Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand

Lyn Gala / Jan 17, 2020

Lines in the Sand Three years ago Carl Ragar turned on the mob His conscience couldn t handle the murder of an innocent bystander and he had to turn his back on his mentor Petroc Pete Barbu a man he d admired and l

  • Title: Lines in the Sand
  • Author: Lyn Gala
  • ISBN: 9781613720752
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • Three years ago, Carl Ragar turned on the mob His conscience couldn t handle the murder of an innocent bystander, and he had to turn his back on his mentor, Petroc Pete Barbu, a man he d admired and lusted after Pete made no apologies for his job as an enforcer, but he d never planned to get himself or Carl involved in the murder of a reporter When Carl turned state sThree years ago, Carl Ragar turned on the mob His conscience couldn t handle the murder of an innocent bystander, and he had to turn his back on his mentor, Petroc Pete Barbu, a man he d admired and lusted after Pete made no apologies for his job as an enforcer, but he d never planned to get himself or Carl involved in the murder of a reporter When Carl turned state s evidence, Pete couldn t even pretend to be surprised Now Pete s still on the run, and Carl is unceremoniously dumped out of witness protection Two men tangled in their own pasts, they will have to face the shifting moral lines in the sand that drove them to make disastrous choices Once Pete and Carl were partners who trusted each other with their lives now they re struggling to save their souls.

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      332 Lyn Gala
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      • Lyn Gala

        Lynsey Lyn Gala started writing in the back of her science notebook in third grade and hasn t stopped since Westerns starring men with shady pasts gave way to science fiction with questionable protagonists which eventually gave in to any story with a morally ambiguous character Even the purest heroes have pain and loss and darkness in their hearts, and that s where she likes to find her stories Her characters seek to better themselves and find the happy ending or happier anyway , but it s writing the struggle that inspires her muse When she isn t writing, Lyn Gala teaches in New Mexico.She first cut her teeth on fanfic gen, slash, het, and femslash She prefers to focus on plot mysteries and monsters and disasters, oh my, but sex can and does happen Some of her stories focus on power exchange, bondage or bdsm In her worlds, tops and bottoms are all mature, consenting adults In fact, stories where they aren t squick her badly, so don t expect to find abuse stories in her journal.


    1. This was one thrilling and emotional book, it grabbed me and didn't let go till the end. I felt it represented real men and how hard it is for them to express their feelings openly and honestly. I liked it a lot especially in comparison to most m/m romance out there. Its a good story.

    2. Lines in the Sand is a pretty hot and entertaining read. It deals with the moral ambiguity of criminals and crimes. The two main characters are interesting with a lot of chemistry. The story is pretty internal with both men in their heads a lot, almost too much, but for the most part Gala’s clean writing and evocative descriptions are what keep me reading. This particular story is just long enough to satisfy without being too long and the situations are handled well with an appreciative eye to [...]

    3. 3.5This had a really slow start for me. It was about the half way mark that it really started growing on me and I ended up really enjoying it. Carl is in a bit of bind. Former convict, mob driver and FBI snitch. He's left the witness protection program so that he can do the only thing that makes him feel worthy, work on cars, but by doing that he's put himself at risk for exposure to the mob he's turned on.In walks his old boss, Peter. He was one of the men that Carl gave up to the feds who mana [...]

    4. Very good m/m romantic suspense about a driver for the mob who turned informant. He removed himself from witness protection and is back in his home town, working, when the former mob enforcer (and former friend) shows up

    5. Sometimes the heroes of books are men you wish you knew in your own life, sometimes not. But that just means that the author is even more skilled, if they are able to make you feel for them, and understand them, and care about them, and still see them as real. In this book, the MCs are both men who worked for a mob boss, and who still see problems as likely to have violent solutions. They don't suddenly transcend that past, but they do become men you care about.Carl Ragar was a driver and mechan [...]

    6. Ever since Carl walked up to him in prison, all balls and no sense of self-protection, asking for a job, Pete wanted the kid. But he’ll never force himself onto another man. Not even on this man, who ratted him out, who made him flee to Mexico. Not this man, who showed him a strange kind of loyalty, keeping Pete’s finances a secret from the feds even as he lead them to the graves of Pete’s victims. Which is why Pete can afford a rather comfortable life now, and which is also why Pete felt [...]

    7. A good book, but very dark due to the history of MCs and their present circumstances. The prison and murder themes, as well as moral question tied to them kept popping up until the very end, weighing the flow of the story, slowing it down. No BDSM, tho there was clearly a D/S relationship between the characters.Overall - 4 stars.

    8. Beautiful cover, so I thought "Why not?".Pretty decent story but leans more on GFY. The plot isn't anything new but the dialogue between the two characters made it enjoyable. I like how Petroc kept it a secret that he was protecting Carl even while they were in prison. The sex was hot and Petroc was just so filthy with words it was entertaining. It just irked me that there was somewhat a poor execution of Spanish phrases in the story. It's actually one of my pet peeves whenever a foreign languag [...]

    9. I'm figuring out that Gala may just be the Queen of crafting the perfect anti-heroes. There's a lot of moral ambiguity in her stories, and it's refreshing after slogging through a genre teeming with unrealistic Marty Stu's. Pete and Carl showcase the often unrealistic ideals of our society. They're both men who thought they were doing the right thing, while not being sure what the right thing was. And they've reformed a bit, sure, but they're still not paragons of morality. I love 'em both.

    10. Not your average m/m fare. Quite enjoyable.Aftertaste: pleasedRe-read. I love this book more the second time.

    11. This review was posted on:faceboook/slitsreadWhen I found this book…When I read the Serbian MAFIA, Serbian references in the first 2 %Seriously growing up I always has aspirations of being a Mafia man’s mistress… such is life that didn’t happen for me… because I grew up with a bunch of punks that took being anything “gang” related to the extreme. Ever been with a Serb? We are intense bunch without adding guns and being gay into the mix.This book was a good easy breezy read for me a [...]

