Down a Lost Road

Down a Lost Road

J. Leigh Bralick / Jul 24, 2019

Down a Lost Road The way her summer vacation is beginning might be everything year old Merelin Lindon ever imagined in her wildest daydreams Her father has been missing for four years So when she receives a small t

  • Title: Down a Lost Road
  • Author: J. Leigh Bralick
  • ISBN: 9781461161875
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • The way her summer vacation is beginning might be everything 16 year old Merelin Lindon ever imagined in her wildest daydreams Her father has been missing for four years So when she receives a small token that once belonged to him, she knows something strange is happening Without any warning, Merelin finds herself drawn into a world somehow connected with Earth s mythThe way her summer vacation is beginning might be everything 16 year old Merelin Lindon ever imagined in her wildest daydreams Her father has been missing for four years So when she receives a small token that once belonged to him, she knows something strange is happening Without any warning, Merelin finds herself drawn into a world somehow connected with Earth s mythical past As she learns the truth of her father s past, the nightmare begins, and she finds herself the target of a terrifying hunt With the help of a fascinating and sometimes infuriating young man named Yatol, she chooses to hazard everything, to suffer things she never imagined, in a foolhardy quest to rescue her father and save his people But it may cost her than she can imagine

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        J Leigh Bralick is a fantasy author by day and an RN by nightor vice versa, depending on the day She originally got her bachelor s in medieval history and MA in political philosophy, but decided on a career change when she realized she didn t want to teach, and no one was going to pay her exorbitant sums of money to use her learning to invent fantasy worlds She still holds out hope on that score, however After growing up all around the country as a military brat, she now lives in Dallas, TX with a crazy menagerie of animals and books than she legitimately has space for When she isn t writing or working, she enjoys ballet and Krav Maga, hiking, and sharing gory ER stories with her friends Find her on Facebook facebook jleighbralick


    1. The first half of this book moved along brilliantly. I enjoyed the world, and I liked Merelin herself. Yatol was particularly intriguing and the story seemed more alive when he was in a scene. Their travels were enjoyable and intriguing. However, the second half of the book dragged a bit, with a lot of travelling and then meeting new people, arguing with them, and fighting with the Ungulion, which happened over and over again. I think if this happened a couple of times fewer than it did, the boo [...]

    2. In brutal honesty I tried to finish this book simply because I didn't want to get in the habit of writing reviews for incomplete reads. Okay fine, I might have wanted to see what happens with Yatol, either way, it was a struggle and after putting it down too many times finally I just couldn't bring myself to pick it up again.I really don't want to write bad reviews as honestly, it makes me feel ridiculously mean but I can't pretend I loved it if I didn't and the fact I couldn't force myself to f [...]

    3. This books was definitely a quick easy read and I found that every time I went to set it down, I couldn't and had to pick it right back up to read more! Yatol was such a strong and well rounded character, but i'm not sure that I felt the same way about Merelin. I felt as though she was always rushing from one emotion right into the other, which was sometimes hard to keep up with or comprehend what she was thinking. I absolutely loved the world that J Liegh created! I love how it was inter weaved [...]

    4. This was a YA book which is not my usual fare. It wasn't bad but I wouldn't choose to read more in the series

    5. This really is 3.5 starsif I was able to give a 1/2 star.What a world, what a world! J. Bralick portrays such a vivid, imaginative world that is easy to visualize. The characters are memorable, believable, lovable, hatable (is that a word?), and strong. The writing is very, very good, descriptive without being over-bearing.The male characters are just sole. The female character (really, there's only one to speak of through most of it), is both weak and strong. Strong politics, though maybe just [...]

    6. #1 Lost Road ChroniclesThis was a hard book for me to review. There were parts I certainly liked, and parts where I really felt lost. Lost in: like I get like I had skipped pages, but I knew I hadn't. I never like stories where characters are introduced and then disappear without explanations, this happened three times in the story and it really bothered me. I'd rather be dropped down in the middle of something (which I sort of was, but then it didn't play out that way;) and then progress from t [...]

