship. The [...]

    19. Sondra Prentice has joined Nick Carrington’s investment firm. She brings many clients, a can-do attitude and more than a little sexual attraction. Mixing business with pleasure is always a risky, but Nick wants much more than simple pleasure. He wants Sondra’s submission.This is a great short story about the beginnings of a D/s relationship. The dialogue is just a tad stilted at times, but otherwise the writing flows easily around well-developed characters and hot steamy sex. I enjoyed being [...]

    20. Novella/Short Story Ratings Book ♥♥ 2 Stars Author ♥♥ 2 starsTotal ♥♥ 2 starsI truly felt like I was reading an encyclopedia on BDSM. This book gave a lot of incite to the practices. The problem was I didn't really get it. It was okay but, nothing exciting. I felt like the book did a lot of telling instead of showing but, it didn't excite me. I liked the characters a lot but, one thing is I think the story did not flow as well as other short BDSM novellas that I have read in the past [...]

    21. I thought this book is a great introduction into the world of BDSM. For a short read I thought the learning and introduction process had a good timeline. Nick took cues from Sondra on how to progress and let her decide what she was comfortable with. I have dabbled in the literary world of BDSM a few times, but I consider myself new to the world, and this book was a great read for someone at my level of knowledge and personal comfort levels. I intend to keep going with the series to follow Sondra [...]

    22. I rather enjoyed this read. While I am not a huge BDSM fan, this was one that made me feel like it could be a genre I could begin to pursue more. The tender approach and introduction Nick had toward Sondra was truly romantic and pleasant to read. The way he introduced the lifestyle to Sondra was also very interesting to me. He was patient and just seemed to truly showed how much he cared. He was there to calm her if she was panicked or nervous. But he didn't lose the command he had either.

    23. Great first book about BDSM, good teaser Nice beginning to a great Series about BDSM!! Sondra meets Nick at work, He's the boss, & it's love at first sight. They're a perfect fit & when Nick introduces BDSM to her, she's loving every bit. Like i said, Love at first sight!i wasn't reviewing back when i first read this book 4 years ago. Just doing a quick reread, & couldn't let it go without a review. i Love this Series. Like the Lifestyle? Check it out!!Enjoy!!!

    24. IMO, this is just the beginning of a novel, maybe like the first couple of chapters. Sondra and Nick are just becoming a couple and Sondra is learning what it is to be a subhence the title The Contract. Nick introduces Sondra to the lifestyle and talks with her about signing a contracten it ends. The story has potential, I just wish it was all together as a novel instead of in bits and pieces.

    25. I'd love the opportunity to unlock a woman's deepest pleasuresHonestly, prior to reading this book I was guilty of being convinced by General propaganda that bdsm was sadistic and weird. Yet this story portrays this lifestyle as a tool or doorway, if you will, that may be used to intertwine the very should of two (or more) partners in ways unattainable by means of a mainstream lifestyle.

    26. Was not sure what to expect in this book. It did not hold my attention like other BDSM books, but I did keep reading it and have the next ones in the series. Sonda works in an office and has the hots for her boss Nick. Does he return the feelings? They start out slow by dating alittle and build up to a relationship. Will Sondra be what Nick is looking for?

    27. Total submissionI like the way she was so open to trying new things to spice up their sex life. Love, Honor, and ObeyTrade marks of an future wife. All women should take a page and learn their place, it would be less divorces in the world today. The fact that they don't is one thing that lead men out to cheat or pay for that kind of sex they can't get at home.

    28. I like the way the language was kept low key. I don't think the title fit the story line though. The title makes me think that the contract is signed early on and they are working with that. I dont think that there was very good character development. Possibly, if the story was longer, then everything may have come together better. All in all it was a pretty decent shirt read.

    29. This was a hot little read. I really enjoyed the language used, the fact the story was sexy and sensual with out using graphic or very exsplisite language is testament to the author. I didn't want the story to end I want to know everything about Sondra and Nick and there sexual play. If you like erotica that is genuine class read this short story you won't be disappointed.

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