    12. Lyn Gala would have to write a really horrible book to move off from my auto-buy list. Lines in the Sand isn't that book, although Gathering Storm remains my favorite author's story. I like Gala's writing, but more than anything I like her characters - they always feel like real people and real men. Both Carl and Pete changed during the novel or, better said, they changed each other. I also liked the acknowledgement that morals are not something universal and that even the people the majority co [...]

    13. Rating: 2.5 starsI think my expectations led to my downfall with this book.I think the tag of romantic suspense and thriller would not be my choice for Lines in the Sand. I was expecting gunfights and two men (who would be deeply in love with one another) on the run from the mafia or police. What I got instead was these two guys meeting, having a nice (i.e. quiet) drive down south, and living together. And in the span of time that Carl and Pete are trying to etch a life for themselves, there's m [...]

    14. More nuanced than I expected.So for an ex-con and a rat getting together story this had a lot more thoughts and emotions than the usual. The characters spent a good deal of time transitioning from their previous lives to their new lives and it was internal, not just a change of scenery. As part of the mob Carl and Pete had their roles to play, but these are dramatically different men and the way that was portrayed was really good. Engaging read with some suspense, hot alpha male exploring submis [...]

    15. Carl Ragan is a man with a conscience. The problem is that he couldn't take the killing anymore and turned state's evidence on the mob family he worked for. Carl did protect one man and his money and that was Pete Barbu, the man that got Carl into the mob. Carl tried the witness protection game but couldn't take it and moved back to his old home. Pete arrives one day and drags Carl to his place in Mexico to keep him safe. This was a well written book with two very likable men. It took a while fo [...]

    16. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201Is it wrong to kill if you only kill bad guys? That’s the moral dilemma ex-mob driver Carl and ex-mob hit man Pete grapple with south of the border. Carl thinks Pete is there to kill him after ratting out the mob, including Pete, yet Pete has a few other ideas in store. Carl goes to work for Pete in his car repair shop in Mexico but the sexual tension between the two doesn’t die down. If anything after three years apart the sparks are flying quick and h [...]

    17. This was not your typical love story. Carl and Pete have done some bad things in the past but now all they want is a future together. I enjoyed the realism of this book and was glad it didn't devolve into a fairytale of romantic love.

    18. 3.5* Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Three years after betraying the organization he worked for, Carl Ragar is right back where he started: a rundown little neighborhood in the back end of nowhere. When his former mentor tracks him down, Carl figures this is the end of the line for him but that if he has to get taken out by someone for his betrayal, he’d rather it be at the hands of the one person he actually cared about. Pete Barbu has made a lot of mistakes in his life but is determine [...]

    19. Originally reviewed for The Book VixenIn a Nutshell: I really enjoyed this story with morally ambiguous leads and would highly recommend this nuanced story to other MM readers.The Set Up: Carl turned on the mob three years ago and has since been expecting a bullet to the head from his former mentor, Pete, the mob enforcer. When Pete tracks Carl down his life changes in ways he can’t even imagine.Why I Read this Book: This synopsis totally captured my interest.What I Liked: This isn’t an easy [...]

    20. Three years ago, Carl Ragar turns in evidence against the mob family he worked for but he tries to keep Petroc "Pete" Barbu from being captured as well. Carl has admired Pete. He also has feeling for the slightly older man though never really do anything about it. Now, Pete returns to his life, whisking Carl to his house in Mexico. Unbeknownst to Carl, Pete also has feeling for him, and this time, he might start acting on it This is an example of book, whose cover I love so much to give it a try [...]

    21. Carl worked for the Armenian (I think) mob until things went to far and he saw an innocent woman killed, so he went to the feds. However he refused witness protection. He's now just waiting for someone to track him down and kill him. He knows his days are numbered and then Pete, the enforcer he worked with, shows up and he's sure death is coming. However to his surprise Pete grabs him and takes him to Mexico where Pete has been living. Seems Carl didn't give the police much information about Car [...]

    22. I decided to read this one because I had just finished reading the first 3 books in Charlie Cochet's series Thirds and I really liked them so I was at a bit of a loss as to what to read next. You know how it is when you read a book you really, really like and you want to keep reading but you're sure that nothing is going to be as good as what you just finished, that's what I was feeling like. So I'm here on BL and I see a review for this book by my friend Mammarella and she gave it 4 stars. So I [...]

    23. I loved two of Ms. Gala's more recent books but this one had lots of problems for me: details from the characters' backstory are repeated often throughout the book (we already know that!), during present day action the characters sometimes stop to remember something from their childhood that didn't really add to the story, there are time passage jumps, a too-long sex scene mid book, and many small editing errors. Overall, not a lot happens given the potential of the premise. There is too much fo [...]

    24. Really enjoyed this book and the relationship between Pete and Carl. These are definitely criminals who have gotten away with murder, but the story is about the connection between Pete and Carl, and not the good or bad of the justice system. (sometimes folks seem to get a little hung up when crooks get a pass - it's fiction!!!)

    25. Perhaps I shouldn't have read this while watching a documentary of first-hand accounts of the Christchurch earthquake. I was pleased to have something to distract me but in hindsight didn't give the story a fair go. It was OK but I couldn't feel a real connection between the two MC's. I think I will have to give this a re-read one day when my emotions aren't being pulled in another direction.

    26. Really, really liked this one. With imperfect heroes that I couldn't help rooting for (and hot sex ;), it sucked me in and didn't let go. This one will be re-read often.

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