    7. I have so many good things to say!!First of all, I like the the cover. It betrays little or nothing of what actually happens in the book. So, for those of you who judge a book by its cover--don't do that for this one!On to the actual book. Through the whole beginning, I kept thinking "This is pulling me in with so many questions! It's so intriguing!" I like the way you kind of make it mysterious at the beginning, building up to the entrance into Arah Byen. It's still mysterious after this first [...]

    8. I was provided a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.I really liked this book. The story weaving was nice, the character revelations were done mostly through show rather than tell, and the plot was original, yet connected to familiar and favorite classical mythologies - especially Tolkien's. I enjoyed the level of action and the interpersonal relationships that were developed in the story, and while there is an opportunity for a love interest, it certainly does [...]

    9. Wow. This book got worse and worse. At first it was just a few problems (scanty explanations and frequent fainting spells). Then more (skipping around, skipping explanations, confusing dialogue). Then more (shallow characters, shallow world, unrealistic action, poor plotting). Then more (death of a main character).Scanty explanations? Many of the new vocab words were never explained. The culture had no substance. And there was a total of one female in that other world, and she was pretty and was [...]

    10. This book made me really rethink what a forest can be. That's my favorite part of the book actually. I liked the idea of the clinging grasses too.I was fascinated by the idea of trees forming a dwelling. It left me wondering how long it took to grow and if the current inhabitant was the one who grew it. I was also curious to know if it was a common practice there.What made this difficult for me to read was my inability to connect to the protagonist. Merelin has older siblings and a twin brother. [...]

    11. I read all three books in just about one sitting, so my comments take the longer-term view. I am a HUGE fan of the author's other book, The Madness Project, which you can read my review of on that book. This one, I actually do have to agree with some of the other reviewers that some scenes left me very confused as to what was happening in the books. But the overall story was good and the series is definitely worth a look - especially for books 2 and 3, which improved both the descriptions and th [...]

    12. I liked this book. It's the first in a fantasy series centered around Merelin and her family and their connection with a parallel world to earth. Her father was from this world and came through a portal to earth and was able to go back and forth gaining knowledge to help understand how the two worlds are connected.Mer's father has been missing for the last four years, and she has no idea about the other world until one day she is taken there. She learns she is part of the race from that world an [...]

    13. Actual Rating: 3.5 starsAll in all, this was a relatively well-written, creative and very descriptive fantasy novel. Ms. Bralick did an excellent job of painting a picture for the reader of the strange and dangerous alternate world that Merelin found herself thrust into. However, there were some parts that left me in a state of confusion and seemed to serve little purpose. An inordinate amount of time was spent on running through sand dunes and through forests. Many secondary characters suddenly [...]

    14. OMG! Where the hell do I start!I highly disregard anyone from reading this book! The characters are not explained clearly so a connection between the characters, eg the sphinx character profile is not explained till a few pages later! I know that should have not pissed me off but shortsighted it did.The use of description on other features in the book is very minimal! It is hard to imagine the protagonist in most the settings she described.After reading 24% of this novel I gave up! I wish the pr [...]

    15. not really worth it for meThis took me several tries to get through. Once I was able to get past the first few chapters--it's frustrating because *everything* is an unexplainable mystery--I realized that even the people who are trying to help Merelin, who keeps getting pulled back&forth from Earth, don't really know the answer they are seeking, or even the question they are asking. Which makes it hard to understand what the quest is. My curiosity was piqued enough to finish the whole book, b [...]

    16. this is YA fantasy so I wasn't expecting Dostoevsky, but there are precious moments in the novel(s). The main character is delightfully flawed, tedious and teenage. I didn't begrudge the author this at all. It certainly evoked my gawky teenage memories. The hero in the novel(s) is a stereotype quasi-sword carrying manga character and definitely has issues staying in one piece. But heck, its fantasy and I adore him. He spends half the novel(s) half-dead however. And there were clichéd tropes and [...]

    17. I believe that when an author takes the time to develop a story, focusing on even the smallest details, the result is truly beautiful. Down a Lost Road is a gorgeous story. The descriptions are rich and lovely -- when you leave the world of the story, you can picture it again in your mind. But more than setting, the author is able to capture and represent inner landscapes as well: fear, hurt, confusion, courage, sorrow.It's also not often that you find an author who can actually invent a languag [...]

    18. UPDATEYou all know that I don't review my own books, but I'm updating my "review" to make an announcement In a few short weeks, I will be releasing the Extended Edition of DaLR, and along with that, I will be releasing a revised version of the original DaLR. The ending is significantly changed, and the whole book has gotten a style update, but I believe the heart of the story is still the same. I am super excited to share the new version with you! If you haven't read the book yet, you might want [...]

    19. This book was a slow read for me. At times, I felt as though I had missed something; from one paragraph to the next, I thought a section had been left out. In one case, three characters are talking. Suddenly, a new character comes charging through the woods. The newcomer is not identified, but one of the original three is now gravely wounded. I can't see how that happened. Regardless, the story was OK. I'm curious about the numerous references to Tolkien. Is there more to them than simple name d [...]

    20. This book wasok. The overall idea was wonderful - worlds linked together, some truth in myth and Tolkien. However, there were many sections in the latter half of the book where I was utterly lost. A new character sprang into action, a main character made a decision that made no sense, I had some trouble following it. Additionally, Merelin, the main character was "in love" with the main male character Yatol - barely spent time with him, yes it was intense, so maybe she liked him - but love, reall [...]

    21. After reading this, I suddenly have the urge to go on a great desert adventure! (No lie.) As long as there won't be any Ungulions to bother me, I'm sure it'll be fun. *laughs*I happily got into the story right away, and the adventure later on was really interesting. I'm not sure if I fully understand everything that was being told to me though, but it was still fun to read about. :)My favorite character is Yatol - he's such a gentleman!~ I really enjoyed reading about him, and Mer too. Her famil [...]

    22. This was an enjoyable read, not what I was expecting but in a good way. Down a Lost Road is a great fantasy book but is not similar to any other fantasy book I have read. I enjoyed the characters and the setting of the book. The main character was believable in the actions and emotions she displayed. The supporting characters were well developed and just as interesting as Merelin. The plot of the story was very good and moved along well. At some points I got lost but that was only due to the sec [...]

    23. I promised an honest review for a free copy of this book. I'm not sure how to write it, though. The idea was very intriguing. What i didn't like was the confusion it was causing me.; I had no idea what was going go most of the time because Merelin didn't either. She just went with it, without question. She seemed pretty cool but i would have liked some more description of her thoughts, and not - one moment she's saying or doing something and the next she doesn't know what the hell happened. And [...]

    24. I really like the way this books gives us an alternate world to explore and of course the Tolkien tie-in was very nicely done. I will be honest in that I tended to find the action scenes a bit hard to follow and found myself going back and rereading them to make sure I knew what was going on. That being said, the world that is created and its joining with our modern one is quite fascinating. The characters and their backgrounds are intriguing and one can certainly relate to the main character. I [...]

    25. I found this book to be absolutely fantastic, exhilarating, heart wrenching, and entertaining. What a well defined and developed world Ms. Bralick has created. I was completely in love with the characters and especially appreciated the emotional connection that formed between them without obvious gimmicks or contrived physicality. I love that we as readers are challenged to think for ourselves about the behavior of the characters, and ever single emotion isn't spelled out in an unnatural fashion [...]

    26. I won this in a giveaway and when i received it i loved the cover! The texture is addicting. The story is fantasy with a lord of the rings theme. The beginning was switching worlds a little and some of the characters confused me. But it strongly reminded me of Lord of the Rings. I didnt really know what to expect, it didnt blow me away but it was decent. Yatol was my favorite aha he was an interesting character ; so the ending had me shocked and angry. Makes me want to pick up the next book and [...]

    27. This was confusing and very little information on the new world and the family. I barely knew what the family was like and what they did. The girl basically faints every single time something important is happening. It's like her fainting connects us to the nest scene. I couldnt really create a world in my mind for Arah Byen. The girl was kind of stupid. She kept blurting out stuff about Arah Byen when she's not suppose to. So i stopped reading it.

    28. Overall, I found this to be a very intriguing read about a fascinating world. There were a lot of concepts and characters, and the tie-in with Earth and its lore was a nice touch. The biggest drawback to the book was that it was hard to follow in parts. Despite that setback, there was plenty of action and mythology to keep my attention. I'd be interested in seeing what happens next.

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